Friday, June 29, 2012

Health Update!

Are you near some wood?  Because, you'll need to knock on it in about 87 seconds.

I, Corbin Monkey W, have been ouchie free for 6 (SIX) weeks!


Now, of course, I couldn't go see Dr. Mike for a check up without having some sort of new issue.  Well, some of you who have read my blog for a while might remember how I used to wag my tail super fast and super hard and spilt it open... well, my Happy Tail is back.

Woah! Is that a murder scene?!  Nope, just Corbee's happy tail.

I mean, sometimes when I do it real good and I'm still waggin, I can get blood on the ceiling!  Yep, the momma sure loves cleaning it when it gets up there.  It goes on the table, the windows, the counter, cabinets, fridge... everywhere.  Heather even found some on the inside of her cup last weekend! BOL!  Drink my blood, lady.

Ut oh... you don't think Dr. Mike is going to take my tail, do you?

Well, Dr. Mike came in and gave me a good, long look.  He said I'm looking good, overall!  Then, he checked out my happy tail and said "Well, at least he's happy again!"  Truth, Dr. Mike. Truth.  I AM super happy again!  So, he called to one of his tech ladies to get some stuff to wrap my tail up.  When she came in she ask Dr. Mike if he needed help, and ya know what he said?  Now, keep in mind, Dr. Mike is a little afraid of pit bulls... but he said "Nope, this is the only pit bull in the whole wide world that I'm not afraid of."  Yep, that's me!

I'm a lover.

So, Dr. Mike wrapped my tail up real good and I barely even knew there was a wrap on it!  Hopefully this will give it time to heal up good so it'll stop splitting open every time I hit it.

Do you see it?  That white spot at the end of my tail, that's my new wrap.
Which, I took off this morning, but it lasted for a whole 12 hours rather than 12 seconds!

All and all, it was a great vet visit!  We decreased my prednisone again, so now I'm only on 5mg, twice a day!  And as long as my ouchies stay away, in 3 more weeks I'll go down to 5mg ONCE a day!  Then, in 3 more weeks, 5mg every other day!  And then, 3 weeks after that, I might be able to stop completely, and as soon as I'm off of the prednisone for 3 weeks, we'll do another ultrasound on my heart to make sure that's working okay, then we can start weaning my heart medications!
It'll be a long process, but hopefully by the end of the year, I'll be off of all of my medications and even though we never figured out what was causing my ouchies, hopefully we'll never have to!

The best part of my great vet visit?  The momma stopped and got me a cheeseyburger on the way home!
One cheeseyburger, hold the onions.

Mom, I hear you saying I only get a few bites.... wtf.
I'll fix that.......

What cheeseyburger?

Hope everyone stays cool this weekend! Supposed to be in the upper 90s here, so I'll be inside maxin' & relaxin' in my AC.

**Momma note:  Corbin doesn't usually get cheeseburgers, especially after his scare with pancreatitis... so when he's really super well behaved, he gets a few bites... when I turned my back for .5 seconds to answer Adam's question about why he doesn't get onions, BAM.  No trace of the cheeseburger.  Looks like we'll be working on that "leave it" command.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prizes from Pitty Post Day!

So, we're a little behind in this.... but we had two prizes up for grabs for all who participated and all who shared the word about Blogville's first ever Pitty Post Day!  The day was insanely successful and I can't thank everyone enough for all the work they did to post about Pitties on my birthday!

So, I'm going to shut my trap and let you know the winners!  We used to help us pick our winners.

The winner out of all the 78 people that participated issssssssssssssssssssssss....


Now, the fact that Mayzie's number came up in the random number picky computer machine thingy makes me all sorts of happy.  Not only is Mayzie one of my super good friend, but she also lives in Colorado near all those nasty wild fires... so Mayzie, I hope you don't mind, but instead of sending you a prize, I'm going to make a $20 donation to one of the rescues helping with misplaced pets during this difficult time.  Please let me know which organization you'd like the donation in your name to go to.

And now, the winner out of all of the 14 friends who helped spread the word so that the most amount of people participated issssssssssssssssssss..........


Wahoo!  I'm so excited to have so many wonderful friends!  I tried real hard for mom to let me send a prize to each and every one of you, but she said we're only rich in puppy love, not green papers.  Oh well.  Noodles, I'll be sending you an email!

So, a super huge THANK YOU for everyone who helped spread the word about doggies like me.  I'm still reading posts and comments because it warms my heart so much!  It was surely the best birthday this pitty boy could have ever asked for!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eva: Adopted

My beautiful Eva found her perfect forever home this Saturday.

She's livin' large with her new mom and her new lab mix sister.  Eva will be enjoying her days lounging on the couch and going for hikes with her new family!

We'll miss you, Eva!  Enjoy your new wonderful life!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Foster Friday: Eva

Are you furries in 'dere?  Corbee done said 'dere are furry furiends in hurr...  I guess I jus take him's word.
Howdy, y'all!  I'm Eva, da Corbee's fosta sissy.  He said I can do da bloggie'n for Fosta Friday 'cause I'm da only fosta now...  He said it ain't been fair when 'dere was two of us hurr, but now that da Brutey has a new homie, I'm on da bloggie!  Yahooooo!
Me, Eva!
Thangs have been a lil confusin' for me dees past few weeks.  Ya see... I lived in da North Carolineea's wit my families fur some years.  'Dere were da mom's, and da pop's and da two kiddiers.  But somefin done happened and I jumped inta a truck with my brudder and up here we came, to the NY Apple.  But, I hasn't seen none of dem apples. 
Note to self: Must find dem apples.
Den I met da fosta lady momma person, den I got in HER cars, den I met Brown Dog (Da Corbee's) and Blue Dog (Da Brutey's).  They was all cool and we played and had some funnies.  Den anutter brown doggie cames over (Da Emmee's), and HE was also super fun.  But, den he left a few days later.  Den it was just me and Corbee's and Brutey's.  DEN!  A few days after Emmee left, BRUTEY left! 
What. Da. Heck.

So, da Corbee sitted me down for a chitter chat.  Him's told me dat dis was my fosta home and dat I not stay hurr furevers.  Dat he was my furiend to help me figure out who my new family should be since my old fam-ers had to say buh bye.  I was a lil sad 'cause I do like it hurr, but him's said I'd like my NEW furever home even more den I like it hurr.
Hmmm... now what does I want.
Now dat I'm equipt with da knowledges fur my new family, I'm on da look out.  Hurr's what I do be lookin' for:
1. Couch
2. Snuggler
3. Comfy dog bed
4. Couch
5. Kids, okay
6. Snuggles
7. Kitties, okay
8. Couch
9. Someone to admire my purdy furs, cuz I be beautiful.
10. Someone for snuggles

Corbee said my list be near purrfect.   He says I also want a yard -dat would be nice, but I not big time Olympic runner, I do my stuff and back in da housie I go.  I don't need no yard.

Corbee said I should ask fur a boat too.  A what?  No, Corbee.  I don't need no boats.  I don't even know what dat is.

Corbee said I also need to ask fur toys and bones and treats and breakfast and dinna.  Well, duh.  Ain't dis implied?
Ok, Corbee... shush up, dis my time on da bloggie.  SHUSH.
Corbee: "I'm just trying to HELP Eva. Geez."
Well, actually... I think I'm all done with my bloggie postie.  I'm gonna go get da snuggles from da fosta lady momma person!
She has super comfy lappy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brutus: Adopted

Hey y'all! Brutus here. 
Corbin let me borrow his bowtie from Sirius Republic!
Don't I look dapper?

Great news! I've found my forever home!  I'm living on this totally huge farm with horses and chickens and cats and even another dog for me to romp with!  The chickens are a little scary, but hopefully we can be totally awesome friends soon.  I'm a little farther away than my foster momma would like... actually, I'm pretty sure she was going to be totally sad with any location that didn't involve her lap!  She got a little sad when I went to leave with my new family, I even saw her cry a little.

It's okay, foster momma...
I'm going to go out and live this wonderful life that I wouldn't have had the chance to live if it weren't for you. 
Don't cry... I love you just as much for giving me this life.
Thank you, foster momma.

Later, y'all!
Brutey, out.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teaching Thursday: Corbin vs Emmett

So, a lot of my friends have a hard time telling me and Emmett apart.... don't feel bad, sometimes the momma and Heather can't tell us apart!  Especially if we don't have our collars on.  They usually just say "Corbette!" and they figure it covers all bases.  Whatever, we respond and make them happy.

So, I made up a little cheat sheet to show you how you can tell us apart!
And, I'm taller than Emmett.

Whatcha think?  Helpful?

Honestly, there are a few pictures where the white spots on my feetsies have saved the momma from calling me Emmett! BOL!  We're totally brothers from another motha.

Now, can you figure out which one is me and which one is Emmett?  I'll give you a hint... our friend Floyd has the black nose ;-) BOL!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pitty Post Day Review

Holy Sweet Potatoes!  Doncha know, we had 73 Pitty Posts last Monday!  What a great day it was to see all of those positive posts.  And the wonderful comments that were left also!  I must have read 87,000 positive things about Pit Bulls last week, and I couldn't be happier!  I made a list here of every blog that did a post, please check it over and make sure you're listed!
So, I'd like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from the bottom of my Pit Bull heart.  I do hope that all of these posts got around to people who were previously unsure about pitties.  Hopefully they will meet one, love one, adopt one, who knows!  But, my real hope, is that will learn, educate and understand what great dogs Pit Bulls are and spread the word on.  My heart is so full and warm with all of the greatness of this place called Blogville.  I'm super glad to be a part of it!
Thanks again!  We'll be announcing the winners of the two prizes Friday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthday Fun

The momma and I are still absolutely astonished at all the Pitty Posts!  We planned on doing a recap today to include links to all of the blogs that participated, but it seems we keep stumbling across new ones!  So, we're going to spend this weekend making sure we have a link for everyone who joined in!  We've read all of them two or three times, and read every single comment for every post!  It's been so amazing to see all of the pitty love and we're so thankful for each and every one of you.

Now, aside from reading everyone's Pitty Posts, I'm sure you're wondering what I did for my special day?  Well, the momma and daddy-o took me and my foster siblings to get some ice cream!!!
I like my ice cream in a cone.

Eva enjoyed hers in a bowl, and boy, did she lick that up quick!

This may have been the first time Brutus has ever tasted ice cream... he savored every lick!

The momma was afraid Brutus might get a tummy ache if he's never had ice cream before, so he shared his second half with me.  Ya know, I'm the birthday dude, I get extra ice creams.

We think we made a good impression on the other humans getting ice cream.  But no one came over to pet us.  One lady had a Corgi/JRT mix who was going bonkers.  Me and my foster sibs just chilled, sitting all well behaved and the lady told her dog that he should behave more like us! BOL!  Yep, we're good kids.

He even gives me smoochies.... which is ok, I guess, in a brotherly sense.
Why does everyone like smooching me?

Also, I had my biweekly appt with Dr. Mike last night!  And... guess what?!  Wednesday marked week 3 of being yelp free, so Dr. Mike said it was A-OK to decrease my prednisone a little more!  AND, I don't have to go back to see him for another THREE weeks!  How cool is that?  Unless of course, something comes up.  And we did find a booboo on my toe that we have to keep an eye on.  BOL! Of course we found another issue.  What would a vet visit be without an issue?
Checkmark in the Handsome department.

Dr. Mike also put me on some Omega-3 fishy oils.  I get them in my breakfast and dinner to help my skin since it's gotten super dry and my furs have started thinning out -which is cool for summer, but I don't have lots of furs to begin with, so I'd be chilly in the winter time!  He said once we're done with my medications, my furs should return to normal, but in the meantime, the Omega-3 fishies will help.  Yum!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Wish my foster kids luck at their adoption event tomorrow!  And, Emmett will be coming over to play this weekend too!  Catch ya on Monday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nappin' Thursday

This has been such an amazing week.  I'm so thrilled with everyone who joining in to celebrate my birthday with their very own Pitty Post and all of those who left such great, encouraging comments!  We'll have a recap tomorrow... but for now, I need to snooze and let all of this excitement sink in!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pitty Post Day #3: A post for Minnie

I know there are some pittie lovers out there without blogs, and I didn't want to exclude them from our Pitty Post Day, so I invited them to send me an email that I would include on my blog.  Well, I meant to post this on Monday, but I got carried away with all of the posts that everyone had!  So, I'm posting it today.  Please enjoy this heart warming story from my friend Minnie, the Pit Bull!

Minnie here, and I am proud to be a pit bull type dog! Many of my 2 legged friends and family had never met a dog that had my sparkling almond eyes, wide smile and blush-pink nose before I made my way into their hearts! Mama says that’s the most rewarding part since adopting me.
In honor of Blogville's Pittie Post Day, I’d like to tell you about my best pal, Peepers. Peepers is less than a quarter Pittie, but some say we look like sisters and that’s fine by me! Peepers was adopted by my Grand-mom and Grand-pop last year from the Baltimore Humane Society. And would you believe she’d probably never seen another dog before? Or chased a squirrel? Or dove for a Frisbee? Or chomped at the fluffy moths that flutter along the patio light? I heard grand-pop say that's because Peepers is blind. 

Grand-pop asked me to help socialize Peepers and show her the ropes about all there is to know about being an obedient little lady. I happily obliged as I knew spoonfuls of peanut butter would be waiting as reward. First, I wanted to show her how to have off leash fun around the house. We did have to start sloooowly, so I laid down submissively so she could come and sniff and know I'd be gentle with her. Now we romp around like the best of ‘em! I try to make sure that Peeps doesn’t run into those rough trees and prickly bushes but sometimes she’s just too quick for me! Since I love food, next on the list was how to get treats with a basic ‘sit’ which she took to quickly. Between you and me, sometimes Grand-pop becomes a treat dispenser if you just give him the ol’ puppy eyes. But I didn’t tell her that ‘cause it my own secret. Next on the list was loose leash walking and general walking manners. My mama taught me to behave like the gem that I am out on our walks ‘cause some folks may be uncertain of my charming blocky head. I think that’s just plain silly! I told her it’s good for all dogs to know their manners outside, plain and simple.

Wouldn't you know?! It was pretty easy showing my blind pal Peeps the ropes! And would you believe that Peeps has also shown me a thing or two? We went swimming last year, and she couldn't even see the water but took to the pool like a fish! Mama says I cried when I saw the pool and only went in after I saw my dad splashing around. Also, Peepers shows me that sharing my bones and peanut butter ices can be a wonderful thing, which mama said I needed to work on anyway (nobodys perfect I guess)!

Happy Blogville Pittie post day everyone. Cheers to all of the wonderful canine companions out there and their loving, responsible owners!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pitty Post Day #2: Just a Foster Dog.

Wow... Our thank you post wasn't supposed to come until Thursday, but we simply can not let another second go by with out saying it. The words "Thank You" simply do not do justice for the amount of gratitude we have for everyone who participated in yesterday's Pitty Post Day. We have a few more entries popping up today and another one that Corbin will be posting for a friend tomorrow -the one we were supposed to post yesterday, but we spent all day reading everyone's amazing posts! We'll finish getting around to comment on everyone's posts today. We read them all (twice!). They are all amazing. Thank you so much to everyone. You really made yesterday a special day and hopefully got the word out to some people who might not have read a pitty blog! I'm in awe of all of you... 63 posts and COUNTING! -Love, Corbin & Jenn

Here's our scheduled post for today, "the momma's" Pitty Post Day post!

Corbin and I had quite the writers block last week trying to figure out what we were going to post about for yesterday's Blogville Pitty Post Day. We've talked about how he came to be our dog a couple of times on the blog, and we just did the post a few months ago that inspired the Pitty Post Day. Also, I knew Corbin would be featured on Deccy's blog with his rescue story and Pet Blogs United was featuring "You Call Me a Pit Bull Like it's a Bad Thing." So, something new and from scratch was needed. When I agreed to take in Eva and her brother, I had a feeling she'd be our foster dog, but I never like to write a foster dog post before we meet the dog, so if we were bloggin' about foster dogs, we'd have to wait until last minute to get our post ready. It was a good thing nothing else came to us and we were able to blog about Eva and Brutus/Oakley (seriously, I can not bring myself to call him anything other than Brutus). There aren't many better ways to celebrate the wonderful dog that we have than saving 2 more and finding them the same wonderful life.
Smile, Brutus!
As Saturday went on and Corbin and I were learning the ins and outs of these two beautiful pooches, I found myself overly emotional at the whole situation. It may have been the sadness of Eva's family handing over their dogs to us -which of course had me in tears as they left hysterically crying. Or it could have just been that big lump that grows in my throat every time I think of where Corbin would have ended up if it wasn't for us and the rescue. So, while I spent all week with a writers drought... here I am with two posts. Hence the reason we're cheating and adding a second day on for our Pitty Post.
This is us, Corbin's family.
Everyone knows about Corbin, but not much about me, his mom (and his dad for that matter, but he's not the blogging type!). Adam, Corbin's dad, had never had a pet before. Can you imagine? I grew up with animals... 3 cats, 3 dogs: 1 Brittney, 1 Cocker Spaniel and 1 Pug all at various times, and I was always around horses. Oh, and a few hermit crabs. When Adam and I bought a house and planned on moving in together, I knew I wouldn't last long without a pet. After about 2 months, I was researching rescues, both local and a few breed specific rescues a few hours away. I wanted a Border Collie... beautiful, energetic, smart and usually water loving, approx 40lbs. I was looking at rescues and shelters every day, imagining life with every dog I saw. 

Before Corbin, I hadn't had much experience with Pit Bulls. To tell you the truth, I hadn't had any experience. None good, none bad. I heard what everyone hears on the news, and thought the same things that most people who haven't experience the love of a pitty think - well, if it happens this often, it must be true, right? Maybe they should phase out the breed if they're so dangerous. Why put people at risk and allow a known vicious dog breed continue?
Really, mom?  Tell us more about your stupidity....
I did. I thought that at one point in my life. It was a short lived moment, because, after all... I'm a dog lover - which means I'm a lover of dogs, not breeds. But, those thoughts did live in my stupid, small brain for a short period of time.

Then Corbin entered my life. "Just a foster dog." Those were the best words that I've ever spoken. Those words changed my entire life, for the better. If I didn't believe that Corbin was "just a foster dog," he might not have entered my life. Then where would I be? Even further into believing these lies and myths about Pit Bulls? If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be the owner of a Pit Bull, writer of a blog -from the perspective of my dog, a foster mom for homeless pets (ok, this one I might have believed), an ambassador for a breed that I'd become nearly obsessed with helping... well, I'd say that was crazy talk.
Ok lady, I'm here to save your life.
Yet, here I am. Writing a blog in the words of Corbin, my Pit Bull. Attempting to change people's minds about this breed that I have come to whole heartedly love. Saving this breed of dog as often as I can, from a fate I can't accept. 

I understand, certain dogs aren't for everyone... Labs aren't for everyone, Chihuahua's aren't for everyone, Pit Bulls aren't for everyone. So, the point of this blog isn't to get everyone in the world to adopt a pitty... but it's to help them understand that they shouldn't rule them out in the hunt for their next best friend. We have pulled pitties directly from shelters and brought them into our home. They have been nothing but thankful, respectful, obedient, hungry and eager to learn and please. These dogs that have been tossed away, neglected, given up for whatever reason... they find it in their heart to forgive, forget and love. If only humans could be as knowledgeable about life as pitties. If only humans could put on a happy face after the darkest of times and forget it all. The world would be a much better place with a pitty mindset.
Now you're just getting sappy, mom.
I am thankful every day for my goofy brown dog. Thankful that he brings so much joy to our lives. Thankful that he's opened my mind to something wonderful. Thankful that he has changed the minds of so many like my previous self. Thankful that he has brought me to a world filled with dog loving people who understand. You can't help but love him when you meet him, laugh at his wiggley body, awe in his (mostly) awesome behavior, and giggle at his hilarious expressions. I'm sure we would have loved any dog that came into our lives, but I'm so happy fate brought us Corbin. Life without him wouldn't be nearly as worthwhile... We love you, Corbee. Thank you for making our lives something wonderful.
It's okay momma.  I love you, too.