Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mayzie: Adopted.

Yep, you read that title correctly!  Miss. Mayzie has found her forever home.
From the moment the momma saw this beautiful face in a video, living attached to a chain, thin with no shelter or food or water... she knew she couldn't turn away.  Something was special about her and the momma knew we had to help.  Mayzie has come a long way since she first got here... she's now a healthy, beautiful, confident girl and she went gracefully to her new home last night.  She was adopted by friends of Grandpa Jack's, so the momma and the dad will get to see her often.  Maybe I will too!
Amelia wasn't thrilled with Mayzie's silly joking about leaving.
I gave her some goodbye smoochies.
See ya later, sweet girl!
I know Mayzie will finally have the life she's always deserved.  She will never want for anything and there will never be a shortage of love and snuggles. We've surely enjoyed having her in my home, watching her heal and develop her love for snuggles. Seeing her playful side emerge and her puppy-like personality come to life.
Cheers to you Miss Mayzie, for landing a great forever home!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The best news about a Corbin

Hi friends!  It's Corbin here and I have something super to tell you. 
Are you ready?
My test results have come back and this here handsome Corbin face is CANCER FREE!
Yep, you read that correctly.  The Corbin actually has GOOD news to report about my health!  No nasty C in my muscular bod. 
I couldn't help but give the momma LOTS of smoochies when she told me the news!
Which means my toe break is sort of a mystery. Dr. Mike talked with some other vets and the labby people (not the retriever type) and they think I might have had an infection in my bone that may have caused it to weaken the bone and maybe I hit my paw up against something that caused the bone to go KABOOM and shatter.
The momma says she doesn't care what the reason is as long as it's all over with and there's no scary cancer.
Tune tomorrow for our news about Mayzie and how her surgery went.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Corbin update and prayers for Mayzie

Hi friends!  I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's day with lots of Corbin smoochies coming your way!

Did you hear we got 18 inches of snow yesterday??? We did.  And do you know what I made the momma do?  Yep, I sure did make her drive me to see Dr. Mike!  No worries, we arrived at Dr. Mike safely and we arrived home safely... we were pretty much the only crazy ones on the roads!  Dr. Mike said my toe is healing up GREAT! And he was so pleased that I didn't destroy any of his efforts!  He took out most of my stitches and rebandaged my paw.  The momma didn't take a picture because it wasn't for those faint of heart aka the momma.   
Lots o' snow that the Corbin can't play in.
We got back the final results from the culture which came back negative -so no signs of infection!  The biopsy also came back negative!  But, Dr. Mike is still a bit skeptical about what caused my bone to shatter like it did.... so they're doing extra cancer screenings on my toe just to be safe.  We should have the results next week.  After that, we can assume that I, the Corbin, am a certified mystery dog! Hehe, the momma and Dr. Mike pretty much agreed they'd be okay with that, as long as my body isn't being invaded by the nasty C (cancer, not Corbin, hehe).
Smoochable face, I think.
Mayzie also came with me for my visit with Dr. Mike.  She was scheduled to have her baby maker removed today, but with the snow storm, the momma thought it might be best for her to ride up with us last night and spend the night.  She's pretty adjustable and the momma sent her with a comfy bed and blankets.  Doncha know, she never even looked back for us!  She was so happy that the vet tech was lovin' on her, she couldn't have cared less about me and the momma being left behind!  I wasn't so calm about the situation, but the momma distracted me with some treats, so it was all good.
The momma received a phone call from Dr. Mike this morning though.  They ran a pre-surgical blood test on Mayzie and it showed her kidney levels are very off, pointing to signs of kidney failure.  After a long chat with Dr. Mike, the momma and he decided to go through with the spay surgery.  While she was under, he would be able to get a good look at her kidneys and do some more testing that would give him a better idea of what we're dealing with.  They're going to run some more blood work and test her urine.  The other possibility is that she has a uterine infection, which could cause her kidneys to be a bit off.  But, he's going to flush her kidney's and take the best of best care of our amayzing gal.  Hopefully we'll have a bit more insight on her condition soon.
Now I get to be her nurse.
Please send some prayers that things go well and this can be something treatable for her.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh, brother!

Did you know that I have an "oh" brother?  I do!  His name is Melvin and he has his own blog, Oh Melvin!  He also shares it with his brother Jake (Yo, Jake).  If you don't know Melvin and Jake, I suggest you go check them out because they rock socks!  Or, in my case, they rock boots!

I had to sit with my box before I could dead it.

Melvin and Jake and their fantastic momma, Tracey, sent me a most awesome present!  A BOX!  And, boy, do I love boxes!  Opening my box was the most excitment I've had in a long long time! Hehe.

Party on!

OH my gosh... there's STUFF in the box!

What else is in this box?

Good think they packed some substance in this box,
I'm famished from deading it.  I'll help myself.

Just LOOK at all these noms!!!!!!
And, even an awesome food dispencing ball!

I even got a nicely paw'd card from Melvin and Jake!

The momma may, or may not, have tasted my dried apple crisps.
I hope she leaves some for me.

But, I won't tease you will all the awesome noms that were in my sweet care package... I'll show you what you really want to see.  How I deaded that dreadful box!  Enjoy the following photos. 

Please note:
No Corbin's were actually harmed in the deading of the box. 
If you have a weak stomach or a soft spot for boxes, you should not continue reading.
I do my own stunts.
The Corbin, Box Deader, is available for hire if your life is lived in fear of a box.
(Call: 1-866-DEAD BOX)

Come on, Box... give me all you've got!

Take THAT you flapless box!


Didn't see that coming, did ya BOX?
Of course not, you don't even have eyes!

You see these box deading teethies?

OUCH! The box got me with a slash to the gums!

Nice try box, but you can't beat a Corbin!
Ha.  I beat you with a bum foot! You're just a pile of cardboard now!
Thanks Miss Tracey, Melvin and Jake for my awesome box, noms, ball and my awesome card!  I have some of the most caring and wonderful friends!
One more shot of my loot. 
This will surely help me feel OH so much better!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A tale of the shattered toe

A post by the momma:
Before I get into the details of Corbin's surgery, I'd like to send out a huge Thank You to everyone for providing support, prayers and experience these past few weeks.  Corbin has sure sent us on a medical roller coaster the past few years, and the support of all his friends has been a huge help for all of us.
Corb is resting well.
As par for the Corbin course, ripping a toe nail out meant a long road to toe amputation.  That road consisted of many antibiotics, an x-ray and culture to confirm we were treating the correct infection.  Just when we thought we had things under control... Corbin started limping last week and his toe began to grow larger... and larger, and larger.  He was in so much pain, we knew we didn't have any other choice than to remove the toe.  It was a risk, since we were thinking it was some sort of vicious, resistant infection... and if the infection had spread to his foot, we would be in quite a bit of trouble.  Dr. Mike fit Corbin in the next day for his surgery.  
Corbin's heart condition always makes putting him under for surgery concerning.  There wasn't an issue last year when he had his tail amputations, but this time, his heart was a bit unsteady.  He had lots of people watching to make sure it was safe for them to continue with the surgery - but Corbin sure doesn't make things easy!  His heart was stable enough, so they continued with the surgery.  It took a bit longer than planned, but we successful. 
Toe x-ray
Dr. Mike took Corbin's toe to radiation and x-rayed it.  What he found was that the last bone in Corbin's toe was completely shattered.  I can't imagine how much pain he must have been in.  We're not sure when it shattered or why it shattered.  His culture came back today negative for any infections - which doesn't necessary mean it wasn't originally caused by infection, but thankfully, any infection seems to be cleared out.  Corbin will continue antibiotics, just to be sure. 
Beds + Sun Puddles = Happy Corbin
His toe was sent out for biopsy and we're still waiting on the results of that.  I will be most relieved if we could rule out bone cancer and cough this break up to something bizarre or infection.  We have a follow up appointment tomorrow to change the bandage and to see how he is healing.  Corbin is already on 5mg of Prednisone once a day, which will help with any inflammation.  We added a nerve blocker to his pill box to help with the pain a bit, but no pain meds.  Corbin shouldn't be using his foot too much, and our fear if we load him with pain meds, he'll overuse his foot and cause the stitches to rip.  He's dealing pretty well and I don't feel he's in a lot of pain overall.  He's also been good about being on the lazy side and snoozing on the couch.
At least he looks good!
Those of you who have been around for the past year will remember our horrible time keeping Corbin away from his tail after his amputation surgeries.  The second surgery was needed because he broke free of his restraints and ripped his tail open twice, even on tranquillizers, and pain meds.  With his heart being a bit unsteady when they put him under this time, we decided not to use tranquillizers.  So, Corbin is in his neck brace, sweatshirt and boots.  We had him in a basket muzzle also, because we were afraid he could still reach his foot... but after a day of that, we stopped.  He hated it and he really can't reach his foot, nor does he try.  Hopefully that doesn't bite me in the ass later on!
But, all and all, everything went rather well.  I'm glad we decided to remove the toe because a break like that would have never healed.  Hopefully we'll have more news to report soon about the biopsy results.  Thanks to all of you for sticking with us and loving my big brown Corbee Doo!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's with Mayzie: Corbin update

Hi everyone! 
I've decided to take over Corbin's blog on Monday's for my very own day!
Aren't you excited?!
Well, I won't babble on too much about myself today, because I know a lot of you are interested to know how Mr. Corbin is healing up.  So, I'll spend my first day on the blog giving you some insider secrets about the Corbin's recovery.
Corbee was in a lot of pain last week before his surgery.  I never left his side and allowed him to snuggle up against me.  His toe kept getting bigger and bigger and he was limping more and more.  That's when his Doctor decided it was in Corbee's best interest to take his toe.
Foster momma kept us* away during Corbin's first night home.  I didn't like that because Corbin was very upset and cried all night.  But, foster momma said it was best for Corbin to stay as calm as possible.  What did she think I would do?  Well, I showed her.  When I finally got to see Corbin on Saturday, I snuggled up right next to him and never left his side.  I did my best to keep him calm and snoozey.
Corbin is doing well so far.  Today, foster momma and foster dad had to go to the workplace, so they left me alone to supervise Mr. Corbin.  Foster momma didn't think I was experienced enough to deal with a Corbin, apparently he's quite the master of getting out of stuffs and ruining surgeries.  So, she had to put some gear on him to keep him from getting to his paw.  You see, the doctor didn't give Corbee any pain meds aside from what he's already on for his back.  The reason being, Corbin can't use his paw all that much, otherwise the stiches might not hold... but foster momma will tell you more about that when she gives you the details of the surgery.
Well, that's it for me, for now.  I have to get back to Corbin watch.
Hope you enjoyed my Mayzie Monday!
 Oddles of lovin's!
Nurse Mayzie
**Corbin's blondes were visiting last week while Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nancy were on vacation, so Amelia went to visit Emmett for the week.  She likes Emmett and is used to Emmett's house because that's where she stays when the foster people are out of town.  She's staying a little longer so Corbin can heal with a quiet house -not that Amelia makes much noise, but just one less distraction for him.  She'll be back on Thursday!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Post surgery update

A post by the momma:

Corbin and Harley both had successful surgeries and are home recovering. The last bone in Corbin's toe was completely shattered, which we are hoping caused the inflammation. His toe was sent out to be screened for bone cancer and a sample to be cultured for infection. We should have some answers next week. I'll blog about the surgery in further detail next week.

I'd love to say the big guy is home resting, but unfortunately Corbin has a very difficult time coming off the anesthesia... so it was a long night of painful whines and anxiety cries. He's feeling a bit better this morning and finally resting for longer periods.  But we're thankful he's home and hoping for the best from the results next week. Harley is resting well at home with my mom.

Thank you all for your well wishes and positive thoughts for both Corbee and Harley!

Friday, February 7, 2014

One in a million... Prayers please.

Well friends, last night I learned something I've always known...
I, the Corbin, am one in a million!
  But, the momma said it's not such a great thing this time.  Those of you who follow me on the Facebooks might have seen that my toe has gotten very swollen again, and it continues to grow and grow and grow.  It's very painful, about 5 times it's normal size, and I refuse to move from the couch, because I also don't care for walking around on 3 legs, it hurts my back.  So, today, Dr. Mike is going to take my toe.  The surgery is about an hour and a half and I'll have someone keeping a close eye on my heart.  The fear is that the infection is already into my foot, which wouldn't be good.  But, hopefully by opening me up, they'll get more accurate information about the infection so I can start more antibiotics right away.  They're also going to send my toe out so someone can check to make sure there are no signs of bone cancer.
This here is the big mean toe.
No picture really captures it's massiveness.
We appreciate everyone's concern, thoughts and ideas... but unfortunately, the infection has already spread up my entire toe, and we can't risk taking the time to try another approach and having the infection spread further.  Plus, I'm in a lot of pain and becoming very lethargic.  Hopefully, Dr. Mike will be able to get clear margins and hopefully the nasty infection hasn't spread to the base of my toe, where it'll be removed. 
Isn't he handsome?
What's even more rare than my yucky toe is that Uncle Harley Pug is also in for surgery today.  Dr. Mike will be removing two mass cell tumors from Harley.  With him being 12 years old, it's pretty scary for Grandma Lynda.  But, Harley and I are in the best of hands with the best of care. 
Hopefully Uncle Harley will be my recovery room neighbor!
All your positive thoughts and prayers would really mean a lot.  It's a scary day for the momma, daddy-o and Grandma Lynda.... but they're all trying to stay positive.  I'll have the momma update you as soon as she can, I'm sure Dr. Mike will give me lots of spiked creamy cheeses, so I might be a little loopy!