About the Corbin

Hi, my name is Corbin and I'm a dog. I was bought as a puppy at 6 weeks old and surrendered to the shelter when I was 4 months. I was a little crazy at the shelter, I was only a pup! So, I wasn't ready for the adoption floor. I had some ACL issues from jumping around in my kennel, so the shelter reached out to a local rescue, Homeward Bound, to see if they could help me. Two volunteers from the rescue, Heather and Jen, came to see me and decided to save me. I went home with Heather and met my foster brother, Emmett. I went to see a specialist who said my ACL issue wasn't severe and I should be okay on crate rest. I spent 10 days with Heather and Emmett until I met another lady at an adoption clinic. She was looking to foster to make sure a dog would fit in her home, since her boyfriend had never had an animal before. I was up for the challenge! I went home and settled right in. Two months went by, my ACL was healed and my foster family decided to adopt me.
December 19th, my life changed. Although I was a foster dog for 2 months after December 19th, I knew I was home. I picked my parents and they knew it. Since then, I've been through training, I've become a Canine Good Citizen and I have been a foster brother to 25+ foster siblings.
The momma let me start a blog. It started as a place to document my pictures and adventures, but it has turned into this amazing place. I share stories of my crazy antics, show off the positiveness that is a pit bull, chat about the importance of rescue, fostering and volunteering, and my foster siblings get a chance to showcase themselves. It's been a crazy ride so far, and the momma and I sure are enjoying this blogging adventure, so we hope you enjoy reading along!

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