Thursday, January 30, 2014

All about Mayzie

Here are a few pictures of Mayzie before she was rescued and a link to a video - the video is on facebook, but you should be able to see it without logging into an account.  The video is what broke the momma's heart and made her fall in love with these adorable, loveable pooches.  Seeing their faces made her agree to take in a second foster.

You can see her video here.
That's her daughter, Delsi on the right and one of the other pitties
that lived there, Chico, is the black and white.  Mayzie is chomping
down on the food our rescue friends brought them until they could haul
them off to safety.
It's been a little over 4 weeks since our girl was saved.  Almost 3 weeks since we've had her.  Look at her now.
Running free.
She's found the joy in playing.
She's packed on some pounds.
Her coat is now soft and shiney.
We've watched the light return to those soulful brown eyes.
Life on a chain is a distant memory for this beautiful girl.
We couldn't be happier to be a part of her journey.  We only wish we could give this chance to every dog who has only known a life at the end of their chain.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Toe-tally Toe-reffic Chaos

If I told you that I, the Corbin, have been battling an icky infection in my toe for the past 3 weeks.... would you believe me?
How about if I told you that I, the Corbin, turned out to have a very rare and unusual infection in my toe, that's extremely resistant to antibiotics... would you believe that?
Of course you would because I'm the Corbin and things like that just seem to happen to me.
Now, most dogs don't get infections in their toes from ripped out toe nails... but, again, I'm the Corbin, so of course I'd get an infection in my toe, unlike others. The momma had to drive me to see Dr. Mike in a super crazy snow storm earlier this month. Since then, I've been on two types of antibiotics. Last week, Dr. Mike decided to xray my toe, to see if that gave him any insite as to what the heck was going on. It did not. All it told him was that the Corbin's feet have some arthritis.
So, Dr. Mike decided to take a culture of the icky stuff that was coming out of my toes. Good thing, beacuse on Tuesday, Dr. Mike called the momma with the results of the culture. Turns out, my infection is super rare and super difficult to treat. Dr. Mike started me on a different (SUPER expensive) antibiotic in hopes it'll work. So, keep your paws crossed that I don't "Corbin" this one up.
My new antibiotics were sitting at the vets office Tuesday night for the momma to pick up. She said noooo worries, she was headed up to the vet anyway because Uncle Harley Puggie wasn't feeling very well. Turns out, Uncle Harley Pug had the pancreatitis and had to stay at the vet hospital for 2 nights. He came home last night and seems to be feeling okay and in good spirits. But, could you keep your paws crossed for him, too? Uncle Harley Pug is 12 years old, and this was his 6th battle with the yucky pancreatitis...
Not to be out done by my toe problems... Amelia decided to be all dramatic and broke her nail last night. So, the momma had to take her to the vet and get her footie all wrapped up. Now we're boot twins.  Will you cross your paws for Amelia so she doesn't get the nasty infection toe like me? 
Oh, did I also mention that we took Mayzie to the vet with me last week to see Dr. Mike? Our beautiful girl has coccidia, giariada, hook worms, whip worms and a severe intestional infection. The spots on her ears that we thought were frost bite turned out to be deterioration due to severe dehydration. She also has a skin infection on her legs and tail. So, lots of poop pick up at our house so those nasty worms and bacteria don't make themselves a cozy home in our lawn. But, the medications seem to be working because Mayzie is feeling much better and starting to put the pounds on.  And, last request... cross your paws for dear Mayzie so she heals up and gets healthy real fast?
Fun week at the Corbin house!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's a Pitty Party!

Amelia and I think Mayzie makes a great pillow!
Pitty Party on the momma!
(That's Emmett on the right, I was in the dog bed on the floor)
Can you count all 4 pitties?
Lots of snuggles were going on this weekend!
(Emmett again)
Tried to sneak into Mayzie's crate, but the momma caught me.
Our foster girls, safe and loved and snuggled on the momma.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet Mayzie

There were so many votes between the blog, facebook and emails!  It was almost too close to call between Gemma and Mayzie... so the momma (who's been calling our new girl momma!) took some time to call Momma each name.  We think our new girl liked Mayzie the best. 
Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
And, what's not to like?  The name comes from our most dearest friend Mayzie, who had a similar scary past.  We hope with the same beautiful name, our Mayzie will find the same wonderful fate of a fantastic, loving forever home!
So, Mayzie it is!
The momma needs a bigger lap!
She's been settling in so well and really enjoying her inside life.  She gets along great with all of us and I've even helped her realize none of us are going to steal her food.  Ok, well, I might steal a bite ore two, but not her whole dinner!  I sure do love when the momma brings home new foster kids, I like teaching them things. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Four little pitties sitting in a row

Maybe we're not so little...

Did we forget to mention that Emmett is visiting for the week???

Monday, January 13, 2014

We need your help!

Hi everyone!  I sure do hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with activity and lots of noms! 
No worries, Amelia is still here, just didn't want to take part in the picture taking.
I had a very interesting weekend!  We went and added another foster pooch to our pack!  However, she doesn’t have a name yet.  The momma and dad have narrowed it down to 5 names, but we need your help deciding!  Before I tell you the names, let me tell you a bit about our new girl –referred to as momma below. 
Our new lady
It all started one cold and blistery day in Tennessee around Christmas time.  A man showed up at our rescue volunteer/foster’s house with 3 adorable pitty puppies.  He asked her to take them in because the others had frozen to death.  Of course, Miss Tam asked about the momma –to which he replied that she was fine.  Miss Tam’s hubby, Jay, kept trying to find the place the man lived so he could make sure the momma was okay.  He finally found the man’s property and along with the momma, there were 3 other pitties.  All chained up with no shelter, no food and no water.  It was below 15 degrees and Tennessee had received 4 inches of snow.  Mr. Jay asked the man to please surrender the dogs.  He agreed to let one of the males go, so Mr. Jay took him home.  He posted videos of the sweet pitties that were left there and the momma said that we would take in another foster if it meant he could save these dogs.  After a restless night, Mr. Jay went back and begged the man to surrender the other 3.  He finally agreed and Mr. Jay took momma, her daughter and another male home.

Momma went to the vet and had a full work up.  Miss Tam said she was a real sweetheart.  She was too thin to be fixed, but knowing Miss Tam and Mr. Jay had their hands full with their numerous rescue dogs and puppies, the momma said “Send her up and we’ll get her nice and fat!”  So, up she came!
Momma is very thin.  She has frost bite on both of her ears and the tip of her nose.  There are BB pellets under her skin and her neck is healing from an embedded chain.  We're glad to have an extra fleece lined Siruis Republic collar to help keep her neck comfortable.  But, boy… is she happy.  She is the sweetest, most loving girl.  She came to New York on Saturday and spent the morning with the momma and Amelia at the adoption clinic.  She has such a calm manner about her, do you believe she helped Amelia relax at the adoption clinic?  Amelia usually gets very anxious, she whines and snips with other dogs sometimes… the complete opposite of her loving nature at home.  But, with the momma holding both girls… Amelia just sat there nicely, and would even lie down here and there. 

To say we’re smitten with our new girl would be an understatement.  We can’t wait to pack some weight on her and watch her grow. 
So, won’t you help us with a name?  Here are the options, please leave a comment with your favorite!

Emmie Lou

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Go Snood Yourself.

How do we look?
It's been super cold here in update New York... in fact, it's been negative degrees even without the wind chill!  When the wind chill gets added in, temps have been as low as -20.  Do you know what it's like to have to go outside to do your business in negative degree weather?!  Not fun.
Did you read the words "negative degrees" correctly?
So, the momma has gone all out in getting us gear to keep us warm on our quick adventures outside.  Of course we have our Tiennot Knits Sweaters and for Christmas, we received some new snoods from Sirius Republic!  And, don't ya know... the momma went and STOLE my old snood and is wearing it on her walk into work???  Yep.  She did. And, it keeps her super warm!  But, anyway... Santa brought my new snood and my dear friend Jen, the nice lady who went with Heather to save me from the shelter, gave Amelia her new snood!
Doesn't she look Purdy? Thanks, Jen!
We've been staying pretty warm, but we sure don't stay outside too long.  And, we convince the momma to leave our gear on inside for a bit so we can stay warm while we get snuggled on the couch!
Now... now I leave you with some pictures and important points that will have you headed right over to Sirius Republic to get your own custom fit snood!
Ladies love a dude in a snood.
Dudes love a lady in a snood.
Fights off the mean cold.
They're super stylish and there are patterns to match every fur type.
So, since the cold weather isn't leaving my house any time soon... Amelia and I say...
"Bite it, Winter!"
Go visit Sirius Republic and Snood Yourself!
And, if you enter Rescue Partner Code RPHB81, Sirius Republic will donate 20% of your total to Homeward Bound!  Woot Woot!
 None of these pictures were actually taken outside because the camera may have frozen, so you'll just have to trust us with the cold fighting factor!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014