Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well, mom has been so wrapped up with Kahlua that she hasn't taken ANY new pictures of me... Tonight I get to go for a walk with my bro Emmett, so that's super exciting :o)  I'll tell you all about that in my next post, I'm sure!  But, for today, I guess I'll just give you some old pictures of me and some of mom's equine friends!

This is Mom and Kahlua before she left in 2007
This was them a year or so before she got hurt.
Her fur shines, just like mine!
This is mom and one of Aunt Tam's horses, Sweeper
This is mom and another one of Aunt Tam's
horses, Mr. Tater.  Mom loves him.
Aunt Tam & Chance and Mom & Kahlua warming up for
a show a few years ago.
Of course, a picture of me... Can't have TWO posts of JUST
horses!  Remember that big stick I had a few weeks ago?
I really CAN carry it around!
And this will be the last one for the week.  It's one of Mom's favorites.
This is her and Chance in 2006.
All pictures in the past 2 posts have been taken by Mom, Grandma Lynda, Uncle Dave or Aunt Tam.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Corbins!!!!
    Dese pictures is all so beootiful of your mom and da horses. I am sorry I can't make it to The Crossings tonight, next week fur sure!

    Woods and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom and me is very impressed with your stick carrying talents

  2. That's a dang big stick Corbin! About the horse thing... your Mom will come around to you again. And...she'll love Kahlua too. :)

    Good to see ya pal,

  3. Beautiful pikturs!

    and I am most impressed by your jaws holding that stick!!!! WOW


  4. We are super happy for your mom and Kahlua! What a sweet reunion!!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. does look like you have some competition.

  6. We like the pictures Corbin! That's a huge stick dude! Have a great weekend!!


  7. Oh my, Corbin!!! That's a pretty ginormous stick there. Please be careful!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  8. great pictures. Now that is one stick you got there! Enjoy
    Benny & Lily

  9. Bark softly and carry a big stick, eh?

    You've got some great pictures on here today!


  10. Wow! Corbin...
    What a Pawsome story about your Mommy and Kahlua!
    So nice of you to share her with that "Big Dog"
    These are such cool pictures; thanks for sharing!

    You are Hilarious with that big branch in your mouth :o)))

    Neeko :o)

  11. I took the one of you and Mr. Tater!!! <3

  12. That is one big stick you got there handsome .. Very nice picture of mom with Kahlua... WE can so tell that, you and Kahlua get lots of loving and caring from mommy just from those shiny coats of yours. Kudos to that mom !

    Back to the question of what is in you...

    We reckon you have a bit of pit bull and a french mastiff in you... And yes.. a little chihuahua too.. when you do silly faces .. BOL


  13. I wish you were closer, we could go riding together! What very nice pictures, and how lucky you are that your sister rides with you!


    ps - that is a very big stick!

  14. Hope you're having a great weekend Corbin and have found another good log to carry round for when your Mum is busy with the gorgeous Kahlua. Maybe you've met her by now? I'm sure she'll love you!

  15. What a great reunion - I just love this story from when it started :)

    Thank you for the vote - you know mr corbin got ours :)

  16. Corbin isn't that log alittle big for you? Love all the pictures of the horses! Have a wonderful day!