Monday, September 13, 2010


Mom says Cranberry found her furever home on Saturday.  Her new name is Bianca and she is living with wonderful parents with a big yard to run and play in!  Mom came home to grab some things for Cranberry to take with her and I was able to go along for the ride back to clinic.  I got to play with Cranberry and give her some smooches, but when mom said to say "goodbye" I figured it was just for the car ride!  So, when we got back home, I ran to her crate and was very confused when she wasn't in there.  I'm pretty sad and still kind of depressed that I no longer have my Cranberry to play with.  But I am very glad she found her furever home and I wish her all the happiness in the world! She was a pretty cool foster girlfuriend sister!
Hopefully we can play again soon, okay Crandiddle Doo?
I spent my weekend resting from the fun week I had playing with Cranberry.  Mom and Dad were going to bring me to the lake on Saturday, but I decided I was way too tired to go swimming.  So I stayed home.  Mom said Kevin really missed me, but he's going to come over and play with me soon!  He got to drive the boat, I guess!  I was pretty jealous... dad hasn't let me drive the boat yet!
Lucky kid!!!
Then on Sunday I was all ampted up to watch the Giants game with my new jersey and BAM! Mom and dad leave bright and early in the morning!!!  Know where they went????????????????????

WHAT?!  Mom & Dad went TO the Giants game?!  WITHOUT ME?!
They were pretty excited to see the new stadium. So I guess I'll let it slide this time.
Plus, Heather came over and played ball with me and we watched some football together!
I sure do LOVE Heather!!!  She also brought me some yummy treats. She ROCKS!
I got to snuggle in bed with mom and dad last night too.  Mom said it was because I was so upset over not having Cranberry and also because they went to the game without me.  I'm going to continue to lay the guilt trip on to see how much I can get away with...

Mom also said they did a very nice tribute to 9-11 at the Giants game.  Here's an awesome picture.
A day no one will ever forget.  God bless those families who lost their loved ones that day and who have lost their loved ones fighting for our freedom.  And may God Bless our soldiers!!!


  1. Oh dears Corbin,

    I am happy dat Cranberry..oops I mean Bianca has found her new furever home but I am sad too cuz I will miss hers :( Does her new mom and dad lives nearby so we can see her again?

    Woofs and Licks
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS At least I still has youz, Emmett and Levi Mac to plays wif...yippee!

  2. Congratulations on Cranberrys new home. It's wonderful to foster but sad when they have to leave
    Benny & Lily

  3. We're sooooo happy Cranberry found her new family. We didn't think it would take long. We know you miss her. Is she close enough for a Crossings visit?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Oh I is sad... reading about Cranberry Bianca was fun. I hopes your heart heals Corbin!


    Pee.s. I am very glad the she has her forever home now

  5. That's good news that Cranberry got her furever home, I can see how you would miss her.
    Sometimes we have to stay at home while are peeps go out and enjoy them selves!! gives us a break to.
    Looked like a good game, not that I know how its played!!
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Oh my, I am soooooo happy for da Cranberry, butt I will miss her beeutiful face around your blog!

    We wish her long and happy life in her new furever home!


  7. Well, I thinks dat is just wonderful news bouts Cranberry/Bianca (ain't dat breath mint). I am so happy fur hers and her new family. So exciting. I wonders if they was looking fur hers breed OR if they looked byond her breed...I do tend to thinks alot.
    Lets' go to da kar-e-okie bars and celebrate her adoption. I gets my make up and dancing shoes...they gots da beers there.


  8. Oh I furgots to say how hansome you is in da foto.


  9. Wow Corbin! Great for Cranberry, but we know how sad you must be. We will be the same when Owen finds his forever home because we love him here :) How did you find a home for Cranberry so fast?!?! I hope that they treat her wonderfully!

  10. Oh Corbin, I know how you feel. It is always bittersweet when you foster - you want them to find a home, but are also sad when they leave!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Sorry you're missing Cranberry, but so happy she found a forever home. And yea, I'd lay the guilt on as thick as pie. Can't keep letting them get away with that kind of nonsense!

  12. That is great news about Cranberry finding her forever home, we are so happy for her!
    Don't worry Corbin, I am sure she is thinking of you too:)

  13. Congratulations to Cranberry on finding her new home! I'm sure going to miss her pictures, though. I hope you get a lot of treats out of your family for a while!


  14. Woof! Woof! Golden Congrats to Craberrys new home. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. WHAT they didn't take you! Aren't you the Giants #1 fan?

  16. Congrats to Bianca, the doggy formerly known as Cranberry. I am sure she is going to settle in well in her new furever home. It's always sad when they leave, but it's happy at the same time. Some doggies never find their furever home! She is a lucky one, thanks to you Corbin!

  17. Yay for Cranberry...I mean Bianca! Hope you get to play with her again.


  18. Yay for Cranberry finding a forever home!
    Great shot of the stadium and love the flag!