Monday, December 30, 2013

1459 Days of Corbin

A post by the momma:

Photo by: Tracey Buyce Photography 2013

December 19th marked 4 years that Corbin has been in our lives.  I left work early to grab a few last minute things for Christmas and to make sure I had time to bake some cookies to share with the staff for Corbin's vet appointment later that evening.  On my way home from shopping, the sun was shining bright and the temperature rose to 42 degrees.  I was on a pretty tight schedule to make sure I had everything done before we had to leave, but when I walked through our door, I said screw it... I strapped Corbin's foot up in his snow boot, threw their collars on and outside we went to play in the foot of snow we had from a few days earlier.  We had shoveled a path for the dogs because we had to keep Corbin calmish and his foot dry.  The dogs were good about staying on the path, but once I jumped into the snow banks and called Corbin's name, he came soaring with joy and bounded through the deep snow.

4 years and 11 days ago, I left our house and headed to an adoption event for a rescue I had found online.  I had put in an application earlier in the week and received a phone call from a volunteer.  As I was speaking to her, I mentioned that the dog I listed on my application, a fluffy border collie mix puppy named Bass, wasn't necessarily one that I wanted to adopt.  I told her we were more interested in fostering than adopting right away.  She told me to stop by their clinic for some information and they would have more dogs coming mid January.  As I left the house that Saturday morning, I promised Adam that I wasn't coming home with a dog.  I arrived at the clinic shortly before it ended and chatted with a woman named Carol.  She explained things about this fostering gig and just as I was about to leave, another woman came up to me with this crazy brown dog.  She explained he needed a new foster home because he would be boarded for Christmas and for about 2 weeks after Christmas because her other foster dog would be recovering from hip surgery.  How could I let this insanely adorable bundle of insanity go to boarding?  So, I agreed to take him home.
I made two phone calls once I got in my car.  The first one to Adam to make sure he was still home to meet our new foster dog. 
Jenn: "Hi Hunny.... are you still home?  I'd like for you to meet Corbin."
Adam: "What's a Corbin?"
Jenn:  "Well... our new foster dog."
Adam: "A DOG?  You said you weren't coming home with a dog!" 
Jenn: "BUT He's just a foster dog!" 
Adam: "HE??  You said you didn't want a male dog!" 
Jenn: "BUT! He's just a foster dog!" 
Adam: "How old is he?" 
Jenn: "Uh, 6 months" 
Adam: "YOU said YOU didn't want a YOUNG dog!" 
Jenn: "BUT!!!! He's JUST a foster dog!" 
Adam: "What kind of dog is it?" 
Jenn: "Well, he's a Pit Bull." 
Adam: "A PIT BULL?!  YOU SAID you didn't want a PIT BULL!" 
Adam: "click"
The second phone call was to my mother.  "Oh, Jenn... you'll never be able to give this dog up."  To which I replied... "Oh sure I will.  It's just like pet sitting.  I'm just taking care of him until his forever people come to find him."  Then she bet me $25 that I would end up keeping him.  The $25 that I lost to that bet later went to purchasing his first birthday present, a life jacket on his first birthday from my parents.

Meet Corbin.  2009
Heather pulled in the driveway behind me and out jumped Corbin.  He dragged her up my stairs and went bonkers in my house.  Flying down the hallway, ricocheting from loveseat to couch to window sill... around the Christmas tree, back up the hallway, ricocheting off the spare bed just to start the NASCAR circle all over again.  Adam shook his head and left to run some errands.  I panicked.  What was I thinking?!  Not only did this dog have some ACL issues, requesting crate rest and restricted activity... but he was INSANE!  And, he was a Pit Bull... and aren't those dogs mean?  Sometimes I think Heather sensed that I was unsure about the whole thing, so she left very quickly to grab some of his things from her house.  Once her car was out of site, this crazy dog jumped up on the couch and curled himself into a ball and fell asleep.  I let out a deep sign of relief... this was a good sign, he wasn't psycho ALL the time.

It didn't take Corbin long to settle into our routine.  This fostering thing was a pretty easy gig!  We even brought him over to Adam's dad's house for some football, where everyone had a similar reaction... "A pit bull?  Aren't they mean?"  We tried to get everyone we knew to adopt him, because we knew what a great dog he was and we couldn't bare him going to a home with someone we didn't know.  Everyone was afraid to adopt a Pit Bull, and frankly... we kind of were too.  But, during the 2 months that we had Corbin in our home, we learned the most valuable lesson of all... A Pit Bull is just a Dog.  On February 27th, 2010, I signed the adoption contract and Corbin came home from an adoption event for the last time.  He was what he knew he was all along... Our dog.

Photo by:  Jbenz Photography 2011
Football Sunday's at Adam's dad's house happens every football season.  Just about all the same people that were there when we first had Corbin are still there now.  If Corbin is not at a football Sunday, no one is very happy.  He's a staple guest on Sundays.  Along with changing our minds about the Pit Bull "Breed,"  he's changed their minds, too.  He is, after all, just a dog.  A spunky, happy, begging, silly, slobbering, tooting dog and everyone loves him almost as much as we do. 

Who knew a dog could change your life so much?  Corbin has brought so many new experiences, so many new adventures, so many new lessons and so many new people into my life.  I simply can't imagine where our lives would be without him.  He means so much to me and Adam and has brought us closer, completed us as a family.  I know we would have loved any dog that we decided to bring into our home, but I can't imagine any other dog would have brought us to where we are now.  He's the symbol of strength for me.  He's cleaned the tears off of my face and found smiles through the sobs.  Stroking his soft velvety fur has sent me into many trances and calmed my highest anxieties.  Hugging that broad chest has brought me so much comfort.  Kissing that handsome snout and telling him how much I love him just never seems like it's enough to repay him for all he's brought to my life.  Looking into his brown eyes, I know he doesn't seek repayment.  I know he's so content with his life, so happy we let him stay with us.  He's grateful to Heather and Jen for going to the shelter that day and taking him home, saving his life.  And, he has been an amazing foster brother to all the canine kids we've brought into the house, paying forward the fortunate life he was given.  I simply can't imagine life without him.

Photo by: Jbenz Photography 2012
With the recent uncertainty for Corbin's length of life, I'm soaking in every moment of joy. Corbin makes sure I wake up as soon as my alarm clock rings every morning, he goes out and eats his breakfast and I crash back on the couch.  Amelia goes back to bed in the bedroom and Corbin comes and curls up on top of me and we fall back to sleep.  Then, he has no problem with me hitting the snooze button as much as I want to.  I've been heading into work a bit later than usual, but those extra minutes of snuggle time with Corbin make me so happy.  As much as I would love for him to live forever, I know it's not possible... but I also know every day of his life has been a wonderful one.  No matter how short his time is with us, he's made an impact that will last a life time.

Photo by: Tracey Buyce Photography 2013
 So, we celebrate our 4th year with our Corbee Doo.  4 years packed with love and laughter and I couldn't ask for anything more. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Foster Friday: Mischievous Amelia

The foster momma went to get dressed this morning when she realized I swapped her nice, new panties with a pair of nice, slightly damp, crochless panties.

What?  I thought she could use some excitement in her life!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very, very Merry Christmas!
We hope you enjoy your time with your family and loved ones,
and hope you get some yummy foods, too!
Corbin & Ameila
& the momma, too.

Monday, December 23, 2013

I ain't been nuttin' but bad...

I stole some chicken off the kitchen counter,
Somebody snitched on me.
Ran up to Amelia and I did mount her,
Somebody snitched on me.
Ripped open my treat box,
Watched Amelia chew the momma's socks,
Ran all the way down the boat docks,
Somebody snitched on me.

 Oh, I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
The Momma and Daddy are mad.
I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas,
'Cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad.

Threw my Kong into the wall,
Somebody snitched on me.
Chewed up my favorite ball,
Somebody snitched on me.
I knocked over the garbage can,
Growled and barked at the mail man,
Caused a ruckus and then I ran!
Somebody snitched on me.

 So, I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
The Momma and Daddy are mad.
I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
'Cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad.

 I won't be seeing Ole Kris Kringle,
Somebody snitched on me.
I doubt he'll even give me a jingle...
Somebody snitched on me.
Next year I'll be on my best behavior,
Next year my good manners won't waiver!
I'd start now, but this naughtiness I'll savour!
Somebody snitched on me.

 So you better be good whatever you do
'Cause if you're bad, I'm warning you,
You'll get nuttin' for Christmas. 

Previous years of naughtiness:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Cheer

Amelia and I are practicing in case the big man needs help on the big day!
Do you think he'd call on me and Amelia the red nosed pit bull?
Hopefully we'll get some extra presents just for trying!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All of this snow...

We got 12 inches of snow on Sunday!

I had to watch it all fall from inside the house...

On Sunday, all I wanted was to play ball in the snow.
The momma said I was too loopy and had to stay in.

Amelia didn't mind being couch bound.

But, I wasn't having any of it. It's no place for a Corbin when there's snow to zoomie.
I gave the momma lots of angry stares hoping she would change her mind...
We're currently getting more snows.  MORE SNOWS!
Why can't I go out to play?
PeeS.  You might see my new bandage in the last picture, but you'll be proud to know that I, the Corbin, only took off HALF of my bandage while the momma was at the work place!  I pretty much just ripped that nasty gauze out, but I left my ouchie toe alone.  So, the momma rebandaged me, a little less colorful!
PeePeeS.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh.... Me!

So, Saturday's are adoption clinics and Amelia's day to go in the car with the momma.   It also means its time home with dad for me!  Dad and I were out in the yard playing fetch, it had just started to snow and it was wonderful!  Then, I brought the ball back to dad and dropped it at his feet, but dad didn't pick it up right away. So I looked down to make sure my ball was still there, it was, so I looked back at dad so he'd get the hint and throw my ball.

He didn't throw it. Instead he said "Corbin!!! IN the house NOW!!" I wasn't too happy but I went in the house and dad started fussing over me big time. That's when I realized there was a lot of blood. Dad wrapped my foot up real good to stop the bleeding and called the momma.  Good thing she was on her way home! Once she got home, off to the emergency vet we went. My vet office was having their Christmas party, if I were invited, none of this would have happened!

So the momma and Heather took me to the emergency vet. I had ripped my toenail out of my toe! So, the nice vet lady ripped the rest of my nail out and wrapped my footie up real good! Then she gave me a shot of some happy dog drugs.

Per doctors orders, I was to keep my bandage on for 48 hours, stay calm and no activities.  BORING. 

I thinks momma spiked my creamy cheeses....

It was a long night... dad was out plowing, we got 12 inches of snow!!! I was up every hour... I just wasn't comfortable and if I wasn't sleeping, neither was the momma!

Yesterday the momma,  Amelia and I spent the day snowed in, catching up on some snoozes and televisions. I was still feeling the effects of my spiked cream cheeses

But, the momma enjoyed my extra snuggles.  

 Feeling a little better today, but the momma had to leave for the workplace. So, I'm home with Amelia, testing my inner strength to not rip off my bandage!

Wish me luck!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh, Corbin...

A post by the momma:

I wasn't sure whether or not to blog about this, as we're still in an early, learning stage.  But, this blog has been the center of so much support and help, I couldn't not write.  So, here it is...

Corbin went to the vet last month for his annual exam and vaccines.  Things went well and we decided to divide his 5 vaccines up into 3 visits to be careful.  Last night was our second visit for two more vaccines.  I had noticed something funky going on with Corbin's left paw and Adam had noticed him holding it up a couple of times, so since we were there, I mentioned it to Dr. Mike.  He had noticed his foot as soon as he walked in and as I mentioned it to him and looked down at his paws, I noticed his right paw was kind of funky too...

Momma, don't get all Debbie Downer on my blog friends please...

Dr. Mike seemed to know right off that bat what was going on with his paws.  Corbin has stopped using the muscles in his feet that keep his toes together and his feet "upright."  He also noticed it slightly in his hind feet as well.  This could be caused by a number of things, but since we've recently increased his prednisone due to uncomfortable mornings, the prednisone could be what's causing this.  We've decided to decrease his dosage again, giving him just 5mgs once a day, but at night so it'll help him through the morning. 

We also did a full "senior" blood panel on him just to make sure other things are functioning correctly.  We're hoping this is something caused by the prednisone and with a decreased amount, he'll begin using those muscles again.  So, please send some positive thoughts his way and pray things turn around.  Otherwise, this is most likely something that will continue and possibly spread at an unknown rate.

Since Corbin's issues began January 2012, we knew with all of the steroids and his heart condition, we weren't going to have him forever.  I told myself realistically, we would be lucky if we got 8 years.  I was okay with that, as long as those 8 years were pain free and meaningful to Corbin.  He's enjoyed days at the lake and football Sundays at Grandpa Jack's with his girls.  Even though both things make him a bit achy for a day, he enjoys them and we let him enjoy himself.  The thought of having less than those 8 years is just a very heavy brick sitting on my chest.  I'm really trying not to get a head of myself and hoping things start looking better... but unfortunately the prednisone is something he needs to be comfortable.  And the side effects are what they are... we'll continue to do everything in Corbin's favor and everything possible to keep him comfortable every day.  Corbin has one of the best vets around.  A vet who knows him well, has such a dedication to his health and well being, pays such close attention to him and most importantly, trusts me. We're very lucky for Dr. Mike. 

Every day with him is a blessing and I'm so very lucky that this dog found his way into my life. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Have you seen me?

I've been doing some side work for the big man.
Making sure everyone is good!

Have you seen me peeking in on your activities?
Better be on your best behavior!!
Corbin's watching!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Laptop vs Window Sill

The window sill won 

We were in here the WHOLE time.
The momma was in the shower...
So, that leaves DAD as the laptop killer!

A new lap top is on it's way, but this puts a serious dent in my productivity!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nature's Variety Instinct

Hi everybody!  Amelia and I have something super great to tell you about today!  Our friends at let us test out some new treats.  They quickly sent us Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-free Biscuits, Rabbit and Apple formula.  And, we all should remember how much I like those rabbits!

Don't worry momma, I know your busy, so I opened the box.

Now that the box is open, let us test out those treats!

Yum, they smell good!


Amelia's turn!

If I promise not to open any more boxes, can we have more?


The momma let us each have one more. She said if we ate too many
we wouldn't be fitting into our sweaters.  I told her to buy bigger sweaters.
But, she didn't like that.

All and all, we most definitely give these treats...
The Jowel Lickin' Stamp of Approval!!!

Make sure you put these bites of heaven on your list to Santa!

**We received one free bag of Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-free Biscuits, Rabbit and Apple formula, from in exchange for our honest review.  We do not promote products that we do not/would not give to or use on our pets.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

Have you seen my turkey?

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm so very thankful for everyone who takes time out of their day to read and follow my blog. Your support and friendship means so much and I'm grateful every day for all of you!

I'm also thankful for my parents and my warm home and our ability to share our home with other dogs on their journey to their forever home. Thankful for our sweet Amelia. And, of course, thankful for the extra yummies that the momma puts in our dinners for this special day!

Have a happy and safe day of Turkey!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Look what we woke up to this morning!
Why did all the grass and dirt turn white and cold???
Hey lady, put the camera down and toss me a snow ball!
I can not feel my toesies... Can we go in now?
I feel my toes just fine... throw me a snowball!
Why does she always get her way?