Friday, April 27, 2012

Found me!

I've been hanging out with my buddy, Emmett for the week!

And Heather!

I can't wait to tell you about the great week of fun I had!  And to catch up on all the fun YOU'VE been having!  Wahoo!  See you Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Corbin's?

Wonder what I'm doing all week that I haven't been visiting my blogville friends???  What might have happened to me???

Did I grow another head?!

Or maybe I've been cloned?!

Find out tomorrow!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Update from my vet visit

Mom took me to see Mr. Dr. Mike last night.  Ya know, I didn't like him much when I first met him 2 years ago... he's tall and I think he scared me a bit, so I'd bark and grumble at him when I saw him.  I'm happy to report, I've included Mr. Dr. Mike on my list of super awesome friends.  I even gave him a lick on the face last night!
Hey dude, you're allllll right.
Anyway, we went in so Mike could look at the bumpy dad found the other day.  Mike said kutos to my dad for finding it because it's in such a weird spot, it could have very well gone unnoticed.  But, I have a super dad who found it.  Mike did just about everything imaginable to my bumpy.  He told mom that I'm a very confusing case and in his 30 years of practicing doggie medicine, he's never encountered a dog so unexplainable quite like me.  So, he said if it were any dog other than me, he probably wouldn't think much of the bump.  BUT, since I'm the CMD (Corbin Mystery Dog), he wanted to steal some of my internals to look at.  This time it wasn't just pictures of my internals, he took a needle and STOLE my internal juices to look at them under a funky thing that blows my internals up so you can see them better.
My bumpy finding dad
Even after looking super close at my internal juice... he's still not sure what my bumpy is.  So he's going to have his other vet friends look at it today.  As long as everyone agrees that there is nothing super concerning, we're going to play the wait and see game.  It's possible a nasty spider put the bitey on me when I wasn't paying attention and there's an infection under my skins.  But, last time a spider put the bitey on me, I broke out in hives and the momma had to take me to the vets for an emergency visit and some anti hive shots.   Even when I get bit by a misskeeter, I get a big bump.  I don't like the buggies.  So, we're going to hang out for two weeks and recheck the bumpy as long as it doesn't do a superman change during those two weeks. 

Our other option, other than waiting, is for them to do the surgeries and take a bit of my bumpy and send it out for testing.  Now, both mom and Mr. Dr. Mike really want to get to the bottom of whatever has been making me ouchie, BUT they both agree that I've been through a lot of testing recently... and being patient and taking the concervative route might payoff in the end and save me from getting put under again.  Plus, Dr. Mike doesn't think my bumpy is the cause or source of my weird ouchies...

So, to sum up my life in the past 3 months... I had pancreatitis, unexplained ouchies and now a mystery bump.  Ugh.
I think all that calls for a nap.

AND!  I won't be around next week, so don't go worryin' about me.  I'll blog a bit, but I won't be around to comment or answer emails... ok?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh, Mr. Chewyyyyyyy

The cool people at Mr. Chewy asked my mom me to do a review of their services.  They gave us $50 to spend on their site in return for our honest review. Why, of course!  Anything to help my dumbo mom.  Here's how our review went...

So, I was mindin' my own business the other day last week, when all of the sudden it was time for dinner.  And, ya know what I noticed?
Hey lady, this looks like an empty food bin to me.


And I know you haven't smelt like the pet food place lately.

OhMyGoodness... I better eat the crumbs, I'm going to pass out from starvation!

What's that you say mom?  My food is outside?

Why is my food outside in a box? Are you sure it's the right kind?
The momma said we saved money on gas and miles on the car because we got free shipping since our order was over $49!

Yep, that's the right kind!
Mr. Chewy offers over 70 brands of pet food, treats and supplies!

Look! My bin is filled!  I'll just help myself to a few bites...

Mr. Chewy: I thank you for the food I'm about to eat.  I thank you for delivering it very quickly directly to my house so the momma didn't have to scramble to pick it up at the last minute when she realized I was going to die of starvation.  I thank you for being slightly cheaper than my food store and having free delivery to my house!  And most of all, I thank you for carrying my brand so I can nom nom nom my breakfasts and dinners!

Chow time!
The Momma can even sign up to make sure my food is delivered to our house, without her having do to ANYTHING.  I think this will make her feel super smart and organized when really, she's not smart or organized at all.

I also got a bag of treats... but, uh... I ate them.
They were yummy.

So, at the end of the day, we really liked Mr. Chewy!  The delivery was fast and on time, the site was easy to navigate, they carry my food for a few dollars cheaper than my store - which meant the mommas got to buy me an extra bag of treats!  The momma didn't have to crunch time to get to the food store, which is a tad bit out of the way.  We don't have any negative feed back and are looking forward to signing up for a monthly delivery!

Thanks Mr. Chewy!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Ok, well not terribly wordy.

But, some friends have been asking for an update on my ouchies.  Still, no one knows what's wrong with me.  All we know is that the pictures of my internals all look good and I was still in pain.  Since the Prednisone cream cheese worked previously to relieve my ouchies... I'm back on it.  Mr. Dr. Mike is hoping that a more aggressive treatment of it will hopefully knock out whatever is causing the pain.  So, I'm on it the Prednisone cream cheeses twice a day for 8 weeks, then I start the weening process.  I've been ouchie free for a week now, but I'm still on restricted activities... although mom and dad have been sneaking in some short walkies to keep me happy.

Dad noticed a bump where my belly connects to my leg... so I'm going to see Mr. Dr. Mike at the V-E-T-S tomorrow to check it out.  The momma says it could be something as silly as a buggie bite -because sometimes I have weird reactions to them -or it could be a cyst or tumor... she doesn't think it feels like a buggie bite, so we'll see with Dr. Mike has to say.  Maybe that's been the cause of my ouchies all along!  Although, I'm sure someone would have felt it before now... but who knows, right?

See the arrow?  That's where my bumpy is...
and this is an old picture. 
Back when I could play fetch.

So, that's my update.  If we find anything out on Thursday or Friday, we'll be sure to update you.... but more than likely, we might not have an answer until next week.  And, next week I won't be around the blogville's much.  I'm going to make up some posties to post while I'm not around so y'all don't forget me, but I won't be able to update them with bumpy news.  But, I'll be sure to update you the following week if anything happens.  Sound good?  Eh, I know.... but it's the best I can do!

You still love me, right?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Susie: Adopted

Susie: Adopted

Well, I guess we all knew that was coming.  But, the bummer news is that Susie was not adopted by us and her new family adopted her instead of me.  I would have gone home with them in a heartbeat because her new dad totally knows how to play ball! 

She's already very spoiled and I just know she's going to love her new home.  I sure do miss her though.  So, I got a monkey to play with. 

Now, normally I would destroy this squeeky stuffie monkey, but I was missing my Susie, so I took him in as a friend. 

At first, I put him in Susie's bed, but then I realized he was too far away from me, since I was in the living room. 

So, I put him on my living room bed...

And covered him with my blanket.

But, maybe he wasn't warm enough.... so I moved him.

A pile of blankets would surely be warm enough.  He hung out there for a while, but then I decided he was probably lonely over in the blakets all alone.

So we kept an eye on the neighborhood for a while, until I thought maybe he was tired.

So, I found a great spot for him in the couch.  Now, some of you might remember that my old couch had a hole right here for hiding things.  This couch doesn't have a hole yet, but I managed to get him in there good.

And I buried him and stuffed in down there good.

He stayed hidden until Dad almost sat on him.  So, I ended up carrying him around for a while and keeping a close eye on him.

Then mom and dad went out for a few hours and while they were gone and I was in my crate... my new found monkey friend was free to roam the house.  I heard him making up all sorts of stories about taking over my house.  So, when mom and dad got home...

I made sure I was the only one called Monkey in my house.
Ya know, sometimes my parents forget my name is Corbin and call me Monkey.
I think they call me Monkey more than Corbin.

RIP Monkey Man.  It was a fun day with you.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Say hello to my little friend.

So, yesterday I told you how the Easter Bunny came and shrank me for chasin' him around my yard...



He didn't shrink me... but he DID bring me something...
Say hello to my little friend.

Meet Susie.

Momma said being a big foster brother was on hold until my ouchies were under control... well, my ouchies have gotten a bit better, then they get worse, then better, then worse... etc.  So, while my ouchies are doing alright, I get to have a foster sister!  Which is great by me, because I love having a little friend.
She's made herself pretty comfortable!

She was even able to come over for Easter dinner at Grandma Lynda & Grandpaw Dave's!  And she got to meet Harley and Greta.  She fit right in!
One of these things is not like the other...

My little cousin Christopher came over, too!  He was going to be at his other grandparents house, but we got a great Easter surprise!  Which meant, I got lots of carrots and training because I'm not used to the little guy and his unpredicitable actions... but we were buds in a few short hours! 

I worked on my sit.stays a lot.

And Susie was just a super star when it came to the little man.  She let him play cars with her and point out her eyes.  I'm not there yet, but we're getting closer!
Really, mom... We can't keep her?  She'd be my little pocket pet!

She looks like a mini Corbin, dipped in chocolate!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came... and I guess he wasn't too happy that I chased him out of my yard every time I saw him, or his friends... so, THIS is what he did to me for Easter!

Hope you're having a better Easter Bunny visit!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

You call me a Pit Bull like it's a bad thing

Hi.  My name is Corbin, and I'm a dog.
Correction, handsome dog.
I'm just a dog.  Not "just" a dog like some people say when they toss their dog away, because in that sense, there's no such thing as "just a dog."  But I'm JUST a dog.  Just like any other dog.  I have four legs, a wet snout, a generous tongue... However, I also have a big blocky head, a wide chest, a deep bark and a tail that could split your winter wood stack. 
Why does that make me different? 

I beg for treats, I can do tricks, I walk well on a leash, I snuggle on the couch, I kiss my little cousin Christopher's tiny baby feet, I can make you smile on your worst of days.... I'm goofy, I'm fun... I'm a dog.
Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm happy to be called a Pit Bull.  If that means I can't go to PetSmart's doggie daycare, then so be it.  If that means mom and dad can never move to Denver, Colorado with me, that's fine... they don't want to live there anyway.  I know being called a Pit Bull means I'm a loving, loyal, funny, spunky, loving dog.  Because, I AM a dog, and that's what dogs are.
Me, Corbin, the handsome dog.
But you.... you uneducated people.  You call me a Pit Bull like it's a bad thing.  You cross the street when you see me walking.  You make comments to my mom about the vicious animal she has, while I sit nicely by her side.  You refuse to meet me and change your mind.  You move to the other side of the waiting room at the V-E-T-S office.  You tell my mom you need to muzzle me to cut my nails because of my breed.  You fear me with no reason.
Do I look scary?
I am Corbin.  I am a Canine Good Citizen.  I am a foster brother.  I am a mind changer for those who are open enough to allow me to change their minds.  I am a friend.  I am a pet.  I am a lover.  I am a fighter for my breed.   I am a Pit Bull type dog.
Foster Brother Extraodinaire
Mom and I were visiting Bethany and Avery a few months ago, there are usually a bunch of people there watching football.  I was upstairs playing with my girls and getting lots of love by my furiend Molly's mom, Joann.  She looked at my mom and said "Ya know... he is just the best dog.  I was so afraid of pit bulls, then I met Corbin.  Who could be afraid of him?"
Me & Molly.  Like the heart with the rope? Yeaaaa, I'm that smooth.
Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not perfect, I'm a dog.  I have flaws and my parents work with me so I'm as well behaved as possible, sometimes I forget to listen.  But this statement made mom's heart melt and it's something she thinks about often.  She knows Joann loves me, and I love her right back with lots of wet kisses.  But she never knew Joann's view of Pit Bull type dogs before me.  Joann isn't the first person to say this about me, and hopefully not the last. 
Pretty close to perfect, though.
Mom often receives similar comments about our foster dogs.  Remember Hannah (brindle brat baby)? Her owners fell in love with her, not because of her breed or her looks, but because she had the sweetest soul and the most loving personality.  It was clear, Hannah hadn't had the best of pasts, but she was so brave and so forgiving.  In a follow up email after Hannah's adoption, her new parents explained how they were a little hesitant about adopting a pit bull, but they just fell in love with Hannah and knew she was their dog.  Their family was a little skeptical on their choice of dogs, but it didn't take long for Hannah to change their minds. 
Who couldn't love these faces?
Although we have fostered many breeds, the momma takes every opportunity she can to take in a pitty girl.  Not only can we show people how wonderful the breed is while we have two in the house, but just like Hannah, we can adopt wonderful dogs into homes that will continue passing along the good word of our breed.
I've taught you all I know... now go on and charm people!
Last year I did a blog about why I blog... the importance of my blog being rescue, fostering and pit bull awareness.  At that point I had 80 followers and I said if I could change 1 mind about pit bulls, 1 mind about adoption or fostering... my job would be done.
I take that back.  I will not stop at 1 person.  I know I can't change the world, but I'm sure as heck going to give it my best shot.