Friday, October 5, 2012

Foster Friday: Layla

I kicked da Corbin outs the 'puter chair.  It be MY turn!
Hi, I'm Layla!  Is e'erbody listenin'?
You in dere?????
Ok, good.
So, I's just a baby dog.  I's born down south and rode up to this buuuuurrrrr cold place with my 3 sibs and a bunch a other doggies. 
Lady.... where you sendin' me?
Of course, I's a lil scared at first.  I's never been to no New York and I's not know what to expect.  BUT, lucky for me, I met nice Foster Lady who fell in love wits my picture.  I hope's she didn't get hurt when she fell....
Who da heck is dis big guy?
Den, I mets the Corbin.  Him's a big dude.  You may tink him's be big and tuff, but him's just big.  Unless ya try to take his ball.... den him's tuff.
Him's says "Watch your paws, kid. That's my ball."
I let him take him's ball, den I give him huggies.
Den the foster peoples throw da ball, and da Corbin runs like a CRAZY dog ta go get it.
I doesn't understand... so I just wait for him's to get back.
See him's way up in da corner? By da tree? Him's looks small, but him's not.
Sometimes I's just runs around, who needs a ball?
Other times, I's just look cute.
Foster lady says dat tomorra's a big day and I's get ta go ta an Adoption Event.  She says people will ohhhh and ahhhh over my cutie ways and maybe someone's will fall in love wit me like da Foster Lady.  Her's says dat someone wit a camera needs do adopt me becuz I's a ham.  I said, where's da ham?!
Her's lied... dere was no ham's.
So, anywiggles... dis is me, Layla!  Oh, wants MORE stuffs on me?  Ok, well, I's 14 weeks old, I's has 1 sissy and 2 brudders dat came wits me to NY.  I's do most of my potties outside but, when a girlie's gots ta go... her's gots ta go.  I likes to take shoes, but da foster lady says I can'ts do that.  I learned to SIT wit my butts on da floor.  And, I's pretty good at stayin' dere until da foster lady says I's can move.  I chillax in my crate all day while the foster folks aren't dere, but da foster lady comes home and lets us out in da middle of da days.
Oh, did I mention dat I's super cute?
Does I look cute from up here, too?
Okay... I's dink that's it about me.  Wish me luck tomorra, okay?
Layla, OUTSIE!


  1. Hi Layla! You are very cute! And what beautiful eyes! We are hoping and praying you find a forever home soon!


    Pee.s. Corbin looks so big!

  2. LAYLA... you did a grrrrrrreat job with your furst time at the pooter thingy. You are fur SURE a cutie patootie.
    Best of Luck at the big thingy tomorrow!!!
    PeeS... HUG Corbin fur all of us.

  3. Those are some gorgeous eyes you have... they look deep into your soul and say "TAKE ME HOME AND GIVE ME NOMS!!"

    Gorgeous, Layla!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  4. Oh Layla, you are so VERY very cute. I know lots of people will fall in love with you. (It was mean of your foster momma to tease you about the ham, though. Don't joke about ham!)

  5. We will be keeping paws crossed that you find your forever home tomorrow!


  6. You sure are a beauty Layla. I bet it won't be long before you find your forever home. Of course I would love for you to stay with Corbin so we could watch you grow up and see more pictures of those beautiful blue eyes.


  7. Hmmmmm I think you got the accents wrong - da Layla sounds more like a New York gangster - surely such a sweetie from the south would have a sweet southern belle "Paula Dean" accent y'all. Maybe she can channel Paula for the adoption day - I am sure with those blue eyes she will steal someones heart

  8. You're a beautiful super star, Layla! I hope you find your forever home as soon as possible.

    I love your eyes, so blue and so expressive!

  9. Layla, you are just the cutest little thing!

  10. There's a great home waiting for you, Layla! Good luck tomorrow.

  11. Layla - I just know you will get adopted soon! I also pray that the people that adopt you realize that there is more to having a dog than just the dog being cute. You will be work since you are just a little girl and need to learn so when you are all grown up like Corbin, you are a good canine citizen. I heard there's lots of ham for good canine citizens! Ok, maybe not. But there really should be.

    You are so photogenic I bet if you made a calendar with just you (and you could include Corbin too because let's face it, he's darn handsome) everyone would want to buy it!

  12. Who in their right mind could pass up such pretty blue eyes!! Beautiful Layla!

  13. You are beautiful. No doubt some buddy will fall in love with you forever
    Benny & Lily

  14. Good luck and you are super cute!

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Good luck finding your furever home tomorrow, Layla! You shouldn't have any trouble charming the entire adoption event!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  16. ohmiiiiiiiiigaaaaaaaaaawd......... Layla is TOO CUTE!! I have died and gone to cute heaven. That is the only explanation for how this much cuteness is possible.

  17. OMD!! You sure are a cutie Layla!! I knows you will have NO PROBLEM findin' a good, sweet lovin' family to take you to your furever home tomorrows!!
    Who could resist THAT face after all!!



  18. OMD! Layla is so adorable! I am in love with the greys! We had a grey pittie in a few weeks ago and he stole my heart!

  19. Oh Layla, someone is sure to snap you up tomorrow. Best of luck to you, you are a beautiful girl!

  20. Good luck for tomorrow Layla. We hope your forever family shows up so they don't miss out on any more time with you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. You will be snatched up in a heartbeat, Layla, because you are TOO cute!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  22. Purring purrrring PURRRRRRING that you find the perfect forever home!

  23. Hi Layla! I just found Corbin's blog, how nice of him to share the spotlight with u. U r too cute and silly, hope u find a furrever home soon!

  24. All da very best my pal. You is sooper cute and I fink you haz a furever ome very soon. You haz da best teacher in Corbin The Huge

  25. Layla, you are ridiculously cute! I love your beautiful blue eyes and your inquisitive face and long legs! Are you part great dane?! You look like you are going to be super tall! :) I have a feeling Corbin's mama is going to have a hard time letting you go!