Friday, November 30, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Foster recap!

A post from the momma.
At the end of the year, we like to look back and remember all the beautiful dogs we've had the pleasure of fostering. This year, our fostering efforts were a little scattered due to Corbin's mystery pain/illness and a rough year for me and my family, but looking back, it's an amazing number. 
See how many you remember!
Here's our recap:
That's TEN foster dogs!  And puts us at 26 fosters total since we started. We also had some awesome foster overnight guests...
That's Magic Mike on the left
And little Miss Nicky on the right.
We also had a lot of times when we had two foster dogs at once!
Emmett came to visit for a week while we had Brutus AND Eva.
That's FOUR pitties in the house!
And, Brutus was pretty much part of the family, so we
couldn't say no to having second foster Carly!
Now, I can't say fostering is easy, non frustrating and stress free.  What I can say is, this year has been difficult for me to say the least... Corbin has cost well over $7,000 in vet bills on a condition no vet can diagnose and has needed to stay calm for the majority of the year, my mom had back surgery and my dad passed away after a 6 week hospital stay.  Free time hasn't exactly been on my side this year, yet we still saved 10 lives.
10 lives.
I'm not standing up on a soap box asking for praise.  Praise is the last thing on my mind.  The love from these dogs is more than enough to keep me going.  Nothing compares to the joy my heart felt when these dogs found their forever home.  I love each and every one as if they are my own and a piece of my heart left with each of them.
What I would like to say is... consider fostering a rescue dog.  Try it, take one in and see the difference it makes in your life.  Find a great rescue in your area (if you live near us, check out Homeward Bound!) and ask them about the opportunities to foster or even volunteer.  Give these dogs a chance, a temporary home, a warm blanket and a bowl of food. 
Afraid to foster because you'll get too attached?  I'm afraid not to foster, because that adorable face pleading for a chance on my computer screen won't get that chance unless someone says yes. 
I say yes.  Won't you?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I will never catch another bunny.
I will never catch another bunny.
I will never catch another bunny.
Now, will you take this stupid hat off my head?!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bye Bye Peter Cottontail...

It's been THREE years since I first met Peter Cottontail.
See him there? On the left?
Photo taken 6/21/10... like more than TWO years ago.
It's blurry bc I tried to make it bigger
and it was taken with the momma's old crappy phone.
But, do ya see him?!
I watched him...
Stalked him...
Chased him...
And.... yesterday?
So long, Peter!  It was a fun 3 years, but I FINALLY WON!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brutey's First Birthday!

Do you all remember my slobbery foster, Brutus?  Well, I think with everything going on recently, I forgot to tell you all....

Brutey found his forever home!
He went to his new home on October 13th.  I'm well over a MONTH late telling you this great news!  Sorry...
The momma was real nervous about letting Brutus go again, especially 1 week after he came back to us.  But this home sounded so perfect, she just couldn't let him miss out on it!  Brutus went to live with a 1 year old pit bull sister named Charlotte.  They got along so great and tire each other out every day!  They have a nice big fenced in yard to play with and go on walks all the time.  Brute also has TWO humans to love on him all the time. Brutey's new dad talks to the momma all the time about how great Brutus is and how happy he is that they found him.
The momma and I didn't think Brutey's home could get any better until Sunday night when the momma's phone went off.  This is what we received:
"Happy 1st Birthday Big Brute!"
They were celebrating Brutey's first birthday!  How awesome is that?!  He got a party hat and everything!  I was pretty bummed that we weren't able to make the celebration, but I'm glad Brutey is successfully spoiled and living a wonderful, fun life!  What better way to celebrate a birthday!?
Don't slobber on your cake, kid!
And here's Brutey and Charlotte hoggin' the bed after their big partyin' night!
 Happy Birthday Slobbery Kid!!!  We sure do miss you around here, but, by golly... you hit the forever home jackpot!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks & Mischief

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words of support for the momma after my Grandpa Dave passed away.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's really great to know so many wonderful people through my blog.
I got to go with the momma up to see Grandma Lynda last week.  The momma and I stopped so I could see this sign outside of the firehouse where my Grandpa Dave volunteered for 32 years.  He was a Nationally Certified Safety Officer, one of the only ones in NY State.  He was kind of a big deal, hehe. 
That's my Grandpa Dave
Hey, wait a minute... why doesn't it say "Grandpa Dave?"
Anyway, I don't normally get to pester visit Grandma Lynda and Grandpa Dave... I'm kind of a spazoid crazy dog and I run around and bump into things and knock people things over.  I just get so excited!  But, the momma took me up with her last Wednesday.
Want to know why?
To cheer Grandma Lynda up with this handsome face, of course!
Ok, well, that was my reasoning... the momma says I had to go with her so she could keep an eye on me.  You see.... when the momma wasn't home on Tuesday, I was napping on the couch and a horrible thing happened.  Squirrels invaded my house and went through the trash!  Can you believe it?  I was sleeping so soundly, I didn't even notice, but later that night when I was getting all sickly, I realized they MUST have drugged me.
The momma didn't believe me about the squirrels.
BUT! I'm feeling much better and the momma is no longer worried about me getting sickly.  I'm still worried about how those pesky squirrels got in and need to make sure it never happens again!  Although, I lost my free house roaming privileges while the momma and dad are out of the house, so I'm back to crate duty. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Help for Sandy Pets

So, the past few weeks have been pretty rough around here, but I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to blog about this awesome fundraiser hosted by my good, beautiful, brindle furiend, Mayzie!
She's WONDER woman!!!

You see, my furiend Mayzie and her awesome siblings and her wonderful mom are hosting a fundraiser to help all the pets that have been displaced by Super Storm Sandy.  This is something super important to us, since we live less than 3 hours from some of the places Sandy badly effected.  And, after the services for my Grandpa Dave, my dad took a week off from the Corbin (and from work.... oh, and the momma) and he went down to Queens to help with the clean up efforts!  He's not back yet, but let me tell you.... I have SO many smooches for him when he returns!

So, if you have some extra green papers, even just $5 or so, please donate to this great fund by clicking here!  There are also lots of cool prizes you can win just by donating -check them out HERE!

I hope Mayzie reaches far beyond her goal!  Good luck girl!  And, hopefully we'll be back to bloggin' again soon.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Angel

Corbin's momma here...

Tuesday morning, heaven gained a beautiful Angel and the world lost an amazing man, a loving husband, an exceptional dad, a loyal friend, devoted firefighter and most importantly a terrific Papa. You have left a huge hole in our lives and hearts, but we know you'll be watching over us and with us every second of our lives. Rest in peace, daddy. I love you and miss you more than words can say. Can't wait until I see you again some day.

Thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support... my dad lost his short, difficult battle with lung cancer.  Throughout the next days and weeks, we'll be honoring him and attempting to navagate this world without him by our side

Here's a link to his Obituary if you'd like to read more about my wonderful dad...