Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cheap DIY Crate Bed

The momma got all crafty on me the other night and decided to make a doggie bed for Amelia to have in her crate.  Since I grew out of my destroying beds phase, the momma lets me have one of my Orvis beds in my crate.  But, for the fosters, we usually have lots of sheets and fleece blankets, so if they chew them, it doesn't really matter.  We've gone through lots of not so cheap dog beds by putting them in foster crates. 
Miss. Amelia is practically perfect though, and she's not a huge fan of her crate.  So, the momma thought of a low cost way to make her a doggie bed.  It's water proof, it's super comfy, it's cheap and it's just big enough for an Amelia!
Here's what we started out with:
King Size Pillow Case $6 (came in a pack of two)
*You don't need a Corbin for this project, but it does help.
**The momma originally wanted a foam topper that's $10, but our Walmart was out of that specific item, and the momma isn't great with the patience when she wants to do something, so she splurged and bought the memory foam for $14 more. 
Measuring and cutting
The momma laid out the pillow cover to measure how much foam she would need.  Then she cut it.  The foam came doubled over and the momma wanted to double it anyway, so this worked perfectly. 
Here's a Bella nose and an Extra Large KONG to show you how thick it is.
After the momma cut the foam, she stuffed it in the pillow cover.
The Pillow Cover is water proof, so if Amelia ever has an accident in her crate, our super awesome bed won't be toasted.  It also has a zipper to keep the foam inside, so there's no worry about it slipping and sliding and adding the temptation for chewing.
The momma covered it with a King Size pillow case
and HERE IT IS!!!!!!
It fits our smaller crate a little better.
This one is 36Lx24Wx27H.
I, of course, had to try it out right away to make sure it was good for my Amelia.
I stayed there for a while and took a nice snooze, so I think it'll do.
We made this Monday night, so Amelia had all day yesterday to hang out in it.  And, do you know what happened this morning?  When the momma was ready to leave for work... she came in My room and do you know what she found?
Amelia was ready for her day of snoozing!
The momma wend and bought the $10 foam when she found it, and now she wants to do more of these.  Maybe even regular sized pillow sizes, and put two of them in the bigger crate instead of the 1 king size that's a tad small.  Anyway, the momma has gone all crazy on this stuff now, so we'll have 900 doggie beds soon.
She also boosted up my sofa!  My Orvis sofa has a removal cushion and none of us dogs have ever complained about it, but the momma always felt it lacked in the padding department.  So she took the left over memory foam and put a piece on either side of the cushion, zippered it up and put it back in my sofa.....
It. Is. Awesome!
So, we thought we'd share with you our fun little project in case you were looking for cheap alternatives to wasting money on expensive doggie beds! 
Oh, and here's a picture of me.


  1. Great idea... looks like Boomer and Dottie will have some extra padding in their crates soon!

  2. 900 beds for the Corbin? That doesn't sound excessive at all! You and Amelia deserve that and maybe 900 more...

    Sam and Pippen

  3. that is what the mom did for us - which was a waste of time as we won't use doggie beds - we love the floor :)

  4. Your mama is full of the smarts!

  5. Hey Corbin - Diva Shasta here. Thanx fer the DIY - duzn't look furry much hard tue due - may-b our mom cood due it tue replace the dog bed she SED wuz tue ripped up by me so she PUT IT IN THE TRASH BIN!

    Stop by our blog - gotta product review an'TWO giveawayz frum
    Diva Shasta

  6. That's fantastic. AND bet Amelia loves it because it smells like the Corbin!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. OMD OMD CORBIN your mom must take her Brain Powers from YOU.. What a super grrrreat Idea. We give her an A+ . hehehehe it IS back to school time you know.

  8. Your mom is so clever! Thank you for an awesome post, Corbin!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. This looks super duper comfy.. May have to put my assistant to work!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. That looks super comfy. Phantom is just skin and bones and Mom thinks he would love a foam bed like that, but the silly boy just wants to lie on the hardwood floor. Maybe she can make him one and Ciara and Lightning will test it out for him.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. What a great idea. Bet your new pillow is so nice and soft
    Benny & Lily