Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pip & Puddles crash the Adirondacks

Now, I'm not actually from the Adirondacks, but my lake is in the Adirondacks and that's where my boat is, so that's where I decided to take Pip and Puddles to cross some things off of Pip's bucket list.  Now, Pippity... this trip isn't for the weak hearted - You've been warned!

So, they pulled up in their car... but after touring around the world, it wasn't running so well.  I'll try to fix it while they're visiting, but we might have to find them some new wheels.

First I took Pip and Puddles out on my lake.  Since my dad's boat is a bit small, I took the keys and jacked this cool boat when no one was looking.... HERE WE GO!!!!

Then, I discovered this stolen boat had para-sails!  So, I sent P&P up in the air to get a view of the beautiful scenery.

We also found a jetski and I took them for a cruise around!

After our jetski rides, I decided it was time to take Pip and Puddles to my favorite secret hidden spot that no one but me knows about.  It's a bay in Lake George that you can only get to if I'm with you... I like to call it Brewski Bay.

We're here!
Once we had plenty to drink, we bottled some beer up in our to-go cups and I thought we'd hike a mountain.  I assured Puddles that it wouldn't be a difficult hike and it would be well worth the view.

We parked the boat and set off for Cheeto Mountain.  Before we began our climb, I made sure Pip and Puddles understood that we could not eat the cheeto's.  If we ate the cheeto's before the top of the mountain, we'd be in big trouble.

OH NO!  What did YOU do?!

Of course, Puddles never listens to directions and her and Pip went to town, shoveling Cheeto's in their mouths.  So, the angry Cheeto God's rained their terror down on us... and just like that the Cheeto's were gone and we were stuck on an icy cold snow covered mountain.

Thankfully, we found some skis and a saucer that a few little kids near by weren't paying attention to using.  It was our only way down the mountain.

Now we were stuck in the middle of no where and Puddles was complaining that our adventure was requiring too much exercise.  Then out of nowhere, Puddles spotted and captured a wild horse for her to ride for the rest of our journey.

Puddles got jealous that her steed wasn't nearly as good looking as Pip's study ride.  Being all competitive like, she decided to egg her horse on and off they went.  Puddles didn't quite know what she was in for, she thought she had tons of experience after the bucket tour visited Casey and Cinderella in Texas. Her horses started jumping all sorts of obstacles and she was in too deep!

I told Pip to hang on, and we were off to save Puddles.

Gosh, after all of that excitement, we finally got Puddles back safe and sound.  Pip said it was time for something to eat and I knew just the place to take him!

Hot Dawg, Hot Dawg, Hot Diggity Dawg.

They serve the most amazing cheeto cheese burger and beer at this joint!  So, we loaded up on our food and drink and went to enjoy.

We watched a beautiful sunset and enjoyed the chef special...
A Cheeto Cheese Burger!
Now that we were refueled, it was back to more adventure!
It was the winter carnival!!!!
Our first stop?
A walking cheese burger!!!!
Good thing we just ate!
Puddles thought it would be a great idea to try out these snow mobiles! 
We raced for so long that we didn't know where we were anymore...
and we ran out of gas.
Thankfully, someone left a sled... so Puddles hooked me up and we were back off to town.
Since we weren't returning the stolen borrowed snow mobiles, we decided that was enough of the winter carnival.  It was time to hit the bar!

Off to my favorite bar... Judd's Tavern! 
Judd is my buddy, so he let me sneak behind the bar to serve my friends!
Well, Puddles was looking for some more adventure and Pip was looking for some more beer since Judd's ran out... so off we went to another bar.

After a few bars and lots of drinks... Puddles got herself into a bit of trouble.  Our fun adventure quickly came to an end, and she found a vehicle to get us back to their car...

Well, she was right about 1 thing, there was no time for questions!  Pip and I were chased by an angry mob before we were able to jump onto the truck and drive away!  Good thing there was a built in cooler on this truck!  They dropped me off at home, and off they went for their next adventure!
We did manage to get in a nice little picture of us
on the frozen Lake George!
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you guys had fun!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frosty times call for Frosty Paws! A Give-A-Way!

Well, we got more snow here last night!  As much as I love snow zoomies... I sure am craving a nice, warm summery day!  And, do you know what I love best about summer???  Icey creams!
This snow doesn't taste like icey creams!
So, the momma said that SSS (Sophie Sofa Snuggles) and I could pretend that it was summer time!  We cranked the heat and the momma took out some Frosty Paws!!!  Here's some photo evidence of our Frosty Paw treats!
Really?  I can really have a Frosty Paws?
SSS very nicely asked if she could have some Frosty Paws too.
I thought about it for a bit, but decided to share.
Ok, momma... give us the Frosty Paws!!!
The momma said that, since we've never had these before,
we had to share one to make sure it didn't upset our tummies.
Good thing I like to share!
Holy sweet potatoes.... this stuff is good!
I'm not sure why we did this... BUT,
the Frosty Paws were still yummy from this position!
We were begging for more when our cup was gone!
Look at my super long tongue!
What's here in this box?
After we finished our delicious treat... the momma told me that we have 10 (TEN!) packages to give away to some of my readers!  Can you believe it!  10 of you will win!
Frosty kind of looks like Sophie!  You can win your very own
Sophie look-a-like!
Here's what you can win:
2 coupons for 1 free box of Frosty Paws each
1 Frosty the dog stuffed toy (not for doggie playing)
Optional: Corbin slobber on Frosty Toy
Here's what you have to do to win:
Leave a comment here on my blog letting me know what your favorite season is and why.
All entries must be received by Monday, March 4, 2013 at midnight. 
Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 5th!
Lots of good lucks to you!
Few things:
1.)  We were given 2 free boxes of Frosty Paws and a Frosty Stuffed dog for our honest review.  All views are that of Corbin and the momma, and Sophie too!
  2.)  Not all doggies like sharing their foods.  It can be especially risky to share foods with a foster dog of an unknown background.  It can also be risky to share super special foods that doggies  may get protective over, such as bones and special treats.  By observing me and Sophie for a few weeks, the momma felt confident that there wouldn't be an issue with us sharing our Frosty Paws, however, she still tested it before the camera came out and did not leave us unsupervised with our tasty treat.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Don't I look super handsome in my new, handmade, Sirius Republic leather collar?  You can get your very own if you click on their name!  There are many great styles to choose from.  You just might get lucky and look as studly as me!
Tonight I go on for my first acupuncture appointment!  Hopefully this will help me feel even MORE comfortable, although, the momma has noticed I've been feeling pretty good and she even caught me jumping up on the bed the other day!
And, here's a picture of my beautiful foster sister!  She's still looking for her forever sofa, but doesn't she look super pretty in her Sirius Republic collar flower?! She is too cute for words, if I do say so myself!
Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out how the acupunctures went!  AND! Definitely come back Thursday because I'll be showing Pip and Puddles around my lake!
Just some smoochies.
Sorry again for the word verification thingy... we'll turn it off again soon in hopes those nasty spammers went away!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Case of the Mondays...

I call for a weekend re-do...
Due to some icky spam issues, we had to put the word verification thing back on... sorry to everyone who's not nasty spam!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Foster Friday: Sophie Sofa Snuggles

Guess what!
It's me, Sophie!  I'm back for ANOTHER fosters Friday!  Can you believes it?  None of the adoptions yet.  Not a single one.

Who wouldn't wants their very own snuggler?!
So, I'm hanging out with the foster fams again... which is really great, because I loves it here!  I get to snuggles right ON TOP of the foster dad dude while he watches the tvs.  Right. On. Top. Of. Him.  Except, he won't let the foster momma lady take our photos, so I doesn't have any pictorial proofs.
See, the foster dad dude snuggles are kind of like this...
except, foster dad dude is right under me.
And my head is snuggled RIGHT into his neck.
I'm just the super best snuggler evers.  And, I'm not trying to toots my own horn... I doesn't have a horn and I'm a lady, so I doesn't toots.  Hehe, ok, maybe I toots sometimes.  BUT!  Toots or no toots, I'm a good snuggler!
Don't bother reading the collar... I doesn't want the adoptions.
Did you know that the foster peeps just totally loves me?  They do, they loves me.  And the Corbin loves me a lot too! But, sometimes he tries to SHOW me how much he loves me... and I doesn't mean by bringing me milkybones and whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  Ok, well he does whisper sweet nothings in my ears, hehe.  Anyway, what I was tryings to say is that I'm super loved here and I just don't knows that I wants to get the adoptions just yet.
Just us snugglings.
So, anyway... the foster momma lady says that I doesn't have to go to the adoptions clinic tomorrow!  Wahoo!  BUT, I do has to go to meets some new people next weeks and I gets to meet their cats to see if I likes them.  So, I asked the foster momma lady if I doesn't like the cats, can I comes back home to the foster house?  And, ya know what she said?  She saids... "Sophie Sofa Snuggles... don't you go getting ANY ideas, lady!"  Ugh, as if, foster momma lady.
What if I eats their blankeys????
At least I have the weekends to get some extra snuggles in with the foster peeps and the Corbin.  I loves to snuggles... did you knows that?!?!?!
Can we snuggles now?
Ok, I'm off to get snuggling... so, laters Blogyvilles!
Sophie Sofa Snuggles

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sophie's return to the Corbin house!

I didn't mean to scare everyone yesterday.  Sophie being back is a super good thing for me, and for Sophie!  I'm so glad to have her back and she's pretty happy to be back!  Things went okay in her other foster home while my girls were visiting, but in the end, Sophie was most happy here.  So, the momma let her come back and spend her remaining time in foster care with us.

She likes the Corbin couch the most.
Sophie and I were so happy to be back together and she's very relaxed and comfortable at my home.  She just adores snuggling with the dad and snuggling with me, of course and snuggles with the momma.
Forget about it lady, no room for you.
I'm going to get back to playing and snugging with Sophie Sofa Snuggler... there's a really good family interested in adopting her, so I'm going to soak up every moment I have with her! But I'll leave you with some more pictures, okay?  Okay.
Runnin' outside
She likes to run
And lookin' snazzy in her new collar

4 on the floor, lady!
She has a pretty smile
I'm all business when my ball is out.
She likes to watch out the window with me
But, most of all, she loves snuggles.