Former Foster Kids!

Here are all the kids I've helped along their way...
Belle: ADOPTED 5/10
Belle is a sweet, 2 year old Beagle/Shepherd mix. She was adopted as a puppy and returned to the rescue during a divorce. Belle is great with other dogs, cats and kids and is just looking for a home to call her own and people of her own to snuggle! She is house broken, crate trained and fantastic in the car.
Abby: ADOPTED 7/10
Abby is a lovable 1yr Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix. Abby was found wandering the streets of Georgia and has traveled up north to find her forever home! She's a cuddly girl who loves to play and really enjoys chasing squirrels out of the yard! She gets along great with other dogs and enjoys long walks.
LeeLu: ADOPTED 8/10
LeeLu was surrendered to the shelter with severely bad burns to her back. The people surrendering her said there was an accident with a chain at a birthday party.... but it really looks like someone just lit her on fire. LeeLu spent two months healing up with excellent vet care. She has a few spots on her back where hair will most likely never regrow. This fantastic girl doesn't let her bad past get the best of her. She's a little weary of men she doesn't know, but when given the chance, she warms right up. She loves going for walks and playing with other dogs. She's looking for a great home that will show her how wonderful life can really be!
Cranberry: ADOPTED 9/10
Boy, is this girl full of life and personality! Cranberry is an 8 month old boxer mix who was found as a stray in Georgia. She will play play play all day long and has tons of energy. She really enjoys romping around the yard with her foster brother. Cranberry is a smart girl, she's quickly learning basic commands and loves riding in the car. She'd really love a home of her own willing to play with her all day long!
Bethany: ADOPTED 1/11
Bethany was born at a shelter in Tennessee and stayed there until rescue pulled her at 5 months old. She came to Homeward Bound with her sister Avery. Having never been in a house before, Bethany was very nervous about all her new experiences. Doorways, hallways and stairs are her biggest challenges. Bethany spent her first few days pancaked to the floor and army crawling around the house. Outside, she becomes a butterfly. She enjoys running free with any toy she can find. With the confidence and help of her foster brother, Bethany has come a long way and is looking for a forever home that will be patient with her, as she learns the ins and outs of being a pet! And, boy, does she love the couch!
Fancy: ADOPTED 2/11
Fancy is a fantastic girl. She was rescued from a bad shelter in Tennessee where she wasn't properly cared for. We don't know her past before the shelter, but we do know she has a tail injury from having it slammed in a doorway. Fancy is a fun loving girl, and doesn't let you know anything about her past. She lives in the present and is having a wonderful time every day! She loves playing with other dogs, will burrow in the snow and lay there for hours and enjoys a good snuggle with her foster humans.
Canberra: ADOPTED 2/11
Canberra is a fuzzy bundle of love! She was rescued from a shelter in Georgia with her sister Kimberley. Canberra is the more out going of the two, enjoying the experience of the new, northern life. She LOVES the snow and loves a good nap on the couch. She's an all around good girl!
Rockette: ADOPTED 2/11
Rockette, more affectionately called Weenie in her foster home, is quite the little girl! She loves riding in the car, is crate trained and house trained. She's a laid back girl, who loves a good hunt! Rockette was saved from a hoarding situation down south. She craves human attention from people of all shapes and sizes! She's excellent with children and gets along great with other dogs.
Oreo: ADOPTED 11/11
Oreo was adopted from a local shelter when she was 4 months old. Her owners family situation has changed and Oreo was in need of a new home. Oreo is a nervous girl, she has some anxiety issues, but nothing severe. For the most part, she's a love... she enjoys snuggling with her humans and likes the company of her foster brother. Oreo will need the right home, with a strong owner and someone willing to spend some time, and patience, allowing her adjust to her new environment. Once she's comfortable and trusting of her new home, she'll make you an amazing companion.
Patches: ADOPTED 7/11
Oh, my... what is there to say about Patches? She's an 8 week old puppy who was found all alone in the middle of the jungle in St. Croix. She's a surviver! This puppy isn't afraid of anything and romps all over her 75lb foster brother. She's so excited about new things and new situations and shows no fear. She loves people and other dogs and is extremely smart. Whoever adopts this girl will be in for an amazing adventure! We wish we could keep this one!
Gracie: ADOPTED 7/11
We really call Gracie "Patches 2" because she looks just like Patches! Just a little bigger. Gracie mimics everything her foster dogs, from outside bathroom habits, to indoor bone chewing, to snoozing in crazy positions. She has a great personality for a young pup and will really make a family happy!
Otis: ADOPTED 8/11
Otis is such an easy going boy! What a great companion he's going to make for someone. Otis just enjoys being around people. He likes hanging out with other dogs and playing, but he really enjoys hanging out with his people.
Daisy: ADOPTED 8/11
Daisy is just a sweet southern gal looking for a great home! She's about 4 months old, but so very well behaved! She's quickly learning basic commands and is a rock star at house training. Daisy gets along well with other dogs and will continuously make you laugh!
Mia: ADOPTED 9/11
Money Honey Mia!!! Mia's original name was Money, but she was adopted and renamed Mia and returned to the rescue, so we continued calling her Mia. Mia is such a love and loyal until the day is done. Mia was returned because her former owners were unable to relate to her and didn't address her needs. She's an easy dog, but needs an understand owner willing to continue her training work. Mia gets a little nervous when new people come to the house, but she's been working really hard on her reactions and has come a very long way! Mia loves to cuddle and makes the most silly faces! She gets along well with other dogs and is also good with cats! What a wonderful girl.
Donnie Walhberg: ADOPTED 10/11
Donnie Walhberg was given the name to match his personality and his killer dance moves! Donnie is hilarious and such a unique fella. He's been getting along great with his foster brother and is such a snuggle bug! Donnie loves to play, he's so quick, he can often outsmart his foster brother! He's a super guy and will make a great pup for anyone! I do think he's our former foster, Daisy's, brother!
Duchess: ADOPTED 10/11
Duchess was rescued from a high kill shelter in northern NY. She's about 6 months old and has an old soul type personality. She plays referee at the house when her foster brothers get too rough. She'll join in once in a while, but she prefers to sit on the couch and chew a bone. Duchess is wonderful with other dogs and children. She's very chill and laid back and will fit in just about anywhere!
Hannah: ADOPTED 11/11
Hannah was extremely timid and shy when she arrived at the rescue. We brought her home and let her settle in and by the next day she was already starting to come out of her shell and gain confidence. She's a wonderful girl with a fantastic personality. Her fur is so soft, you can find yourself spending hours just petting her. Hannah wants to please you, so she'll try her very best to do what you ask. She's really come a long way, and with the right home, she'll continue to blossom into a wonderful dog!
Brookie Lynn: ADOPTED 1/12
Brookie has the most beautiful honey eyes that will melt your heart. She can be a shy girl and it takes her a little while to warm up to new situations. She's playful and very snuggly. She's adjusting well to our household routine and enjoys being with her foster brother and foster parents. She'll need an owner with a bit of patience, as she still gets nervous sometimes.
Jamesy: ADOPTED 1/12
Oh, Jamesy... what a flop! And, I mean that in the best possible way. He is such a laid back fella, he just loves to flop down at your feet and chill. He's great with people and loves to play with his foster brother, especially in the snow! He's a great guy!
Lexie: ADOPTED 2/12
Lexie Lou is sweeter than sweet. She was found in Kentucky, chained to a tree, surrounded by mud with her puppies. She did everything in her power to keep her puppies alive, and they were all recently adopted into fantastic homes. Lexie deserves a fantastic home of her own! She loves anyone and everyone she meets and is very content just hanging around the house.
Susie: ADOPTED 4/12
Susie is the perfect little pocket pet! She's so well behaved in the house and won't leave your side outside. She will forever be your loyal friend. Not much about Susie isn't perfect!
Eva: ADOPTED 6/12
Eva and her brother Duke were surrendered to the rescue when their family fell on hard times and needed to move in with family members that had dog allergies. Eva was clearly very well loved in her previous home and is super well behaved. She's house trained, crate trained and good with kids, cats and other dogs. She can be a little shy when she first meets someone, but it really doesn't take her long to warm up. She'll be your best friend!

Brutus: ADOPTED 10/12
Oh, Brutey. What is there to say about Brutus? Ok, maybe the right thing to ask would be, what ISN'T there to say about Brutus?! Talk about a perfect dog. Brutus comes equipped with fantastic manors. He knows basic commands, he's house and crate trained and he walks fantastically on a leash. Brutus is a playful fella, and if there's no one to play with him, he'll play all by himself. He loves to play fetch -which in his world means run with the ball for all of eternity. Brutey really is a special boy, he would make an excellent therapy dog with continued training. He loves his people and his snuggles can pick you up on your worst of days. Brutus is a fantastic dog... not enough can be said about him!
Carly: ADOPTED 9/12
Carly is the puppy of all puppies! What a spunky little gal! She loves romping around the yard with her foster brothers and she'll settle right down with you at night for couch time snuggles. Just watch out, she'll add those little love nips on your ears or nose if you're not paying attention! She's such a unique girl, we love her to pieces!
Snickers: ADOPTED 10/12
Snickers is Carly's sister and they could not be more opposites! Snickers is a dare devil, she's not afraid of anything. She's a well behaved girl though, but she has a strong personality! Snickers is a ham for the camera and will mock her foster brother's poses. She's a funny girl and will fit in with just about any home!
Layla: ADOPTED 10/12
Well, Layla has some beautiful good looks. She's a pure Diva at heart and a equal mix of sugar and spice! She loves following her foster brother around and supervising everything he does. She's doing well with house training and has already mastered the "sit" command. She's a smart girl, and needs a smart owner ready to indulge her in some training! Her mind needs to be working, or this girl of mischief will find her own things to learn!
Sophie: ADOPTED 3/13
Sophie is just as snuggly as they come!  This little lover wants nothing more than to snuggle up next to you for a long snooze.  She gets along with most other dogs and adores people of all sizes.  Sophie knows how to sit, and will sit and wait for her food dish.  She's full of wiggles, but is trying really hard to learn some more commands.  She walks okay on a leash and is house trained and crate trained.  She enjoys snuggling with her foster people and her canine foster brother.  Sophie can be a little feisty when she wants and loves to run outside.
Serena: ADOPTED  4/13
Serena is as smart as she is beautiful!  With her stunning blue eyes and her soft, fluffy coat, this girl will melt the hardest of hearts!  She loves playing with other dogs and doesn't mind having cats around either.  She is a pure bred husky, about 1 year old.  She has a good amount of energy and enjoys running in the back yard and going for long walks.  She also excels at training!  She's learned sit, shake, down and stay and is slowly but surely learning how to walk well on a leash.  Serena can also be a little bit mouthy, and has made great strides while in her foster home learning it's unacceptable!  She's a great girl who will make a wonderful best friend for her forever family!

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