Friday, September 30, 2011

Foster Brother Friday: Donnie Walhberg

Remember I told you I had a foster BROTHER.  Ick.  I really like my lady fosters, but I've been dealing with having Donnie around.  Plus, remember Daisy???  We think Donnie is Daisy's brother... and since I loved Daisy so much, I guess Donnie is okay.

So, here's Donnie to do what he does best... talk about himself.

((Now, Donnie... this is MY blog and these are MY furiends... so be nice, respectful and try to be funny))
{{Okay, Corbin... whateverrrrrrrrrr you say}}

Hello Blogworld!  My name is Mr. Donnie Wahlberg and I'm a cool dude.  I'm about 5.5 months old.  My mom was a Cocker Spaniel, and I think my dad was a Pomeranian because I have this little tiny chicken legs.
I've got some good looks, no?
I came from a shelter in Kentucky.  I had a sister and Corbin tells me that he thinks she lived with him for a week, too.  He says we look alike and we act very similar... I'm sure I'm way cooler than she was, but that's just my humble opinion.  So, Corbin thinks we're from the same litter since we're also the same age.  Would have been cool to see her again, but I hear she's in a wonderful home and having the time of her life.  I hope I find a wonderful home too!
Foster Momma taught me how to sit!  But, when I see a treat, I get really really really really really excited to eat it, so I jump and dance and do whatever needed to get that treat... foster mom calls me a circus dog.  I told her my name is Donnie Walhberg and from what I've heard... HE was a dancer!!!  Right?  Anyway... finally I realize that I'm not getting that treat for doing all the tricks I think are cool... I have to do the boring non-trick "SIT" that foster mom thinks is necessary for learning manors.

So, I take it most of you know my foster brother Corbin, right?  Now, that dude is HUGE!  I was a little shy when I first got to foster mom's house... and Corbin was a little put off that his mom brought him home a foster brother.  All I've heard all week was how he gets foster LADIES not foster DUDES.  Ugh, whatever, Corbin... just deal with it, okay?  So anyway... I was a little scared because Corbin's a big dude and he wasn't all too happy that I was also a dude.  But he wanted to play anyway and he started jumping and putting his massive paw in my face... so I ran away.  He chased me.  And when I didn't play, he oh-so-kindly gave me a nudge with his paw that sent me flying across the hallway!  Well... that was it, it was on.  We've been playing quite a bit since.  Then, he tried to take my bone and I barked at him and he jumped clear over the coffee table.  Yea, seriously.  Scared of me, THAT'S what I thought big dog.

Anyway, that was quite a tangent...  back on topic: ME!

I love to follow foster mom around, and where ever she is, I like to be.  Even when she's in the bathroom getting ready to leave me home alone with jumbo dog all day.  I just lay there next to her feet.  She says it's okay that I do that because at least she knows where I am and if I'm next to hear it means I'm not surfing the table for tomatoes... Do you know how delicious those are??? YUM!  When I'm outside, I try to sneak them right off the plant!  Foster dad had a whole stash of the little ones (my favorite!) right on the kitchen table... so I helped myself and ate them all!  I did give me a belly ache... and the foster parents moved ALL of the tomatoes off of the table.  Not fair.
See my little chicken legs???
Anyway... foster mom tells me I'm really quite the perfect dog.  I don't do potties in the house, even when I had a belly ache from all the tomatoes.  I'm pretty good when it comes to walking my humans on the leash.  I let them walk at their own pace and I don't try to pull them around.  I'm not a barker -unless you put me in that stupid crate.  That makes me angry, and I let you know about it.  Foster mom tried to bribe me to be quite with kongs and bones and stuff... Nope, not going to work lady.  I don't chew things in the house that aren't mine... or Corbin's (hehe).  I love to just lay on the floor next to foster mom, or foster dad... he's pretty cool too.  Every night, foster mom grabs me up and gives me intense snuggles on the couch.  That's my favorite part of the day!

So, what do you think?  Do you think I'll find my furever family tomorrow at the adoption clinic?  I sure hope so.  As much as I do love foster mom and dad and crazy foster brother Corbin... I'd really like a home that was all mine!  I'd even share it with a brother or sister... but I'd like humans of my own.  Plus, that would mean foster mom could save one of my furiends that's still down at the shelter in Kentucky.   
Wish me luck!!!!

PS. Foster mom says sorry for the bad pictures... It's been raining here a lot this week and we haven't be able to get good pictures outside.  So I have green eyes from the flashy thingy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

K9 Kamp fail.

Well, this week did not go as well as past weeks.  Our challange was a good ole game of tug-o-war and some lunges and exercises by the momma... Well, I don't like to tug much (have you seen my perfect teeth???  I don't like to strain them) ... and while attempting to play the tug game, I nipped mom's hand.  Ohhhh shush.  It was a tiny nip... not much blood.  I told her to rub some dirt on it and woman up.  And, in my defense... mom was clearly holding the BETTER end of the rope. 

So, I made our own little challange this week.  It's called "Corbin gets lose and mom chases him around the neighborhood at full speed."  We might have cheated on the time, as it wasn't a full 60 minutes... but trust me, I think mom got her work out!

I told you mom...
No funny business.
No excuses.
Oh, and shhhhhh... we haven't told Dad yet about my romp around the neighborhood.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Football... new foster BROTHER.

The MAN CAVE has been over taken by DOGS!
We play
Beg for food.
Steal everyone's seats.

Mom, get out of that seat... I want it.

We watch the game.
We hang out during commercials.
I lay on top of mom when she doesn't move.
The girls take naps.
I take a snooze too... once the game is over and the GIANTS WON!

Oh, and mom brought home a new foster dog... but it's a dude.  I don't know why she brought me a dude dog.  I like the lady dogs... but I'm managing.  Showing him the ropes, and possibly bossing him around a tad.  Anyway... Meet Mr. Donnie Walburg.
Later Dudes.

Monday, September 26, 2011


What's that Mr. Vick???  Are you saying that it hurts when you get slammed into the ground so hard it breaks bones???

How do you think the dogs felt when you did that to them?

You think YOU'RE being treated unfairly???

Oh please.  You shouldn't have been allowed the chance to play again.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

K9 Kamp!

OK, so I signed mom and me up for Peggy and Khol's K9 Kamp... then I went MIA from the blogworld... So, now... I'M BACK!  And I'm updating everyone on what's been going on with the Kamp.

Last week our challenge was to do 60 minutes of walking.  We normally do a 20 minute walk around our neighborhood every night.  So this time we decided to take our stroll elsewhere two nights and do 2 30 minute walks.  Let me tell you something... that extra 10 minutes was killer for my mom! BOL!  You see... every morning she hits her alarm clock like 87 times before she gets out of bed... well, about 10 minutes before she absolutely HAS to get out of bed, I wake her up... silly to sleep an extra 10 minutes and I'm hungry.  Mom gets made every morning and usually says "CORBIN! I need that 10 minutes of sleep!" 

Come on, old lady... no time for breaks.
So needless to say, when I told mom that she had to walk for an extra 10 minutes, after missing her beloved last 10 minutes of sleep, she wasn't too thrilled... BUT! She did it!

This week challange was to go play fetch!  Well, if you don't know, fetch is my most favorite thing ever!  I love to play fetch and dad and I ususally play for a while when he gets home from work, so I'm totally conditioned for this challange!  Mom on the othe hand... well, the last time she "ran" was when there was a spider in the bathroom and she ran screaming through the house.  Needless to say, it was a very short distance.  So, I told mom that she had to try to race me to my ball.  But, BOY was she in for a surprise!  Of course, I beat her to the ball every time... I have mad awesome fast running skills.  And to make this challenge even harder for my mom, I ran back to where we started, so she had to make TWO trips across the yard for each throw! HAHA take that mom.  I run this challenge!
HAHA mom... I'm working you DOUBLE time!

We did this 3 times this week for 20 minutes each.  Hehe, momma's legs where hurting!  At one point, I thought she was going to lay in the flower bed and take a nap.  But, I kept her moving.

I asked dad if he would take pictures for next weeks challenge... I think you all should see my mom trying to work at this stuff! BOL!  It's great.  I'm really enjoying the Kamp... and now that the busy part of my month is done with, I should be able to blog about it every week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011


So, I've been super busy lately, and before I get super busy again, I want to send a big Thank You out to some furiends.  I received the Versatile Blogger award... not once, but TWICE!  So THANKS to Finn over at Finn's Dog Blog and Lauren over at Life With Desmond!  If you don't know them, stop over and say hi!  They both have great blogs and I'm super honored they thought to give this award to ME!

So, as per the award tradition... I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me, or 7 things about the parents.... So, how about I tell you 4 things about me, and 3 things about the parents?  Sound good?  Better be, because you don't really have a choice -hehe. 

1.  I have a lot of nick names.  I'm most often referred to as Monkey, unless I'm at my grandparents house... then my grandpaw Dave calls me Door Knob... he says Corbin is the name of a German door knob company... I respond just to keep him happy.  And my grandpaw Jack calls me Scooby bc he says I look and act like Scooby Doo... I also respond.  The things I have to do to keep these people happy.

2.  Mom grew up with dogs and cats... she had a Brittany Spaniel -Brandy, Two kittie sisters -Jasmine and Cuddles, a Cocker Spaniel -Aunt Maggie who we lost last year, a Pug -Uncle Professor Harley.  Now Greta lives there with Harley.  Dad on the other hand, had never had a single pet.  Not even a fishie.  Boy, was he fun to train!

3.  I was knocking on deaths door when I was rescued... it was my day to go into that cold dark death room at the shelter.  I didn't want to leave my kennel when they came to get me, because I knew.  But then, by some wonderful miracle, I saw two people, Heather and Jen (another Jen, not my momma), and saw life in their eyes... I knew then that I was going to live.  I booked it out of there so fast I was running on only my hind feet.  I lived with Heather for 10 days before meeting my mom and dad.  To this day, I go CRAZY when I see Heather and Jen.  I know there are tons of other dogs in this world that they could have saved, but at that moment in time, they picked me and I will be forever grateful for that.

4.  Mom lost a bet when she adopted me.  Grandma Lynda told her that she would never be able to let a foster dog go.  Mom was so sure that I was just a foster dog, she bet Grandma Lynda $25.  Hehe, Grandma Lynda  used that $25 to buy me a life jacket last summer!  Silly, momma.  I know deep down she knew I was a keeper, no matter how badly she didn't want to be a foster failure!

5.  I have been a foster brother to 13 dogs.  Belle, Abby, Leelu, Cranberry, Bethany, Fancy, Greta (Rockette/Weenie), Canberra, Oreo, Patches, Otis, Gracie and Mia.  I can't wait to meet #14!

6.  Dad was a bit unsure about getting a dog, at first... so when mom unexpectedly came home with me... I thought it would be him that I'd have to really convince into letting me stay forever.  Turns out, we bonded real quick and it was mom that needed the last nudge to make the adoption.  She tried to fool herself... but I knew I had sealed the deal when she turned potential adopters away from me, BOL!  How could she say no to my handsome face and goofy antics???  Exactly.

7.  One more thing about me... my mom thought she knew a lot about dog training until I came around.  You see, I wasn't always this handsome, well mannered dog.  Ok, well I WAS always this handsome.  But I was very protective over my new family... I'd say a lot of HBO words to people who wanted to come into my house, and as much as mom tried to stop me, I was pretty scary.  So mom and dad hired a behaviorist trainer named Dan.  Dan and I trained mom and dad into being better pet parents.  Although, I still give mom a few tests here and there, she's pretty good.  And we were able to get my Canine Good Citizens certificate in February!  Good job, mom.

Now I get to pass this award on to 7 other bloggie friends... usually I skip this part, but since I had so much fun with this one, I'm going to fulfill every part and try not to give it to those who have already received it.

1.  Noodles.  Do you know her?  You should... she's an adorable puggie gal and she cracks me up every day.

2. Two Pitties in the City.  Another blog you should definitely know! We have learned so much from their blog... I even have my very own "treat bar" thanks to them!  They have great adventures with their pooches in Chicago and have great tips about making the most out of a small living space with two big dogs!

3.  Peggy at Peggy's Pet Place.  Peggy just wrote her very own book that will be available in the US next month!  I know Peggy in the furlife and I'm one of the featured doggies in her book trailer!  Peggy's blog has a lot of great information about everything going on canine.  She is also co-hosting the K9 Kamp mom and I are attending! (ps, we promise to do better next week!)

4. Love and a Six-Foot Leash.  Now, this is a blog I'm super glad to have come across.  Sometimes the world of foster-brotherhood gets rough... and even foster-momhood gets hard for mom sometimes.  This blog is about Chick (who is a handsome dude just like myself), his parents and their newest foster dog.  I love following along with their stories and it's a great to have foster support for mom during those rough days.

5. Tales and Tails.  We've been following Bunny & fam for just about a year now!  They really inspired mom to get her walking shoes out and take me on more walking/hiking adventures.  I love reading about all the fun stuff they get to do... and who can't adore the beautiful Bunny with her amazing wardrobe?  Even a dude dog like me can be jealous of the 87 hundred collars she has.

6.  Our Waldo Bungie.  Another blog that we've recently come across.  I really enjoy their foster stories... they just had their beautiful foster girl, Ginger, returned.  Unfortunately, I know all too well what that heartbreak feels like.  I can't wait to read more about them.  Oh, and mom also likes their DIY make overs :o)

7.  Two Grad Students and a Pittie.  An awesome blog that we came across about two grad students (duh) and their pittie gal, Havi!  They have a great feature every week about notes their dog walker leaves.  I love reading those!  Great, fun blog.

Ok, my job here is done, kids.  If you don't know those blogs, please go over and say hello!  And thanks again to Finn and Lauren! 
I'll take a nap while you check out my furiends.

And PS. I would have included all my bloggie furiends if I could ;-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, Wednesday

 I'll be back to bloggin' soon.

In the meantime... please stop over to my post at Two Pitties in the City!  I need, like... 20-30 more comments to come in first or second! Please leave a comment if you haven't already!  I have 30 so far... and the leaders have 46 & 56!!!

Just been super busy over here... and a trip to the V-E-T-S VETS VETS VETS this week! :-(  No worries, just an ear infection.... then there were some HIVES last night, but Momma thinks we have them under control and no V-E-T visit needed.  Eyyyyyy yi yi yi yi.  I'll be back soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mia was adopted! & Check me out at Two Pitties!

First!  Go Check out my friends over at Two Pitties in the City!  If you don't already know them, you should!!! They're a great blog about the very beautiful Miss. M and the studly Mr. B and their adventures around Chicago.  I'm featured over there today for their How to be a Tourist with Your Dog series!  Click here to see my post!  Don't be conufesed though... I did let my mom write it.
Now, make sure to leave a comment over there, because the post with the most comments will get $100 donated to their rescue and a collar from Sirius Republic!  I think it would be awesome to have another Adopt Me collar for the rescue -you'll find out why in the second part of this post! 

Second!  Mom ordered a new collar from Sirius Republic for our foster dogs.  Dad always complained when we had Oreo because she had an ugly red collar and he always said that people would think she was a boy.  So when mom saw that Sirius Republic did embroidery (and she does the "Adopt Me" embroidery for free!), she just couldn't resist!  So Mia was our first foster dog that wore our new collar. 

Now, Mia was concidered a difficult adoption.  She had previously been in two homes and had been returned.  The first one wasn't really anyones fault... they had young children and after about a week or so, Mia wasn't too thrilled about their energy and craziness.  The second home was with some push over dude, so Mia took over and protected the house, since she didn't think he would.  When she came back to the rescue, she was very timid when new people would come to the house.  It took her a few days to get used to my dad.  But we knew that Mia just needed he right home because she really IS a wonderful dog!  We worked with her while she was at our home.  Mom had someone come to the house every few days so we should show Mia that it's okay when people come over... and that she can relax and get pet - which is her favorite thing EVER!
Really, out of all of those dogs... they had to pick the goofy one?
I couldn't be happier for Mia.  Her new parents were told all of Mia's issues and we made arrangements to have our behaviorist go to their home to work with them and Mia before they could take Mia home.  The behaviorist visit went wonderful and Mia is happily living the life!  She has a nice big back yard for lots of playing and awesome parents to scratch her belly when she rolls over and looks like a dead frog!
She loves playing in the yard!
I'll miss you, but I know you'll love your new family!
And they said you can stay at my house if they ever go out of town!

Third!  Thank you for EVERYONE who donated to Max!  Mom has had a few issues with the chipin site, but she's trying to figure them out and should have everything squared away soon.  Don't worry, we DID get your donations!  We just have to stop it from sending emails to people saying that we didn't... and get it to show up on the meter!  We've raised over $100 so far, and will be promoting it more once mom figures the stupid thing out!  Also, Max is doing SO MUCH BETTER!!! I just know all of your thoughts and prayers have been helping him, so keep them coming!

FOURTH!  Did you go see Two Pitties yet?????  Don't forget!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Start of K9 Kamp!!!

I signed my mom and me up for Koly & Kelly's K9 Kamp!  Mom could definitely use to lose a few pounds and I always like to exercise to stay in shape!  Mom has always said that shopping is her favorite sport... then comes out with the quote "Whoever says shopping isn't a cardiovascular sport was wrong.  My heart never beats as fast as it does when I see a reduced by 50% sign."  Or, another personal favorite "A balanced life is a shopping bag in each hand."  And, since we're on the tanget topic of shopping, her most used quote "I like my money where I can see it... hanging in my closet."  If these are all true, my mom is the most balanced, heart healthy, rich person ever!

Ok, enough about mom and her shopping addictions.  Back to work.

K9 Kamp is going to be a fun way for me and mom to stay in shape!  Every Thursday there will be a new challenge for us to complete and it'll be a fun way for mom and I to play, bond and exercise!!!  There are 6 challenges and on top of that, mom says she's challenging herself to lose 6-8lbs during our Kamp!!! She said I can't reveal her actually weight today, but I can tell you each week whether or not she lost!  This just might be the thing she need to kick her butt motivate her!

Now, I'm one of the featured bloggers participating in this awesome Kamp.  If you'd like to learn more about it or get in on the action, check out Peggy's Place or Kol's Notes for more information!

Yeaaaaa... check out that bod, ladies.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Help needed for Max

Meet Max

Max is a two year old, French Bull dog mix (maybe??).  Max was pulled from a shelter in KY and sent up to the rescue I came from, Homeward Bound.  When he arrived at our rescue, he was very sick, lethargic and scared. We immediately rushed him to Shaker Vet where he was diagnosed with Parvo.  Max has been fighting so hard for his life and his medical costs are on the rise. 

Max has big beautiful brown eyes that are the gateway to his soul.  A kind heart and a strong spirit, he's fighting for the hope of one day finding his forever home.  Max was given up by his family and had a real love for tennis balls.  We're hoping that Max will have the strength to one day chase a tennis ball again. 

Please visit Max's chip-in page and donate if you can.  Every amount will help us provide the best care and give Max the best chance for survival!

We're rooting for you, Max!!!