Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Surgery

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, we had a huge snow storm and my interwebs wasn't working all that great.  But, my surgery went good!  Dr. Mike took 3 more vertebrae of my tail to make sure he got a lot of muscle and stuff to work with. 

Here's my new tail.

It really hasn't bothered me much, so I've left it alone.  But, the momma has been home with me, so I haven't gotten a chance to test out my new armor to keep me away from it while they're gone.  Do you believe what they're going to put me in if they need to leave the house and they can't find a Corbin babysitter????


The momma has asked me not to accept this as a challenge, but to embrace it and allow it to keep my tail healing properly.  I'll try my best.  Dr. Mike also put me on a medication for nerve blockers and that might be what's helped me not be bothered by my tail as much. 


For now, I'll just be snoozin' and getting acquainted with my new, little tail.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Woe

A post by the momma.

Corbin and I sure do hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
In preparation for Christmas Eve dinner at Adam's grandmother's house, we gave Corbin the tranquillizers and some pain medications about 45 minutes before we left, so they had time to kick in.  By the time we were ready to leave, we led a drunk, wobbly Corbin to his crate, neck brace and all.  We enjoyed our night and came home a few hours later.
What did we find when we got home?
A drunk, wobbly Corbin... with no neck brace, no tail wrap, no staples and lots of blood.  So, off we went to the emergency vet, where we spent the remaining hour of Christmas Eve and the first two and a half hours of Christmas day. 
The emergency vet agreed with what Dr. Mike had told us on Sunday... that if Corbin got to the staples, another surgery would be required to remove an additional part of his tail for a fresh area to work with since he's damaged the previous site so badly.  So, she re-wrapped it and spent some time discussing some other options for us, such as medications and other preventative ways to keep him from his tail.
I sent Dr. Mike and email on Christmas updating him on our Christmas Eve adventure.  He had taken this week off to visit family out of the area, so I asked if there was another vet that he recommended we see, since Dr. Gordon also knows Corbin pretty well.  But, his dog became ill Christmas Eve, and while she was on the mend, she was too weak to travel, so his vacation turned into a staycation.  My amazing vet is so dedicated and cares so much about Corbin, he went in this morning to do Corbin's surgery.
So, that's where the monkey dog is today... he's hanging out with Dr. Mike and having more of his tail removed.  We had decreased one of his heart medications last week, in hopes he'll be stable on a lower dose.  His heart sounded good and strong today, but I'm still nervous.  I know he's in great hands, but a few extra prayers and good thoughts would do us good!
Adam and I will be taking time off from work to stay with Corbin, so he's not left alone to destroy his tail again.  However, if we do need to leave him, he will be wearing his neck brace, a basket muzzle, and boots on his paws so he can't get the leverage with his paws and nails to get the neck brace off.  We'll also have him on tranquillizers, nerve blocks and pain medications to keep him comfortable.  It's going to be a long couple of weeks.  And, although I know this is best, in theory, in the long run for Corbin... I'm kicking myself for amputating his tail :-(  I feel so bad for my poor boy and can't wait until the healing process is over.
We'll update on facebook when he's out of surgery and will be back tomorrow with an update.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Officially on the Naughty List

See anything wrong with this picture?
Like, the fact that I'm sitting in my crate and my neck brace to keep me away from my tail isn't around my neck, but instead, it's hanging out in the back of the crate? The momma took this picture, then realized that I chewed my tail wrap off and chewed the tip of my tail causing my surgery site to split open again. There was a lot of blood, and a 1am trip to the emergency vet (the parents just got home from a party). A few staples later, I have another month of healing a head of me.
The momma called Dr. Mike this morning, he's not thrilled about the staples, but we're hoping they hold because if they don't, or if I get to my tail again, I have to go in for another surgery. Dr. Mike and the momma also decided to spike my creamy cheeses with tranquillizers until I heal so I don't do more damage to my tail.
 I think I'm officially on the Naughty List.

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas...

I stole a treat out of Brutey's mouth,
Somebody snitched on me.
Told the driver to send him back down south,
Somebody snitched on me.
Chewed the carpet on the kitchen floor,
Busted straight through the screen door,
Tugged my bed until it tore,
Somebody snitched on me.
I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
The momma and Daddy are mad.
I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
'Cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad.
Took the bandage wrap off my tail,
Someone snitched on me.
Ripped and shredded all of dad's mail,
Someone snitched on me.
I ate the garbage, which was not funny,
Chased and killed the neighborhood bunny,
I'm the reason the Momma can't spend money!
Somebody snitched on me.
So I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
The momma and Daddy are mad.
I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas,
'Cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad.

I won't be seeing Ole St. Nick,
Somebody snitched on me.
Extra smoochies won't do the trick,
Somebody snitched on me.
Next year I'll be as good as can be,
Next year I'll be perfect, you'll see!
I'd start now, but I'm on a naughty spree!
Somebody snitched on me.
So you better be good, whatever you do.
'Cause if you're bad, I'm warning you,
You'll get nuttin' for Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Odds and ends

Yesterday was my 3rd Gotcha Day!
Did y'all read the momma's sappy post?
Well, even with half my tail, I still had a good Gotcha Day filled with lots of awesome things!  But, guess what?  I don't have a single picture right now.  You'll have to wait.
Also, I know a lot of you are itchin' and wigglin' to know whether or not I escaped the neck brace of death.
It's still on.  The momma was full of crazy anxieties...
So, I decided to let her believe I couldn't get out humor her and keep it on.
I go to Dr. Mike tonight to get checked out!
This post was kind of boring... sorry.  BUT! Come back tomorrow, okay?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Corbin's 3rd Gotcha Day

A post from the momma:

Today is a special day in our house hold. It's a day that changed our life
just 3 short years ago.
When I think of how many ways a life can change, I'm ever so grateful for the ways they change for the better. With all the sadness in this world and the knowledge of how quickly your life can be taken away, it's an amazing moment when something wonderful happens. This day, 3 years ago, was definitely a change for the better. It brought into my life something wonderful, something opinion changing, something that gave me a new outlook on life over these past years.
Summer 2011
Three years ago, a four legged, hyper, brown dog flew through our door, sprang off of our couch and sprinted down our hallway. They called him "Corbin." In the brief moment when I thought "Oh, dear Lord... what did I get myself into," I was honestly afraid of my Christmas tree getting knocked over, a dog going through my window or this crazy dog injuring himself slipping and sliding all over our hardwood floors.
Our first night.
However, it didn't take long for him to settle down, curl up on the couch and take a deep snooze. As he relaxed, I relaxed. He had some time to re-energize chill out before Adam came back. We went out and got some toys for him and quickly learned his love for fetch. Corbin was to be our first foster dog. We were hoping he'd be our first of many until we found the perfect dog for our home -which, by the way, in my mind was a 40lb border collie mix. Adam was smitten within 48 hours of our new found friend. He took his first trip to the mancave for the Giants football game, and quickly became the love of everyone we knew. We tried to get someone we knew to adopt him, but... he was, after all, a Pit Bull, and no one wanted to own one of those.
December 2012
I came into Corbin's life knowing only media based information on Pit Bulls. Not that I believed it, but it was the only thing I knew. Corbin molded my mind. After two months of fostering him, we officially adopted him, knowing he would never fit in so well with any other family. Now looking back, I don't believe he would have ever survived with any other family. Corbin has been a challenge, but one that we so very willing accepted. We have done lots of training with him, and although he's not perfect and will always have his quirks, he's perfect for us. I cringe thinking the possibility of him being adopted and returned and passed around from home to home. It would have killed his spirit, and in turn, would have most likely killed him. There was a brief window when Corbin was 10 months old, where he could have gone either way... towards the way he is now as a decently trained, friendly dog, or the other way, towards an aggressive, uncontrollable maniac. We're glad that through training, love and patience, Corbin went the friendly route. But, there's little doubt in my mind that left in the wrong hands of someone unwilling to put the time and training into him, he would have been euthanized for aggressive behavior. Hard to believe, huh? I try not to think of that... it breaks my heart thinking how often it does happen, and warms my heart that it wasn't the fate of my dear Corbin.
Summer 2012
Through him I have learned so much. I've learned the importance of rescue and fostering, and not only has it become my love and passion, but it's become a deep part of my being. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help other dogs like Corbin, and make sure their fate is the same as his. I've learned so much about dog training, a passion of patience that I enjoy exercising on Corbin and our foster dogs. I've learned about canine health and medicine - probably more than I ever would have imagined. But, the most important thing I've learned from Corbin is about love. The unconditional love that he gives me could never be put into words. He is all forgiving when I make a mistake, all trusting when he's unsure and all the comfort I need during a time of tragedy. He's taught me that no words need to be said in order to feel the comfort of another living soul. During my grief over my dad's illness and his death, there were few people I could stand to be around. My mother was the side I never wanted to leave, Adam was always a welcome site, but nothing could compare to the quiet peace of being around Corbin. Being able to sit in silence, stroke his soft fur and welcome tears that hadn't shed was the way I began processing all that had happened. He knew his job and he took it seriously. He was there for comfort when I needed comfort and he was there with his upside down silly face when he knew I needed a laugh. It's an amazing bond, that of human and canine. Things are understood that could never be spoken out loud.  Though I've had many dogs in my past, all of which I love dearly, the connection with Corbin brings owning a dog to an entire different level.  It's not an ownership... it's a partnership. 
My heart dog.
I remember reading a quote on Hound Girl's blog as she talked about her beloved Fred: "We don't get the dog we want, we get the dog we need." I'm not sure where the quote came from, but it couldn't be more true. Although Corbin wasn't the dog we set out to find, he was the dog we needed in our life, to teach us, to heal us and to guide us to being better people. We are proud to be Corbin's family, proud to share his life with people who love him, even those who don't physically know him. Corbin and I are proud to be connected through our blog to this group of amazing animal people. We're grateful for the support on both Corbin's issues and my life obstacles, for the laughs I get from reading your blogs and the tears I shed when each pet makes their trip across the bridge. It's a strange connection, this blog world... but I'm very lucky to have stumbled upon it and become a part of it.
In his newest Sirius Republic collar.
Today, although he can't have any of his favorite treats, we celebrate Corbin and the wonderful dog that we have been lucky enough to have in our lives.  Thanks, buddy... you truly make this life a wonderful place.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Cone of Shame

The Cone of Shame will now be entered into the Corbin Hall of Fame: Destruction Section
Details below.

Hellooooo Hellooooo Helloooo Helloo
Hey, Shawnee, maybe you should hike my cone!
Corbee smoochies when you get to the top.

So, that's my cone.  The momma put it on me on Saturday and I kept getting it off.  So, she wrapped it around my collar, and I still got it off.  Finally, she out smarted the Corbin (or so she thought), and had it good and tight so I couldn't get it over my head.  I got noms every time I was good and calm in my collar and not karate chopping it off of my head.

Dad wouldn't even help me.
Dude, with the stupid inside tree behind me, I look like I'm lit up.
So, they made me spend a little time in my stupid cone every day hoping I would get used to it.  Seriously?  How would YOU feel, momma, if I put a lamp shade on YOUR head?!  Anyway, so the momma attempted to go to work for a few hours on Monday.  She put my cone on, gave me noms and put me in my crate (which we had also previously practiced in my cone).  When the momma came home, do you know what she found?
Yep.  The Corbin fixed that stupid piece of dog doo.
The momma seemed a little upset, so she suggested a car ride - that always makes me feel better, so I figured she was trying to cheer herself up.  So, off we went on an adventure.  We arrived at PetSmart, who suggested a thing that blows up around my neck.  You have no idea the danger this crazy momma was putting the Corbin in.  Something that blows up?!  Near my neck?!  Come on!
The momma didn't snap pictures during our adventure.
So, this is just me looking handsome after my surgeries.
Well, it was explained to me that it doesn't actually blow up, as in explode.  It inflates with air.  Still, stupid.  On went this inflatable thing, and inflate it did.  The momma paid for it and off we went back to the car.  Dontcha know, we didn't even get out of that parking lot before I had that thing really explode?  I popped it!  POP!
I told her "blow up" was never a good phrase.
The momma was glad they gladly returned it for her, and they laughed and said they had never heard of that before.  Then I got some good scratches while people told me I was smart.  Back in the car we went... this time we went to the PetCo.  They had foam flexible ecollars, the momma was skeptical, but willing to give it a go.  She paid the green papers and off we went for home.  I had that thing figured out in seconds and was able to nom on my tail.
I think you'll just have to stay home with me every day, momma.
Every. Day.
So, the momma pulled out the big guns and called the VET.  They said I'd have to go in to get fitted for their last resort.  Back in the car we went.  Would you believe that they had a NECK BRACE for me to wear?!  For real, neck brace.  Like for dogs with broken necks.  I said, Lady.... I ain't got no broken neck.  You crazy.
Look at this thing!!!!!!
The momma took me and my new neck brace home.  What dummies, why do I need a neck brace if I don't have a broken neck!?  The momma said it's because if I get to my tail and do any damage, SHE might break my neck, so this is a preventative measure.
You're bluffing, woman.
So, she left for the work place this morning again, and will come home and check on me in a few hours.  She said I was in big trouble if I had this thing off and she better come home to find me snoozin' in my crate.
Challenge accepted.

Monday, December 17, 2012


No one told me if I took my tail wrap off, I'd have to go back to the vets.
They also neglected to mention, I'd have to wear a cone if I took it off.
I took it off.
I had to go back to the vets.
I have to wear a damn cone.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Corbee's Home!

Corbin's momma here: Corbee is home from his surgery, relaxing and recovering. His surgery went well, two teeth removed and half of his tail. Going to be a long week keeping him comfortable and away from his tail, but just glad everything went okay!!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! 
We'll update with more specific details within the next few days!

Surgery day!

Well, I'm heading to hang out with Dr. Mike for the day.  He said I'm going to get really sleepy and while I'm sleepy he's going to steal some teethies and half of my tail.  And, he said he's going to have me hooked up to all sorts of monitors to make sure my heart is okay through it all.  I'll have the momma update you when she hears from Dr. Mike that I'm okay!

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A post from the momma:

We were really hoping that Corbin's heart issue was a fluke earlier in the year and that his ultrasound would show that his heart was strong and normal and we could take him off of his heart medications.  It's quite a damper to know this heart issue might be life long, but I'm still hoping the issue will resolve and Corbee can go back to enjoying his summers to the fullest.  His meds make it difficult for him to tolerate the heat...

We've decided to go ahead and dock Corbin's tail... it was a difficult decision - a little more so for Corbin's dad.  His tail is so expressive and when he gets really excited, it goes in circles and we joke that he'll take off like a helicopter.  But, his comfort is more important.  And, my fear is, if his heart gets any worse and we need to have it docked later in his life because of an infection or a bad break or anything else that could go wrong with happy tail... it'll be a lot riskier to put him under for the procedure.  So, we're going to go ahead and do it now, as long as his heart tolerates the anesthesia well on Friday. No more leg bruises and injured eyes due to Corbin's whip of a tail...
Leave me alone lady, I'm getting my tail snuggles in
before you take it away from me.

It's been difficult to deal with Corbin's new issues on top of still attempting to cope with the loss of my dad... Today, my parents would have been married for 38 years. I'm so thankful to have been raised in a home where I learned so much about true love. I had two parents who would have done anything for each other, who stood by each others side through the worst of times, who were there to support each other and love each other. I learned from them to trust my heart, to stand up and fight for a love worth fighting for and I learned that family always comes first. In a world where divorce comes easy, my parents never gave up on each other. While they didn't show affection much in front of others, their love is unmistakable. I wish, more than anything, that my dad was here today to celebrate with my mom... they deserved to grow old together.  It's still hard to grasp that he's not here and it's hard not to be angry... I am thankful that I got 28 years with a wonderful dad.  He could have been taken from us earlier.
Oh, I miss ya Pops...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dum de dum dum

There's a very important part of this perfect canine physique that will be no more after Friday.
Can you imagine this handsome fella without a part of this perfection?
It helps me locate intruders to my yard.
And it comes with me everywhere...
Have you guessed yet?
It's my TAIL!!!!!!
My tail is pretty beat up because I break it open all the time when I wag it really hard.  It hurts and the momma finds blood all over the house all the time. 
See how it's all hairless at the tip?
I told the momma I'll never pull my wrap off again -see it wrapped in this picture?
See all the blood?  It goes everywhere, even the ceiling!
The momma says she's still on the fence because my tail is, well, it's part of the Corbin!  But she knows how painful it is when I hurt it.  And Dr. Mike said he'd only need to take half of it instead of docking the whole thing.  Plus, with my heart issue, it will prevent me from having to go under again in the future if my tail continues to get worse.  I already have some nerve damage there...
What do you think?  Will the Corbin still be a Corbin with only half a tail?

Monday, December 10, 2012


The momma forced me out of bed way too early this morning.  Then she refused to feed me my breakfast.  I thought this was all made up for by going for a car ride, only to find out we were heading to the vet.  I knew the momma's plan was to leave me there and go to work. 
Really?  You intend on leaving me here?
So, I made my plea and ranted and raved until I got my way.
I even made my drool turn into foam and I danced and I pranced.  And when the vet came in, who, by the way wasn't Dr. Mike... it was a friend of Dr. Mike's.  NOT ok with me.  Anyway, when the vet came in, he said to the momma "Are you in a hurry? Corbin might be better off if you stay with him during the ultrasound.  I can go get set up and we can do it shortly if you can stay."
How was the momma to say no?  So, she stayed.  We went into the back with Dr. Mike's friend, grabbed Dr. Mike on the way and I had my ultrasound.  The momma held me to make sure I stayed still and Dr. Mike kept petting me to keep me happy.  Dr. Farrell, Dr. Mike's friend, used his fancy wand to see through my furs to my heart.  Turns out, it's stronger than it was in May, but still weaker than they'd like to see it.  But, I'm strong enough to have my teethie surgery.  After Dr. Farrell took my heart pictures, I got to go home, eat my breakfasts and rest on the couch instead of staying at the Vets all day.
Who, me?  Mastermind a plan to make the momma late for work?
Teethie surgery is scheduled for Friday morning. 
Tomorrow I'll tell you what else Dr. Mike will be stealing from me besides two teethies!