Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Me, Mia and Irene

Um, mom... I think Irene came while we were sleeping.
Looks like rain...
Mia: Um, he's not even looking at the camera. Take my picture.
Wait a minute... we're NOT going out in this.
Mom, look what Irene did to our sunflowers!
She's a witch, that Irene!
Mia: Let me back in! IRENE IS GETTING ME!
Mia: That was tough work, fighting Irene...
Now what are we going to do if we can't play outside?
Come on, Mia... we can play INSIDE!
RAWR! I'm Corbin, hiding dog, under coffee table.
This isn't much fun...
Don't worry, Mom... I'll continue to keep an eye on Irene.

Please note: althought we are pretty bummed about our sunflowers... we are very thankful we didn't have any damage!  Glad it's nice and sunny here now!  And we hope that everyone gets their powers back and we hope no one has bad damges!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good news/Bad news

Well, I guess I'll start by saying that we're all safe from Irene!  She was a bit crazy while she visited, and a lot of places near me are having some serious damage from her.  But at my home, we're A-OK. 

I kept an eye on Irene to make sure she didn't hurt my house!
And now for the bad news....
Oreo's back.
She's not staying with me this time, because we have Mia.  So she's hanging out with Emmett and Heather -where she's super happy.  Mom has a lot of HBO words to say about the Jackbutt who returned her... all the lies he told about his knowledge of dogs and his willingness to work with her.  Mom offered two behaviorists, paid for by the rescue, and this guy wanted nothing to do with it - after mom told him before he adopted her that this would be a good idea right off the bat, and he seemed super cool with it.  Life and learn.... Man, I really hate telling you this awful news.

But, trying not to focus on stupid, heartless people.... Oreo is very happy to be back somewhere where she can calm down and not be on edge 24/7.  She knows she's safe with Heather and that she doesn't have to get anxious about anything.  We will find her the best home... and thankfully, Oreo deals very very very well with coming back.  We will have a behaviorist go out to the home of anyone interested in her BEFORE an adoption takes place.  No adoption will be final until our behaviorist agrees it's the right home for her. 

Oreo slept for a while now that she knew
all was okay in the world and she could rest.
On the bright side, Mom isn't in jail for killing the idiot who had Oreo for over a month without letting her know that ANYTHING was wrong. 
But we're happy that Oreo is safe and back with us.
She likes that Emmet likes to cuddle more than I do.

C'est la vie... or something like that.

I hope all of my furiends that were visited by Irene are safe!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shutterfly Photo Book!

So, I hear a lot of this Shutterfly company.  A lot of my furiends used them last year to send out their Christmas Cards and they were a great quality... I was amazed at all of the different styles and designs they had.  So when I got the opportunity to do a Photo Book, I jumped on it!  Plus, what's better than a book full of photos of me???   If you have a chance, go check out their website and check out their photo books and other great products.  They have address labels that you can use when sending out your Christmas cards or any other mail or invitations!

So.... I've been daydreaming of my photo book all day long.  What picture should I include???

My big stick will make it in there, for sure!

Nasty bath picture might make it in there... to make sure
my neglect is documented.

Pictures of my foster furiends....
Remember Cranberry?

Fun car rides!

Fun days at the lake, for sure!

How about my Halloween costume?

Of course there would have to be pictures of me and Emmett!

I'm getting so excited to make my own photo book!   If you have a blog and would like to review a free shutterfly photo book, click HERE!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Day

Wishing a happy 4 years to my Mom & Dad!
Hopefully I'll get a piece of steak to celebrate...
Hey, Dad... I think I'd make a good ring bearer... hint hint hint ;-)  BOL!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my furiend, Wyatt!!!
Having a blast at the fair!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, already?

Let's pretend it's still Sunday, Mom... I won't tell if you don't.
Honest mistake... it's still Sunday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Foster Sister Friday

Is this thing on?

Oh, Hello!!!

My name is Gracie.  I'm currently living with Corbin and his parents.  I came from Kentucky where I was found wondering along the roadside.  I was brought to a shelter, then loaded in a van and on my journey to New York!  Never did I think life was going to be THIS good!

Dontcha know, I'm allowed inside the house?!  AND, there's this thing... Corbin says it's called a couch.  Do you KNOW how comfortable that is?!  Ah... I just jump up there and snooze the day away.

I also have a yard that's fenced in so I can't run away... but honestly... I don't think I want to go anywhere else!  I get to go outside with Corbin and play.  I also have to do my potties out there because, apparently I'm not allowed to do them in the house.  That's okay, I leared quickly and only had a few slip ups when I was too busy playing or sleeping.
This whole yard is for me???
When I'm not sleeping on the couch, Corbin shares his bed and bones with me.
I'll stop giving you kisses for a few minutes so we can
chew our bones... okay, Corbin?
Then, we play!
Hold on, Corbin... you have a cookie stuck in your jowls...
Don't worry, I'll get it!
ROAR!!!!  Beware of the puppy teeth!
I'LL GET YOU!!!!!!!!
Ok... that's enough playing... time for a snooze on the couch!
Well, Corbin tells me that I'll be going to an adoption event tomorrow... and that maybe I'll find my new forever home!  If I do, it was very nice meeting all of you who Corbin speaks so highly of!  I hope you didn't mind me entering Blogville during my time here! hehe

Love, Gracie.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wicked Witch

She's a horrible, evil, mean, wicked WITCH!  And I'll show you why.

Why... why are you doing this to me?
That's me... in the bath tub.  I knew it was coming, so I hid in my crate thinking that she couldn't get me in there.  Well, then my DAD (isn't he supposed to be the GOOD guy??) came in and asked me to come out.  Assuming Dad was safe, out I came and he shoved me into the bathroom!  Thanks, Dad.  Never again will I trust YOU!

So, anyway... I won Shampoo and Conditioner from EO Products... I managed to make mom forget about them after we received them.... but, she said I was stinky (AS IF.) and I need a stupid bath, so out came my winnings.  I guess it's a curse to be this handsome.
Make it end... please, make this end.
Mom said the shampoo smelt really pretty -Did she forget I'm a dude dog????? 

This is me all clean...
I won't open my eyes until I know, for sure, that it's all over.
No, I will not pose pretty with this stuff.
The evilness finally ended.  This all happened last week.  Mom said she really likes the products... I'm still nice and soft and I don't smell like stinky dog yet.  My coat even seems a bit more shiney - which I surely didn't think was possible.  They get a thumbs up from mom... As for me?  Nothing that involves a bath can get a thumbs up... I don't care if it's made of bacon.

I've been defeated.
No amount of cookies will make me come near you.
Evil Witch.
Click Here if you're interested in purchasing any of their products!  You just might recognize some of the models on their site!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gracie Doodles

So, get this.  I had an over night foster friend on Saturday.  He was alright, but I wasn't too fond of him hanging around my house.  But I was sad when he left on Sunday morning because I had the whole house to myself and no one to play with.
Ma... this isn't a girl friend.  It's a dude.
That's Otis.  He was adopted on Saturday, but his new family had a wedding to attend, so he got to hang out with me.  He's a Catahoula Leopard Dog and has spots everywhere.  Eh, he was alright.  But, let me tell you about my Gracie!
Beautiful Gracie
It was hard getting her to sit still for a photo with me.
Because she likes jumping on my head
And she loves to jump up and give me kisses.
See her left paw about to smack me in the face???
And I was being nice by bending down to play with her...
Mom... can you tell her to stop kissing my face?
But when she's this darn cute...
I guess I don't mind sharing my couch with her.