Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hm... 'ello?

Is someone out 'ders?
Oh! Heddo! My's is Cranberry.  My's came all da way from Georgia to New York with 19 other doggies. My's is just a pup and was picked up by some peoples and brought to da shelter.  I spent some time in da doggie slammer and den was rescued by wonderfur peoples from Leftover Pets, Inc.   They's gave me some shots and some TLC, dems took my lady insides and put me on a van with some furiends and lots of puppies.  After da 18+ hour trip, I played with my friends at some nice ladies homes.  Den dis really nice lady showed up and gives me some extra lovin's.  Her's put a walker thang on me and took me in her zoomzoomer.
'Dis New York???  Where you's takin's me lady?
Uh, what's you mean I has new boyfuriend waitin's for me's? What him's think? My's is some mail orda brider's? Him's got 'nother thinker comin's.  I show him's a ting or two.
You's be kiddin's about dat boyfuriend ting, right? You's can tell me you's be kiddin's.
'Dis da boyfuriends?  Hm, him's be da big dumb brown dog, lady.  Why him's gots to be followin' me 'rounds?  Him's be o'tay to play wifs and all, but my's not interested in da loves ting.  Him's be my furiend furst, o'tay?
Here, let's do da tuggin's.  I see how strong you is. Is you strong enuff to be my's man?
'Dis floor be slippery... My's tinks you's has da advantage.
I wear da pants in 'dis relationship, my's always ontop of him's.
'Dis be da family photo.  Guess we be kind of cute's togetter. Maybe 'dis'll work.
Is you sure's my's is allowed on da big softie?  It be comfies up here.
Da big brown dog and my's played long and hard.  Him's full of energies just like my's is!
It's be time for some sleepers now... Anyone out 'ders know dis big brown dog?  Should my's be datin' him's?  My's gonna sleep on it...

Oh, PeeS!  My's is up for da adoptions!  My's is purdy content in 'dis homes, but my's knows my's can't stay 'ders furevers!  My's is a 6-7 month old Boxer (maybe mix, but my's is purdy close to da boxers).  My's is house trained and crate trained and my's is working VERY hard on learning my manners and basic obedience.  My's has come a long way since Friday already bc My's has da smarts :o)
Who in da rite mind wouldn't want me?!


  1. Oh Cranberry!

    You is sooo cutes! Mom wants you and me to meets, to see if we gets along. Who knows what might happens after dat, the hard part will be convincing my dad...

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Dat brown dog is OK in my book :)

  2. AAaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
    Cranberry...me and you gonna gets along just fine in deed! You is gonna be one happy girl living withs those peeps.
    Now bout dat brown dog...he good BUT he be's a flirt. Ya sees, he be going round on all da girlie blogs and be leaving googly comments...hehehe! Oh I keels myself. I likes da brown doggie though. He my furiend!


  3. You sure are a cutie pie. I go for tall girls..BOL It looks like love at first sight over there
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hope you find your forever home soon. You are a beautiful girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Hello theres Cranberry! You are definitely a foxy momma! And I just loves your name...it is so unique, and suits you perfectly.


  6. Awwww Cranberry! Your beautiful!!!


  7. Cranberry, you are gorgeous! Thank goodness we already have a Blueberry here, or Mom might get soft in the head or something. I don't think you're going to have to wait long for your own home at all!


  8. Cranberry you are the cutest. And a good blogger too. There is a furever home somewhere soon for You!


  9. Cranberry you are so adorable, some family is going to be very lucky to have you:)

  10. Cranberry !! Such a cute name with a pretty pretty white face. Who would be in that crazy state of mind not to want you..

    We will definitely take you in, in a heartbeat if we were living in the States as mommy is looking to adopt another puppy and she thinks you are I will have a fantastic sister bond..

    We really hope Maggie Mae and her mommy will be able to convince their daddy to take you as you are simply irresistible.

    We would love to see more of your cute pretty face more often.


  11. Oh Corbin! I have a new foster brother of my own too! Cranberry looks beautiful. I hope you enjoy playing with her and that she finds a great home soon :)

  12. Cranberry I love your name and what a pretty girl you are. You are so lucky to have Rock Star Corbin to show you the ropes! Corbin you are one lucky dude to have a sista for awhile to play with!

    Fred and Haylie

  13. Seems that my state of Georgia produces a lot of rescues that get transported to other more "responsible" states. Hmmmm.... not something to be proud of.

    My friend, Anna, loves boxers. She always adopts them from animal shelters. She used to have a white one.

  14. Oh Cranberry, you are CUTE! To think, not to long ago you were in the "slammer" and now you are blogging! BOL! You will find your furever home REAL soon, I just know it! Who could resist a face like that?!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  15. Nice to meet you. Any friend of Corbin's is a friend of mine!

  16. Hey Corbin! Cranberry looks great and a lot of fun! I sent you an email so hopefully we can meet up and maybe I'll get to meet Cranberry too :)