Monday, July 30, 2012

Blogville Olympics: Walkin' About the Neighborhood!

Before I begin with the Blogville Olympic event that I'm hosting... I'd like to ask everyone a favor.  You see... my Grandma Lynda is going in for back surgery today.  Could you please cross your paws and send some positive vibes to her to make sure her surgery goes perfectly?  I'd really appreciate it...

Ok, now onto the fun stuff!

The day is here, it's time for Walkin' About the Neighborhood event for the Blogville Olympics!

Ok, ok, ok... Here are the rules:  Everyone, please hold your applause until the END of each category, okay?  That will help us make sure everyone gets their time in the spot light.  And, that's it, no more rules!

I received some awesome entries.  Now, on to the show!!!!!

We'll start with Human Walkin'!

Rama, walked by her baby two legger!

Finn, doing some hill walkies with his human!

Ray doing nice walkies with his human!

Jazzi lookin' out for her human walkie partner!

Addy and her human walkin' away!

Dachsies with Moxie posin' on their walkie

It takes 3 to walk this human!
Shadow, Ginger and Buddy show us how it's done!

Marley walkin' a girl from his nearby Grace Home for Children!
We can only imagine how happy those kids must be to do walkies with him!

Gretchen & Reuben doing walkies with their little two legger!

Fiona and Abby doin' shadow human walkin'!

Stella and Rory walkin' their human down under!

Norwood & Tula doing walkies with their happy human!

Shawnee doing shadow hikin' walkies with her human!

Ok, I know you've been holding it in for these great entries... so APPLAUD AWAY!!!!!

We all know how hard it is to walk those humans some times!

Next up, Solo walkers!
Sasha checkin' out her hood!

Ruby, doing some off leash walkies!

Phantom, keepin' an eye on those neighborhood donkeys!

Bertie makin' sure all is well in Scotland!

In loving Memory of the handsome Hamish doing some off leash walkies

Abby Dabby Doo makin' sure her neighborhood has team spirit!

Blueberry alert on her walkie!

GJ walkin' the cat walk!  Wahoo!
So happy to have a kittie entered!

Lorenza makin' sure all bases are covered on her walkie!

Lulu doin' her walkie in San Francisco

Jazzi, makin' sure all is well in the neighborhood!

Oskar checkin' out the woods!

Noodles, takin' a stand! (or sit!) on her walkie!

Marley doin' some off leash walkies!

Posie is all dressed up for her walk!

Roo is in two places at once on his walk!
Crossin' town lines!

Ruby's doin' sidewalk walkies!

Here's Sarge showin' us around his neighborhood!
Now, which way to the treat store?!

Stormy doin' water walkies!
Those are my favorite!

Whisky showin' of her beautiful furs on her walkie!

Sweepy showin' us the neighborhood!

Winnie, makin' sure the path is all clear on her walkie!

Let it all out! I know you've been holding it in for these great entries... so APPLAUD AWAY!!!!!

We know how hard it is to hold down the walk alone!

And, our final catorgory!  Group Walkers!
Annie and Paul gettin' the group walkies started!

Aoife & Bailey gettin' their side by side walkie on!

Bailey & Katy getting their walk underway!

Casey and Cinderella walkie through all weather!

Daisy, Bella and Roxy keepin' their neighborhood in line!

Dixie, Shawnee and Sydney doing high speed walkies!

Ginger and Buddy doing golden walkies!

Belle and Goose doing double dog patrol!

Pack Walk!

Issa & Duffy walkin' by the water!

Molly & Pip keepin' watch!

Murphy and Stanley checkin' thinks out on their walkie

Pack Walk!
Norwood & the Big East Akita Rescue

Posie and Rowie matchin' on their walkie!

Ginger and Shadow doin' some off leash walkin'!

Puddles sharin' the spotlight with her sister Whitney!

Reuben and Kanga explorin' on their walk!

Stella and Rory showin' us their neighborhood!

Tula yellin' at Norwood to get movin' with their walk!

The Hound Dogs houndin' around!
Winston, Amiee and Bella!

OK, Let it roar! I know you've been holding it in for these great entries... so APPLAUD AWAY!!!!!

We know how hard it is to coordinate walkin' with buddies!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who entered!  I had so much fun organizing this event.  I wish the Olympics were EVERY year!  Make sure you check out the rest of the events today and every day until the end!  I can't wait!