Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Days...

This is my favorite spot... I love to sit on the couch and look out the window.  Someone has to keep an eye on the neighborhood!

There's always something going on around here... people walking with their dogs, with their kids, by themselves, people biking, people driving... sometimes there are construction workers or pavers.  Always something going on.  Although, my favorite things to watch are the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and the bunny.  Yes, just one bunny.  The only bunny with enough confidence to come into my yard.  This bunny isn't around every day, but when it is, I stare at it.  And when it's not, I think about starring at it.  Some would say I'm obsessed with the bunny.... maybe. 

Today, however, I'm not looking out the window while mom and dad are at work.  I'm sitting in my crate.  The bunny hasn't been around lately, so I haven't had much reason to look at out the window.  See that couch I'm sitting on?  I've eaten half of it... along with some ice cube trays, all moms scrapbooking stuff, magazines, newspapers, pictures, books and a zucchini.  Mom and Dad weren't very happy.  I don't mind my crate though.  Just means I'll have MORE energy to play with dad when he gets home!  We play every night.  He usually brings home a new ball for me, because I've already destroyed the one from the previous day.  The newest ball he brought home was a softball.  I could barely fit it in my mouth!  But that didn't stop me... that was a LOT of fun to play with!  I have a lot of broken balls in the back yard that I still like to play with.  I have two deflated basketballs and lots of soccer balls and baseballs.  Did you know that inside a baseball is a cork?  I can get them apart in about 5 minutes.  I really enjoy playing! 

Most nights when mom gets home, we go for walks around the neighborhood.  Usually my friend Piper joins us.  Oh, and her brother Radar.  We're fine while we walk, but he doesn't like when I play with his toys.  Piper is super cute though... I have a little crush on her.  That might be another reason why Radar isn't too fond of me!  Sometimes we meet them at the Crossings and walk around there.  Usually I get to see my favorite person ever there...... Heather, of course!  And she brings my bff, Emmett.  We LOVE to walk together, mostly because we got lots of play breaks where we can wrestle and play in the pond.  I love to go for walks and meet new people.  Mom says Emmett and I are traing for the Canine Good Citizen's test.  I'm not sure what that means, all I know is it involves me behaving - which I normally do!  But I do get super excited when people come over to pet me.  I like to lick their faces and wiggle my butt.  Sometimes I even sing if I get really excited.  That usually happens when I go to clinics for visits... I get so excited to see all my favorite people, I just can't contain myself and I sing for them.  Just an added bonus to petting me. 

I'll leave you today with a picture of me and Emmett... aren't we a handsome match?  When I was smaller, you could hardly tell us apart!  Even now, when we get wrestling, it's hard to tell who is who!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for being a follower on my blog. What an awesome looking dog and I'm so glad your foster mom and dad became your real mom and dad. So glad you found a new home, sounds like a good place. We have a few two that were hurt when they were young and it is always good to find a loving home.