Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dum de dum dum

There's a very important part of this perfect canine physique that will be no more after Friday.
Can you imagine this handsome fella without a part of this perfection?
It helps me locate intruders to my yard.
And it comes with me everywhere...
Have you guessed yet?
It's my TAIL!!!!!!
My tail is pretty beat up because I break it open all the time when I wag it really hard.  It hurts and the momma finds blood all over the house all the time. 
See how it's all hairless at the tip?
I told the momma I'll never pull my wrap off again -see it wrapped in this picture?
See all the blood?  It goes everywhere, even the ceiling!
The momma says she's still on the fence because my tail is, well, it's part of the Corbin!  But she knows how painful it is when I hurt it.  And Dr. Mike said he'd only need to take half of it instead of docking the whole thing.  Plus, with my heart issue, it will prevent me from having to go under again in the future if my tail continues to get worse.  I already have some nerve damage there...
What do you think?  Will the Corbin still be a Corbin with only half a tail?


  1. I think you will look awfully cute! Our Chloe Belle had to have her tail removed & everything went just fine. Chloe not having a tail sure did make things calmer; no knocking kids or things down with it or hitting anyone in the face anymore! She had a tail that hurt like a whip.

  2. I think it will show even more of your character! I never knew about Happy Tail before, but now I'm seeing a lot more pups with it. You are just such a happy guy!

  3. I promise Corbin - your tail does not contain all of your "Corbin-ness". You will still be just as handsome and won't hurt anymore! That should make your personality even more sparkly!

  4. Well, Dude... if you had one of those awesome fluffy tails like the Sam does then for sure it would take away from your Corbin-ness! But your's is long and skinny and if they are going to only take half of it, well we don't think that'll take away from the Corbin-ness because, really your tail isn't handsome...

    Sam and Pippen

  5. You will still be 100% Corbin. Maybe more because you won't lose all that blood like in the kitchen picture.

  6. You will still be your handsome Corbin self! Tails are over rated anyways!

  7. Nothing to worry about here, you can loose all your tail two ears and a toe and still be the most handsome dog to us. Sorry you are going to have to lose part of your tail, but we know just what you are talking about cause we get dogs here all the time with power tails.
    Be sure to take it easy while your half tail heals.


  8. EEEEEEP.... Half of our comment just went.. POOF.. off into the Blue Nowhere.
    what we were gonna say was... Since you are going to have two teefs stolen... you might as well get the tail thingy taken care of at the same time. You will FUR SURE not miss it.. since it has given you troubles.
    Corbin you will STILL be Just as Handsome as EVER and now you won't have to Worry about any more Tail Owies.

  9. You'll TOTALLY be Corbin! Did you know that I had to have MY tail removed too? I got happy tail (hitting it into things and breaking it) when I first came to LBR, and so my foster home had it amputated. I don't miss it at all, because I just wiggle my whole butt instead of wagging a tail. It's SO much more expressive!

  10. Don't worry Corbin.... You will still be Corbin without a tail.

    Our Great Uncle... Fonz... the cat before Max... had to have his tail amputated many years ago and he was much better off after it was done, cuz his tail was always irritated and he was chasing it and biting it and HH had to clean up blood all the time just like your Mama... So, for all concerned, you are doing a very good thing. Hope the procedure goes as easy as pie for you...

    Sending you lots of purrrrrs.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  11. The Corbin will still be a Corbin without any tail. All that handsomeness is in front of the tail anyway!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Tails just show that your heart is happy and you don't need all of that tail to show everyone how happy you are.

  13. Awww... Corbin will always be Corbin no matter what his tail looks like! He'll always be a wigglebutt to us. :)

  14. Bye bye tail. The same thing happens to our friend Annie
    Good luck
    Benny & Lily

  15. You will always be Corbin - with or without a tail! We Airedales have docked tails and we get along just fine with what we have and I, Mitch, have even less that Molly does because somebody got nutty with the snippers!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. It will be better for him. I had a friend that refused to have it done and her poor dog suffered through so many infections.

    We will be thinking of you, Corbin.


  17. I bet you will feel much better not having a hurt tail all the time.

  18. Yups, as Mitch and Molly said, We Airedales have our tails docked, and they look FABulous, so we know the Corbin's tail will look FABulous, too!! Plus, no more pain ~ YEA!! Win, win Corbin.


  19. You'll always be Corbin to us with whatever tail you fancy. We just hope you don't have any more owies with it. :)

  20. Corbin, you will be the handsome Corbin no matter what. I am crossing paws that everything goes good and you are back home in no time.

    Loveys Sasha

  21. Hi Corbin!
    I love your post today!
    "Will the Corbin still be a Corbin with only half a tail?"
    Yes you will be Corbin no matter what! Its about the love that you have inside you not the tail you have on the outside!
    It is better for you that you dont have all your tail if you keep hurting it!
    I think that you are handsome, I love all of your photos, you always look happy!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank

  22. Daisy had this happen and she is just as adorable as ever!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  23. Awwww Corbee! You are all Corbee all the time - tail or no tail!

  24. I know you and your mom will make the best decision.

  25. Well, Corbin, I know you now have only half a tail, but it was nice to find this post and see your tail as it once was. It was a grand curl, but all that blood and breakage, not good.