Monday, January 31, 2011

No Post today? Ok... a little post.

I wasn't going to post today because, well... Uncle Chris just fixed the computer, so I haven't put my pictures on.  And, the real reason... I have a double eye infection.  And I keep splitting my "happy" tail open and getting blood all over the house... and I have a cyst on my shoulder that finally got looked at when I had to make an emergency trip to the vets this morning for my goobie swollen eyes.  But, I'll tell you all about that later in the week because I'm not feeling too hott right now.  BUT I did have a very fun play date with Maggie Mae for her 2ndbarkday yesterday!  And Emmett and Levi were there too... and a special guest visitor that's staying at my house this week.  Which I'll tell you all about another day.  And another special 2 legger visitor :o)

For now, I just wanted to remind everyone to go vote for me in the BISSELL contest!  Even though I'm a little sickie... I'm still very much trying to win the contest!  Everyone can vote once per day, per email address!  I have the chance to win up to $10,000 for my favorite non-profit animal rescue - Homeward Bound!
Click HERE to vote!

And, remember, if you'd like to help me get some votes, you can use either of the above pictures!

Thanks Everybody!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Foster Fancy Friday

Hello to the Mr.'s and Ms's and Mrs.'s of Blogville!  My name is Ms. Fancy and I'm currently Mr. Corbin's foster sister.  Do you know him?  He's a pretty good guy, and Im grateful that he's welcomed me into his home and allowed me to play with his toys and snuggle with his mom.
This is me, Ms. Fancy!
Mr. Corbin and I get along just fine!
We like to play
I look pretty small in this picture, but I'm actually BIGGER
than Mr. Corbin!
We're both fairly large, and we try to fit under the coffee table
to play at the same time.  One of us usually ends up bumping
our heads! BOL!
I really enjoy playing outside and I just love laying in the snow.
It's been pretty cold, so Ms. Foster Mom hasn't taken many pictures outside.
Mr. Corbin taught me how to explore in the snow and that sometimes
we can find hidden treasures under the snow, like a lost ball!
Running in the snow is my favorite!
And Corbin and I do zoomies all around! We're both super fast
but I'm much faster than Mr. Corbin!  Ms. Foster Mom can't
even catch us with the camera!
Here I come!!!
Then, Mr. Corbin and I come inside to play some more.
Then... we rest :o)
Mr. Corbin has told me so much about all of you, so I was really happy when he said he wanted to let me post on his blog!  You see... I came from TN where I was found as a stray dog because I lost my family.  I was brought to a very mean shelter... and someone slammed a door on my tail, so I had to have the tip of it removed.  I also have some small burns on the inside of my ears - they don't hurt anymor and I really don't want to remember what caused them.  Life is so good now, why should I bother lookin' back into my past?  My breed listing is currently Lab/Great Dane mix.  Ms. Foster Mom thinks there's a lot more breeds in me - possibly border collie and possibly greyhound.  Ms. Foster Mom says I remind her of a greyhound when I run through the yard doing my zoomies because I have such a big long flawless stride.  Mr. Corbin kept suggesting that she get a video of it, but she hasn't yet.  All I know is that I'm a very beautiful, fun lovin' lady and I would love nothing more than to have a place of my own. 

I've really enjoyed staying with Mr. Corbin, Ms. Foster Mom and Mr. Foster Dad.  This week has been so fun and their house is really fun!  Tomorrow morning is the adoption clinic, so I'm going to go and try to find my furever home!  Thanks for letting me share my story with you!

Oh, and Mr. Corbin is entered in a contest to win up to $10,000 for Homeward Bound, the rescue that rescued him and the rescue that gave me the chance to sit here and blog with you!  Won't you please go vote for him and help spread the word?  He needs like, 2,000 votes... so it's going to be tough shoes to fill, but he has told me about the HUGE support from Blogville, so I have no doubt that you will help him reach that goal!  He also wanted me to add that he has some of the best friends because Ms. Puddles, who he speaks very very very highly of, and Ms. JBenz, his 2 legger friend, both helped his picture by adding VOTE on it!  I'll post them below...and if you'd like to repost about his contest and ask your friends to vote for him, you can use those pictures on your blogs too!

Go HERE to vote! You can vote once per day per email address!  Please help him out!  Homeward Bound could save so many great dogs like me with all that extra green papers!

Go Corbin, Go Corbin, Go Corbin, GO!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Day!!!

First of all... I REALLY need your help!  I'm in a contest at BISSELL and I can win up to $10,000 for the rescue of my choice!!!  I really need all the votes I can get!  The dog that won last week had over 2,000!!!  You can vote once per day per email address.  CLICK HERE to vote!  Please, Please, Please!!!  Please VOTE and Please Spread The Word!!!!  I have ONE week to get 2,000 votes!!!!  I know I can do it!!!

IF I win... I will have a contest on my blog as a THANK YOU for everyone who voted!

This is the picture that was entered. It was taken by the great JBenz! With a face like that, how can I NOT win?! You can use this picture to promote voting for me!  Mom isn't good at "Sprucing" pictures up... but maybe she can figure out how to write the word "vote" on it or something. BOL!

Also!!! If you have not yet been over to visit Mayzie and her commentathon!  GO NOW!!!!!  For every comment she gets, her mom will donate $0.25 to the rescue that rescued her!  Up to $100!!! So, that means she needs 400 comments!!!!!  Lets get moving people!!! 
Happy 1 Year of Bloggin' Mayzie!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corbin: Dude in Boots.

Here it is... the moment we've you've all been waiting for.  However, you will have to wait on the video because mom's computer is still broken and she can't upload the video on the computer we're using in the meantime.  BUT... the real reason you've been following my blog the last few days... pictures of ME, Corbin Dude Dog, in......... boots.
Please.... please don't take my picture.
I took one of the boots off outside because mom didn't put it
on right....
What are you saying???  REAL dudes wear pink!
I still have my skull and cross bones collar on...
It warns people that I'm ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS
Even in pink boots.
Grrrrrr... this BETTER not go on my blog mom....
Now get these boots off me.  This is my mean face.
This is my pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top face
And... there you have it.... Corbin: Dude in Boots.  The snow softened up, so I didn't have to wear them for long.  Except for Sunday when I cut my paw outside and mom made me wear the boot in the house so I didn't bleed on everything.  Ugh.  Friggin' boots.

Happy Wordless Wednesday... Yea... not so wordless.  Happy Bootless Wednesday????

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sneak Peaks!

Well, mom wasn't able to load the pictures onto the old computer because she wasn't home ALL night until it was time for bed.  Ugh.  The nerve.  So, although you have to wait to see Corbin: Dude in Boots, we do have some pictures of Ms. Fancy Pants.  They are pictures that were taken before she came to NY, so before she met me.  I can assure you that, while she looks pretty happy in these pictures... she's MUCH happier now that she's got me as her big foster brother! 
Here she is!  She's a Great Dane/Lab mix -but mom thinks she's
part greyhound too. 
This one is a little blurry... but she's a pretty lookin' gal!
We get along great... so it's going to be fun when I get pictures of me and her to show you!  She's even a little bigger than me! Go figure...

Also, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, the rescue I came from, is having a contest on Facebook!  You had to be local to submit a picture, but anyone can vote!  So, if you have a second, stop over their Facebook Page and vote on the picture, or pictures, you like the best!  Some really cute looking dogs!  Since my mom is a volunteer, I couldn't enter... but that's okay!  Gotta give everyone else a chance to win, right?  The pictures are in the album titled "Homeward Bound's Photo Contest!"

And! My furiend Mayzie is having a super cool celebration for her 1 year blogoversary!  For every comment she receives on Thursday, January 27, 2011, her momma will donate $.25 to the Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation - that's the place that rescued her!  They'll donate up to $100!!!!  So if you don't know her yet, go on over and introduce yourselves... and make sure to leave her a comment this Thursday!  ALSO!!!!  She will pick 1 commenter at random to receive a MATCHING donation to a rescue of their choice!!!  So that'll be up to $200 going to help homeless animals if everyone comments and tells their furiends to comment!  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate!  To read more about it, you can read Mayzie's blog about her Commenathon here.

One more thing!!!  Emmett & I have our FIRST class for our Canine Good Citizens training tonight!  Can't wait to tell you all about it... our test is on February 15th... so hopefully I can prepare and study and behave so I can be considered a good citizen!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Money, Money, Money, Money... Mon-AY!

Hehe.  So, before I show you my horrible boots... I'm going to show you some MONEY!  Hehe, not the green paper kind of money...
THIS kind of Money!!!
Which, in my opinion, is WAY better than the green papers.  THIS Money is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  And she's full of energies and loves to play with me.  Did I mention she's beautiful???
So, Ma... since she's only staying overnight and she's not offically
my foster sister... she can be my girlfriend, right?  I mean... LOOK at her!
She's just... beautiful.  I'm smitten, Ma... just smitten...
This was during a brief moment of rest
Money and I had so much fun.  We did super awesome zoomies in the snow, but it was too dark for mom to capture it on video.  I really wanted to keep her, but mom said she had to go back to her foster home.  See... Money was adopted out right before New Years and her new family loved her very very much... but Money didn't love the little kids too much and she got a little nippy with them.  So they decided it wasn't the happiest home for Money, and we decided it wasn't the best situation because we'd never want to put their kids in danger.  So Money is looking for her furever home again.  She's such a sweet sweet girl... I know it won't take long for her to find a wonderful place of her own, without little kids!  She was also afraid of my dad... she didn't like him very much when he stood up, but if he was laying on the couch, she'd run and jump on him and kiss his face... so mom thinks it's just because he's tall, and that might have frightened her.
We played under the coffee table a lot... we barely fit, but it sure
was fun!  Isn't she just soooo beautiful??
Although Money didn't get to stay longer than one night, mom brought home anoter Foster Sister.  Her name is Fancy and she's a Great Dane/Lab mix... she's about 1 year old and weighs around 60lbs.  Mom thinks she's part greyhound too because of her head and her stride when she runs outside... She sure is a beauty!!! But, that's just a teaser... because you'll have to wait until later in the week for pictures of her.  Mom's computer is broken and she has to take it to Uncle Chris so that it works again... in the meantime, we're going to try to use the OLD computer... which is sucky and loud, but oh well...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Later Dudes!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

From last winter... when it wasn't nearly as cold and we didn't
have nearly as much snow and ice!!!  Back before I was a blogger!
And before I was an adopted pet!  And when I only took up ONE
couch cushion! hehehehe
My mean mom took pictures AND video of me and my friggin' boots... I HATE them.  But, that's a post for another day because she hasn't uploaded the pictures yet... Muahahahaha

Hope you all have a good weekend!  I'm having a slumber party tonight with Money, who's one of the foster dogs at Homeward Bound.  Then, tomorrow I'll be getting a new foster sister hopefully!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stupid Ice.

So, this ice stuff really sucks.  Dad took me out last night before bed, and when I came in he whipped off my paws.  That's when he noticed I was bleeding, so he took me straight to mom.  Sure enough, the mean old ice cut my legs up!!!  So, as soon as I saw Mom turn on the "concerned face," I started crying like it really hurt,  because I got a LOT of sympathy.  So mom cleaned my cuts and put medicine stuff on them.  Then she yelled at me for venturing out into the icy parts of the yard!  And said I was going out in my boots from now on.  Ugh, I hate those boots.  Anyway, no real concern here... I'm fine.  Just a few cuts and scratches that I'll milk as long as possible!

No pictures of my big night... so I'll leave you with one of my handsome face.

Later dudes!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picture says 1,000 words

We're having a nasty wintery storm here... it was snowing this morning, but now it's freezing rain.  No fun! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

My non-foster sister, Evelyn!

Pet Blogs United liked my idea of foster Friday so much that they decided to do one!  They wanted to feature Bethany, but Bethany as adopted!  So I told them I was getting a new foster sister.  As it turned out, the rescue had 5 big adoptions last weekend!  So the foster dog that Heather was supposed to get ended up getting adopted before he ever made it to her home!  Her and Emmett were in foster withdrawal, so Evelyn went to live there while she waits for her forever home.  So, PBU featured Evelyn today!  Go check their blog out and check out the beautiful Evelyn!  I'm kind of jealous that Emmett gets to hang out with her.  She's so pretty... I would have made a very good foster boyfriend ;-)

Anyway, here are some more pictures of me in the snow!  This was the storm before the one we had this week, so Bethany was still at our house :o)

I sure do love the snow!
Bethany and me doing snow zoomies!
Woah! She got in my path... had to jump over her.
Stairs? Who needs 'em!  I'll just jump!
Let's Play!
I'm big and vicious!
Take down!!!!!
Um, Foster mom?  He tackled me into the snow... and now I'm
cold... so can we go inside?
Inside is for the weak!  I'll stay out here...
We finally went in for a snooze...
It was an exhausting trip outside...
Later dudes!  Don't forget to check out PBU's post today!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Pictures!

We got about 11 inches yesterday!  It was a lot of fun.  Mom left her regular camera with the rescue and hasn't picked it back up yet.  So these pictures were taken with a different camera and she didn't figure out how to record on it until last night, so my zoomies aren't on video and the pictures of them are kind of blurry because I was moving at the speed of light!!!
Woah mom... this is a lot!
There isn't much under the tree, hehe.
Bu it comes up to my belly everywhere else!
I'm flyyyyyyyyying!!!!
About 2 seconds later, I did a crash landing into the porch...
It's STILL snowing!
Took a lot to run through that stuff!
But it was FUN!
BOL, I need longer legs!
Hi Mom... I'm not ready to come in yet.
Can you see me?
Ok... I guess I'll come in.  This was fun, but my belly is cold!
Nice and cozy on the couch... What a great day!
Hope you all had some snow to enjoy!!!