Friday, July 20, 2012

Foster Friday: Brutey

Hey y'all!  Brutus is back in towwwwwwn!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'm a totally happy go lucky guy, but let me tell ya something.  I suuuuuure am glad to be back with the Corbin and family.  They make me feel safe and I can be happy and goofy all I want!  How cool is that?  Totally cool.

So, the foster momma lady says we have to go to an adoption event tomorrow.  Totally fun!  Although, she's not all so happy about it.  She says that I'm her special Brutey and letting me go a second time isn't going to be easy. 

Lady.... see that drool?  Are you really going to miss all my slobberys?!  BOL! Who am I kidding, of COURSE she's going to miss my slobbers.  Who wouldn't want a piece of Brutey love smeared all over thier face, arms, legs, clothes, tables, floors, and beds?  No one in their right mind, clearly.

So, what am I looking for in this next home, you might ask?  Just someone who's going to love me, and cuddle me on the couch -that's my favorite!  Let me have some toys to throw around and chase in the yard.  Someone who's going to make sure I follow the rules... my last home didn't give me any rules and when I got back to my safe house, the foster momma lady almost choked on my slobber when I did a Flying-Brutus square on her tummy on the couch!  And, when I almost knocked my bowl on the floor getting to my foodables, instead of sitting nicely and waiting for my "ok" command!  So, we've been working on relearning my mannors and I realized life is so much nicer when I'M nice!  Therefore, I work really hard on my mannors, but I definitely want a new home that will make me be a good boy.
Honestly... who's not going to love this mug?! 

Wish me some good lucks!  The foster momma lady assured me that I'd be coming back to my safe house regardless of who I might meet tomorrow.  She said no more impulsive peoples comin' to snag my handsome face.  They'll have to wait and go through the foster momma lady's psycho screening.

Brutus OUT! (for now!)


  1. Hey Brutus! Happy you are back with the foster momma and Corbin! ALSO that your foster mom is going to REALLY check and make sure any new peoples are really going to love you and give you rules and stuff. You are very handsome and we love your face!!!
    Ernie and the rest of the pack

  2. Good gravy! That is some impressive slobber!!! Blueberry is more discrete with her slobber and sometimes I will only notice it when I am walking across the floor and suddenly find myself nearly slipping on it!

    Don't worry Brutey - you are a very good boy - smart, very very handsome and someone will come along that will love you enough to continue what your foster mom has so diligently worked on with you! Plus - who doesn't love snuggling on the couch?

  3. Brutus, you are such a handsome and happy guy!! I'm glad you're enjoying it back at Corbin's place, and I'm sure you'll find the absolutely pawfect home for you.

  4. Hi ya Brutus! Wells, I knows you is well taken cares of right nows...but there are some stoopid peoples in dis world. Heck, even I has to follow da rules and use my manners...shhhhh, I don't want nobuddy's to know dat.
    Your perfect furever home is out theres, I just know it is.


  5. I'm sure the foster momma lady's psycho screening will find you a good home. Good luck at the adoption event tomorrow. BTW that is some impressive drool. Are you sure you aren't part Great Dane?


  6. Oh, Brutus, that is some slobber ya got goin'!! I am a professional drooler myself ~ I can get some impressive slobber goin' I can tell ya! We should have a contest!! Any hows, I think your foster Ma will make sure that your furever home is a stable, happy, and healthy place. Good Luck tomorrow!



  7. Good luck, Brutey. I know that the right family won't mind jumping through some pretty good hoops because they will realize how important it is and it will be worth it in the end.

  8. Rules - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Sigh. I guess the rules makes us happier coz then we know wot be eggspected of us. Mom says if'n I did not has rules and runned amok, I would not go hiking so yes, I has to agree, rules and boundaries do be furry good. Anyways, I think I is going to be in your 'hood tomorrow, Brutus and Corbin! I will be up on that Helderberg Escarpment looking down on you all so if'n you hear AROOOOO, it be me gibbing you all a woofout, k?

  9. In the meantime you and corbin get to play and hang out - hopefully a new forever home is just around the corner

  10. Oh Brutey, you are just so handsome! But don't tell the Corb. He is the resident hunk of course. Good for you for working on your manners and being a gentleman pittie. I'm sure you will end up exactly where you should be..although your foster Momma will SURE miss you. Paws crossed for tomorrow.


  11. Just keep workin' your magic with the mama and she'll fall so in love with you that she won't be able to let you go!

  12. Ummmmmmm Brutus.... If I were you I would save that Drool fur a SURPRISE fur your furever family. I'm just sayin.

  13. You are just so darn handsome, Brutus! Our paws are crossed that you find your loving forever family!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. We think you're beautiful and just know the right hooman is out there for you. Such a face ~ I think I'm in lust....

    Best of luck tomorrow my furend. And Foster Mom is doing the absolute right thing by being picky.

    Lily Belle
    P.s. Hi Corbin!

  15. Good luck, Brutus. Sending crossed paws that your forever family is on its way to you.

  16. Brutus, you look so happy all drooly and everything. I just know there is a family out there just waiting for your sweet face and they are ready to give you loveys. I am crossing paws, but I am glad you are happy for now with Corbin.

    Loveys Sasha

  17. Good luck at the adoption event. Hope you find the most perfect furever home soon. :)

  18. hi sweet Brutus. We bet you missed Corbin
    Benny & Lily

  19. Good Luck Brutus, we just know the right home will find you soon.

    The silvers and more

  20. Brutus,

    You most handsome indeed! Hopefully da adoption event went well fur you and all da other dogs too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  21. Ello for you Bru. Good to see you my pal.

    Hey Corbin, our typist saw a great big Pitty at the weekend and went over to give him strokes. When mum said "be careful" he said "Careful? It might be Corbin!" He he, you is changin minds all over da werld. The Pitty's owner was very pleased to meet someone who knew bout his doggie and was appy to see him...