Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick and Treat

Happy Halloween everyone!!!
So, this weekend I got my own little Trick and Treat...

The trick?  I had to stay home while mom and dad went on a fun adventure.  What adventure, you ask?
Now... with a trick like that, what treat could possibly make up for it?
Hahaha, noooo just kidding.
I got to hang out with Oreo and Emmett!
AND we got snow!
So, I snuggled on the couch to keep warm...
And with a JETS blanekt just to stick it to mom and dad.
Plus, once I saw all that snow...
And yes, that's my dad up there
I wouldn't have minded being in a WARM jail!
Because mom and dad frooze their TAILS off!
But, they had fun and I had fun and the Giants won, so everyone wins, right?  Well, except for the Dolphin's fans
This is my friend Mr. Jim before the game.  He still had hope.
Even after the game, he still had hope because he'd like
for the Dolphins to get Mr. Luck!

Anyway.... I know a lot of you care very much for Miss. Oreo, as do I!  So I want you all to know, she's living with Emmett while she waits for her forever home.  We hope it comes soon, but we're waiting until we're 110% sure it's her real FOREVER home.  She is enjoying life with Heather and Emmett... And Emmett says she likes him better than me because he's not a big bully and he doesn't put her head in his mouth and he doesn't paw her in the face every few seconds to play more handsome.  So, still keep those paws crossed that the perfect family comes around for my O.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The dog formerly known as Corbin.

Ok... so the title is a little dramatic. Nothing has happened to me, I'm A-OK.

Well, except that mom changed my name. She would like me to announce to everyone that I will now be answering to the name....
Harry Houdini.
I personally don't think it fits, but she said I don't get a say.

You see... When I was younger, I used to take my crate apart... while I was in it. I had a brief 2 week area of my life when I had some seperation anxiety. It was after I had lived with mom and dad for 3 months... and it left as quickly as it came. So, my parents reenforced my crate...

Well, a few months ago, mom came home and I greeted her at the door. My crate still latched and standing. She thought maybe she forgot to put me in it... so a few weeks ago, it happened again.

And last night? Yep... You guessed it. Waggin' at the door when dad showed up. No scratches, no missing hair... just POOF... and I'm out. My secret you ask? Well... a magician never reveals his secrets...

So I have a new name. Might take me a while to get used to it.

Note from mom: Corbin needs to be in a crate, otherwise he'll destroy the house just because he's bored. He'll go 2 weeks without touching anything, then we'll come home and a couch cushion will be in pieces, or he'll have found a zucchini on the counter and chomped on that or eaten an entire bag of Charlie Bears... he's destroyed ice cube trays and unopened mail... the list goes on. Also, he LOVES his crate... I can't stress that enough. We'll be home and looking for him and he's just chilling in his crate... and when it's time to leave for work in the morning, he's already in the crate before I can get a treat out of the jar. So I'm not sure if something spooks him and that's why he breaks free, or what. But thankfully, he hasn't hurt himself, thank God, and he really hasn't destroyed anything after getting out... except he unwrapped a birthday present one time.... he thinks all presents are for him. So we might try leaving him out of the crate again... but also not sure how that will work when we foster, because when a foster dog is in the crate and he's not, he runs up and down the hallway crying bloody murder. Oh, Corbin....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday Adventure!

So, I gave you a little hint on Friday of the fun I was about to have.  Hannah and I went with Emmett to a costume contest hosted by Sloppy Kisses! 

I looked charming in my Frog Prince costume.
And Hannah stunned the crowd in her Fairy Princess costume. 
Emmett was a great tackler in his football outfit. 

We each went up on stage
So the judges could have a look
(Emmett and Heather even matched!)
We waited eagerly for the results...
I'm sure you can see the disappointment in our faces...
Because we didn't win.
But we are winners anyway!!!!
Because we were super well behaved pit bulls.
Emmett got his belly rubbed by some strangers
And Hannah got a lot of love.
A lot of people couldn't believe she was up for adoption
bc she's so pretty, calm and well behaved.
They also couldn't believe she was a pit bull.
I told them not all rescue dogs are CooCoo for Coco puffs.
And most pit bulls are as friendly and loving as we are.
They had no clue.
That's my proud momma.
And I'm happy to say that Hannah won the biggest prize this weekend...
Her very own furever home!
I'll miss my little brindle brat.
I hope they have a couch for her...
I taught her how to use it well!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Heaven glows purple today...

One of my dear furiends crossed the bridge this morning.  Miss. Lilac lived a beautiful, long life and was an inspiration to us all.    Please stop over to her blog Tales and Tails and show your support to her family...
We'll miss your love and grace, Lilac... rest peacefully in purple.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Update on Uncle Harley & more.

Hi guys!  I know you were all very concerned when I posted that my Uncle Harley had his first seizure at age 9 last week.  Well, Grandma Lynda took him to his normal vet practice the day after his seizure and had a full blood work done.  The results came back perfect and everything looked great.  Mom read all of your comments and advice and relayed them to Grandma Lynda (she thinks me having a blog is a little kuku, crazy Grandma).  She came to the decision not to do the MRI... even if it did show something, she has already made the decision not to go through with Chemo.  The Road Dogs commented and mentioned they had past experiences with low calcium and low thyroid - this caught mom's eye because Uncle Harley has thyroid problems to begin with.  So she told Grandma Lynda and she took Harley in last night to see his regular V-E-T Dr. Mr. Mike, DMV.  He's also the Dr. Mr. Vet dude that I go see, unless it's an emergency... You see... Dr. Mr. Mike kind of owns the vet place... so he's kind of a big deal and only works a few days a week.  Mom knows him through those big dogs with hoofs that people sit on. 

Anyway.  Dr. Mr. Mike agreed that they should test his thyroid agian next week to make sure that's okay.  And he said that since Harley seems very much like his normal self, he's really thinking and hoping that this was a one time thing and it doesn't happen agian.  So, I'll let you know when we hear the results!
So, me, mom, Grandma Lynda and Uncle Harley would like to thank everyone for their well wishes!  We'll keep you updated on the pugster.

On another note... my beautiful Hannah will be adopted tomorrow morning.  There was this super nice couple that spent a lot of time with her at clinic last weekend and even waited until the very end to make sure she didn't get adopted by anyone else.  They were still upset over the loss of their previous dog earlier this year and were going out of town Saturday night, so they didn't want to make an impulse decision.  Mom wasn't sure if she'd hear from them, because people tend to do that a lot, but she got a great feeling from them and really liked them.  They emailed her on Tuesday to see how Hannah was adjusting and mom told them that she was falling in love with the little Brindle Brat.  Ok, well, maybe mom didn't use those words.  But she explained that every day Hannah gets more and more confidence... and let me tell you.  Girl doesn't need any more at this point.  She's like, Queen HBB (Hannah Brindle Brat).  She likes to sit on me and find me where ever I'm laying down and lay directly on top of me.  What?  Girl... I like the ladies, but snuggling might show some signs of attachment, so I'm not a snuggler.
Corbin's couch spot.
Mom... she's on my spot.
Move over Brindle Brat.
She used to be afraid to be outside, and liked to hid under the deck
But... I am totally going to miss my little Brindle Baby
Er... Brindle Brat.
BUT!  She will not leave until I have just more more night of fun for her......  Stay tuned for our adventure next week!  Here's a clue..............................

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who, Who Who WHOWHO!

So, who do you think is the doggie behind the owl???

Why, Miss. Hannah of course!!!!

Three people guessed correctly!  When I posted yesterday and said she's coming out of her shell... man, I wasn't lying!  She's a bouncing, leaping, playing machine!  She's still a little timid with fast movements and loud noises, but she's learning that life really isn't all that bad!

Mom's a sucker about letting the foster dogs on the couch...
And yes, that's my nose in her hiney.
She's made herself quite at home.
I finally got her away from snuggling with my mom for some play time
Rawr Rawr Rawr Rawr
Don't let her fool you with those eyes... She loves my love nips.
((I'm not REALLY biting her... Yea, know... ever heard of bitey leg???))
Who's gonna make a move? You're going to make a move? I'll make a move...
Bwahhhhhhh, I put your head in my mouthhhhhhh
THEN..... we snuggle.
Did I mention she thinks she owns the place?
Look at that Queen Hannah pose.
Who's not going to love that face?
Woah Woah Woah... hold your puppies.
Don't you all go forgetting about my cuteness, okay?
But, I do hope you had fun learning about my Hannah girl.  With her sweetness, softest ever fur, and big brown puppy dog eyes... I think she'll find a home in no time!

Also, on a sadder note, I learned this morning that my dear furiend Gizmo crossed the bridge yesterday... My heart goes out to his family.  If you knew Gizmo, or even if you didn't... please stop by his blog and give your support to his parents and his canine siblings, Ruby & Bart. 
We'll miss you sweet Gizmo, run free my furiend.