Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diamond update! & there's an update to the update!

Sorry we haven't posted sooner, but thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for Diamond's surgery!  She was able to come home on Friday and rested well with my watchful eye making sure she was okay.  She's still not a huge fan of the Corbin, but I put that aside and kept her company all weekend while she recovered.

Diamond's surgery went well.  The vet ended up finding and removing 4 mammary masses, instead of just the 1 they thought was there when they went in.  She's been sleeping a lot and enjoying the down time.  The momma was home with us ALL weekend, which was fantastic because that rarely ever happens.  She wasn't feeling too well either, so I had my hands full taking care of the momma AND Diamond.  The Diva can't be bothered, of course. 

Diamond goes back to the vet tonight to have her recheck.  She has been eating really well the last few days and she looks a little less skinny, so the momma is hoping she's put some much needed weight on!
The momma went up to the Orvis Outlet and bought Diamond a new memory foam dog bed for her to rest on.  She really enjoys the extra comfort and snoozes happily.  Her ears get very cold very quickly, so she almost always has her snood on to keep them warm.
Just don't tell her F-E-R-G-U-S isn't the way to spell Diamond.
Here's a picture to show you that she doesn't snooze all the time.
Thanks to everyone who donated for her care, it's been adding up very quickly and we'd like to ensure the Mr. Mo Project can continue to help more seniors across the country!  If you haven't donated yet and wish to do so, you can Click Here!
We just received news from the vet that all 4 mammary gland masses that were removed from Diamond on Friday are BENIGN!!!!! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Prayers for Diamond today!

We hope everyone had a great New Year!!!
Diamond is settling in well here.  Wednesday night Diamond slept very soundly and comfortably.  It’s always the momma’s favorite to see when our foster finally feels comfortable enough to let their guard down and settle in for a deep snooze.  She’s also growing used to me… I’m still not her most favorite pooch in the world, but everyone loves the Corbin eventually.  She’s getting there.
Today, Diamond is spending the day at the vet office for her surgery.  She will be having at least 1 mammary gland tumor removed and will be getting spayed since she is already having surgery in that area.  Please keep your paws crossed for our old gal today!  

We’ve received a lot of requests from our friends about donating to Diamond’s care.  Diamond is under the Mr. Mo Project, but her care has quickly added up to over $3,000.  The Mr. Mo Project relies solely on donations, so the momma set up a YouCaring page where you can donate for Diamond.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help the Mr. Mo Project continue to help senior dogs across the country!  What better way to start out 2015 than with a tax deductible donation to a great cause?  Give a little, give a lot, but give today!  Click Here for the link! 
The Corbin sends many smoochies to everyone who donates!