Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Praying

My Grandpa Dave needs all the prayers and good vibes you guys have today, okay?
He went back to the hospital last Thursday.  They put a drain in to drain the fluid from his left lung... the drain was removed yesterday morning.  Then, last night, my Grandpa Dave had a heart attack.  They're running all sorts of tests now, but will be doing an operation on his heart this afternoon.
I've been doing a good job at keeping a smile on the momma's face and I keep reminding her to stay positive.  But, every day it seems to get harder.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Find the light

When the light at the end of the tunnel dims,
Find a way to make it brighter.
Please keep the momma's family in your thoughts... My Grandpa Dave is back in the hospital and having a really difficult time.  He keeps getting slapped with bad news and everyone is struggling to deal with it.  We know the power of positive thinking, and I'm doing my best to keep the momma positive, but I know more positive vibes headed their way would be super helpful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Corbin vs Brutus

::Insert Jaws music::

Corbin wins.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Funny Foto Friday

Today's Funny Foto Friday post was made possible by  Thanks so much!

I think the momma forgot that this was MY blog for a few days... but it's okay, she needed the support you all gave her!  Thanks for that, it's great to have such a wonderful group of people to fall back on.  I promise to let her take over my blog again if she's in need of all your positive reinforcement!

So, since it's been ALL about the momma, this post will be PACKED of pooches.  So, get a good giggle, here are some goofy bloopers from the past week!

Flyin' Corbin Ears!
Watch out kid, TOOTIN' TIME!
HEY! The Corbin is getting his picture taken here...
Duhhhhh I wasn't eatin' no grasses...
Crazy puppy faces!
It's behind me, isn't it?  Should I run?
Even the Corbin can look goofy sometimes.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: This Face...

This is the face I wake up to every morning. 
The face that reminds me, every day, to be thankful for all I have,
To love those I care about with my whole heart,
To take joy in the simple things in life, 
And to wake up and remember that each day is a new day,
A new chance. 
He reminds me to be happy to see those I'm happy to see,
To be weary, but loving, towards strangers, 
To trust those, that are worthy, with my life,
He teaches me to slow down, this life isn't a race to the end,
To take time to stop and smell the air,
That, sometimes, watching the world go by from your front window is a good enough pass time.
He teaches me the importance of a good snuggle,
And the comfort and relaxation of quietness.
He reminds me that others can feed off my energy and to always be calm,
That there are few things in life that are better than a stroll around the block,
That life is too short for hate.
He reminds me not to forget how great a simple car ride can be,
Not to forget to be thankful for food and drink,
Not forget that ice cream is important, and to savor each bite as if it'll be your last.
He reminds me to be a protector for those I love,
To stand up for myself and others in times of darkness,
To show my true colors, no matter what people do or say.
He reminds me to be true to myself,
That I should never change for anyone,
That I should never be fake or dishonest.
This is the face that shows me true, unconditional love.
This is the face that I have learned so much from.
This is the face that makes me who I am,
That gives me hope for tomorrow.
I'm thankful for Corbin each and every day and all the ways he's shown me how to be a better person.
What has your dog taught you?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One word changes everything

Corbin's momma here, taking over the blog for a completely non dog related post.

Last week my family heard one word that changed our lives. One word that had us second guessing any plans we had made for the future. One word that has such an emotional attachment, it's hard to comprehend.

If you say a word out loud enough, you start to lose that emotional attachment. You start to forget that horrific meaning the word stands for. It becomes part of your everyday reality and you no longer flinch when you say or hear it.

My dad went in for a simple procedure two weeks ago. He's been battling a bad case of pneumonia and the lung specialist wanted to scope out his lungs for a better view and take some samples. His simple out patient procedure turned into an extended stay when they almost couldn't get him to come out of the anesthesia.

They were waiting on the test results to come in so they could better treat his pneumonia, of course they were delayed. The doctors came in last Monday, said the biopsy looked normal and that my dad had fluid around his heart that they needed to drain. We were so thankful for the biopsy results, but unfortunately it was short lived. The next day they came in and told my dad that his results weren't what they said they were the previous day. They told him he has lung cancer.

There it is... Cancer. That one word that changes everything.

Our hope is that this was found early. Our hope is that it hasn't spread. Our hope is for cancer free some day soon.

We'll remain positive and hopeful. We know he has a long fight a head of him, and we know that we have a long fight ahead of us to be strong, positive and supportive for him through this. 

Please keep us in your prayers. Our family has been through so much in the recent years, I pray we have the strength to get through this as well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Layla: Adopted

Out with the old... in with the Brute.

The crazy kid has gone to be crazy with another family.  The momma told them over and over that she's crazy, energetic, mischievous and in need of some serious training and socialization.  You see, while she was very well behaved with me... she got a little aggressive with other dogs. 
Crazy. Kid. For. Sure.

So, her new family, knowing all there was to know about Miss Layla, said they were up for the challenge and took her home.  Good luck, kid.  Can't wait to see how you mature!

Layla: Laters Blogyville!
So, with Layla adopted... I got a new friend back.
Remember this kid?
That's right, Brutus is back!
Unfortunately, Brutey's new dad worked an awful lot and he didn't feel it was fair to Brutus.  It really sucks because they were a great match for each other.  It's very clear that Brutus was well cared for and loved, and that Brutus loved him too.  But, he's back and ready for action.
Brutus: Did ya miss me?
And, Layla's brother Rocky came for a visit Saturday night.  His foster family was out of town, so he got to play with me and the Brute for the night!
Good looks must run in the family!
Quite a busy weekend for this Corbin!
Thanks to every who wished the momma a Happy Birthday!  I was able to steal her away and have some one-on-one Corbin time yesterday. 
She needed that.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Momma's Birthday

It's the momma's birthday!
She said her birthday was cancelled this year... some bad news has been coming our way regarding the momma's family, so it's been a rough few weeks.  The momma said her birthday wasn't important this year and she'd have many more to celebrate.  But, I said that the momma was important to me and I'm still celebrating! Because if it wasn't for the momma, who knows where I'd be!
So, Happy 28th Birthday to the momma. 
No matter what happens, she still has me to come home and snuggle with.  Oh, and dad too, but we all know she likes snuggling with me more.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Foster Friday: Layla

I kicked da Corbin outs the 'puter chair.  It be MY turn!
Hi, I'm Layla!  Is e'erbody listenin'?
You in dere?????
Ok, good.
So, I's just a baby dog.  I's born down south and rode up to this buuuuurrrrr cold place with my 3 sibs and a bunch a other doggies. 
Lady.... where you sendin' me?
Of course, I's a lil scared at first.  I's never been to no New York and I's not know what to expect.  BUT, lucky for me, I met nice Foster Lady who fell in love wits my picture.  I hope's she didn't get hurt when she fell....
Who da heck is dis big guy?
Den, I mets the Corbin.  Him's a big dude.  You may tink him's be big and tuff, but him's just big.  Unless ya try to take his ball.... den him's tuff.
Him's says "Watch your paws, kid. That's my ball."
I let him take him's ball, den I give him huggies.
Den the foster peoples throw da ball, and da Corbin runs like a CRAZY dog ta go get it.
I doesn't understand... so I just wait for him's to get back.
See him's way up in da corner? By da tree? Him's looks small, but him's not.
Sometimes I's just runs around, who needs a ball?
Other times, I's just look cute.
Foster lady says dat tomorra's a big day and I's get ta go ta an Adoption Event.  She says people will ohhhh and ahhhh over my cutie ways and maybe someone's will fall in love wit me like da Foster Lady.  Her's says dat someone wit a camera needs do adopt me becuz I's a ham.  I said, where's da ham?!
Her's lied... dere was no ham's.
So, anywiggles... dis is me, Layla!  Oh, wants MORE stuffs on me?  Ok, well, I's 14 weeks old, I's has 1 sissy and 2 brudders dat came wits me to NY.  I's do most of my potties outside but, when a girlie's gots ta go... her's gots ta go.  I likes to take shoes, but da foster lady says I can'ts do that.  I learned to SIT wit my butts on da floor.  And, I's pretty good at stayin' dere until da foster lady says I's can move.  I chillax in my crate all day while the foster folks aren't dere, but da foster lady comes home and lets us out in da middle of da days.
Oh, did I mention dat I's super cute?
Does I look cute from up here, too?
Okay... I's dink that's it about me.  Wish me luck tomorra, okay?
Layla, OUTSIE!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet Layla

So, yesterday I gave you a sneak peek at my new foster sister.
Meet Layla.

Layla came up to us from North Carolina with her sister and two brothers.  She's about 14 weeks old and absolutely beautiful.  She's a crazy little one!  I thought Snickers was handful but Layla makes her look like a walk in the park!

Crazy vicious pit bull puppy eating the momma's fingers.
I can't say much though because she is stinkin' cute!
And, by stinkin' I mean she's just plain stinkin'.  The momma finally gave her a bath yesterday! 
So, say hello to Layla.  Hopefully she won't be too busy like Snickers to blog for Foster Friday!
Oh, and a lot of you thought she looks a lot like me, but have you forgotten Brutus?!  Look how similar these two are!
She's like his mini me!