Sunday, February 27, 2011

Better late than never... Banquet Time!

I'm so honored to be attending the Banquet to honner the awesome race that took place between Bunny and Pip!

Sorry I'm a little late.  I got a little car sick yesterday on the way to the Banquet.  Miss. Puddles picked me up, and well... her driving can get a little..... uh.... bad ruff.  Ya know, because of her short feet and lack of steering pot holes.
I think I'm going to be sick......

Once I got the beer inside...
I brought the High Life... bc it's the champagne of beers.
I brought some Bud Heavy's too... Ya know, for those who
might enjoy it.
I also brought great party food to go with the beer
Oops, I already drank one of the BL Smooths...
Once all the heavy lifting of the beer and cheeto's was done...
I got dressed for the partyyyy!!!
How do I look?
My first dance is with the beatiful Maggie Mae!
Who's dancin' with me next????

Friday, February 25, 2011

Me? Awesome?

Receiving this award made me blush... of course I'm always talking about how awesome I am, but I didn't know some of my furiends thought the same thing!  I am so excited to accept this Awesome Blog award from two of my bloggin' furiends Finn and Benny & Lily!  Thanks guys!

By accepting this award I have to tell you a few things about myself, and recommend a few new blogs for you to check out! So here goes.....

1. I just passed my Canine Good Citizen's test and I will be taking my therapy dog test within the next few months - but first, I'm going to dip my paw into agility!

2. I had a really crappy beginning to my life, but the past year + spent with my family has more than made up for it!

3. I'm a real life boatin' dog and I love to swim in the lake!

4. I live about 5 miles from an airport... I normally don't mind when planes fly over our house, except for the one that flies over every night around 10pm... I bark like a mad dog... EVERY night.

5. I have a group of furiends that live near me and we try to get together at least once a month for play dates!  I go crazy when I know it's a play date day...

6. I stay in my crate when mom and dad leave the house... I was able to roam free in the house, but then I ate the couch... and a zucchini... and ice cube trays... and an entire bag of Charlie Bears... among other things.

7. And, for my last "thing" about me... I'm going to get really deep and show you my soft side... I cry like a baby when my foster sisters leave the house.  I really go nuts.  One time I actually tried claw the front windown down... and another time I rushed the front door so hard I hurt myself.  So now, I sometimes have to sit in my crate when they leave.  And, if they get adopted, I still look for them for 2-3 days afterwards... and I run through the house like a mad man barking for them.

Now I get to pass along the "Awesome Blog" award to some of my wonderful bloggin' furiends!  I'm going to try to stick to some new blogs that I've come across so you can meet them if you haven't yet!

1. Two Pitties in the City - They're blog is a lot of fun and I really enjoy their adventures in Chicago!  They always have interesting things to blog about, and I just love seeing Miss. M's face!

2. Pauley James Foster Baby - Pauley is a pit bull being fostered by some awesome humans!  He's a sweet guy and a lot of fun to read about!  Plus, I'm a softie for fosters ;-)
3. Oh Charlie... the Mini Aussie - Charlie is a super cool dude who loves the snow!  He also has a bunny friend... which I find a little confusing...

4. Anna the GSD - I LOVE Anna!  She's so cool, she gets to wear fashionable glasses and everything! 

5. Shawnee the Shepherd - There are a few blogs that have inspired mom to pick up hiking with me in the spring... Shawnee is one of them!  Along with Anna and Tales and Tails!

6. Noodles - who doesn't love a funny puggie?!

7. Peggy's Pet Place - Peggy just wrote a book called Dieting with your Dog.  We can't wait to read it when it comes out!  But Peggy and her doggie Kelly live near me, so me and some of my furiends got to have some picture taken for her book promotions!  Super cool!

Thanks so much Benny & Lily and Finn!!!  I'm so honored to be your bloggin' furiends :o)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Contest Update!

Before I update you on my contest entries, there's someone I'd like to tell you about. 

Since mom has taken over the import for Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, she has run into a few sad cases that Homeward Bound has been fortunate enough to help.  The most recent case is a German Shepherd mix named Merry.  Merry and her 3 puppies were found on the doorstep of a vets office on Christmas Eve in Georgia.  Merry and her puppies were taken into rescue and transported to Homeward Bound earlier this month.  Merry is one of the sweetest dogs and has such a wonderful, happy demeanor.  They think she was hit by a car a little over a year ago and was never taken to the vet to be treated.  Her front left leg healed tight next to her body, so she would only walk on 3 legs.  Once Merry got to Homeward Bound, she was brought to a specialist who decided it was in Merry's best interest to remove the "dead" leg.  It had begun to affect her center of balance and she walks/hops sideways to get around.  Merry's surgery was Tuesday afternoon and she is doing great in her recovery and will return to her foster home today to continue recovering.  Merry's surgery and care cost $3,000.  If you would like to Donate to Merry's fund, please visit Homeward Bound's Website.  You can write "For Merry" in the description and put that you came from Corbin if you'd like.  If you scroll down further on the dontations page, you will see me and the story of my legs from when I first arrived at Homeward Bound.  So, I have a bit of a soft spot for the dogs who need a little extra medical attention!
This is Merry and how she used to hold up her leg.
These are Merry's Puppies, Comet, Dasher and Dancer

Now on to my contest entries!  If you haven't yet, please go check each and every one of them out!  I had so much fun on my adventures and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to join in the fun!
Rudy took me to doggie land!
Kelly took me to see Nipper!
Khyra took me on one of her moms rescue transports!
Tucker took me to Vegas!
Wyatt invited me over to his house for dinner!
Frankie invited me over to explore his hill!
Noodles took me to Disneyworld in Hong Kong!
Shawnee took me hiking! 9.5 miles!!!
Mango took me on a double date in Boston!
Puddles took me Paris!
Charlie took me to Hawaii!
Shasta invited me over to save her from a scary mouse!
HoneyBuzz took me on a crazy adventurous day!
Levi took me to Mardi Gras!
Lola took me on her dream date - which included a Yankee game!
Kipper took me to the Oscar Mayer headquarters to ride in the Wienermobile!

If I forgot anyone, PLEASE let me know!!!  My mom is kind of a dumbdumb lately...
A winner will be announced on Monday, February 28, 2011!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You can now call me...


I took my test yesterday, and I passed!!! I almost screwed it up though... I had to do my sit, down, sit, stay... then I had to come when mom called me.  Well, I started to come, then I went over to check out my brush instead of going straight to mom.  Hey, I just wanted to make sure my brush wasn't going to get left there!  I went to mom eventually!  She was a little shocked when I ignored her... oops.  But I passed anway because I came to her eventually... and I didn't go up to anyone or any other dogs, I just went to check out my brush, BOL!  Heather took video of my test, so you can all see how awesome I did and how horrible I did on my "come" command.  Mom took video of Heather and Emmett, so we'll include that too for those of you that know my brotha from anotha motha!

This is the beginning of my test... my greet, grooming, heeling, sit, down, stay, horrible come.

This is the "walking through a crowd" test and loud noise test

Mom can't figure out how to get the last 2 video's here... so you'll have to go to YouTube to check them out...

This is everybody that was in my class!  We all passed!
What? That's it? We're done?
I passed??? Seriously??? I passed?
I'm a GOOD CITIZEN! Woooooo!
Now what do we do?
Next week I start agility classes!  Wahoo!!!  I'm going to do Therapy Dog Training soon too... but mom says we need to work on the "come" first... and apparently the "leave it" which I'm normally really good at... except for the "come" part of my test... because I didn't want to leave my brush.

I took some more great adventures yesterday and today!  Check in tomorrow to see the official list of the trips I've taken with my awesome furiends!  Then the judging will begin!

Later Dudes!
-Corbin, CGC

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Play Date! Contest update! & CGC Test TONIGHT!

So, on Saturday I went over to my buddy Levi's house to meet up with my furiends!  Maggie Mae was there, Emmett was there and of course, Levi Mac!  Mom also brought along Rockette (Weenie/Gretta), who I mentioned to you in yesterdays post!  Anywho, without further ADOOOOOO... Here are the picture of our rockin' good time!
Are we there yet?!
Where the heck are you taking me now, lady?
This is all of us and our Moms!
Maggie: Emmett... I think that's my furiend Puddles wearing a costume
so we don't think it's actually her... but I think it is.
Maggie: Hey, Lady... is you really Puddles?  Would you like
a beer?  Maybe some cheeto's?
Maggie: One last chance for beer and cheeto's!
Maggie: Corbin... I don't think that's Puddles at all... she didn't
fall for my beer and cheeto's trap.
Corbin: What do you think, Maggie?  Think we can clear this
gate and make a break for it?  Puddles can drive in France,
so she can probably drive here, right?  She can pick us up...
Then Ms. Peggy showed up and we decided not to make
our break
This is all of us with Ms. Peggy.  She was so super nice!
She came over to take some pictures of us to help promote
her new book: Dieting with my Dog!  We all had a lot of fun
being in Hollywood for the day!
This is Emmett and me with Peggy!
You can check her blog out at Peggy's Pet Place!
We all sit very nicely for treats from Maggie's mom!
Maggie can't believe her mom is giving all her treats away!
hehehehehehe, us boys don't take our eyes off the prize!
Maggie is asking Emmett to play
He, of course, says yes!
Hehe, it took mom a while to figure out if this was me or Emmett.
It's Emmett!  That's my nose over on the bottom left hand side!
We all have so much fun!
Levi ends up on the ground a lot, BOL!
Gee, Ma... I'm pooped!
Bye Maggie & Emmett! I gotta go home with my weeniedog!
See ya later, Levi! Thanks for letting me come over to play!
Weenie and I snuggled for the rest of the night :-)
Contest update!

I have gone SO many cool places with my furiends!  Here are the entries I have so far!
Rudy took me to doggie land!
Kelly took me to see Nipper!
Khyra took me on one of her moms rescue transports!
Tucker took me to Vegas!
Wyatt invited me over to his house for dinner!
Frankie invited me over to explore his hill!
Noodles took me to Disneyworld in Hong Kong!
Shawnee took me hiking! 9.5 miles!!!
Mango took me on a double date in Boston!
Puddles took me Paris!
Charlie took me to Hawaii!
Shasta invited me over to save her from a scary mouse!

Please let me know in a comment if I forgot anyone!  Trying so hard to keep track, but I keep having to pack, unpack and repack my suitcase for all these awesome adventures!!! 
Deadline for entries is tomorrow!

And! You better be thinkin' of me tonight...
I'm going for my Canine Good Citizens TEST!!!
Test begins at 5:30, so stay tuned tomorrow to find out if
I'm a good citizen or a bad bad boy! hehehe
Later Dudes!

Monday, February 21, 2011

You're bringing me a hotdog?!

This is the face of a dog that LOVES hotdogs!
This is my hotdog?
She doesn't really smell like a hotdog...
Hey! That's MY job!
So, are you the kind of hotdog I can eat?
Still don't look like a hotdog from down here...
Ma, you lied.  You didn't bring me any hotdogs.
This is Rockette... aka Weenie... aka Gretta
She's kind of small...
But she sure is cute!
ps. My eyes are squinty bc of the flash.... knock on wood
they've been doing pretty well!
Sometimes I try to jump on her
And play with her
But mom says I'm just too big.
But when mom isn't looking...
I play with her...
And sometimes she plays back!
Isn't she sweet?!
Gretta (That's what Grandma Lynda keeps calling her bc she said she needs a German name, BOL!) stayed at Grandma Lynda's all day yesterday!  Her and Uncle Harley got along really well and Grandma Lynda is thinking about maybe adopting her!  She's a 3ish year old, 20ish pound Dachshund mix -but we're really not sure what she's mixed with.  She looks pretty dachshund to mom, but maybe some of my dachshund furiends can help us out!  She is super sweet and puts up with my large and crazy self :o)  She came back to stay here for the night last night and I get to hang out with her all day today before she goes back to Grandma Lynda's... She's going to try it out for the week and see if we can get Grandpa Dave to say Okay!  Gretta came from a hoarding situation down in Georgia... she has a few small chunks missing from her ear that have already healed up, so we figure they were from a while ago and she probably got beat up by some other dogs.  But she's very friendly and loves me and Harley and other dogs.  She LOVES kids.  But she's super afraid of my dad when he stands up... if he lays down, she'll sit on his chest and lick his face, but I think she gets scared of him bc he's so tall and she's just an itty bitty!  She also has this really cute grin she does when she gets really happy... she lifts up her lip and smiles with her upper teeth!  Mom really loves her so she's hoping Grandma Lynda will keep her forever :o)

Also, I had a super fun playdate with my furiends on Saturday I have to tell you about!  And I've had some really awesome enteries to my contest!  I have to get caught up on all of them today and update you tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Oh... and it's SNOWING here... AGAIN!  Just when it all started melting...

Later Dudes!