Monday, June 6, 2011

A Curse on Blogville Barkdays???

So, I had all intentions on having huge birthday celebration this weekend... However... my pooper went CRAZY!!!!!!!  Now, this just happened last week to my dear friend Frankie on his birthday TOO!  I was very pleased with my chicken and rice breakfasts and dinners and mom said we will have a birthday "redo" because I stayed home all weekend.  It was still a great weekend!!!  BUT, I'm concerned that there's a blogville curse going on....

So want to know the birthday present I DID receive?!
My eyes are closed mom..... what's my surprise???
OREO's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now... I know this isn't exactly "good" news...  Oreo's second adoptive home didn't work out.  She barked and chased rabbits out of their yard.  So they don't want her.  It's totally cool with me!  I love having her back!!!
That's what Oreo has to say about STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!
So Mom... whatcha say?  Can we keep her?
I think she likes it here...
Later Dudes!

A note from my mom:  Yes, Oreo's back and I feel awful.  The relief on her face when she saw me across the parking lot on Saturday was heartbreaking.  She came back to our house and slept for the entire day.  She was very happy to be in our home and Corbin was very excited to see her again.  We have discussed the option of keeping her, but having two dogs just isn't in our budget... and if we were to keep her, we wouldn't have the room to continue fostering.  I feel heartless and unbelievably upset about what this poor girl has gone through.  She really is a perfect dog and we enjoy having her at our home!  No doubt, the next family interested in adopting her will have to jump threw hoops of fire because I refuse to let her go through another adjustment just to come back.  Third time's a charm??? I sure hope so...


  1. Poor Oreo! She does look perfect next to Corbin, but we certainly understand the $$ involved in an additional dog.

    Three times is the charm!

    Happy birthday, a little late, Corbin!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Since when be barking and chasing wabbits a capital offense? I mean, my mom duss not allow it and she get out the *shudder* PENNY CAN if'n we woof fur no good reason or chase critters but she dussn't gib us back! But sounds like it just wozn't a good situashun fur Oreo all around. The Stoopids knows no bounds. I is heabing a sigh of releef that I made it past my barkday afore the curse hit. I hope it duss not apply to gotcha days coz that be coming up next month. Then again, a little chickun and rice nefur hurt anybuddy! *Drool* Hope you be feeling better, Corbin!

  3. I wish she could stay with you....seems like she is very happy with you....

  4. That is just so sad about Oreo. But be patient, the right home will come along and for now she is safe and happy with you. Corbin, we are sorry about your poopshooter - but better to get well again and then celebrate the birthday.

    Have a good week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Awww.. i am sorry to say this.. but i think Oreo's stuck with you. I sure hope she gets to stay... i am sure she will be wonderful.

    Poor Oreo must have gone through lotta hell with family no 2 to run gladly to you and sleeping soundly after that when she's back with you.

    Corbin could use a buddy in the house.. hehe.. am i making any headways yet about you keeping Oreo forever? hehehe

  6. Oh no! Hope everything is better.....poor Oreo, you better keep her
    Benny & Lily

  7. I have no doubt that you will find a good home for Oreo! and right now she is safe and sound!

  8. Maybe we can have a playdate and Oreo can freely chase the bunnies out of my yard!
    She is in good hands till the right home comes along!!

  9. I say we put it to a vote - all those that think you should keep Oreo - paws up!!! Here are four to begin with.

  10. Poor Oreo. I wonder what these people expect from a dog. Of course a dog will back and chase rabbits, (and squirrels and birds, etc.). At least she is back with you for the time being where she is safe and can be a normal dog. There has got to be a great family out there for her.

    Corbin - I hope you feel better and get to celebrate your b-day soon.

  11. Those adoptive people don't sound like they want a dog! We happen to bark & chase things, ugh!

    Sorry about your pooper. Can't wait to help you celbrate at your re-do party.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Poor sweet Oreo, she sure looks happy to be back!

  13. HEY OREO... you pulled it off.. again!!! Good fur you. You stick to this plan that you and Corbin have cookered up.. and I know it will totally WORK.
    CORBIN... YOUR poopshooter went wild too??? What IS this with our birfdays and poopshooters. I hope yours is all better speedy quick!! BUTT you know What Roo said to me??? Make a TARGET and use it fur a GAME. BaaaaWaaaah.
    HAPPY BIRFDAY CORBIN BUDDY!!! I can't wait fur your pawty!!!

  14. I was just going to ask if you were going to keep Oreo. I hope she finds a furever home soon that she loves just as much as she loves your house.

    Sorry your pooper shooter was having problems. Hopefully it won't hit my boys when their birthdays come up in September.

  15. How silly! If uncle Fred still had his wits he would be chasing all the rabbits in our yard. As it is the moos Hannibal barks and cries at the bunnies and deer and even squirrels from the 2nd floor deck and there's no hope of us getting rid of him...

    Hope your pooper gets better!

    Sugar the Who

  16. Yup, try once more. Our Karma was a two time loser also and she is worth her weight in gold. Just the sweetest kitty. If the third time rule doesn't pan out I'd say keep her. Maybe we could set up a paypal fund for you?

  17. Oh, Corbin! Enjoy that chicken and rice, dude. Been there, done that! We're kinda partial to Miss Oreo, and you sure look cute together. What about that paypal idea?? We'd be in. Stoopid knows no bounds!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  18. Woof! Woof! Oh! No ... I say us dogs can always celebrate our birthday everyday. Glad to see Oreo again ... for you are happy too Corbin. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. Uh Oh, Aren't you supposed to bark and keep rabbits out of the garden?

    Maybe the perfect family will show up soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  20. Hi Corbin, hope you are feeling better dude! My bday is Wednesday, so the blogville curse better stay away from me!

    Poor Oreo, didn't those people know that dogs bark? Well, at least she gets to spend time with you and your fam! Don't worry her furever home will come along.


  21. The family dog isn't allowed to bark and chase bunnies? huh?
    The perfect family is out there for you, Oreo! You have to be patient awhile longer. In the meantime, you have Corbin!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. We'll be hoping that the third time is the charm! I just know that Oreo's perfect home is out there. And I'm really sorry that you were sick for your birthday, Corbin! That's rough!


  23. I hope Oreo finds a good home close to you so that you can visit her.


  24. We definitely understand why you can't keep her, but we hope her last home is her true forever home. In the meantime, we love how pretty she is!

  25. Sorry you were sick on your birthday! It happens to the best of us sometimes ...

    Poor Oreo. Don't worry she will find the perfect home soon!

    Your pal, Pip

  26. What a great barkday peresent.:) We hope you're feeling better, Corbin.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  27. Poor Oreo, I hope she finds her forever home as soon as possible. She's a sweetie and looks good with you, I do hope she can stay with you but $$ always gets in the way.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Corbin! Those chicken soup and rice sound good and nutritious.

  28. hey there -- i know this is hard, and i know it can feel tempting to keep oreo, but the right home is out there. every time an adoption fails, you learn something new about how to pick the right match. next time, it'll be perfect. it's so great that oreo has a safe and happy place to call home until his perfect family comes along, but they will. we are dealing with a challenging foster right now, and lots of friends have been encouraging us by reminding me that many people enjoy a challenge and aren't put off by having to work with their dog to achieve the perfect behavior they're after.
    hang in there, you're doing great!

  29. Those silly people who adopt a dog and then get mad because it chases rabbits?! OMG, don't they know dogs chase things? Ridic. I'm over here snorting. I hope that oreo finds that perfect home.
    And sorry you got sick Corbin!


    Minnie Moo

  30. I hope third time is a charm for Oreo... poor pup!

    Oh, and happy belated birthday!

  31. Oh Oreo, that's no good. Barking and chasing is what we dogs do best. What kind of silly people....paws crossed for you, Oreo.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  32. Gosh I wish Oreo could live wif you..We just think you make the best looking couple (not in the romantical way, gross). It makes us sad that she got the shaft again, but better to be given back than mistreated for sures. We love Oreo!

    Kitty and Coco