Thursday, January 30, 2014

All about Mayzie

Here are a few pictures of Mayzie before she was rescued and a link to a video - the video is on facebook, but you should be able to see it without logging into an account.  The video is what broke the momma's heart and made her fall in love with these adorable, loveable pooches.  Seeing their faces made her agree to take in a second foster.

You can see her video here.
That's her daughter, Delsi on the right and one of the other pitties
that lived there, Chico, is the black and white.  Mayzie is chomping
down on the food our rescue friends brought them until they could haul
them off to safety.
It's been a little over 4 weeks since our girl was saved.  Almost 3 weeks since we've had her.  Look at her now.
Running free.
She's found the joy in playing.
She's packed on some pounds.
Her coat is now soft and shiney.
We've watched the light return to those soulful brown eyes.
Life on a chain is a distant memory for this beautiful girl.
We couldn't be happier to be a part of her journey.  We only wish we could give this chance to every dog who has only known a life at the end of their chain.


  1. What a JOYFUL post. WE are so happy fur Mayzie.

  2. This is such a happy story. I wish they could all end this way.

  3. wonderful post. hugs for Mayzie!

  4. She is doing beautifully and is such a pretty girl

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!! I not only love the transformation you have nurtured but also the way that dogs teach us humans how to move forward!! You rocked my day with this post!

  6. So happy for Mayzie!

  7. I'm so glad she's doing well, she looks so happy and much healthier!

  8. You are such a beautiful girl with incredible eyes, Mayzie! We are just thrilled for you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Mayzie was always beautiful, now she's happy!
    So glad you're able to foster her and Amelia. :)

  10. Mayzie is aMAYZing! We is so happy fur her!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  11. Dat be a grate reed my pals….wot appy times fur Mayzee….we wish her luck

  12. She's so pretty - those eyes just make me smile. Thank you for all you do. I know I couldn't do it, so I'm grateful for those than can and do.

  13. It is wonderful to see her looking so bouncy and happy. Of course having The Corbin around must make her eyes really light up.


  14. She certainly looks like she's settling in well:-)