Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh, brother!

Did you know that I have an "oh" brother?  I do!  His name is Melvin and he has his own blog, Oh Melvin!  He also shares it with his brother Jake (Yo, Jake).  If you don't know Melvin and Jake, I suggest you go check them out because they rock socks!  Or, in my case, they rock boots!

I had to sit with my box before I could dead it.

Melvin and Jake and their fantastic momma, Tracey, sent me a most awesome present!  A BOX!  And, boy, do I love boxes!  Opening my box was the most excitment I've had in a long long time! Hehe.

Party on!

OH my gosh... there's STUFF in the box!

What else is in this box?

Good think they packed some substance in this box,
I'm famished from deading it.  I'll help myself.

Just LOOK at all these noms!!!!!!
And, even an awesome food dispencing ball!

I even got a nicely paw'd card from Melvin and Jake!

The momma may, or may not, have tasted my dried apple crisps.
I hope she leaves some for me.

But, I won't tease you will all the awesome noms that were in my sweet care package... I'll show you what you really want to see.  How I deaded that dreadful box!  Enjoy the following photos. 

Please note:
No Corbin's were actually harmed in the deading of the box. 
If you have a weak stomach or a soft spot for boxes, you should not continue reading.
I do my own stunts.
The Corbin, Box Deader, is available for hire if your life is lived in fear of a box.
(Call: 1-866-DEAD BOX)

Come on, Box... give me all you've got!

Take THAT you flapless box!


Didn't see that coming, did ya BOX?
Of course not, you don't even have eyes!

You see these box deading teethies?

OUCH! The box got me with a slash to the gums!

Nice try box, but you can't beat a Corbin!
Ha.  I beat you with a bum foot! You're just a pile of cardboard now!
Thanks Miss Tracey, Melvin and Jake for my awesome box, noms, ball and my awesome card!  I have some of the most caring and wonderful friends!
One more shot of my loot. 
This will surely help me feel OH so much better!


  1. Wow did a pawsome job on deading that box...we will definitely be hiring you are we have so many boxes! It is wonderful to have such caring friends and that was quite the haul you got......that will keep you going for a long time. Hope the footsie is getting better.

  2. I'm just in awe of how well you can dead that box with a bum foot! Nothing can stop you!

  3. WOWSERS Corbin yoo sure dids dead-i-fy dat box dude , can nuffin stops yoo ? Yoo sure has gived our Missi Bean some ideas now n hers is s'possed to rest her poorly leggy too butts now hers is sayin ifs Corbin can do dat so can mee
    Girls wots are dey like ?
    Da K Krew

  4. OMD you are a WORLD CLASS Box Deader fur SURE... that thingy didn't stand a chance... Once you CORNERED him and had him FLAPPING Glad that you TAPED the Carnage.

  5. Corbin needs to go work at the recycling plant!

  6. Corbin!! I LOVE deading boxes!! When they are not around, like last night, I dead brown paper bags! I feel certain that if we lived closer, we'd be pals fur sure!! Noce loot, by the way!!


  7. My Minnie deads boxes too! I bet you two would have so much fun together! I'm glad you got your nourishment! Your friends are very generous!

  8. You are the best box deader out there Corbin, if I'm ever in need of box deading I'm calling you for sure!

    Aren't Tracey, Melvin and Jake just the bestest buds ever?!?!?! So cool they sent you all that stuff plus a box to dead!

  9. That is some spectacular work on that box, Corbin! We're not very good at box deading, so if we need some boxes deaded, we will totally call you!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. Corbin.
    You were downright vicious as you deaded that box! You sure got a cartload of goodies in that box. Now follow directions and get that foot well soon!!!
    Love Noodles

  11. You sure did show that box who was boss, Corbin! What awesome loot and so much of it!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Sam used to do that - it made me smile...

    We will head over and visit Jake and Melvin.

    Monty and Harlow

  13. Had we known, we might just have sent you a box within a box within a box! No, just kidding, we would still have sent noms!