Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wordless Thursday??? Sure!

That's my family!  We were at bark at the park... if you didn't read my post from Tuesday, you should because it was SOOO much fun.  And I was famous and on the ball player's field! hehehehe

Oops, that wasn't wordless...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bark at the Park 2011!

So, last night was Bark at the Bark for the Valley Cats, our local minor league baseball team!  This year, Mom and Heather set up a table for Homeward Bound and I got to go on the field!!!!
Are we there yet, Heather?
Hello, I'm Corbin, CGC, Rescue dog. Would you like some water?
How about information on adoption? Free pen?  Dog cookie?
Smooch from me or Emmett??? hehehehe
What?  They want ME to go out on the field
to show off my tricks?! SWEET!
Did you hear that Miss. Rachel??? I'm going out on the field!
Rachel: Ok, Corbin!  Let's practice!  Give me High Five!
Corbin:  Real professionals don't need practice.
Oh geez... look at all these people.  I should have practiced.
I got to talk into the microphone when I was asked if I was ready!
What, Mom?  Did you say something?
Five what?  Look at all these people!
Hi, I'm Corbin everyone!
Hey, look at that dog!
What, Mom???  Are you still talking?
Hehe, so whatcha think???  Do you think I did the high five????  Or do you think I completely blew Mom off?  Maybe I'll tell ya later in the week ;-)
Holy Crap!  That dog can FLY!
Hey, throw me the ball!
Why are we leaving the field?  Did I win???
I didn't win... I lost to the white flying through hulahoops dog.  I'll have to learn some new awesome tricks for next year!  Ah well, the night goes on!
Levi came too!
Hey buddy, how about a beer?
Random lady took our picture with the extremely large cat.
She cut the cat's head of... BOL!
That's me and mom and Heather and Emmett!
There were CLOWNS too!
Frankie???? Is that YOU?!?!?!?!
Emmett and Rachel manning the booth!
Emmett... that's my dad.
As the night was winding down...
I saw something fly past me out of the corner of my eye...
Wait a minute... is that a mini red headed greyhound?!
But, where's your laundry basket?
Didn't even stop to say hi....
Most commen statements all night:
"How HANDSOME!"  Yes, yes we are.
"Are they brothers?"  Brothas from anotha motha!
"Can we adopt them?" Well, mom did hold out on dinner... maybe! Whatcha got to offer me???
"So well behaved!" Unless you ask for a high five.
Time for a nap after all that excitment!
Later dudesssssssss!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walkin' in the park... News on Oreo

So, the plan was to meet up with my furiends at the Crossings on Tuesday to go for a fun walkie!  I haven't seen my furiends in a while, so I was pretty excited!  But, because of some meanie foofoo dog at daycare, Maggie had to go to the VETS to get her ear fixed.  :-(  We sure did miss Maggie, but the walk must go on because Mom's getting chubby.
Oreo got to come too!  Levi's Auntie Jen Jen said she'd walk her
if we got out of control, BOL!  Us?  Please...
Ok, Oreo... look for Emmett and Levi.
Ya see 'em?????
Found them!!!!  Oreo, this is Levi!
Our furiend Charlie joined us too!  He's another
Homeward Bound foster failure ;-)
No pictures of the actually walkie... Mom said she had to concentrate on me because I had to go back into training because we had gotten a little lax... whatever THAT means.  Come on, mom... you know I'm awesome and need no training.

This is Oreo with half of Levi's Auntie Jen Jen.
Jen Jen was with Heather the day I was rescued from dying at the shelter.
So I love her lots and lots too :o)
Oh... was I supposed to be paying attention?
Emmett... stop ruining the shot!
Oops... I forgot to look at the camera, mom.
Mom, I don't think this is going to work today.
Why didn't you bring treats?  Silly mom...
Charlie is really good at this... but I think this is
the best shot you're getting!
Ok, mom... it's play time.
Then it was time to go...
Bye Charlie!
Let's see each other soon, Levi!
Emmett got to come back to my house afterwards...
Because Mom and Heather had to take Oreo
on a home visit.
Oreo went to a big pet adoption clinic called Petapalooza on Saturday.  She was the star of the show and a lot of people were interested in her.  Mom really liked a family of  mom and daughter.  So, after the rescue checked all of their information, Mom decided a home visit would be best for Oreo.  Well, I think Oreo really loved these people.  She was so well behaved and the little girl, who is 10, was walking Oreo up and down the street.  Oreo seemed so comfortable there and even curled up and took a nap.  Oreo stayed there Tuesday night and things have been going great so far... I don't want to jinx anything, but I think Oreo may have found her furever home :o)
I sure will miss her, but I know this family loves her a whole lot.  And if things don't work out, Oreo always has a place next to me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I had so much fun eating wallymellons and tube steaks, I thought I'd share all the photos that didn't make the cut for the picnic in the bark!

Really, Mom?  I can have this??
I can't really figure out how to eat this...
Here, Oreo... help me out!
I've got my serious "I'm eating something yummy that I don't get all the time" face on!
Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom
Okay, enough of this... I'm going to go finish this job.
Wait, there's hotdogs?!
Why'd you put all this water in there?
Come on, Oreo... help me drink all this water so we can get to the hotdogs.
I'm not even thirsty.... but I want those hotdogs!
Almost there!
I did get to eat some of the hot dogs... and I did share with Oreo!  But mom had to take the bowl away from us because we were drinking all of the water and she didn't want us getting a tummy ache.  What?  You really expected me to stick my snout in there to grab a hotdog?!  And get hotdog water all over my nose?  Please... a Dude has to have some standards, right?