Friday, January 28, 2011

Foster Fancy Friday

Hello to the Mr.'s and Ms's and Mrs.'s of Blogville!  My name is Ms. Fancy and I'm currently Mr. Corbin's foster sister.  Do you know him?  He's a pretty good guy, and Im grateful that he's welcomed me into his home and allowed me to play with his toys and snuggle with his mom.
This is me, Ms. Fancy!
Mr. Corbin and I get along just fine!
We like to play
I look pretty small in this picture, but I'm actually BIGGER
than Mr. Corbin!
We're both fairly large, and we try to fit under the coffee table
to play at the same time.  One of us usually ends up bumping
our heads! BOL!
I really enjoy playing outside and I just love laying in the snow.
It's been pretty cold, so Ms. Foster Mom hasn't taken many pictures outside.
Mr. Corbin taught me how to explore in the snow and that sometimes
we can find hidden treasures under the snow, like a lost ball!
Running in the snow is my favorite!
And Corbin and I do zoomies all around! We're both super fast
but I'm much faster than Mr. Corbin!  Ms. Foster Mom can't
even catch us with the camera!
Here I come!!!
Then, Mr. Corbin and I come inside to play some more.
Then... we rest :o)
Mr. Corbin has told me so much about all of you, so I was really happy when he said he wanted to let me post on his blog!  You see... I came from TN where I was found as a stray dog because I lost my family.  I was brought to a very mean shelter... and someone slammed a door on my tail, so I had to have the tip of it removed.  I also have some small burns on the inside of my ears - they don't hurt anymor and I really don't want to remember what caused them.  Life is so good now, why should I bother lookin' back into my past?  My breed listing is currently Lab/Great Dane mix.  Ms. Foster Mom thinks there's a lot more breeds in me - possibly border collie and possibly greyhound.  Ms. Foster Mom says I remind her of a greyhound when I run through the yard doing my zoomies because I have such a big long flawless stride.  Mr. Corbin kept suggesting that she get a video of it, but she hasn't yet.  All I know is that I'm a very beautiful, fun lovin' lady and I would love nothing more than to have a place of my own. 

I've really enjoyed staying with Mr. Corbin, Ms. Foster Mom and Mr. Foster Dad.  This week has been so fun and their house is really fun!  Tomorrow morning is the adoption clinic, so I'm going to go and try to find my furever home!  Thanks for letting me share my story with you!

Oh, and Mr. Corbin is entered in a contest to win up to $10,000 for Homeward Bound, the rescue that rescued him and the rescue that gave me the chance to sit here and blog with you!  Won't you please go vote for him and help spread the word?  He needs like, 2,000 votes... so it's going to be tough shoes to fill, but he has told me about the HUGE support from Blogville, so I have no doubt that you will help him reach that goal!  He also wanted me to add that he has some of the best friends because Ms. Puddles, who he speaks very very very highly of, and Ms. JBenz, his 2 legger friend, both helped his picture by adding VOTE on it!  I'll post them below...and if you'd like to repost about his contest and ask your friends to vote for him, you can use those pictures on your blogs too!

Go HERE to vote! You can vote once per day per email address!  Please help him out!  Homeward Bound could save so many great dogs like me with all that extra green papers!

Go Corbin, Go Corbin, Go Corbin, GO!


  1. Corbin dude! She is a looker! I like the tall ladies :)
    Maybe I will get to meet her Sunday but I sure hope if I don't its cause she found a furever home!
    Pee...S- I voted yesterday and today. I'll keep voting and mamma didn't feel good in her heads last night so we didn't blog but I'll blog about your vote too :)

  2. Forgot to ask...can I use your pic on my blog to tell people to vote?

  3. Fancy, you are a most beautiful and fun-loving doggie. I am so glad you found a happy place to wait for your forever home. Good luck at your adoption event! And we'll go add the Vote for Corbin button to our blog right now!

  4. You look like a beautiful dog. Hope you have good luck at the adoption today. I'm sending you good vibes that you'll find your furever home.

    pawhugs to you, Max

  5. Hi Ms. Fancy, you are a real beauty! Corbin is a super guy and I know he will take care of you!

    Off to vote, now!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Miss Fancy-Pants, good luck tomorrow at the clinic. You are one bootiful girl!

  7. Ms. Fancy, you are adorable! I hope you find your forever home soon and put those bad memories in a box and forget about them!

    We voted for Corbin too!

  8. It is very nice to meet you Ms Fancy!
    I am sorry to hear about your tough past, I hope you soon learn that this world isn't so bad, there are really awesome people out there like your foster mom:)

  9. Oh, are just SO super beautiful! I understand what you mean about having a rough start in life but not wanting to worry about it. It's WAY more fun to live in the present, huh? I'm very much glad you're safe and sound and I know your forever family is gonna find you real soon!

    Oh, and please tell Corbin that I'm gonna put his "vote" picture up on my bloggie, okay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Ms. Fancy, you are so beautiful-good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll impress lots of people-they'll be fighting to take you home!

    And kudos to your foster parents for helping you out for now!

  11. Ms. Fancy I want to WELCOME you to Blogville. I can tell that you already love it here!!! Corbin is a grrrreat guy and I am sooooo very much happy that the two of you are getting along so well.

  12. Hello Fancy,
    We are very glad to meet you. You are such a beautiful girl, we can't imagine how someone may have hurt you.
    You certainly deserve a nice, warm, loving home and we will pray for you to find one soon.

    Hey Corbin, Dude!Fancy is such a sweet girl. So nice of u to foster her and let her share your life.
    Do u think u can talk your mummy to un-foster and adopt her maybe? Don't tell her we put this idea into your head!! Just go give it a try, okies?
    *** wink***
    Gin, bud n Shadow

  13. She is beautiful. Good luck Fancy. I hope you find your forever home at the clinic. We will go vote for Corbin. You all do a great job helping rescue pups.

  14. Hellos Ms. Fancy, I am Puddles and it is just wonderfuls to meet you. I am so sad dat yo had a bad start in life but you is all safes now. I knows Corbin and his mom are gonna takes real good cares of you and not let any bad stuffs happen to you. I sure hopes you find a real special home.

    And please tell Corbin I'll post his contest on monday, da next time we post.


  15. I am so glad you found such a great foster home with Corbin, Ms. Fancy. It looks like you two have a great time together. And I hope you find your furever home tomorrow.

    Corbin, I just voted for you and will put your pic on my blog too.


  16. Ms. Fancy hopefully Corbin will keep you as a sister. You guys look so cute together
    Benny & Lily

  17. Corbins!!!

    Fancy looks like so much fun! I sure hopes I get to meets her. Mom and me is votin' fur you every day! :) We is grabbin' your button too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  18. Ms. Fancy, I do hope you find the best loving forever home EVER!

  19. Ms Fancy. Glad to see Corbin is being such a fantastic foster brother--(or maybe boyfriend?) We hope you find your forever family soon. Paws crossed.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  20. I have a feeling your just a day away from finding your furever home ms Fancy

  21. Goodness gracious Fancy is beautiful! Love her coloring (ha ha, I might be a little bias). She will be living it up in no time. Gotta love a woman that is taller than you Corbin.

    Kitty and Coco

  22. What a good looking Fancy lady! She looks like a fun pal to play with too! :)

  23. You are so pretty, Ms. Fancy! We hope you find the perfect loving family tomorrow.
    We voted, Corbin!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  24. Wow, a second chance AND you get to hang out with Corbin?! Life sure is looking up for you sista!

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  25. Corbin, my mom person lost track, do we have Miss Fancy lined up to be on Pet Blogs United's Foster Friday?

    If not & you would like us to feature her contact us at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  26. She is so pretty! And her half-face reminds me of Miss M. We voted again!

  27. Well hello, Ms. Fancy! You're a very pretty girl.

    I voted for Corbin yesterday and today.

  28. Oh we just love Ms. Fancy!! Good for yous family to foster such a sweet gurl!

    We's don't have FB... do you need it to vote?

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  29. Oh, Ms. Fancy! You are so beautiful and sweet! We are praying that you find a wonderful forever home where you will be loved and spoiled everyday. We think you and Corbin are a great fit ;) We just voted for Corbin, so Go Corbin, Go!
    Maddy and Owen

  30. Ms. Fancy - You are so lucky to stay with Mr. Corbin. You two look like you're having a blast! I'm so glad that you're getting the love that you deserve now. I agree - why look back - just enjoy the moment!

    I'm going to vote now!

  31. Ms.Fancy........your name suits you just perfectly!!!

    You are a most uber-beautiful girl!!! I hope you find a furever home soon....any family would be very lucky to have to join them.

    We been voting fur Corbin, and will post his badge as a reminder on our blog. okay? okay

  32. Fancy, your name certainly suits you! It looks like you can give Corbin a run for his money, too!


  33. well aren't you fancy. Ms. Fancy!! Corbin is a very nice host :)


  34. Hi Ms Fancy, you're a very beautiful girl and I wish you all the best for tomorrow and you find a loving home.
    Mr Corbin is such a gentleman and I'm sure he will take very good care of you at the moment. So glad that you've had so much fun with him too.

  35. Boy, miss a couple of days and just look at all the stuff that happens! Welcome, Ms. Fancy. We also hope that you find your perfect forever home. We know you'll enjoy your stay with Corbin while you interview prospects. And we hope Ms. Money also finds a quiet, patient, loving home. We will certainly scoot on over and vote for Corbin now. Corbin - neat boots! :)

    Jed & Abby

  36. Fancy is very fancy! She's gorgeous! And you have her all to yourself in your home?!!! No Fair! I don't know Corbin, you might have to nudge your Mom and Dad into adopting her :D Can't let a beaut like that get away ya know?

    Waggin at ya,

  37. Corbin, I just put your picture on my blog asking people to vote for you. And I did my daily vote for you. Hope it helps.

  38. I just voted for you, Corbin! I hope you win that Bissell vaccuum! I think that with the help of everyone in Blogville that you have a good chance of winning the contest! I will put your picture on my sidebar and link it back to your contest, okay?
    Ms. Fancy is very pretty and if you don't watch out, you may become sweethearts! BOL!

  39. OOops! I just realized you are trying to win money for Homeward Bound...oooops! I am a bit spacey today!

  40. Hi Fancy, It is nice to meet you! You are so pretty! It is wonderful that Corbin took you in!


  41. Keeper? Maybe? Nudge nudge...

    She is a cutie. We wish you the best of luck finding her forever home!


  42. Looks like you and Fancy are having a great time!

  43. Fancy you are a pretty girl and so lucky to be staying with Corbin and his fam until you get your own forever home. We're gonna go vote for Corbin now!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  44. Ms. Fancy - you are totally adorable! You couldn't ask for a better bro than Corbin. We've been voting for Corbin and sure hope he (and Homeward Bound) WINS!

    The Road Dogs

  45. Oh Ms. Fancy, you are a furry cute dog!
    Corbin is lucky to have you as a visitor :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  46. I am nominating you stylish dude. Check it out tomorrow.

  47. Beautiful gal. I hope she finds her forever home. I'll go check out your contest, Corbin.