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Amelia: 2 years

A post by the momma:

Our journey began with a text message. On Thursday, April 4, 2013 I received a text message from my rescue partner in Kentucky. "There's a female pit bull at one of the other shelters. She's a shelter favorite, but her time is up. She's good with other dogs and good with people. Will you take her?"
When I received the text, we had Serena, our beautiful white husky, filling up the foster spot in our home. I should have said no, but I didn't.  I had a million reasons to say no, but my response was yes. I said yes and Amelia's life was saved with just minutes to spare.  The next day, she was loaded onto a van with 20+ other dogs and headed to New York.
Her shelter picture, which I didn't see until after I agreed to take her in.
I was late getting to the rescue for transport that day. All the dogs were already unloaded and all the volunteers were deep in the process of checking medical records and getting tags on all the new dogs. As I walked up, a friend shouted "Wait until you see her!" And, there she was. Tail high in the air and ears pricked forward. Eager to figure out what this new journey was. I shouted back "omg, I love her!" And, that I did.
The first picture I took of her.
As luck would have it, a couple who previously met Serena came back to the adoption clinic and adopted her. I said good bye to our blue eyed beauty and concentrated on our newest foster. Amelia was so loveable and sweet, I simply couldn't imagine her staying with us too long. After the adoption clinic, I loaded her up into the car and drove home. I called Adam a few blocks away to start our introduction process with a new dog. Some of you who have been following us a long time know that Corbin isn't dog friendly. We have an extensive introduction process that allows us to successfully bring new dogs home.
As I got Amelia out of the car, I realized her journey wouldn't be as easy as the last few hours led me to believe. She shut down with Corbin and refused to get close to our house.  Doorways, hallways, stairs... they were all something extremely scary to her.
Our typical foster picture. 
After we got her in the house, we gave her space to figure things out. Little things made me so happy. I remember the first time she walked down the hallway alone and peeked her wide eyes into our bedroom. The first time she walked through a door way without pancaking to the floor. The first time she ran in the yard. The first time she got on the couch by herself. Her first true smile. She's had so many milestones in the past two years.
Somewhere deep down, I had such a love for this dog. She was so amazing and so brave and so trusting. It was an instant "I want to keep her!" And we had the conversation many times, but always concluding that keeping such a perfect, wonderful dog would be selfish... and that we should keep our home open for the Corbin's of the world. The hard to place dogs who might not have a chance without our home. But, the months went by and no applications came in for her... and all the sudden we hit the year mark and still, not a single application.  It was 14 months before we signed the paperwork to make her an official part of our family. There was just no way I could live without her.

Our Diva.
Amelia continues to surprise me everyday. She's so welcoming of new fosters and so understanding of their hesitation. She takes the time to build their trust and tries to snuggle them so they don't feel alone. It's been amazing to watch her blossom and see her confidence build each and every day. And, most importantly, her love with Corbin is truly an amazing site. I've never seen two dogs so in love with each other. 

Meant for each other. 
I don't know what scary things happened in her past, but my heart is filled with joy knowing every moment of her future will be filled with more love than she can handle.  Thank you, Amelia... thank you for choosing us, for loving us, for teaching us. You have been an amazing part of the last two years and the perfect puzzle piece to complete our little family.