Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Peeps On Parade!

My furiend Sarge came up with a great idea!  He wants all of his furiends to do a post about their humans!  I know I'm the star of the show here... but I guess I can tell you a little about my two favorite people!  My dad is Adam... he's 27 years old and my momma is Jenn, who some of you already know!  Mom is 26.  We live in our house in upstate, NY and travel up to Lake George in the Adirondacks most every weekend in the summer.  It's just the three of us in our little family -and sometimes a foster sister!

These are my parents in Hawaii a few years ago... before ME.
My daddy-O is a pretty cool dude.  He's a Storm Water Inspector for the town we live in and he loves his job.  One of my favorite times of the day is when he gets home from work... it's our Dude Time.  We go outside and we play ball until both of us are tired out... then we come inside and relax on the couch... well, I usually sit on him and watch out the window for mom to come home (my other favorite time of the day).  Dad gives me treats and table scraps and rarely yells at me- hehe, that's moms job.  I'm dad's first dog EVER - first pet ever, actually!  Mom thought taking in a foster dog would be a good way to see if dad wanted a dog in the house... well, go figure, dad fell in love with me right away!  And I never left!

Don't worry dad... I'll let you know when she's coming.
My mom works for a college.  I'm trying to get her to retire so she can stay home with me all day, but she says she can't.  Usually when mom gets home from work, her, dad and I go on a walk around our neighborhood.  Sometimes dad has to mow the lawn and do hard labor around the house, so it's just mom and me on those days!  Mom liked to scrap book... that was until I ate 2 of her completed books and 1 book that was half way done... oops, sorry mom!  BUT now that she doesn't do that anymore, she has more time for ME!  Mom is very involved with the Rescue group that saved me - Homeward Bound.  She does all the intake and foster coordination and saves as many dogs and puppies as she can!

Here are some of the things that Dad loves to do... Oh, and mom too!
Dad LOVES his firebird!  So do I!
Mom doesn't love it as much as us... she says it messes up her hair.
Dad LOVES the NY Giants - Mom does too, so they went to
the first game at the brand new Giants Stadium!
They also love the NY Yankees!  They go to a few games
every year... I'm not allowed there.
They really love to travel.  This is them in Fort Lauderdale (Before I came along).
They also went to Baltimore a few weeks ago to see the Yankees.
But now they hate leaving me... so they don't travel as much! ;-)
And, most importantly... one of Dad & Mom's favorite
hobbies??? BOATING!!!!  Which, is one of my favorites too!
Dad likes to swim with me in the lake.
Mom hangs with me while I'm in my float!
I really love my parents... and I'm so thankful that they rescued me.  They take me with them every chance they get and they spoil me rotton!  Hehe.  Mom and dad have been together for 4 years this summer!  Go figure! They're not married... or even engaged.  Dad's a slacker!  Hehe, maybe soon though...

We hope everyone has a happy, healthy, safe and FUN Memorial Day weekend!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uh... mom?

I'm a little worried about my mom.  Last night, she was making all of these noises at the TV... sayin' something about TLC.  Well, duh mom... I give you tlc ALL the time! What was so different about last night???  Then she was yelling at some Tim McGraw guy and I kept telling her that wasn't dad's name and that no one else was in the house... Then she was talking to some Carrie chick.  I'm not sure what's going on with her, but I'm going to keep my eye on her for the next few days... I'll keep you posted.  Does anyone know what may have caused this???

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New place to walk

So, my friends at Two Pitties in the City have me curious about being a tourist where I live.  Mom usually tries to take me to as many things as possible, but I convinced her this weekend to talk a walk somewhere new.  We decided to go to Washington Park.  Early in May (Mother's Day weekend), they have an event there called Tulip Fest.  There are Tulips everywhere and music and venders and NO dogs.  Yep, I'm not allowed.  But I'm allowed at the park any other time.  With all the rain we've had, we weren't able to get there when the tulips were still up, but we still had a fun 2 hour walk!
Come on dad... throw my ball!  Look at all this room to run!
Check out these two handsome Studs.
Super cool tree
This was a cool fountain... mom said I couldn't
swim in it or chase the ducks... but I got
to pose in front of it.
And this was another statue thingy...
Maybe I should have wrote down what it was.
Mom's camera died... so we don't have that many pictures.  But it sure was a fun walk and mom kept me on my 30ft leash the whole time so I could explore... it was awesome!  I can't wait for the next place we go!  Mom and dad are trying to plan some hiking trips around our house and up in the Adirondacks!  SWEET!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Foster Flashback

This was my foster sister, Abby
She liked to give me kisses
We played a lot
It got a little crazy...
Hey lady.... come under my sheet!
Sorry this one is a little blurry...
I'm coming for YOU!!!!
Hm... this is an interesting piture... BOL!
We really just loved being next to each other...
What do you mean, you don't want to play anymore?
Ok fine... can I still stare at you?
I'll stare at you from over here...
I guess I tired her out!
This was Abby on her way to her furever home!
We only had her one night, but she went to a wonderful
young family where she's spoiled rotten and fully enjoying life!
Didn't she have a super cool tongue?!  Hope you enjoyed her :o)  I'm really glad we were able to save her and help connect her with such a wonderful furevr home!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Morning Routine

First Mom wakes me up from my nightly slumber...
Then, I go out to check my yard...
Then I wait for my mom to make my breakfast...
Hurry up, woman.  I'm hungry!
Then I go wait in bed for the best part of the morning...
Snuggles, Scratches and Belly Rubs!!!!
Then mom leaves, and I give her the super guilty face.

However, when I have a foster sister, this routine changes..... slightly.  You see... when there's another dog in MY house, I get kind of.... well, crazy.  And I run around like a crazy dog and I look like this:
All the time... I'm a crazy dog.
So I lose out on all my snuggles and scratches and belly rubs because I'm too busy running around and causing trouble and being a pest to my foster sister.

BUT... this morning my routine got back on track.  Why?  Because everything went SUPER at Oreo's home visit last night and momma let her stay there.  Usually she's not a big fan of a "trial" placement, but she thinks it's best in Oreo's case because she wants to make sure this is a good fit before they decide on the adoption.  So, continue to keep your fingers crossed and we hope that Oreo found her forever home!  Mom really liked her new family, so we really hope it works out!

And I'm super happy to have my snuggles and belly rubs back
Get over here and rub my belly!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Remember Oreo? 
Yep... She's still with me.  She has a home visit with a very nice family tomorrow.  So cross your fingers that Oreo finds her furever home!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, Monday...

I'm going to sleep through Monday this week.
Not happy mom is at work.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tulip Thursday

These are my tulips!
What?  Is your attention distracted from the flowers because I'm in the picture??? 
I laid down so you could see them!

My Grandma Laura comes over and plants all sorts of neat things. 
These tulips are my favorite so far.

Ladies, would you like one?  Go ahead... take one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O.  Its molecule contains one oxygen (O2) and two Hydrogen (H) atoms connected by covalent bonds.
Yep.  I totally went all smart on you.

And as the smart dog that I am... I know the proper ways in which to enjoy water...  Watch, and learn.
See?  Water allll around me.  Not water in that can.

I also know how to be safe around water...
Safety first.
 Now... the question here... do I enjoy water?  Lets walk through this together... 
I wasn't too thrilled with this idea...
Notice the bag of treats in the background that mom used to
bribe me into this pathetic excuse of a pool?
NEVER thrilled with this Bath Time idea.
Seriously... What's the need?
Now you expect me to go in there?!
I guess I can give it a shot...
(potato chips were involved)
HOLY CRAP!  Where's the GROUND?!?!?
Thank goodness for my life jacket... otherwise I would have just sank.
Why are you throwing my toys away?!
How can you call this fetch if I'm not running?
Please put it back on the boat so I can keep swimming.
What do you mean I have to rest????
I'll keep look out for some ducks...
Found one!
Ok.... let's go back in!
I left my toy on the boat for a reason, DAD.
I warned you... I'm not getting it this time.
BOL!  See dad... not fun going all that way to get it, is it?
Want me to throw it again, Dad?
Now... the Lake water is okay.  I do enjoy it.  It's fun to swim in, and I like to sneak drinks from it when mom isn't looking (She yells at me). However, my favorite part of water?
Drying off in the sun!
Not to be confused with "Sun Bathing"... that's a lady dog thing.
Hehe, I even leave peemail so everyone knows I was at the lake!
What?  Not supposed to do that?
ps. that's my crazy dad in that hat... weirdo.
See this?  That's my float... so I get to cool off in the water
and use ZERO amounts of energy!  I just sit there and float
around... and I visit everyone.  Very best part of water!
 So, that's my story about water.  I have found a new blog friend named Reilly and he's having this fun contest about water!  So, I thought I'd join in the fun!  Check out his blog by clicking on his name!

This contest was super fun to enter... but... now I really miss the lake!  Dad's putting the boat in the water on Saturday, but mom said it's still too cold for me to swim... Silly mom.