Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Bear in my house!

Dude, this past weekend there was a black bear in my house... IN MY HOUSE!
See!!!! IT'S HUGE!
Mom kept telling me that it wasn't a black bear... and that it was in fact a Bernoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle) and his name was Yukon.  Now... I know my mom can be a little crazy, but I think this time she went over the deep end... that's definitely a black bear.

BUT... I'm trying to stay on Santa's nice list... so I entertained the big guy.  This isn't a foster dude, he's one of mom's pet sitting pups.  She brought him over for some play time while she had him.

Mom...he's looking at me like he wants to eat me.
That's what black bears do... they eat Corbins.
Dude, you can eat me... but you'll never get my ball.
In all seriousness... we did get along really well and it was fun to have someone to play with since I haven't had a foster sister since Halloween when HannahBrindleBrat was here!  And, btw, her new name is Ruby and she's attending the same doggie day care that I will be going to!  So hopefully I get to play with her some more in the future.

AND!!!  I wanted to update everyone on the other two dogs I featured during Mayzie's Adopt Me Week!  Max was adopted!!!!!!!  Everyone at the rescue was so happy... Max had been through so much and really deserved a great home, and boy did he get one!  And also, my buddy Levi over at Two Pitties in the City was also adopted!  So, it's official... all 4 dogs that I posted about were adopted!!!! YAY!

I sure do hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  We sure did... we have a lot to be Thankful for and mom was so happy to be surrounded by all of her family!  I was thankful for the left overs ;-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


So... Last night I had to go visit Mr. Dr. Mike, DMV.  Just my yearly check up and I had to get a shot. ICK. 
Please... I don't want to be here!
But Mr. Dr. Mike, DMV said I look great!  And I'm very handsome - I made sure he noted that one in my chart.  That's very important information.

Mom talked to him about my tail... I split it open sometimes when I get super happy and wag it really hard... Mr. Dr. Mike, DMV said he might have to chop it off some day.  EEEKKK!!  I swear, Mom.... I won't wag it hard ever again!

Poor, poor pittyful me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good news!

Well, I'm not the good news, but I thought you needed a refresher picture of me, because I don't want you forgetting what I look like!


Here's the good news.  So, last week I participated in Mayzie's Rescue Me week!  Well, 4 days, because I forgot on Monday.  BUT!  Out of the 4 dogs I posted about, TWO of them were adopted!

JayJay found is most perfect forever home with a wonderful family and a young boy to play with!

And Godiva-Pretty-Eyes went to a wonderful young couple where she'll get lots of love, attention and exercise!

Max is still looking for his forever home, and Levi had an AMAZING show of support from accoss the country for his SuperHero walk!  Check it out over at Two Pitties in the City!

A BIG thank you to Mayzie for coming up with this wonderful idea to showcase so many homeless dogs!  I hope a ton of other dogs had the great success that Godiva and JayJay had!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rescue Me Week: Levi

So this is my fourth day taking part in Mayzie's Rescue Me Week!  Today, I'm going to tell you about an adoptable furiend near and dear to my heart!  He is being fostered by my very good bloggin' buddies, Mr. B and Ms. M and their parents A & E who write the wonderful blog Two Pitties in the City.  If you don't know them, you definitely need to check them out!
Mr. B, Levi & Ms. M
Levi was taken in as a stray found on the streets of Chicago by New Leash on Life Animal Rescue.  This is the rescue Ms. M was rescued from.  Since taking Levi in as a foster, Mr. B and Ms. M have noticed that Levi just might have been raised by Super Hero's.
Shhhh it's a secret!
He may have tried to keep it a secret, but it sure didn't take long for Levi to Super Fly into the hearts of all the blog readers!  With his handsome good looks and all the wonderful maners Ms. M is teaching him, it's a shock that Levi hasn't been scooped up yet!  And trust me... I've heard my momma mudder some words under her breath about wanting to take that adorable adoptable pitty face home!
He is a super hero after all!
A & E found out that Levi has a congenital eye condition that will effect his vision in the future.  They are doing a whole bunch of fun things over on their blog to raise money for the surgery Levi needs so that he won't lose any of his eye site.   We will also be joining the virtual walk for Levi on November 12 at 9am, but mom didn't buy us shirts in time... We're still walking for you Levi!!!
Now, here's a SuperLevi cool part!  Two Pitties in the City are also having a bunch of raffle items!  One is the GoPro Camera that Mr. B uses to document his life.  I totally saved up my kibble money and bought a raffle ticket for that!!!!  They're also raffling off the dog Backpack that the pooches on their walks, a ruffwear coat -modeled by Mr. B and Ms. M, and beautiful hand made sweaters made by our friends over at Our Waldo Bungie.  Now, what's even cooler is with every raffle you buy, you're ALSO entered for an amazing collar from Sirius Republic (where I have 2 for myself, a matching leash and a foster sister "Adopt Me" collar!), a Silly Buddy Bowtie, and a delicious doggie care package!  Who could ask for more???  Click HERE to see all of the cool stuff and how to enter! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rescue Me Week: Max

So I'm in my third day of Mayzie's Rescue Me week because I missed out on the first day.  So, without further adooooooooo, let me introduce you to Max.
Now, I told you all about Max back in September here.  Max came to Homeward Bound very sick... so he was taken to the vet and diagnosed with Parvo.  Max is 2 years old and didn't respond to the treatments... after about 2 weeks, Max finally turned around and started getting better.  They call Max the $7,000 dog because that's how much his vet bills were when all was said in done!  Most rescues would have given up on him, but we faught as hard as he did!  All you needed was one look into his soulful brown eyes, and you know you had to help him.
Max has been healthy and adoptable for well over a month now, but he still hasn't found his perfect furever home.  He's a happy guy who loves tennis balls!  He's good for his walks and great with other dogs.  Max gets really excited at the adoption clinics and doesn't paint the picture of how he normally is at home!  He's very special to everyone at Homeward Bound, so they're all patient waiting with him to find a great home that will love him and see into those soulful eyes just like they did!  You can view Max's Petfinder page HERE.
Homeward Bound is still trying to raise some money.  Along with Max's vet bill, another puppy, Willow (now known as Blue) also came down with Parvo and cost $3,000 and a lab mix, Duke, came in with elbow displasia that needed surgery costing $3,500.... all within a 3 month period!  There is a chip-in page HERE if you're able to help out any!  I know some of you have already donated, and for that, the dogs are furever grateful!

Homeward Bound is also doing an online auction to run from December 9-December 19!  Some cool things on there and a few things that you can bid on without living near me!  Check it out and see if there's anything you'd be interested in bidding on!  You can see all of the stuff HERE.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rescue Me Week: JayJay

This is my second day joining my furiends Mayzie and her brother Ranger for their Rescue Week!  Please check out Mayzie's blog to see all of the other great blogs participating too!

Today, I'll show you JayJay.  Now, I don't know JayJay personally, but I'm sure he's heard of me.
"How you doin'?
JayJay is a Cattle Dog mix and he's about 1 year old.  He's a super fun guy and loves to play.  If you're a ball thrower, he's you dog!  He gets along great with other dogs and is always up for some playtime.  He's a sweet dude and has nice manors.  He is house broken and crate trained.  He's really looking for a perfect place to call his own, and with that face... how could you not take him home?
JayJay was found roaming the streets of Kentucky and was brought into the shelter.  He was one of the lucky ones that made their way to Homeward Bound.  Now he's in foster care and loving life... he just needs that special person or special family to share it with!  I sure do hope JayJay finds a great home soon!
You can see JayJay's Petfinder add HERE.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rescue Me Week: Godiva

So, my good furiend Mayzie is doing a great thing, she's having a "Rescue Me" week!  She's asking all of her furiends to post about an adoptable dog to raise awareness for homeless pets!  Well, Mayzie... I think this is AWESOME!  And what's even better?  Mayzie is going to randomly pick FIVE furiends that blogged about adoptable dogs and donate $100 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!) to each of her FIVE furiends favorite rescues!  Holy crap, this is great!

So, since I don't have a foster sister right now, I'm going to tell you about a few dogs this week that are in Homeward Bound's program.

First up?  Godiva.

Now, Godiva will be coming to stay with me until she gets adopted -that is, if she's not adopted on Saturday!  Check out this beautiful face!
Godiva was found outside of an Indian Reservation about 3 hours north of my home - almost into Canada!  You see, inside the Reservation... there's little to no spay or neutering going on, which creates a lot of dogs roaming around.  Once they wonder outside of the Reservation, they get scooped up by the Dog Napper... and he brings them to the shelter - once the shelter is full... they euthanize. *Warning, the next sentence is not very nice* Most of the time, the dogs just get shot in the head.  So Homeward Bound works with a rescue up there called Precious Pups.  Lisa, who runs Precious Pups, pulls as many dogs as she can and her and her husband keep them at their house until they can find rescue for them.  Our rescue tries to take dogs from Lisa as often as possible, which is usually about once a month.
Godiva is a 10 month old chocolate lab mix and a joy to be around.  She's a typical puppy with typical lab energy and loves to play.  She gets along great with other dogs and loves every person she has the chance to meet. 
I'm super excited for Godiva.  I just know it won't take long for her beautiful face to find a wonderful forever home.  It blows my mind that dogs this beautiful -and handsome for the dudes- are euthanized every day.  I'm glad to be the middle person that helps them on their way to a great forever life.  You can see Godiva's Petfinder page HERE.

Lord knows how appreciative I am that someone stepped up and invited me into their house so I could avoid that needle in that cold dark room... I'm so glad I get to share my second chance giving second chances to others.  If you missed my post yesterday, please go check out the guest blog I did over at Love and a Six-Foot Leash.  It's all about fostering, how much I enjoy it and why you should consider doing it also.  They're doing more guest posts by blogs that foster, so make sure you keep checking out their blog!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Check me out!

I'm not doing a typical "Corbin" post today because I'd like for you all to check out my furiends Love and a Six Foot Leash!!!  They asked me and my mom to do a guest post for them while they move to Texas and we're on there today!  So, please go over there and read all about our view on fostering!

I even let my mom do the talking!  Hope she doesn't screw it up.  So, stop reading here and CLICK!

Serious about being a foster brother.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mr. Tater...

So... yesterday was a very sad day for my momma.  You see... mom used to ride horses all the time and I know I introduced you to Kahlua last year, who is mom's favoritest horse ever.  And when Kahlua got hurt and couldn't be riden anymore, mom kind of slacked off in the riding department, but still remained close with the horses owned by her friend Tamara.  Although these horses are in no way my mom's horses, she loves them just the same.
Well, yesterday... Mr. Tater had to make his trip to the rainbow bridge... Tater was only 8 but had many years of colic issues and yesterday the colic monster wouldn't give up. 
Mr. Tater was a retired racehorse and his dad was the famous Tiznow.  He was loved by all who knew him and will be greatly missed.  Run free in heaven, Mr. Tater.  My mom loves you.

Also, I'd like to highlight a few things some of my furiends are doing for their communties....

It's my dear furiend, Roo's, birthday!  He's going to donate $0.50 for every comment left on his blog for his birthday to the shelter he came from, The Humane Society of Sarasota County!  Today is the last day - sorry I didn't make it in time to tell you yesterday, when he raised $32!  So, swing over to Roo and wish him a Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day!!!
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!!

My furiend Mayzie is honoring her Grampa J by hosting an "Adopt Me" week!  She will be giving away $100 to the rescue of choice for FIVE of her furiends!  Go over to her blog and check out all of the details.  We sure can't wait to take part in this one!
A wonderful and generous thing, Mayzie!!!

And, last, but most certainly not least... LEVI!  You see, my furiend Levi is a foster dog living with my furiends Mr. B and Ms. M from Two Pitties in the City.  Levi was raised by Superhero's and just recently found out that he has a congential eye condition that will effect his vision in the near future if it's not corrected.  So, Two Pitties in the City are raising money for Levi's surgery by having a bunch of great stuff up for raffle and a great t-shirt to show your support!  Go check them out and do what you can to help Levi!!!
We support you, Levi!!!