Friday, August 30, 2013

Foster Friday: Amelia Health Update!

It's me!  Amelia!

See my beautiful face?
The foster lady tooks me on a nice long car ride yesterday!  I was all excited that we were going on a special adventure with just the two of us.
Do you know where our car ride lead?  Do you know what turn my fun adventure would be taking?  She took me to the VETS!
So, as soon as I got outs of the car, I put my brakes on and said NO NO NO NO NO!  Then the foster lady picked me up and carried me into the vets.  Once I was in there, though, and all the nice peoples were telling me that I was beautiful and so brave... well, I guess it wasn't that bad.
You has cookies?
Then the nice lady came out and said my room was ready and gave me smoochies and said my name in a really nice voice my tail just wagged and wagged.  I decided I was try to walk on this scary floor and down the hall I went!  Then, I got a cookie!  I loves cookies.
Then, I heard my doctors voice and I just couldn't help it.  My butt wiggled and wiggled! I just knew he was coming in to see ME!  And he was!  Because he came right through that scary door!   I went up to him and gave him lots of lovings because I likes him a lot.  He kept petting me and loving me and telling me how wonderful I was!  He asked the momma some questions while he was loving on me.  I was so happy that I didn't even notice he was trying to distract me so he could put that scary listen-to-my-insides thingy on me!  Well, I wasn't falling for his tricks and as soon as I saw that scary device, off I went!  I pancaked right under the chairs.  So, Dr. Farrell decided he'd do my exam from under there if that's where I felt safe.
I doesn't like scary things.
Turns out that scary listen-to-my-insides thing isn't so scary... and my ears were getting some real good scratches while it was on me, so I let it all happen.  Dr. Farrell says I looks GREAT!  I have lots of the beautifuls and my fur is nice and soft and my heart rate has gone down a whole lot!  He said I went from 165 beats per minute to 140 and that was a great improvement!  He also took me off my leaky bladder medicine, because I've been doing super well and it turns out that medicine isn't so great for my heart condition. 
Happy, healthy 'Mielsya!
All and all, Dr, Farrell says I looks great and my heart sounds great and he's super happy with my progress!  He said I don't even have to go back for my scary heart ultrasound until next year! And, I gets to keep playing with the Corbin's because he says I've been in super awesome shape! Hehe. Why, yes, I do have athletic, slim figure. Thanks for noticing!

It's on, foster brother!
Amelia is still available for adoption through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY! Want to learn more about her?
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And The Longest Tongue Goes to......

The Corbin?!
Drum Roll Please.....
Turns out our tongues are BOTH super long and therefor the momma's decided to call it a tie!  There were well over 300 votes!!!!  It come midnight, it was a dead tie!  Turns out Foster Dogs are just as awesome as Foster Brothers and the Mobadude and the Corbin are both awesome dudes with super longs tongues!
So, do you know what this means?  This means the I, the Corbin, AND Moby the Mobadude BOTH get noms!  And we BOTH get donations to our rescues!  How awesome is that?
Thanks again to everyone who took the time to read our evidences, took the time to vote for me and the Mobadude and enjoyed our tongues!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Foster Friday: Amelia goes to the lake!

Hi!  It's me!  Amelia!
On Wednesday, the foster parents played something called hookie.  The came home early from work and packed up some things and the Corbin went bonkers!  I didn't know what was going on, but if Corbin was super excited, well, then I guess I could be excited too!  We jumped in the car and headed for a car ride.  When we arrived at our destination, the foster lady put these silly jackets on us -Can you believe I had to match the Corbin?!
Okay, we match.  What now?
When we started walking, I saw this HUGE pool!  I love pools.  We have one at our adoption events.  It just comes up to my toes, but I lay in it and roll around it it and it feels so nice.  So, seeing this HUGE pool was so awesome and I was very excited!  Corbin says it's not a big pool, it's a lake.  And, that it's way cooler than a silly pool.  So, I guess it's a lake, but we'll see about it being cooler than my pool!
Why are we floating on the big pool lake?
Instead of dipping our toes in the lake, we floated on top of it.  Corbin said it was his boat, so I guess that's what it was.  Anyway, we went really, really fast and finally came to a floating stop.  Foster dad jumped in the lake and Corbin followed.  So, I gave it my best effort and off the boat I went!
I can't just stand here?
Well, wouldn't you know... I couldn't touch!!!!  There was nothing under the water but MORE water!  So, I followed the Corbin and foster dad and we swam and swam and swam until we could touch.
Thanks for the heads up, meanie!
Once we got to lesser water, it was just so awesome!!!  I was able to run in the water and sniff the water and sniff the land outside of the water and I just ran and ran and sniffed and sniffed and oh my, it was just grand.
Here a sniff, there a sniff, everywhere a sniff sniff!
While I was busy exploring every inch of the shoreline, Corbin and foster dad played ball.  Back and forth, back and forth.
"Okay, Dad... now, throw it again"
And, foster dad would throw it and he'd go pouncing around like a goon!
I, on the other hand... I was on a mission.  A mission to know each and ever
dog that ever stepped paw in this here lake!
Goon jumping...
'Mielsya exploring... (foster lady calls me Mielsya: Meeeeels-ya)
Goon jumping...
'Mielsya exploring.
It was a lot of fun!  Then foster lady decided we needed to go back to the boat for a bit of a rest... so a swimmin' we went again!  Once we were back to the boat, I could really take in all the sites!  And, I got to take my silly jacket off.
There was lots of stuffs to watch!
Ducks and people and water!
It was a lot of fun!
Corbin enjoyed himself, too!
Can we go back in the water, please?
We got suited back up.
And, waited until the time was right to...
We did a little more swimming.
Then back to the boat for a snooze.
It was a really fun day!  I love the boat!!!
Amelia is still available for adoption through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY! Want to learn more about her?
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


I can't wait to tell you all about the adventure Amelia and I went on yesterday!

BUT!  Before I do that, I need to get more votes than my friend Moby from Our Waldo Bungie

What?  You didn't know we were having a contest?  Well then, you better make sure you get your vote in!  It's a close race and the lead vote getter is only a head by less than 10 votes!  So, I need you to get your vote in for ME! The Longest Tongue Doggie!  You can review my evidence HERE and Mobadudes evidence HERE and make your decision and vote below!  Vote for the Corbin tongue!  There's NOMS from and a $25 donation to the rescue I came from on the line here!
(Voting is now closed!)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Tongue

Vote for my tongue!

Moby is in the lead, but I can still beat him! 
Go vote!!!
(Voting is now closed!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tongue Contest!

A few weeks ago, I challenged my friend Moby from Our Waldo Bungie to a contest to see who's tongue is the longest!  Well, friends, the time has come and that contest starts TODAY!

First I will provide you with my fool proof evidence to prove that my tongue is, in fact, the longest.  Then, you will be supplied with a photo of Moby and a link to his blog so you can head over there to read his evidence on why he thinks HE has the longest tongue.  Lastly, at the bottom of this post, you will be given a link to click on where you can vote for the Corbin whoever YOU think has the longest tongue! 
Now, what would a contest be without some prizes?!  The tongue with the most votes will receive 1 bag of Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats from and a $25 donation to their favorite animal rescue from the tongue with the least amount of votes! 
Okay, now are you ready to see my supporting documents?
Here we go!
This here is the Corbin tongue.
This here is the side view of the Corbin tongue!
The length of my tongue comes in handy for many things....
Which way is the wind blowing?  My tongue says "Thatta way!"

What time is it?  The tongues says Beer O'Clock!

What foods did the momma leave stuck to her face? Noms!

Treats headed for foster sister? Nope! Corbin tongue in for the steal!

What time is the momma cooking dinner?  My tongue say 6:30!

Noms on my face?  No worries, my tongue will get them.

Are you at a sporting event and getting bored?

No worries! The Corbin tongue will start the wave!


So, my friends... there you have it!  The Corbin tongue in all shapes, forms, sizes and uses! 

Moby, giving me a run for my tongue money!

Now, make sure you check out my friend Moby by clicking on his name and review his evidence.  When you've digested all of the noms informations, you can make your educated decision and vote below!!!  Voting is open until Thursday, August 22nd until midnight!
(Voting is now closed!)

Moby is also available for adoption through

Unleashed Pet Rescue!  If you're in the Kansas City area and looking for a great pup, make sure you check him out!