Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Ok, well not terribly wordy.

But, some friends have been asking for an update on my ouchies.  Still, no one knows what's wrong with me.  All we know is that the pictures of my internals all look good and I was still in pain.  Since the Prednisone cream cheese worked previously to relieve my ouchies... I'm back on it.  Mr. Dr. Mike is hoping that a more aggressive treatment of it will hopefully knock out whatever is causing the pain.  So, I'm on it the Prednisone cream cheeses twice a day for 8 weeks, then I start the weening process.  I've been ouchie free for a week now, but I'm still on restricted activities... although mom and dad have been sneaking in some short walkies to keep me happy.

Dad noticed a bump where my belly connects to my leg... so I'm going to see Mr. Dr. Mike at the V-E-T-S tomorrow to check it out.  The momma says it could be something as silly as a buggie bite -because sometimes I have weird reactions to them -or it could be a cyst or tumor... she doesn't think it feels like a buggie bite, so we'll see with Dr. Mike has to say.  Maybe that's been the cause of my ouchies all along!  Although, I'm sure someone would have felt it before now... but who knows, right?

See the arrow?  That's where my bumpy is...
and this is an old picture. 
Back when I could play fetch.

So, that's my update.  If we find anything out on Thursday or Friday, we'll be sure to update you.... but more than likely, we might not have an answer until next week.  And, next week I won't be around the blogville's much.  I'm going to make up some posties to post while I'm not around so y'all don't forget me, but I won't be able to update them with bumpy news.  But, I'll be sure to update you the following week if anything happens.  Sound good?  Eh, I know.... but it's the best I can do!

You still love me, right?


  1. Thanks for the update. I am glad that the cream cheese is making you feel less owie. Hope that bump is nothing worrisome.


  2. Yoo takes good care ovs yorself Corbin Dude n fank yoo fur da update wee hopes yoo keep bein ouchie free.

  3. I am so glad for the update Mr Corbin, hugs you to buddy and we hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your cream cheese in the meantime!

  5. I'm sending you a big rottie kiss, Corbin!


  6. OF COURSE we still LOVE YOU. Sorry you have the bump on top of everythingy else. I am sure the Creamy Cheese treatment will do the job though.

    You enjoy your time away. and THANKS fur puttin up posts so we won't be so lonely without you.

  7. The cream cheese is the up side to being sick, I love the squeeze cheese when I am sick. I had a bump on my leg a few weeks ago too and it was just a puss filled owie. I hope that yours is something that simple.
    We will be crossing paws for you.
    Bert adn My Vickie

  8. Corbin, we could never stop loving you! Hope you feel better soon.


  9. THanks for the update!

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Hmmmm, i has been given a lot of cheez since i saw the vet. You dont fink? They wouldnt would they? Hmmmm

  11. Hmmmm, i has been given a lot of cheez since i saw the vet. You dont fink? They wouldnt would they? Hmmmm

  12. I hope the bump is nothing, Corbin. Enjoy all of that yummy cream cheese!

    Love ya lots,

  13. Thanks for the update, Corbin. We figured there couldn't be any new news or you would have told us. We hope the latest meds work and knock that sucker out of you for good.

    Good to see your foster sister found a great home, but we know you are missing her. Maybe time for a new monkey:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. ugh, corbin, i'm so sorry you're still feeling less than wonderful, but i hope the meds do their job this time around.

  15. I hope you get extra cream cheese for the ouchies! Rest up and feel better.

  16. I hope that bump is nothing! Enjoy the cream cheese, I hope it does the trick to cure those ouchies! I hear that cream cheese works wonders - Nemo's on it (although his is more like peanut butter :P) and it's helping him out too.

  17. You gets cream cheese???? I must has a talk withs da kerazy lady nows!
    Surely dat bump couldn't be anything serious withs everything you has already been through.
    Keep us posted as we tend to worry.

    PS: You must hang on to da paintin' I done of you.

  18. Oh man, Corbin, I'm glad the medicine is working, but we'll still keep you in our thoughts - deal? :)

  19. Forget you! We'd never do that. We're glad the cream cheese is working...we must get some. Paws crossed for the bumpy.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  20. Of course we all love you Corbin! I hope you are able to be pain free, we would do a happy dance for you!

  21. Corbin, we so wish they could just figure it all out. I can imagine you are wanting to get back to be a serious cracker dog. We are proud how patient you have been with the Vet-man. Take care of yourself and we have our paws crossed for a good report. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  22. I wonder if its just a sprain...When I was limping mom was evenlooking at my toes tosee if there was anything stuck in my pads...paws crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  23. We're still keeping our paws crossed for you, Corbin. Glad your internals are looking good. It sure is frustrating not knowing exactly what is wrong or how to fix it.

    Jed & Abby

  24. Corbin, thank you for the update. Mommy says a prayer for you every time we come to visit you. I am glad the creamy cheese is helping. I get bad itchys and Mommy gives me cheesey(prednisone) for it and they go away for a while. I hope your bump is nothing. I had some bumpys and the doctor said it was nothing at all just some fat deposits or something like that. Corbin please get better.

    Loveys Sasha

  25. Glad to hear you are ouchie free for the moment. Sure hope someone figures out this thing SOON! Gosh! :( Keepin you in my thoughts pal.

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Contest Today! Should be an okay activity fur yaz ;)

  26. Get yourself a little burger to go with that cream cheese and you will be all set!!

    But seriously, hope you get some answers soon and your vet visit goes well today. I get lots of weird reactions to bug bites, too! Thinking about you, buddy!

    Your pal, Pip