Friday, September 28, 2012

Foster Foster Friday!

Since it's the last Friday of September, I have a super special Foster Friday post, that's why it's called Foster Foster Friday!  Lots of pictures and a special photo at the bottom!  Get comfy!
As promised earlier in the week, here are some pictures to show you how big Snickers has gotten!
Told ya the kid got big!
She does love her Corbin.
I taught her laydown.
I think she's learned the command "look cute."
She wants to be just like the Corbin.
And has no problem getting comfy on the couch.
This is how she likes to watch TV.
Or, on top of dad.
She'll make a good kid for anyone!
Allergy people: Need Not Apply!
She's been a lot of fun to have around!
Now that we covered Snickers... I have a big surprise for you!  For those of you who have been following my blog.... one of my former foster sisters is visiting for a vacation!
Do you remember this beautiful girl?
Here's a hint, she was with me for the whole month of December 2011!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, Mango...

Today is a sad day for all in Blogville.  I'd say, if you didn't know the Mango, you should read up on his wonderful life, but I can't think of a single blog furiend that didn't know him.  When I got on the computer this morning and saw this hugely sad news, I couldn't believe my eyes. 
Mango, dude... you will be remembered for many things, but your huge heart will most definitely shine through all of my memories of you.  Your unbelievable support during my ouchie time earlier this year, all the laughter and your generosity during the Mango Minister, our awesome double date last year... all things that I will look back on and smile.  I will always think of you when my lip stick pops out -as awkward as that may sound.
I know you were greeted by some amazing blogville furiends on the other side of the bridge.  I hope you run free of pain and dance into the night with all the lovely ladies.  Blogville will be left with a relentlessly huge hole.  My thoughts go out to your momma, the master and the pea.  I know they will be grieving terribly during this time.
You will be forever remembered, Mango. 
Thank you for the years of laughter, joy and friendship. 
I hope you enjoyed your ride here on earth. 

The Momma's Trip of Betrayal

Like I said yesterday, I knew something was up when the momma packed her bag.  Then, the dad packed his bag.  Then, the momma packed my bag to go to Heather's.  Now, don't get me wrong, I was super excited to spend some time snuggling with Heather and playing with Emmett! But, wtf?

Then, I saw the picture on Heather's phone of the momma AND the dad at the GIANTS game!  WITH NO CORBIN!
Doncha know, they flew all the way to the Carolina's to see the Giants play...?
Stupid momma, doesn't she know the Giants play a few car ride hours from us?!
Why couldn't the Corbin come?
I quickly got over the Giants game betrayal, the Giants did win and all, and I enjoyed the rest of my time with Heather and Emmett, and even Jules, Heather's Italian Greyhound foster pup.  Ya know, Jules and I are long lost cousins according to my DNA test.

I was super excited when the momma and the dad returned home late Saturday night.  It was a fun vacation for me, but I knew they'd let me snuggle in bed because they'd feel bad about abandoning me. 

That's when I smelt it.  The smell of stale Beer, empty bag of Cheetos and spilt Kool Aid.  Then I saw it... the evidence on the momma's camera.
There must be some mix up....
There has to be some confusion...
The momma would never visit Puddles and leave me home.

But there it was.... there was no hiding it. The momma committed the most horrifying act of betrayal.
That there, is Puddles.  In the flesh and furs.
And the momma is all smooching on her.
The momma even got to witness Puddles and Albert digging.
The Corbin could have learned some important digging information...
And, the momma got to meet the beautiful Whitney too.
Not the Corbin though.  No meet and greets for the Corbin.
Oh my, I can't even bare to share any more with you!
Saddest day in the life of the Corbin.
But, it did get worse...
The dad was in on it too!!!!!!!!
This is all just horrible.  I don't know how I will get past this, but I DO know that the momma better start with lots of extra treats and frozen KONGS and bully sticks.  Yep.  That's where the startin' needs to be.
Can you believe she would do such a thing to the Corbin?
And, allllllll this time you thought she was a nice Corbin Momma.
I would like to thank the Puddles family for taking good care of the momma and dad and making sure they got to the airport okay so they could come home to see me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"No Good Momma Doings" Investigation Details

So, last week I started noticing something was up.  Then, Wednesday it started.  The momma's travel bag came out.  Now... where on earth could the momma be going?
Let's see here....
When the momma was busy, I took the opportunity to look through her bag.
Do you know what I found?
Cheeto's, Kool Aid & Beer?
 What could this possibly mean?
Tune in tomorrow to find out exactly what the momma was up to!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ah, Snickers....

Snickers came back to me last night.  Her new peoples ended up being allergic to her.  We won't go into too many details, but the momma was pretty beat up over it last night.  Returns are hard.  As always though, we're thankful for Snickers to come back to us.  The adopters are bound by contract to return our dogs, they're not allowed to rehome them or bring them to a shelter.  And, we'd much rather have our fosters returned to us than to live a life where they're not wanted.  Snicky Nicky will find a perfect home, and until then... BOY is she fun to play with!

She sure did get big though!  I can't wait to share some new pictures with you, but the momma has misplaced her camera connecty thingy.  Here's an old one, incase you forgot what she looked like, BOL!

Tomorrow I will update you all about the "No Good Momma Doings" investigation!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pip a Dee Doo Dah...

Pip a Dee Day!
Hope you don't mind, Pip, I stole some pictures from your blog.
Today is a day to celebrate my dear friend and fellow rescue pooch, Pip!  Don't know him? Shame on you! Click on his name to check out his blog!
Blogville is throwing a Surprise Party for Pip today! 
(I sure do hope I have the right day!)
I whipped up a most drool worthy snack to bring with me...
There are 15 candles up there to celebrate Pip's birthday that was last week!  What?  You don't count 15?
Well, duh... there's one for good luck and best wishes for another wonderful year!  So, I guess I should have said there are 16 candles.
And, I brought some ice cream...
Oh, was I supposed to share?
So, enjoy your Cheeto treats and raise your glasses for a toast!
Pips, my dude... you've been an amazing friend and I've enjoyed following you on all of your crazy adventures! You've been a wonderful shoulder for support whenever I've needed it and I appreciate your friendship more than Cheeto's and Beer!

I wish you the best of health and happiness in this coming year, and every year after that! 
Cheers to Pip!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Somethin' smells...

Yep, somethin' smells cheesey. 
I think the momma is up to something...
Something no good.
I must investigate.
I'll report my findings next week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Channeling my inner camel.

It's raining.  No way am I going outside.
Just call me Corbin the Camel.
Ma, back off before I spit!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Snickers: Adopted

Good luck, kid! 
The house sure is quiet without your huge feet clomping around!
But, I know you'll bring so much joy and laughter to your new family!
Foster free for a week... what to do with myself?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Foster Friday?

First off, want to thank everyone for their comments on the post the momma did yesterday.  All of your imput, thoughts, experiences and encouragement were extremely appreciated.  Your opinions help us gain perspective and understanding and we thank you for providing it to us!  If you missed yesterdays post, please check it out here and leave your thoughs :-)

Second off... today is Friday, so normally, while we have a foster dog in the house, it's a day where I give my blog to them. 

Snickers.... would you like the blog today to introduce yourself and let the world know all about you?
Snickers: "Nope, I'm pretty content right here, Corbin, thanks."
Well, I guess it's up to ME then, to tell you a little about our Snicker Nickers.  As you can see in the above photo, she is MOST modest...
Clearly, she's related to the Mango somehow.

She she's super silly and likes to stick her tongue out...

She's a goon.
Something I said?
Do I look tasty?
You're doing it wrong...
Moments before a lick on the mouth.
She's also a roller....
Rollin' rollin' rollin'... keep that Snicker's rollin'
This Corbin face is titled "Not impressed with the kid's rolling."
She's also just plain super cute... I have to admit.
Tired of her tongue and body rolling.
And, I also must admit... I really don't mind having her hang around for a bit! 
Hey kid,  you're Alllllllll Right.
But, I do hope she finds her forever home this weekend!