Monday, February 7, 2011

The story of Eye...

So, last Sunday my eye started bothering me... it was a little swollen and mom just thought I poked it on something.  Then, as the day went on, it started getting puffier and puffier and soon it was both eyes.  By the time we all sat down to relax and watch some TV, both eyes were swollen and gooey -ick.  Then when we woke up the next morning, both eyes were swollen shut and I couldn't see ANYTHING.  So momma cleaned them out, called the work place and told them she'd be late and she called the VET and off we went.  I could see a little bit after momma cleaned me up... but it wasn't pretty...
Goin' to the VET.
Waitin' like a good sickie boy at the VET.
Dr. VET wasn't Dr. Mike, who I usually see, but he sure was nice.  Since I have 87 problems, mom figured she'd tell him about everything since we were there.  So he started with my tail, which I busted open on last Sunday when my furiends came over to play. 
This was the messy floor after I busted my tail open.
Mom didn't get pictures of the blood on the fridge, cabinets,
walls, doors and ceiling.... YES, ceiling.
So the VET told mom what to do to keep it from opening again because it needed to heal.  And he explained how important it was that her and dad keep an eye on it because eventually I could get nerve damage and they might have to remove my tail.  YEAH... wtf.  More on that later.....

Then, momma told the VET about my paws and how I cut them up when I'm outside... so the VET looked at my paws.  He told momma that I need to wear boots when going out in the rough snow because there was icky stuffs in the cuts in my paws -which also bleed everywhere.  So Grandma Lynda bought me new boots so I no longer have to wear the pink ones.  THANKS GRANDMA LYNDA!!!  I don't have pictures of my new boots yet.

Then, Dr. VET gets to my eyes... he stuck a icky paper in my eye ball and shined a weird light at me.  He said it was to see if there were any cuts on my eyeball.  There weren't.  So he gave momma some cream to put in my eyes 3 times a day.  He also said I needed to be rechecked because my eye lids were rolling in towards my eyes, which could be a whole nother problem - YEA.  Seriously.

Then we were just about done when momma remembered the bump that's been on my shoulder since I had my nasty hives.  So Dr. VET looked at that and took a mental note of how big (small) it was.  So he's going to recheck that today when I go for my recheck of my eye balls.  He said he wanted to biopsy it - whatever that means.

Finally on the way home from the VET.
When we got home, momma put into action the plan her and Dr. VET talked about.....

Yep... See that on the end of my tail?  YEP.
I know, I have a nice butt, but you have to
look at the end of my tail, please.
Then the momma gave me a nice treat for leaving my tail wrap on.
Close up of momma's awful job.  BUT it stayed on and now it's
off because it's all healed up and I haven't split it open in about
a week ::KNOCK ON WOOD::
BUT, Dr. VET says that I should wear it any time we THINK I'm
going to be really excited... like when Heather and Emmett come to visit... hehehe
SO... the momma is getting out of the workplace early and coming home to get me so we can go back to see Dr.VET.  Usually we go much later, but she wanted to make sure we saw the same Dr. VET.  My eyeballs are doing better, but they were a little puffy again yesterday.  Momma says I'm making her go grey and giving her premature wrinkles.  Whatever mom.  Stop trying to blame that stuff on me.
These were my better eyes on Friday.
Going to be posting something really cool at some point this week... Momma just needs to get her act together and get things organized.  I'll get her right on that once we get home from the large bill VETS Office. Hope you all had a fun weekend and enjoyed the SUPERBOWL!!!  Go PACK Go!!! (Hey... I couldn't root for the Giants! BOL)

Later Dudes.


  1. Holy moly Corbin! That was NOT a fun VET trip I bet! Glad they were able to figure out some of your silly problems! You must get awful exctied for your tail to get hurt like that! Hope your trip goes well today and you're all cleared!!

    Slobbery kisses,
    Flash & Ollie

  2. I sure am glad you're getting things taken care of Corbin!!

  3. Wow, tail, bumps and eyes?? Dude, you need to stop trying so hard!! I hope your eyes are okay...I've gotten used to the drops. I go Saturday to see Dr. Eye Vet to figure out what's going on with my Pannus. Good luck and kisses!

  4. Oh no, not another case of happy tail. Corbin, you let your Mom or Dad put that protector on your tail or you will end up like Gypsy. The Momster says she so understands about the blood splatter and how it can get everywhere, even the ceiling. We will cross our paws for your eyes, tail, and paws, and the bump too to all be better. And then,no more problems, OK? Mom had a Golden Retriever who had those eyelids that rolled under and it wasn't a good thing at all. Get better, Corbin.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Oh Corbin,
    I feel so bad for you! Your eyes look painful. I hope your pretty eyes heal soon.
    Love Noodles

  6. Oh goodness Corbin! you sure do have a lot going on right now! Glad the vet is helping you heal up quickly!! Your mommy sounds a lot like my Mommy....always getting me looked at for every little thing and then blaming her stress on me! BOL!
    Feel better soon Corbin!

  7. Oh Corbin, poor baby. It looks like your tail causeda crime scene. We will keep our paws crossed you are back to a healthy young man
    Benny & Lily

  8. Oh man Corbin...looks like you got into a fight for 12 rounds. Just gets some rest. Hope Mom cleaned up the murder scene in the kitchen. I'be been thru that one before with my ear piercing.

  9. Corbin, you poor guy! We sure do hope your appointment with Dr. VET goes well today and that they don't stick anything up your butt while you're there...that's always a no-no! Hoping for a clean bill of health!!

    Elyse and Riley

  10. Dude, you're fallin' apart. I hope it's all better soon. At least your Packers won!

    Nubbin wiggles

  11. OMDogness Corbin!

    Your Momma must be a wreck with all the things going on with you my friend.
    Wow! That was quite a paint job for her. You should of told her it was for Valentine's Day. All red and from the heart ;o)

    Now seriously, I'm sending my powerful Yorkie healing vibes towards you. Hope everything gets healed pronto! You poor soul! That is no fun having sores all over your body... Tell your Mommy that my Mommy feels her worries.
    Humans! They always worry waaay to much.

    Neeko :o)

  12. Glad you're feeling better. The eye stuff sounds pretty scary. Miss M is always rubbing her eyes with her paws, even when they're cut from the ice. Did the vet think maybe you rubbed something into your eye like that?

  13. Well that was quite an adventure! I am glad you are feeling better. Take care, my friend!

  14. Corbins!!!

    Momma Jenn is takin' such good care of you but if her needs any help from me, in my official capacity of Blogville's Secretary of Nursing, Iet me know and I will be at your house ASAP! :) In da mean time I will send you some healin' licks and puppy prayers to help you get better faster!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom sends you a big hug and smoochie!

  15. Oh dis reminds me of a U2 song called Lemon...bwhahahaha, Oh geez, I cracks myself up. Is you sures your eyes ain't an allergy to sumptin? I'm sure if it was possible they would haves mentioned it though.

    I sure hopes your tail heals and you don't has to wear dat fugly bandage anymores...hehehehe.

    Keep us posted on your eyeballs!


  16. You sure have lots of sports injuries...we're glad your eyes are improving. And we'll keep our paws crossed that the lump and inturned eye lids aren't serious.

    You must be VERY HAPPY and excited when you have dog dates, to split your tail.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. Well, I'll admit it. I was kind of glancing at your butt. Pretty sure a bandaged tail is WAY better than a cone of shame, so count your blessings my friend. Maybe your mom could get cool dude skull and bones tape? Yeah, that would make it much better.

    Kitty and Coco

  18. Oh, no! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Just looking at your eyes made my eyes feel bad! And your poor tail! (Although it was nice we gots to see your handsome butt and all.) I hope when you go to the Dr. VET, he gives you a clean bill of health - and that it doesn't cost 87,000 green papers.

  19. I will not admit to looking at your butt, sniffing it maybe.

    That is quite a list of aliments. And I thought I was breaking the bank, he he. I still got my bandage on but mama changed it and it is smaller now. Glad you got your off for the time being.

  20. Oh Corbin.....II am so glad you are getting checked out for all your problems checked out. Paws crossed that everything will be ok and your gorgeous self gets back to normal.

  21. What a catalogue of poorly woes! I am so glad after reading through all your ailments that you are on the mend now.

    You were very good to keep the tail wrap on and put up with your eyes being cleaned and potioned and everything.

    Love and licks and a big get-well-soon hug
    from Winnie

  22. That's a lot of stuff packed into one vet visit, Corbin. We're glad your tail tip is better!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. Oh my goodness...your eye, feet and tails. OUCHIES. I hope you feel better soon.

  24. Oh major ouchies Corbin. I sorry you got the eye ouchies, the tail ouchies, and the bump ouchies. You better take care of yourself and do everything annoying thing the vet tells you to do! Got it??!! Good.

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  25. Oh I is glad you are feeling a little better, but you gots to heal all up! The tail thing is common in Danes, I have what they call a gay tail in the show dog world. It incorrectly curls up at the end. Momma thinks it may prevent me from getting Happy tail like you got. I hope the bump is nothing and your eyes get better soon. THe blood on the floor, Momma can relate. I got scratched on the ear my my oldest kitty brother when I was little and then I shook and shook and shook. All overs the carpet. Natures Miracle cleans everything. Feel betters soon.

    woof - Tucker

  26. awww Corbin! >>hugz<< & Good thoughts!!!!
    hope that bump you're getting checked out isn't serious! <3 <3

  27. Jeez Corbin, you're kind of a train wreck right now, huh? Hope everything clears up, heals up, wipes up etc.........

  28. Corbin,
    Dude, you need a vacation!! Put your paws up and take it easy...and GET WELL SOON!!


  29. Oh Corbin! I hope that you get better soon-so sorry for all your troubles as of late :( I hope your eyes get better soon!
    Maddy and Owen

  30. That sounds like one painful trip to the vet's office, both for you and your mom!

    A lot of Greyhounds suffer from "happy tail" and a trick that a lot of their owners use is to take an old hair roller and put that over the end of the tail inside the wrap. Extra protection! ;)


  31. Oh Corbin, that's a lot of vet stuff to having going on all at once. I had a hard time focusing on your tail with that cute butt nearby but, when I finally did, I could see what a great job your mom did wrapping it.

    And, your eyes! We've had lots of eye dramas in our house of dogs so make sure to take good care of them. I hope that they're ALL better very soon.

  32. Oh Corbin, I am sorry you had such a stressful time. I have 87 (at least) problems, too, so I definitely feel your pain. Feel better!

    Your pal, Pip

  33. Oh no... I hope you feel better soon!

  34. WoW Corbin! You are one big walking boo-boo.
    :( But a Handsome one a that! Hope you feel better real soon!

  35. Oh, Corbin...we've got our paws crossed for your tail and your eyes.

    Teddy Bear

  36. Oh Corbin, you poor thing. Hope all your bits and pieces get better soon. Take care dude. No worries, love Carol.

  37. Oh no, it seems you've all the ouchies with you. So glad that everything is under control and taken care of. Take care, Corbin!

  38. Glad you're doin better Corbin :) That tail wrap thing looks like it'd make a great bat :D

    Waggin at ya,

  39. Oh Corbin
    Your owees look like they hurt. I sure hope they heeler up quickly!! Otherwise your tail could be used as some sort of weapon.
    PS- I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't left me. Sorry about that. I can comment today though. That Maggie May looks like your kinda gal.