Friday, January 24, 2014

Toe-tally Toe-reffic Chaos

If I told you that I, the Corbin, have been battling an icky infection in my toe for the past 3 weeks.... would you believe me?
How about if I told you that I, the Corbin, turned out to have a very rare and unusual infection in my toe, that's extremely resistant to antibiotics... would you believe that?
Of course you would because I'm the Corbin and things like that just seem to happen to me.
Now, most dogs don't get infections in their toes from ripped out toe nails... but, again, I'm the Corbin, so of course I'd get an infection in my toe, unlike others. The momma had to drive me to see Dr. Mike in a super crazy snow storm earlier this month. Since then, I've been on two types of antibiotics. Last week, Dr. Mike decided to xray my toe, to see if that gave him any insite as to what the heck was going on. It did not. All it told him was that the Corbin's feet have some arthritis.
So, Dr. Mike decided to take a culture of the icky stuff that was coming out of my toes. Good thing, beacuse on Tuesday, Dr. Mike called the momma with the results of the culture. Turns out, my infection is super rare and super difficult to treat. Dr. Mike started me on a different (SUPER expensive) antibiotic in hopes it'll work. So, keep your paws crossed that I don't "Corbin" this one up.
My new antibiotics were sitting at the vets office Tuesday night for the momma to pick up. She said noooo worries, she was headed up to the vet anyway because Uncle Harley Puggie wasn't feeling very well. Turns out, Uncle Harley Pug had the pancreatitis and had to stay at the vet hospital for 2 nights. He came home last night and seems to be feeling okay and in good spirits. But, could you keep your paws crossed for him, too? Uncle Harley Pug is 12 years old, and this was his 6th battle with the yucky pancreatitis...
Not to be out done by my toe problems... Amelia decided to be all dramatic and broke her nail last night. So, the momma had to take her to the vet and get her footie all wrapped up. Now we're boot twins.  Will you cross your paws for Amelia so she doesn't get the nasty infection toe like me? 
Oh, did I also mention that we took Mayzie to the vet with me last week to see Dr. Mike? Our beautiful girl has coccidia, giariada, hook worms, whip worms and a severe intestional infection. The spots on her ears that we thought were frost bite turned out to be deterioration due to severe dehydration. She also has a skin infection on her legs and tail. So, lots of poop pick up at our house so those nasty worms and bacteria don't make themselves a cozy home in our lawn. But, the medications seem to be working because Mayzie is feeling much better and starting to put the pounds on.  And, last request... cross your paws for dear Mayzie so she heals up and gets healthy real fast?
Fun week at the Corbin house!


  1. OH CORBIN.... ONLY YOU... Buddy you are like a Magnet fur STUFFS. We are so Sorry to hear all this. You and Uncle Harley Pug and the Girrrrls... GET WELL SOON. We have our paws crossed fur ALL of you.
    PeeS... we think it is grrrreat that you and Amelia have matching boots. Gotta find SOMETHING Good in all this. RIGHT?

  2. Okay, we've got FOUR sets of paws crossed fur you guys -- I've got my FRONT paws crossed for Corbin, my BACK paws crossed for Uncle Harley, Cinderella's FRONT paws crossed fur Amelia, and her BACK paws crossed fur Mayzie. You'd just better not have any more problems for a while, because we've run out of paws! Y'all be healthy for a while!

  3. Oh my doggness it is POURING cats and dogs at your place (when it rains it pours). We sure hope Mayzie doesn't hurt a toe or you will be matching triplets!

  4. Corbin you are a TOTALLY fantastic and special pooch, but must you always prove it with your weird medical stuff?!?! Why not stick with your stunningly good looks, beautiful furs and gorgeous big head. Your weird medical stuff makes us worry!

  5. That is too much of the wrong kind of excitement. Figures The Corbin would get an extra special toe infection. You are one of a kind, after all. Sending good thoughts to you all and especially to Uncle Harley.


  6. We know you are extra special Corbin but did you really have to go and get yourself an extra special infection too? We will keep our paws crossed for all of you. Looks like you need it.

  7. We've got paws crossed that all three of you heal quickly!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. Hi Corbin
    Your house has all the fun, huh? I am puttin' on my juju tutu for all of you and hope the healthies visit real soon.
    Love Noodles

  9. Wow - you do have lots of issues going on at your house, Corbin! We are sending lots of AireZen and healing vibes to all of you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Oh Corbin pal, we are all sending healing purrs to all of you and we hope the all better actually shows up at your place soon!

  11. Our paws are crossed for ALL of you! Love the matching boots!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  12. Oh no, Corbin. Your poor toe. My K had a serious toe infection. This is *not* going to happen to you... but she had to have her toe amputated because the antibiotics didn't do the job. She was absolutely fine with three toes on that paw.

    I hope that everyone there feels better. It's cute that Amelia wants to be just like you :)

  13. I forgot to say that K's infection was in her toe bone - and showed up on xray - that's why your case is different.

  14. 28 paws of luck for you all! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  15. Wow, that's a lot of stuff you guys are all going through, I really hope you all feel better soon... sending lots of smooches!

  16. Sheesh…wot is goin on dere Corbin my pal? Is got da hex on yore ouse I fink….poor old puggie, my daddy Rocky have da pancakeitis and it be no funs...