Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Thursday

Still trying to figure out why mom has to go to work every morning...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Comeback

Hello.... for those of you who forgot me, my name is Corbin and I'm a dog.
Me, Corbin.
I know there was a search party out looking for me, headed by Mr. Smith.  Truth was, I was kidnapped by my PARENTS!  Do you believe that?  Actually, my computer was kidnapped.... which meant I was kidnapped from blogville.  How rude.

THEN, my parents up and left me.  It was cool because I got to hang out with Heather and Emmett.  But I totally gave them the cold shoulder when they returned.  Just so they know they can't get away with leaving me.  Want to see pictures of my mini vaca with Heather and Emmett???

Emmett... my parents left me.
Wanna play ball?
Then come and get it!!!!!!!
Somehow I seem to be doing a lot more running than Emmett...
You can't get me!
Look Emmett... it's right there.  On the ground...
Hey... what's that over there????
CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BALL!!!!!
Emmett: "That that sucker."
I'm comin' for ya, Emmett!
Ohhh... hey Emmett, there's good sniffin's over here!
FOOLED YA!!!!!!!!!!! Now who's the sucker???
Uh, wait... Heather? do you know if my mom told the Easter Bunny
that I was going to be here for Easter???
What do you MEAN we're going to YOUR parents
house for Easter, Heather?!?!?!?!  How will the Easter Bunny
find me?!
Hehe, I'm going to make you wait to see if the Easter Bunny found me...  Hope you enjoyed my Bloggin' Comeback... I sure did miss it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm staying at Heather's, so I'm not able to blog... but when I heard about this, I begged momma to let me blog from the pawheld. So its not the fanciest post in the world but I sure do miss Richie and I know this is going to be a great party! So make sure you stop by to visit Ronnii and celebrate the joy of life!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Wednesday!

I'm going to hang out with Emmett for a few days!  So I'll be very busy playing and won't have time to visit my furiends.  So, I hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter if you celebrate it :o) 

I sure do hope the Easter Bunny visits me at Heather's!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have you seen...

I'm from the Missing Blogville Residents Committe... my name is, uh....
John Smith.

I was wondering if anyone has seen Corbin?  He's been missing from Blogville for an extended period of time and our department has been concerned of his whereabouts.  It is said that his parental units have been too busy to allow him to blog.  We are in search of his parental units and plan on investigating them for neglect.

Has anyone heard from Corbin?  Does anyone have any information that may help us?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photo for Thursday

Oreo and I are still keeping a look out on the neighborhood.  She's still looking for her forever home.  She tried an overnight on Saturday with a family, but their little dog didn't like her too much.  Mom has also realized that Oreo has a lot of leash anxiety and car anxiety.  She thinks the only time she was ever on a leash was to go into the car, and she gets very nervous on car rides.  Have any of you ever experienced a dog with high anxiety issues?  We're going to have a behaviorist come out and work with us to see if we can help her be more comfortable.  She's very strong, so it's hard for mom to work with her. 

Anyway, I enjoy having her around!  She plays with me a lot more now.  We tug and run crazy in the yard!  She's such a good girl, I'm surprised she doesn't have a forever home yet!

Sorry I've been MIA yet agian... still no computer.  And I lost the Mutt Madness contest to that little white dog.  Oh well, I never win anything, so I'm going to stop entering -haha!  Thanks for all the votes though!  I made it to the top 4 out of 150 dogs!  I'm proud of that :o)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Drama... Foster Sister Oreo... & Team Corbin!

So... Mom's computer has officially kicked the bucket.  Yep, it's done with.  Completely useless.  Know what that means???  No pictures!!!!!!!  Mom has NOWHERE to put her pictures.  We're using our crappy old computer that makes a lot of noise and is pretty much useless as well.  So, mom isn't happy, because she can't submit her homework and stuff... but the real reason this is a problem?????  How the HECK am I supposed to blog?!  Ugh.  The nerve.  Hopefully we can figure out a way to get a new computer soon.  For now, I'll listen to the annoying computer while I write my blog posts :o)

Foster Sister Oreo
Oreo with her former Human brother
So, wanna hear a bit about Oreo???  Oreo was a local surrender to Homeward Bound.  Her family had some life changes and could no longer take care of her.  So she came to live with me!  She was really scared and nervous for the first 24 hours... she kept shaking and crying.  I kept my distance so she didn't think I was being rude.  She didn't want to play with me at all.  But, that was okay with me.  Mom left Sunday night to see Cesar Millan.  She cried and cried and cried when Mom left the house... but she eventually calmed down and took a nap with dad on the couch. 

Tuesday she started playing a little with me in the back yard!  It started with her just running along next to me when I was zoomin' around.  Then she did a few play bows.  Wednesday morning we started tugging together in the house!  It was a lot of fun, but I was still very careful to go slow with her because I knew it was all new to her!  Now, she's a playing machine!  We tug all the time and run around playing tag in the back yard!  Mom's favorite part of fostering is watching a dog "become a dog" and that's just what Oreo has done!  She's made herself very welcome and comfy in my house, which is okay by me!  Mom hopes she finds her forever home tomorrow so she can bond and attach herself to her new family before she gets too attached to us.  I'll surely miss her, but I hope she finds her forever home too!  She's been a lot of fun and a great foster sister.  I wouldn't mind her sticking around for a little while longer!!! 
Mom and Dad let us on the bed with them when they were watching
TV.... there wasn't much room left for them!!! hehehe
So, now on to the VERY IMPORTANT stuff!!!!!!!!!!

All the votin' you guys did for me on Wednesday?  Guess what!!!!!!!!  IT WORKED!  I advanced to the final 4!  And now I'm up against another doggie today, so I need some more votes!  Click HERE to vote for me!
I superduper appreciate all the votes!!!!  You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!

Later Dudes!