Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy day...

It's been a rainy week, actually.  Which goes along with my mood.  Mom is still pretty upset about losing Aunt Maggie, and when she's upset, I'm upset!  But we've started feeling better.  Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful words!  They made mom tear up and smile.  She was a special girl, that Maggie!
Can we just stay in bed all day, mom? I think that's what you need...
Even though it's been kind of glum around my house, I've still been getting into my usual trouble some way, some how!  On Sunday, mom had to leave for the day and felt bad making me stay in my crate, so she let me roam the house! YES!  I was pretty good, but when she came home she discovered that I found a bag of treats that she didn't hide too well.  I ate the whole bag while watching the Giants game.  Mom said thankfully they were Charlie Bears, a low calorie training treat.  Still, she said I'd have a tummy ache after eating the whole bag!  I did... and I drank a lot of beer water... which also lead to me waking up at 5 am and peeing in my bed!!!  Mom wasn't happy, but also felt bad because she knew I drank all that beer water.  What's a drunk dog supposed to do?  I woke up and said "UT OH!"  Oh well, that's one way to get mom to wash my bed!!! 

Oops... did I do that?
Then, Tuesday night, mom planned on going to visit Kahlua.  So I was laying on my back and she was talking to me and rubbing my belly and checking my teeth.  I was playing around and swatted her in the face with my large paws (You know what the say about dogs with large paws right??? ......Long nails, duh).  One of my nails got her in the eye.  I felt really bad and while she was holding her eye and saying "CRAP" I thought I'd help out by jumping on her and licking her eye better... I don't think that helped, but I tried.  She kept saying it hurt really bad... but she's feeling much better now.  It's still red and kind of painful, but she doesn't think anything is scratched.  Just bruised.  Hehe, I told mom to blame it on dad if it turned black and blue.  Thankfully it didn't, and dad didn't think my suggestion was very funny.   But seriously, mom, what was your face doing near my nail?  Not smart.  You need to behave yourself better next time, ok, mom?  I sure do hope she learned her lesson.
INCOMING!!!!  Watch those eyeballs!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aunt Maggie

I write this post with a heavy heart... we had to say goodbye to my Aunt Maggie yesterday as she crossed over the rainbow bridge.  She really was a special girl and brought much joy and happiness to my mom, Grandma Lynda and Grampa Dave during the 15.5 years of her life.  She was a loyal, strong willed, fighting puppy and we will forever love and miss her.  My mom was only 10 when she was born and they raised her from a pup.  She was the best dog anyone could have ever asked for and our lives will be forever changed.

She loved laying out on the deck.
Enjoyed lounging by the pool.
Always found a comfy place to nap.
She loved her PUG toy and carried it with her everywhere.
She accepted her brother when Harley joined the family.
She was stunningly beautiful.
She enjoyed celebrating her 15th birthday.

She loved getting her cheese burger every 6 weeks on her
way home from the groomers.

She was always a happy happy dog.
And I loved her a lot.
Although it's hard for us, we'll always know she'll just be a whisper away.  May you rest in peace, sweet Maggie... You'll always hold a special spot in our hearts.

Febuary 20, 1995 - September 27, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well, mom has been so wrapped up with Kahlua that she hasn't taken ANY new pictures of me... Tonight I get to go for a walk with my bro Emmett, so that's super exciting :o)  I'll tell you all about that in my next post, I'm sure!  But, for today, I guess I'll just give you some old pictures of me and some of mom's equine friends!

This is Mom and Kahlua before she left in 2007
This was them a year or so before she got hurt.
Her fur shines, just like mine!
This is mom and one of Aunt Tam's horses, Sweeper
This is mom and another one of Aunt Tam's
horses, Mr. Tater.  Mom loves him.
Aunt Tam & Chance and Mom & Kahlua warming up for
a show a few years ago.
Of course, a picture of me... Can't have TWO posts of JUST
horses!  Remember that big stick I had a few weeks ago?
I really CAN carry it around!
And this will be the last one for the week.  It's one of Mom's favorites.
This is her and Chance in 2006.
All pictures in the past 2 posts have been taken by Mom, Grandma Lynda, Uncle Dave or Aunt Tam.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Momma News

So, some of you might have noticed that I was missing from Blogland on Tuesday.  Here's why... and I suppose I should provide you with a little background information.  My mom has always been an animal lover... all sizes and shapes, furs and hairs.  When she was 8, she finally pestered convinced Grandma Lynda to take her for horseback riding lessons.  Well, she was hooked and has been riding ever since.  When she was 20, she met and fell in love with a black 4 year old appedix mare named Kahlua. 

Kahlua & mom
She became very close with Kahlua's parents, Tamara and Dave, who she began calling her "big brother and big sister" -- of course, they're now my Aunt Tam and Uncle Dave.  Kahlua was a crazy horse with lots of energy, but my momma loved her and rode her for 3-4 years, then Kahlua got hurt.  They were never too sure what happened, but she kept coming up lame on one of her front legs.  Mom was very sad, but September 2007 they found her a new home.  She went to a breeding farm in Virgina to be a mommy!  Ever since she left, mom was very sad and missed her terribly.  Kahlua was a huge part of her life and she felt incomplete without her around.  She's a beautiful horse and her and my mom had a great bond.

They even competed a few times.

She's a beauty!
Momma loves her!
Momma even dressed her up as a hula girl!  And a ballerina!
So, bringing us to more recent events, about 3 months ago, Aunt Tam received a phone call from Kahlua's Virgina mom.  She said she was trying to decrease her herd and wanted to know if they wanted Kahlua back.  DUH! Of COURSE they did!  So Aunt Tam and Mom made some phone calls and finally found a friend of theirs, Miss. Kate, who was interested in taking Kahlua.  Mom was beside herself with joy.  As luck would have it, the weather was over 100 degrees for a good part of the summer and it was too hot to trailer Kahlua up north.  So all summer mom was on pins and needles waiting for the phone call that Kahlua would be heading up.  Finally, last week, they got it!  And Aunt Tam and Mom were heading to New Jersey to meet them half way!  That's where Mom was last Tuesday.  She was so happy to be reuinited with her horsey love and so happy that she was going to be local again and mom could go see her whenever she wanted! 
Mom was all smiles!
I haven't met Kahlua yet... I really don't like those large dogs with hard feet and I bark at them a lot.  So, I promised mom I would try really hard to be calm around them. We'll see how that goes.  For now, I have to give up some of my time with mom so she can go visit Kahlua.  It's a bummer, but I still have my dad!

Anyway, just thought I'd update ya!  Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tongue Twista for the sista

Since I'm on a contest roll, I figured I'd also try to score in Twinkie's Tongue Contest for National Dog Week!!!  Since I'm part chihuahua (hehe), I figured I just HAD to enter for my sista from anotha mista.

I enjoy sticking my tongue out, so it was pretty hard to decide on JUST one picture.  But after much enternal debate, I decided on the picture below.

100%  natural
Whatcha think?  Do I have a shot?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Mango-Tango
 So, I saw that everyone was doing things to be like Mango... and I decided to go over to Mango's page to see what was going on.  I wasn't going to enter, but as I read on, I noticed more and more how alike we are!  So, I went through some of moms pictures of me and decided to enter. 

So here I am with my bestest Mangoisticness...
Mango is an avid gardener...
Here I am trying to help eat dig up the yard for some plants and stuff
And, here I am drooling over admiring a rose that came off my rose bush!
Mango is amzingly athletic!
I swim a lot to stay in shape and to work on my athletic abilities for when I start agility training!
Mango is most patriotic.
I look good in red, white & blue! (Also the colors of the NY football GIANTS!)
Mango is a snappy dresser.
Name the occasion... I'll come ready!
Mango loves his rides n his mastiff mobile.

I love cruisin' with the T tops out with dad.
Love rides with moms car too!
Mango takes treats without including human fingers.
I'm a very gentle treat taker!!!
Mango is very handy around the house.
Dad often needs my help playing his video games.
Mango slobbers a little bit.
I've got some slobbers too
Mango likes to go to school.
I don't go to school, but I like walking lessons - especially when Maggie Mae is there too!
Mango likes to flaunt his Mangoness.
I have no shame.
Can't put a price on comfy!!!
Mango is nice to his brother at all times.
I'm always a gentleman with my foster sisters.
Mango has a very expressive face.
This is me Happy.
This is me sad.
This is me inquisitive.
This is me flummoxed.
Mango is kind to his stuffy toys...

I like them too!
Mango farts with great abandon and the toxic fumes are enough to melt plastic.
Ew!  What's that smell coming from my butt?!
I empty out rooms with my stinky farts!
Mango loses cookies in his jowls.
That happens to me ALL the time.
And, last, but CERTAINLY not least, Mango is incredibly handsome.

I've got some SERIOUS good looks...

So, as you can clearly see... I just HAD to enter this contest.  Mango and I are just SO similar... Maybe he's anotha brotha from anotha motha.  Or maybe we were twins in a past life... Either way, we just had to enter this contest.  So, THANKS to Mango for having such a cool contest!  I'll have to go deliver my entry to him...