Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy day...

It's been a rainy week, actually.  Which goes along with my mood.  Mom is still pretty upset about losing Aunt Maggie, and when she's upset, I'm upset!  But we've started feeling better.  Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful words!  They made mom tear up and smile.  She was a special girl, that Maggie!
Can we just stay in bed all day, mom? I think that's what you need...
Even though it's been kind of glum around my house, I've still been getting into my usual trouble some way, some how!  On Sunday, mom had to leave for the day and felt bad making me stay in my crate, so she let me roam the house! YES!  I was pretty good, but when she came home she discovered that I found a bag of treats that she didn't hide too well.  I ate the whole bag while watching the Giants game.  Mom said thankfully they were Charlie Bears, a low calorie training treat.  Still, she said I'd have a tummy ache after eating the whole bag!  I did... and I drank a lot of beer water... which also lead to me waking up at 5 am and peeing in my bed!!!  Mom wasn't happy, but also felt bad because she knew I drank all that beer water.  What's a drunk dog supposed to do?  I woke up and said "UT OH!"  Oh well, that's one way to get mom to wash my bed!!! 

Oops... did I do that?
Then, Tuesday night, mom planned on going to visit Kahlua.  So I was laying on my back and she was talking to me and rubbing my belly and checking my teeth.  I was playing around and swatted her in the face with my large paws (You know what the say about dogs with large paws right??? ......Long nails, duh).  One of my nails got her in the eye.  I felt really bad and while she was holding her eye and saying "CRAP" I thought I'd help out by jumping on her and licking her eye better... I don't think that helped, but I tried.  She kept saying it hurt really bad... but she's feeling much better now.  It's still red and kind of painful, but she doesn't think anything is scratched.  Just bruised.  Hehe, I told mom to blame it on dad if it turned black and blue.  Thankfully it didn't, and dad didn't think my suggestion was very funny.   But seriously, mom, what was your face doing near my nail?  Not smart.  You need to behave yourself better next time, ok, mom?  I sure do hope she learned her lesson.
INCOMING!!!!  Watch those eyeballs!


  1. You have had an eventful week Corbin. And just think there are still a few days left. Have fun!!

  2. Corbin - I think trouble follows you. You can't help it if your exuberance led to a boo-boo.
    I don't like rain, do you? I live in Sunny CA.
    It rains. . . but not a lot
    Love Noodles

  3. Oh dear Corbin, may be your mom sould put boxing gloves on you LOL!! do hope her eye gets better soon.
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Corbins!!!!

    You have had quite a week my furiend and it's not even over! I hope your mom's eye is better now. Mom and me is sending her healing vibes. Next week at the Crossings sounds good too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. I just found your blog yesterday and read all the posts up to Aunt Maggie, please tell your Mom that I am very sorry for her. And maybe your boxing skills arn't the best way to cheer her up. Try lots and lots of snuggling and being good at least for a little while.

  6. Hi Corbin-you sure are cute! and thanks for Following Bocci's Beefs!

  7. We are SOOOOO smiling at the large paws khomment!

    Why is it humans khan be so dopsy?


  8. wow look at that paw! I'm ducking!
    I hope your Mom's eye feels better soon. Hey, I just realized that we're neighbors. I'm over in Rensselaer!

  9. Oops! Yeah, those nails can get dangerous! Mom always calls Gracie "hammer head" 'cause she's got a really hard head that she butts into stuff (and people sometimes). Mom has learned not to bend over to pick up stuff anywhere close to Gracie :)
    The Road Dogs

  10. Just popped in from the Blog Hop! Nice to meecha Corbin! Sometimes I drink too much "water" too! Mmmm... "water".

    Neyland D. Catt
    The Fictitious Cat

  11. So sorry to hear about Maggie. Wow! 15.5 years! Sounds like she brought a lot of joy to everyone and had a very happy life.

    I was just playing with 4 buff colored cocker puppies last night. So cute!

    Behave yourself, Corbin.

  12. We've had Charlie Bears before but never the whole bag in one sitting! Sorry about the yucky tummy, Corbin.
    Your mom will have to be more careful around your huge bear paws!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. We hope your Mom feels better soon.
    And Corbin don't worry about the paw thing my face is known for being to close to Leroy's paw all the time which has equaled a bruised eye, bloody nose and cracked tooth:)
    Take care of you Mom:)

  14. Hope your mom's eyes feels better soon. I am sure she knows you didn't mean it! Our late cat Tutu once walked across mama's face in the middle of the night leaving a long red gash across her nose. It took quite awhile to heal, but luckily didn't leave a scar!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: So, you are Giants fan? Our east coast relatives are all Giants fans.

  15. Hehehehe...ooooooh dis was a funny one....hehehe! Why her have her face in da way? Her wasn't thinking huh? Well, no worries, I tend to get in trubles often too. Well just on even days anyways. But, I drinks beer on even and odd days...hehehe!
    Tell your mom i hope her eye gets betters.


  16. Oh dear, Corbin, not your best week. We sure hope your Mom's eye is OK and feels a lot better soon.

    We wish the sun to come out for you tomorrow and for all of you to have a wonderful weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Ha ha! Mom says she can relate after getting a little too up close and personal with Morgan's paws a few times lately. I'm glad no serious damage was done and that they didn't decide you have to start wearing socks!


  18. Hi Corbin! I heards about you from Puddles' bloggie so I had to come over and say hi. I thinks Puddles got pretty much everybuddy right but I don't know what she was thinking comparing you to that Matthew Mac-a-honee guy. You're WAY more handsome!

    Sorry abouts your mom whacking your paw with her eye. I hope she didn't break one of your nails or anything.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. So ya had yourself a little party while Mommy was away, did ya?? Hope your tummy's all better. And please watch out for your Mommy's eye with those "big dogs". Glad Mommy is OK.

  20. We hope your Moms eye is better soon. Our nails have lot's of germ things in them too so she better keep an eye on it! BOL!!!! I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself :)

    Emma Rose

  21. I really hope mommy's eye is ok.. Not a small matter to be joking about. I suggest she goes to the doctor to make sure nothing is torn..

    And yes mommy, you should be more careful around Corbin's nails.. not his fault he has long nails you know...

    BTW, we like the last pictre.. Mom thinks you look like a big cat !


  22. Oh Corbin! So very sorry for your loss.Your Aunt Maggie was a beautiful girl.
    Hope Mummy's eyes are better now. Tell her to take good care.
    A WHOLe bag of treats in one day!!!
    Will u be rationed now?
    we hope not!
    gin n Bud

  23. Sorry to hear about Maggie. She looks like a beautiful dog and I know how much it must hurt when she went over the rainbow bridge.

    I came here because of the blog hop and I'm glad I did. It's nice to meet you.

    Have a great day... *pawhugs*

  24. What a week! Bet you're glad it's almost over. Poor Mom! I did that to mine too and did turn a little black and blue. Looked kind of funny LOL. Oops sorry Mom.

    Waggin at ya,

  25. It sounds like it's been kind of a rough week for you and yours Corbin. Kind of an "if it's not one thing it's another" kind of time. They happen to everyone, of course. I hope it's passed you by now and it'll be all sunshine and smooth sailing for a while.
    (It's pouring and windy and stuff here.)

    lotsa licks, Lola

    Pee S. My captcha word was "human". Hmmm..forgot to take a screencap of it I was so taken aback by that one. What do you think it means?

  26. Oh have been having way too much fun dude! I get the run of the house when my mom is away, but all my treats are way up high and there is no way for me to get to them.

    Even small dogs can get their moms with their paws, I clobbered my mom with my paw at her face, accidentally and scratched her...well really if she didn't want her face scratched why did she get so close to my paw!! There was no permanent damage and now she does watch her face by my little paws! Have a great weekend's supposed to rain here most of it!


  27. Hope your eye is better by now! that 3rd picture is gorgeous of Corbin and his nails, btw.
    Hopefully they stay away from your face. ;)