Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Mango-Tango
 So, I saw that everyone was doing things to be like Mango... and I decided to go over to Mango's page to see what was going on.  I wasn't going to enter, but as I read on, I noticed more and more how alike we are!  So, I went through some of moms pictures of me and decided to enter. 

So here I am with my bestest Mangoisticness...
Mango is an avid gardener...
Here I am trying to help eat dig up the yard for some plants and stuff
And, here I am drooling over admiring a rose that came off my rose bush!
Mango is amzingly athletic!
I swim a lot to stay in shape and to work on my athletic abilities for when I start agility training!
Mango is most patriotic.
I look good in red, white & blue! (Also the colors of the NY football GIANTS!)
Mango is a snappy dresser.
Name the occasion... I'll come ready!
Mango loves his rides n his mastiff mobile.

I love cruisin' with the T tops out with dad.
Love rides with moms car too!
Mango takes treats without including human fingers.
I'm a very gentle treat taker!!!
Mango is very handy around the house.
Dad often needs my help playing his video games.
Mango slobbers a little bit.
I've got some slobbers too
Mango likes to go to school.
I don't go to school, but I like walking lessons - especially when Maggie Mae is there too!
Mango likes to flaunt his Mangoness.
I have no shame.
Can't put a price on comfy!!!
Mango is nice to his brother at all times.
I'm always a gentleman with my foster sisters.
Mango has a very expressive face.
This is me Happy.
This is me sad.
This is me inquisitive.
This is me flummoxed.
Mango is kind to his stuffy toys...

I like them too!
Mango farts with great abandon and the toxic fumes are enough to melt plastic.
Ew!  What's that smell coming from my butt?!
I empty out rooms with my stinky farts!
Mango loses cookies in his jowls.
That happens to me ALL the time.
And, last, but CERTAINLY not least, Mango is incredibly handsome.

I've got some SERIOUS good looks...

So, as you can clearly see... I just HAD to enter this contest.  Mango and I are just SO similar... Maybe he's anotha brotha from anotha motha.  Or maybe we were twins in a past life... Either way, we just had to enter this contest.  So, THANKS to Mango for having such a cool contest!  I'll have to go deliver my entry to him...


  1. You are totally my twinner! OMG! I love your expressive face and handsomeness. You know, I am not so sure about that whole farting thing. I think PeeWee made it up, don't you? I LOVE your fancy outfit. All ready for the corporate world huh? Good luck in the contest.


  2. You are absolutely TWINS! Good luck :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Good luck Corbin! You are a lot like Mango!


  4. Oh my dog! You are mango-like!

    My favorites is your inquisitive piktur! heeheehee


  5. You are almost the same person! I'm amazed, though, at how many of our doggy furiends are so much like Mango. I never would have guessed it.

    lotsa licks, Lola

    pee s. Best captcha yet. "Doggem" I took a screen shot. Might post it on my blog

  6. TOTALLY see the resemblance!

    Especially with the slobber and the good looks!

  7. You are a dead ringer for the Mango! I am sure that you are going to go far in this contest!


  8. You are so identical. If I hadn't read the heading, I would have been sure this was his blog.

  9. Corbin you've got all going on for you! Mango and you must be twins. Good luck with the contest.

  10. You and Mango could definitely be twinsies, Corbin!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. OMD it's as if you were seperated at birth Corbin! BOL!

  12. Is you a brotha from another motha? Bwhahaha...took your own words,huh! Nope, nuttin gets past me.
    You definately gots it in da good looks dept fur sures. How come all these doggies seems to resemble Mango now...hehehe!


  13. What a good looking chap corbin !! May be you are really a brotha from a different motha..


  14. Good luck Corbin! You are very expressive!!

  15. Mr Corbin you are giving me a run for our money dude! :) Great entry!


    pees. Haylie sends kisses xxxxx

  16. aww... too friggin cute!!!!!! i love your serious face and handsome outfits!!

  17. Corbin we loved your flummoxed expression.

  18. Hey Corbin...
    I've not met you before, but since I'm giving you a vote, I thought I'd pop by....only to discover more 'Mango-ness' than I had anticipated. Good luck for your competition.