Thursday, October 24, 2013

Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food

My dear friends at asked if we'd like to do a review of Orijen's new freeze dried dog food.  We love Orijen products and their limited ingredients, so we agreed!  We received a bag of the Regional Red Freeze Dried food.  The momma decided we would use this as a supplement to our regular foods.  Grab a drool rag, you'll need it!

This here is our Orijen foods.
Directions say to break each medallion into 4 pieces.
We each got 2 medallions.
Then the momma poured 1/4 of warm water, per medallion, onto our foods.
This here was the worst part... we had to wait 3-5 minutes!
It actually ended up being longer than that and the momma ended up adding more water.  We get water added to our foods anyway, so we weren't going to mind a bit extra.
And, our dinners are ready!!!
We have to sit for our foods.
Oh man! I can't wait!
Those are my night time pills.
And, it sure was good!
Amelia's big eyes came out!
Amelia and I really enjoyed this addition to our foods!  It tasted fantastic and would be great for a picky eater, because I can't think of any pooch that would turn this up!  The momma didn't like the long process it took to prepare and she thought that it was very smelly -which I happened to think was a positive!  She does like the limited ingredients and thought it would be a nice complete diet for smaller dogs, but it's best as an additional food supplement for us larger kids.  Our bellies tolerated it well, also, which is always a concern of the momma's when it comes to me trying a new food.
That was the best dinners ever!
All and all, we were happy with this product!  But, the momma said it probably won't be something we'll continue to use, unless either of us boycott our breakfast and dinners at some point!
We were given one bag of Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food, Regional formula for our honest review of the product.  We don't review or support products that we would not use or feed our pets.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bow wow 5k!

Amelia here!  Corbin is still pretty upset about losing his friend Pip, and he realized he also lost his friend Sam during our blogging absence.  So, he said I can take over the blog today!  Which is fantastic because I have just the thing to tell you about!
Corbin mentioned a few weeks ago that the foster momma was trying to raise money for the rescue that I'm with, Homeward Bound.  Homeward Bound is also the rescue that saved Corbin's life and the lives of the 28 foster kids that have lived here before me.  Since I'm the current foster kid, the momma specifically set her goal at $500 because that's what it cost for me to have all of my heart testing and medications.  She thought it would be nice to raise enough money to cover my expenses, since the rescue pays for all of my medical needs and foods.  Often, the rescue takes in kids like me that need a little bit more medical attention, more than my adoption fee would cover, so that's why fundraising is so important, so they're able to help those with extra needs!
I did the walk too!
Not only did the momma, Corbin and I reach our $500 goal, which doubled the amount the momma raised last year...  we were able to more than TRIPLE what she raised last year!  That's right!  We raised $765!!!!!!  All thanks to YOU and your phenomenal, overwhelming, breathtaking generosity!  We were so blown away by your donations.  The foster lady says it's a very refreshing feeling to see how many people support what her and foster dad do.
There were 32 runners/walkers and some nice volunteers!
Overall, over $12,000 was raised for local animal welfare organizations in our area!  It was such a great day and I was so excited that the foster momma let me be a part of it also!  I had my adopt me vest, my tutu and my Sirius Republic collar and flower accessory.  I made a lot of new fans, but not a single potential adopter.  Can you believe it??? I get to stay in the foster house even longer!  Hehe.  Let me show you some pictures...
This is me walking with foster momma and Miss Heather.
That little dot in the middle is us walking, hehe.
When the finish line was in site, foster momma said "GO AMELIA!"
And I went!  I ran to that finish line! 
Ok, well maybe I stopped short of the finish line because my fan club was all there rooting me on and I had to stop for smoochies.
We all finished!
That's me with Heather, foster momma and foster Grandma Nancy!
It sure was a fun day and I always like meeting new friends, canine and human alike!  I even met a little girl named Amelia, too!  It was great and I was glad foster momma took me along.  But, more important than my fun is all of you!  Thanks again for all of the donations and all of your help to reach our goal!  We couldn't have done it without you!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Run free, sweet Mr. Pip.

My heart hurts as I read the news that my dear friend Pip has made his journey over the rainbow bridge.  Pip, you may not have had a great start to life, but, your middle and surely your end were filled with enough love to last an eternity.  May you run your heart out on the other side of the bridge, Pippity.  Thank you for allowing me into your life and sharing your joy with the world.  You will be missed here on earth. 

Rest easy, my sweet friend.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I owe you an apology...

I kind of disappeared.  Sorry about that.

The momma started a new job and we've all been super consumed with that.  It's been awful.
The momma now gets home before dad.  Do you know what that means?  It means she's home when dad gets home!  And, do you know what that means?!  It means I can't show dad my excitement that he's home by using my spring loaded feets to jump up at his face for black eyes smoochies!  Can you believe it?! 
What's wrong with my excitements?
The momma got all mad and said "Oh, Corbin!  You KNOW better!"  Then she yelled at dad and told him this was unacceptable and she can't believe it's been going on for so long without any of her knowledges.  Darn.
We got busted.
Now I have to work on my behaviors.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Foster Friday: Amela, the facts.

Amelia here!
Can you believe I've been at the foster house for 6 months?  I'm officially the longest foster dog to live at the Corbin house!  Now, I'm still seeking the adoptions so I'm going to blurt out some facts about me for the whole world to know.  The reasons why you should or shouldn't adopt me, depending on your lifestyle.  The good. The bad. And, the ugly... although, there isn't much ugly because I'm beautiful!
We'll start with the ugly.
When I got to my foster home, I was extremely vocal when I would play with Corbin, mostly when we were running.  Now, I don't mean just barking... I mean it's like a growl and a bark and I sounded like I might have wanted to eat him.  But, the foster parents worked very hard on distracting me when I did that and now I know that talking smack is an unacceptable way to play.  Sometimes, though, when I get really excited... I still do it.  But, the foster momma yells "Amelia!" and I stop right away and run back to her.  I have a great recall -but that should be in the good part!
That's really it on the ugly.
Now, the bad.
Although 90% of the time I'm a very calm and reserved girl, I can get very excited at times.  During these times, I usually flop over on my back and flail my legs in the air and I try to wiggle my butt, even though it's on the ground.  Sometimes I might jump up on someone, but that doesn't happen often and the foster parents always tell me I need to sit on my bottom -I usually decide to flop on my back.  We don't have many opportunities to work on this one because it only comes up once in a while.  Sometimes I just get super excited for things!
I'm still a little nervous of small spaces and slippery floors.  When I came to the foster house, I was very scared of the hallway.  But, I overcame that fear quickly!  It took me about 5 months being at the foster home to venture into the bathroom, but now I'm okay going in there, too!  I also get a little scared at the vets or at petsmart because the floors are a little slippery.  The foster momma has worked with me a lot and I've been doing MUCH better!  But, sometimes I still get scared and need to be reminded that it's okay.
And, that's really it on the bad.
Are you still with me?  Because, we're on to the good stuff now!
Seriously, here's the "good" stuff!
I am house trained and crate trained, as long as my crate has a bed in it.  If there are just blankets, I get a little nervous because they slide under my feets.  If I have a nice bed, I can walk on it without sliding and I like that.  I don't chew beds in my crate, I respect them.  In the morning when the momma goes to make her to-go cup of coffee, I automatically go in my crate, because I know she's coming with treats.  I stay in my crate for 8 hours every day.
I walk well on a leash and I do very well when I wear an easy walk harness.  I didn't walk very well on the leash when I got to the foster house, but the momma worked with me and taught me that it's not nice to pull her around.  If you see me at an adoption clinic, I tend to get a bit overwhelmed and I like to be every where at once, so I can get a bit pully there... but when I'm walking around and I can focus on walking, I do very well!  So, don't let my "show" at adoption events fool you.
I LOVE to ride in the car!  I jump right in and I sit down for the whole ride.  You won't even know I'm in the car!  If you leave the car, I'll take your seat until you return.  But, once you get back, I'll hop right into the back seat again.  Oh, and you can forget about that time I broke into the momma's groceries and ate come cocoa while she was pumping gas.  I was framed.
I'm a good eater and I always sit for my food.  I have a pretty strong stomach and don't have any food problems or weird allergies that we've noticed yet.  I don't have any food aggression at the foster house, and Corbin comes to check out my dish every day.  Foster momma also tests me out a few times a month and takes my food away mid meal, but I get it back when I sit down again.
I also don't have aggression over highly valued treats.  This is me and Corbin sharing a bully stick!  Don't worry, we did each get our own to chomp on.  Corbin always finishes his treat before I do, so he comes hunting for mine.  I don't give it to him, but I don't put up a fight if he insists that it's his.  Foster parents usually don't let it get that far, we're always supervised when high value treats are around.
I'm very good at sharing my toys, too.  This is me and Emmett sharing a Kong.  Corbin and I have never had a disagreement over a toy, treat, food or affections.  I haven't even had a disagreement with all the other dogs that have come to our house for vacations!  I'm a pretty easy going girl.
I loved being on foster parents boat!  And, I love swimming and walking and running through the water!  I also like a kiddie pool filled with water for me to sun bathe in.  I love sun bathing, even without water.  My favorite place to be in the summer is out in the yard, relaxing.
I don't bark often.  Foster momma can only think of a handful of times when I've barked.  Even when I have barked before, foster momma calls my name and I go running to her.  Once I barked at Corbin's Grandpa Jack.
I'm super silly and I love belly rubs.  I'm also a great snuggler.
I sleep in a dog bed at night, sometimes with Corbin, sometimes by myself.  If offered, though, I'll absolutely snuggle with the foster parents in bed.  I loves to snuggle.
And, I guess there's one  more category... The need to know stuffs.
I have a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which means the walls of my heart have become thickened, making it difficult for my heart to pup the blood through so my heart beats over time.  I had a heart ultrasound done in June and started a daily medication that costs $6 a month.  I went back to the vet for a check up at the end of August and the vet said my heart was improving and I went from 165 beats per minute to 140, which is a big improvement!  I'll need an additional heart ultrasound in June 2014 ($200) to make sure my medications are working and to see if the walls have my heart have decreased in thickness.  After that ultrasound, I may only need additional ultrasounds as needed or every 3 years.  We caught my heart condition in time and by continuing my daily medication, I should experience a normal life!
And, that about sums up an Amelia!
In the past 6 months, I have learned so much from foster parents and Corbin.  I've learned how to have fun and how to be a dog.  I've learned how to listen and I've accepted many other dogs into our home.  I even got nipped on the nosey at clinic last weekend by another dog, but I didn't react poorly.  I told him he was a grumpy old man, but I didn't snap back at him.  I think I'd make a great companion for just about anyone.  I'm loving and caring and I promise to make you feel better on your bad days (one of the reasons foster momma doesn't want to give me up!).  I promise to continue to learn and listen and I'll love you all the days of my life.  
So, what do you say?  Come adopt me, maybe?
Amelia is still available for adoption in Albany, NY through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY! Want to learn more about her?
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Merrick Jerkey Strips

Oh my, I can't keep my licker off of the package!
We were asked by to review some new treats.  The momma decided to test out Merrick's Natural Beef Real Cuts Jerkey Strips, and boy did she decide well!
Hurry!  Hurry! Open! Open!
Amelia and I sat nicely while we waited for the momma to open our treats.
Smells yummy!
These treats are actually quite long, but the momma broke them into little pieces, at least for our first taste testing.  I couldn't wait to try them!
Amelia was excited to try them, too!
Can we have a full piece now?

Biggest treat ever!
It took us a minute or two to nom that whole treat!
I even found where the momma hid the treats and tried to help myself to more!
The momma told me no more treats, so I helped Amelia with her crumbs.
We really enjoyed these treats!  The momma usually likes smaller treats, but says these are nice to use as a special treat.  The momma likes that there are only 3 ingredients used to make them: Beef, Rye Flour and Salt. 
Thanks Chewycom!  All in all...
They get the Corbin Jowl Lickin' Stamp of Approval!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Sharing

Not so Wordless.... but this picture was from when Diggy came to stay over a few weeks ago. Diggy has since been adopted!  We blogged about Diggy Wiggles Here and Here.