Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pip & Puddles crash the Adirondacks

Now, I'm not actually from the Adirondacks, but my lake is in the Adirondacks and that's where my boat is, so that's where I decided to take Pip and Puddles to cross some things off of Pip's bucket list.  Now, Pippity... this trip isn't for the weak hearted - You've been warned!

So, they pulled up in their car... but after touring around the world, it wasn't running so well.  I'll try to fix it while they're visiting, but we might have to find them some new wheels.

First I took Pip and Puddles out on my lake.  Since my dad's boat is a bit small, I took the keys and jacked this cool boat when no one was looking.... HERE WE GO!!!!

Then, I discovered this stolen boat had para-sails!  So, I sent P&P up in the air to get a view of the beautiful scenery.

We also found a jetski and I took them for a cruise around!

After our jetski rides, I decided it was time to take Pip and Puddles to my favorite secret hidden spot that no one but me knows about.  It's a bay in Lake George that you can only get to if I'm with you... I like to call it Brewski Bay.

We're here!
Once we had plenty to drink, we bottled some beer up in our to-go cups and I thought we'd hike a mountain.  I assured Puddles that it wouldn't be a difficult hike and it would be well worth the view.

We parked the boat and set off for Cheeto Mountain.  Before we began our climb, I made sure Pip and Puddles understood that we could not eat the cheeto's.  If we ate the cheeto's before the top of the mountain, we'd be in big trouble.

OH NO!  What did YOU do?!

Of course, Puddles never listens to directions and her and Pip went to town, shoveling Cheeto's in their mouths.  So, the angry Cheeto God's rained their terror down on us... and just like that the Cheeto's were gone and we were stuck on an icy cold snow covered mountain.

Thankfully, we found some skis and a saucer that a few little kids near by weren't paying attention to using.  It was our only way down the mountain.

Now we were stuck in the middle of no where and Puddles was complaining that our adventure was requiring too much exercise.  Then out of nowhere, Puddles spotted and captured a wild horse for her to ride for the rest of our journey.

Puddles got jealous that her steed wasn't nearly as good looking as Pip's study ride.  Being all competitive like, she decided to egg her horse on and off they went.  Puddles didn't quite know what she was in for, she thought she had tons of experience after the bucket tour visited Casey and Cinderella in Texas. Her horses started jumping all sorts of obstacles and she was in too deep!

I told Pip to hang on, and we were off to save Puddles.

Gosh, after all of that excitement, we finally got Puddles back safe and sound.  Pip said it was time for something to eat and I knew just the place to take him!

Hot Dawg, Hot Dawg, Hot Diggity Dawg.

They serve the most amazing cheeto cheese burger and beer at this joint!  So, we loaded up on our food and drink and went to enjoy.

We watched a beautiful sunset and enjoyed the chef special...
A Cheeto Cheese Burger!
Now that we were refueled, it was back to more adventure!
It was the winter carnival!!!!
Our first stop?
A walking cheese burger!!!!
Good thing we just ate!
Puddles thought it would be a great idea to try out these snow mobiles! 
We raced for so long that we didn't know where we were anymore...
and we ran out of gas.
Thankfully, someone left a sled... so Puddles hooked me up and we were back off to town.
Since we weren't returning the stolen borrowed snow mobiles, we decided that was enough of the winter carnival.  It was time to hit the bar!

Off to my favorite bar... Judd's Tavern! 
Judd is my buddy, so he let me sneak behind the bar to serve my friends!
Well, Puddles was looking for some more adventure and Pip was looking for some more beer since Judd's ran out... so off we went to another bar.

After a few bars and lots of drinks... Puddles got herself into a bit of trouble.  Our fun adventure quickly came to an end, and she found a vehicle to get us back to their car...

Well, she was right about 1 thing, there was no time for questions!  Pip and I were chased by an angry mob before we were able to jump onto the truck and drive away!  Good thing there was a built in cooler on this truck!  They dropped me off at home, and off they went for their next adventure!
We did manage to get in a nice little picture of us
on the frozen Lake George!
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you guys had fun!


  1. Oh my, where to begin ...boat ride, para-sail, BREWSKI BAY!!!!!! How about you two hike up to Cheeto Mountain and bring me home a doggie bag?? I'll just stay here in Brewski Bay. Soaking in this beer is doing wonders for my arthritis

    What do you mean you have been waiting to reach Cheetos Mountain your whole life ...whose bucket list is this anyway, Puddles??? Oh, alright ...let's go.

    1. Hehehehe...sorry Pip...sometimes my mind wonders off on it's own.


  2. Put one paw in front of the other ...chomp, chomp, chomp ...all mountains should be like this.

    What do you mean we weren't supposed to eat the Cheetos?


    OMD, where did all this snow come from?? It's like I am back home in Chicago except there are mountains and pretty things and the snow is white instead of dirt black.

    Quick, grab those sleds and let's get out here!

  3. I bet you guys all had massive headaches in the morning...oh wait I forgot ...we dogs don't get hangovers. Drink on we say, munch on and let the adventure continue. Great job on showing them around Corbin

  4. Lake George? We LOVE Lake George! Well at least Mommy and Daddy do. What a fantastic trip Pip and Puddles had. Corbin, you're an excellent host!

    We started laughing so hard when we saw Puddles singing karaoke. We were both wagging our tails and shaking our little butt's to the song.

    Next time we're up that way, we gotta find Cheeto Mountain!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. Wow, that was one exciting visit,especially with all that beer and cheetos. We love the horse jumping all the jumps. Hope you hung on Puddles. Glad you are having such a good time Pip.

  6. Corbin,

    What a great day all of you had! I am sure dat Pip and Puddles LOVED Lake George! We can't wait to show dem more of upstate NY on Saturday!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  7. Man, oh man! That was an awesome visit! I'm worn out just reading about it. I think you showed Pip & Puddles a time they will never forget.

  8. You's a sooooper host, Corbin! You made sure dat P&P were well stocked wit Cheetos and beer and dat's what counts da most! Hopes ya'll don't get in too much trouble fur all da 'borrowed" stuff. :)

  9. Puddles learnrned those rodeo skills on our visit to Texas.

    Burgers and beer, burgers and beer, I want burgers and beer

    1. "learnrned"...sure sign you has been around me too long


    2. Bawwhahahaha ...chomp, chomp,chomp....bawahahsaa

  10. What a heart stopping GREAT adventure you took Pip and Puddles on!!! On dog I want to come play with you. Is there any beer left where you live? I would guess not. I am sure they had the time of their life.

  11. WOW. What an adventure. You sure showed them a fan-bloody-tastic time, mate. Leave it to Puddles. That girl never listens...especially if there's beer or Cheetos involved. But it's a-wonder any of you could move after all that food!

    We are still chuckling about the horses.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Bwhahahahahaha...Okays, I has no idea wheres to even starts, but I will when I stops laughin'.

    Okays, I has collected myself nows. Ummmmm, I wonders how much it will cost to build a cute little cabin at Brewski Bay or Cheeto Mountain? And I was SOOOOOO happy to sees they has da umbrellas dat I likes so much.


  13. Hehehehehe, okays why is Pip's eyeballs always covered up on da jet ski AND da snow mobile. He should be used to kerazy drivin' by nows.


  14. That adventure was too much fun! I hope Pip and Puddles have a day to rest after all that.


  15. We don't even know WHAT to say after seeing the ORANGE tongue.

    WOW what an ACTION PACKED FOOD FILLED FURS RAISING TIME! Lake George will NEVER be the Same.

  16. Corbin mom and I are speechless....and that rarely happens!
    OMDs you planned a most wonderful and exciting adventure for the two vertically challenged P's!
    Good decision not letting Puddles drive. My mom's mouth is watering after seeing Mount Cheeto.....My favorite event was the snow boarding...
    Lots of hugs and thanks for the fun
    Madi and Mom

  17. OMD! Para-sailing and jet skiing and snow mobiling and EVERYTHING! Wow, you didn't leave ANYTHING out of your visit, Corbin! How exciting. I think I need to visit you next. I PAWMISE I have enough self-control to make it all the way up Mount Cheeto before chowing down.

  18. Oh Good Grief!! You must be exhausted, Corbin! she's a handful isn't she?!?

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

    How bouts some MC HAMMER now....woooohooooooo!

    MC Puddles

  20. Hey buddy - just remember,I have the beer! Always! Bawhahahahahahahhaaa!

    Your pal, Pip

  21. Cowbin
    I felt like I was wight thewe on yoow fabooloos adventoowe you did such a gweat job descwibing it. i coold tell that this was cewtainly one of the bestest times Pip and Puddles had..boating, sledding, howsebackwiding, nevew ending beew, cheeto mountain and walking doesn't get any bettew than this
    smoochie kisses

  22. Corbin , we think you are the best host ever!! Wowsers! We would love to climb up Cheetos mountain and have a dip in Brewski Bay! And the jet skis and boats and horse back riding and every crazy fun thing!! We know Pip and Puddles will remember this great visit for a long time. You are a good and kind friend!

    the critters in the cottage xo
    P.S. We will all be visiting you this summer :p

  23. It isn't a visit from Pip and Puddles unless an angry mob is involved. :)

    Great post! Loved the pictures!


  24. You were very brave to take those two to Cheeto mountain, I am glad it worked out eventually, but that must have been scary. What a day you all had. You are an amazing host and I am glad to see that your back must have been feeling pretty good for you to let Pip ride you.

    You must be exhausted.

    Loveys Sasha