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Friday, July 26, 2013

WANTED: Belly Scratcher

Amelia here, again!  With a very important post!
This time it's Foster Friday, even though the title of this post doesn't say that.  It says something much more important and something that exactly describes what I'm looking for in my forever family. 
Are you ready to check your qualifications?
In this post, I will explain exactly what is required.  No worries, previous experience isn't required, although it is preferred.  However, I will train the right person willing to learn.
Belly scratching position.
This above photo is my way of showing you I'm ready for belly scratches.  I'm pretty much always ready for belly scratches, but when I flop over on my back, it means I'm really ready and would like belly scratches at that exact moment!
What do you mean, you're not writing this down?
Now, the next few steps can get complicated, so you should probably take notes.  There are different types of Belly Attention.  Belly scratching, belly massaging and belly rubbing.  Although the position is labeled as a Belly Scratcher and not Belly Attention Giver, all 3 areas of belly attention is under the job description and are requirements for my happiness.
This is not how it's done, foster lady....
In the above picture, foster lady is holding the camera AND scratching my belly.  This is a big no-no.  When belly scratching, you MUST concentrate on ONLY belly scratches!  Since the camera was being used for learning purposes of future adopters, and the foster lady is already a skilled belly scratcher, I decided the slight distraction in belly scratching would be okay for the moment.
Ahhh, yes.  Right there... scratch scratch scratch!
The best belly scratches come when foster lady grows her nails out a bit so they're longer and can get nice deep scratches. Belly scratches should be in short, quick movements.  It also helps to have both hands working the belly scratches to make sure maximum belly area gets covered. When belly scratches are done well, I just might fall asleep! 
Use that whole hand, foster lady!
Then there's belly rubbin's.  Now, some might say belly rubbin's are easier to preform than belly scratches.  I do think belly rubbin's is easier to teach because there's less motor skills involved, but I do think it's equally important to belly scratches.  Belly rubbin's are done using your whole hand.  If you're using one hand, your hand should never leave my belly.  The nail part of your fingers isn't effective in the rubbin' part, so you just let those nails rest and use the soft part of your hand.  Once your hand is firmly against my belly... you rub up and down my belly.
Ahhhhhh...... relaxation!
Along with belly scratches and belly rubbin's, I do enjoy belly massages, as being shown in the above picture.  Instead of using her nails, foster lady uses the soft parts of her fingers and gently massages my soft, velvety skin in little circle motions.  Foster lady also makes her hand bigger and smaller by contracting and stretching her fingers, making a very relaxing kneading motion.  Now, this is a technique that comes with much time and practice, but I'm willing to be your Guinea dog while you practice to perfection.
Sometimes, instead of falling asleep during belly scratching, rubbin's or massages, I go into a deep daze where I just stare into the nothingness ahead... The foster lady thinks I just forget to close my eyes or blink, but what I see in front of me is just too good!  You see, when I get into my deep belly daze, I'm watching my perfect life with my perfect forever family where they scratch my belly, take me for walks and snuggle me on the couch!  Who would want to blink when that's what you get to see?!
Wag that tail, Corbin!  Rub my belly with your nubbin'!!!
Sometimes the foster parents are too busy or too dense to see that I need belly scratches - another reason why I need to find my forever belly rubber!  So, I take advantage of the Corbin's nubbin' tail!  He wags his tail and my belly is RIGHT there to reap all the benefits of his belly rubbin' nubbin'!  PERFECT!  Although, a brother with a belly rubbin' nubbin' is not a requirement for my forever belly rubbin' family. 
I'm ready to flop!  Get ready to give my belly attentions!
Now, I understand that some people aren't belly scratching, belly rubbin' or belly massaging people, and that's A-OK!  I'm just not the dog for you non belly loving people.  But, I do give everyone I meet an equal opportunity to give my belly the best attentions you have.  I have yet to find the most perfect Belly Scratcher, but I just know they're out there!
Do you think my perfect belly scratcher is out there?
Amelia is still available for adoption through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY! Want to learn more about her? 
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bark at the Park!

I'm way behind in telling you about my big adventure at the baseball park!  Once a year, our local AA baseball team, the Valley Cats -farm team for the Houston Astros, has a night where you can go to the game with your dog!  The momma thought it might be too much of a stressful situation for Amelia and didn't want to push her too far.  So, she packed up the Corbin and in the car I went!  We picked up Heather and Emmett and headed towards the ball park!

We're here!!!
Dad went and got our tickets while we waited.  There were lots of other dogs at the event!  It was so cool to see everyone enjoying a night with their pooches!
Emmett, you keep watch for the ladies that way, I'll watch this way.
Just like watching the game at home!  Only, there was a real, live BALL!
We'd like two hotdogs, an order of nachos and two beers, please.
This seat here was for the Corbin!
Those seats were for Heather and Emmett!
This is me with my dad.
And me with the momma.
It was a hot day, so we left in the 7th inning.  The game was tied when we left and went to 12 innings! The Valley Cats lost, but it was still a fun night out!  I wish they did it more often than just once a year!
Baseball games sure are fun!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Busy Busy Busy!

Amelia here!
Peeks A Boo!
Last weekend I was supposed to go to this BIG adoption event in our area.  The BIG event was supposed to be on Saturday, but since the weather looked pretty crappy for Saturday, it got moved to Sunday.  So, do you know what happened?  Besides foster momma doing lots and lots of re-planning, re-advertising and re-organizing? BOL
Are you guessing?
I went to TWO adoption events last weekend!  You see, my normal adoption event is every Saturday, but since the other event got moved to Sunday, I got to go to BOTH!  I met some really great people and lots of people really liked me!  I even met a Cardio Nurse who was super interested in adopting me!  And, I met a few super nice couples that thought their family could use an Amelia!
Free Belly Rubs!!!
I flopped a lot and gave lots of opportunities to try out these human belly rubbers!  But, I was a little crazy and, if I could clone myself into 50 Amelia's so I could be everywhere at once... I totally would have!  But, foster momma said I could only be on one place at a time.  She thinks she knows a lot, so I humored her and stayed in one place.
So, can you guess what the result was?!?!?!?!?!
Snuggles with foster momma.
At the end of my big adoption weekend, I found my paws resting on foster momma for some end-of-the-busy-weekend snuggles.  I still have yet to find someone worthy of rubbing my belly.
You're all stuck with me for at least another week! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A special little man

A post by the momma:
I never knew how much being an Aunt would change my life, but the past 3 years have held an unconditional amount of love for a little man in my life.    It is such a joy to watch him grow and learn.  I can't believe how quickly time seems to be going and how fast he seems to be growing. 

Happy 3rd Birthday to my nephew, my Godson, Christopher!
You fill our lives with joy and our hearts with love.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Butt Pillows

Hey... what do you think you're doing?
Amelia: Uh, I'm using your butt as my pillow, so don't move.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Foster Friday: Find Amelia!

I spy with my little eye....
An Amelia!
Can you see her?
How about now?  Can you spot an Amelia?
Ok, ok, ok... I'll show you!
There she is!
Amelia LOVES to be outside.  Even in the crazy heat, she loves nothing more than to sunbathe until it's time to relax in the shade.  She finally found this cool spot under the bushes and she loves to be there!  The momma couldn't even spot her!
Do you have any cool spots in your yard that you like to lay???
Amelia is still available for adoption through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY!  Want to learn more about her? 
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jerky Bark Review!

We love trying out new things, which is why we're so excited to be a part of the reviewing team!  We recently did our review on Orijen Freeze-Dried treats, which were fabulous!  So, when we were contacted again to do another review, we were over the moon!  This time, we decided to review Natural Balance Jerky Bark!  My every day kibble is Natural Balance's Sweet Potato and Fish formula, so we're a lover of the Natural Balance products!

This box here says it's for the Corbin
As always, our order arrived very quickly and I couldn't wait to dig into the box and get reviewing!

Put the camera down and help me, woman.
When I opened the box, I found Lamb and Brown Rice Natural Balance Jerky Bark!  Again, listened to my Chicken and Beef food allergies and sent me a treat that I can enjoy without worrying about itchy skins or upset bellies!
Limited Ingredient Treats!
Stop with the pictures!  Give me the NOMS!
I can feel myself getting thinner, need noms now.
When I finally got the momma to put the camera down and open my new bag of yums, I started drooling at the smell!
We're sitting, stop wasting time!
Holy sweet potatoes!
These treats come in long strips, but they're breakable, so the momma can break them into small bites for training.  She really likes that.  However, I would like the whole long strip!
Uh, momma... this is not the size I prefer.
Open mouth, insert noms.
Those are tasty, more noms, please.

Amelia's turn!

She wants more too!
I started going every trick that I could think of to get us more noms!
Amelia only knows "sit" and kind of "lay down," but she just worked her honey brown puppy dog eyes.  It worked, because we were able to get some more treats!  They sure were delicious!  The momma likes the limited ingredients that Natural Balance offers.  She also liked that these treats could be use for a variety of things and broken into smaller pieces.  She also used them as yummy Kong stuffers for a more stressful time -like when one of us pooches left the other behind.  Those are the times she likes to leave us with yummier noms and not just veggies and healthy stuffs!
So, all and all, these Natural Balance Jerky Bark treats get 4 paws up and the Corbin jowl lickin' stamp of approval!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lake Time Fun!

Can you believe it had been TWO YEARS since I was on my boat last?! 
Me, at my lake, two years ago.
That's right, I didn't go up on my boat at all last year because of my mean ouchies and my big heart.  The momma and the dad took me and Brutey up to the dog beach last summer on a cooler day, but not on the boat.  So, when I saw the momma take out my life jacket this past weekend, I went BONKERS!
Lake George, here I come!!!
I was so excited, I didn't sleep at all on our hour ride up to the lake.  And, when we got there and parked the car, I was the happiest Corbin you've ever seen!  Although I was in a hurry to get to my boat and jump in my lake, while we were walking, I did stop quick to beg from some nice folks eating their breakfasts.  Hey, when you smell bacon, you want some bacon!  They momma got all embarrassed and said "COBRIN!" so I left without any bacon.
But, I got something better than bacon!  Did you know there are things that are better than bacon?  Yep, my BOAT is better than bacon!  It totally is!  When we got to the docks, the momma said "Corbin, go find your boat" and I ran down that dock and jumped right into my boat!
I found the boat!
We waited a little while for some friends to join us, so the momma set up a Corbin Cooling station so I wouldn't get over heated before I could jump in the waters.
Ahhhhhh.... relaxing on my boat with the cool breeze though the hatch,
the comfy bed under my handsome furs and fans to keep me from getting hot!
As soon as our friends arrived, I suited up with my life jacket and off we went!  I ride down in the cuddy because the wind sometimes bothers my eyes and I don't like to wear goggles.  I had to sit down in the cuddy and stay out of the way until we were all safely and securely tied up next to some other boats!
I was so excited to be at my lake, I jumped right in!  Now, if you remember from previous years on the boat, the Corbin isn't a big jumper in of the waters.  But, I just couldn't contain myself and in I went!  I was a regular dock diving dog!
It was a very hot and humid day, so the momma was a bit concerned about how the Corbin's health would weather the weather.  I told the momma that I was A-OK and I floated around in my float all day!
This is me nakey with no life jacket!
There were lots of friends there too!  My girls, Bethany and Avery were there!  I don't have any photos of them, and the momma is upset about that because even Avery was in swimming all around!  But, I did go over to Grandpa Jack's boat and visit with my girls quite a few times.  Also, my friend Molly was there!  Molly also had her own float - and, I borrowed my float from her, too!
Now, I liked my float just as well, but Molly's float was awesome!  So, I decided she had room for a Corbin.
Make room for the Corbin!
So, Molly and I floated around for a while.  We met some peoples and there were a bunch of other dogs -like a HUGE Great Dane!  He looked like fun, but I never got over to say hi.  There was also a "doodle" type dog, and do you know how he got around in the water?  He let his hind end sink, and his front end float, and he walked on his hind legs in the waters!  Can you believe it!  I said "Dudes, you crazy... I'll stick with my floaty and life jacket!" BOL!
Hey dudes, nice to meet you. 
You see those three dudes I met?  They couldn't believe that I owned the momma!  They asked Mr. Gary (in the hat) about me and he said "He's not my dog!" and Miss Joann pointed to the momma and said "He's her dog!" and they looked at the momma and said "YOUR dog?!" and the momma said yes.  They couldn't believe that the momma could pick the Corbin up!  It's not the first time people have made comments about the Corbin being a big and scary dog with a momma.  In fact, while we were walking down to my boat, this guy yells to the momma "That ain't no chick dog, that's a MANS dog."  Well... I have a momma and I love the momma and although I can't fit into the momma's purse, I'm still a momma's dog.
I DO love my dad, too!
The dad took me over to an area where I could touch, without doing some crazy walking dog act.  He threw my ball and I got to run and jump in the waters, which I love to do!
Then we'd swim back to the boat.
Someone play with me?
Sometimes the momma would tell me that I needed to get out of the water for a bit and take a break.  So, I'd lay on the back of the boat and force others to play with me play with my ball....
Hey, lady I just met... I seem to have dropped my ball...
Won't you give it a toss?
Would you like to play again?
The momma said I had to go in the boat and take a chill pill.  Well, she didn't provide me with any pills, but I did chill out a bit and cooled down with a refreshing beverage.
Then I begged for a bite of some hot dogs.
This is my friend Briana, she came out on my boat.
And, Briana's mom, Miss Jamie.  She takes all of my fantastic
family photos!
I gave Jamie lots of smoochies.
But, the sun did start to set and it was about time to head back in.
Of course, I said...
But, I DON'T WANNA GO!!!!!
But, the momma said that the Corbin could drive!  So, I said, hurry up and pack it in!  Let's go!
Captain Corbin at your service!

It really was a super fun day and I was super happy the momma let me come along. 
I had so much fun! 
I'll leave you with a picture of me with my parents!
Family lake time!