Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did ya miss me????

Apparently, mom was too busy yesterday to post my blog!  Ugh, how RUDE!

Anyway.  I was thinking about you all.  She's lucky I cut her the slack with the weekend posting, but let me tell you.... we're really going to have a problem if she starts slacking off during the week too! 

So, wanna hear about my weekend?!  Mom and dad both came home early on Friday, which was awesome!  But then dad packed his bag and went up to the lake for the weekend.  We didn't even get to have our nightly play time... so after he left I cried (Yes, ladies... I have a soft side! ::winkwink::).  I kept looking out the window hoping he'd come back... and I paced around and whined hoping mom would get the hint and we'd go up to the lake to find him!  Nope, she didn't catch on, and we had to stay home all night.  I finally calmed down and snuggled with mom and we watched a movie.  Ok, well, she watched the movie... I fell asleep.

Saturday mom said it was going to be a very busy day for her.  So I was prepared to be home by myself all day... well, to my surprise!  Mom came home after her errends in the morning and got my grandparents travel bag all ready to go!  I was super excited!  So in the car I went!
Where are we heading, mom!?
This is where we're going?!
Sloppy Kisses???  I have LOTS of those!
Sloppy Kisses is an awesome, locally owned, dog store!  It has lots of yummy goodies that Grandma Laura bought me for Easter earlier this year.  Apparently the power was out for most of Clifton Park (Sloppy kisses has two locations, one in Saratoga too!).  But they still let us in to look around!  I met a cute little pup while I was in there too!  She liked to roll over and show me her belly... I laid on the floor and crawled around with her!  The lady who worked there was SUPER nice and let me try on a whole bunch of stuff!  Mom ended up buying me a new NY Giants jersey because I grew out of her old one that I wore last year.  And as a bonus, she got me a Yankee baseball cap!  Hopefully I can wear it for when I watch the World Series!  So now I'm all geared up for football season and the end of baseball season!  WAHOO!  So excited!  Thanks, mom!  That was a great stop!

I sure do like this store a whole lot, mom!

Ok, where to now?!
Mom said it was going to be a surprise.  I knew she packed my grandparents bag, and I knew we were too far away from Grandpaw Jacks... so I had a feeling we were going to see Grandma Lynda and Grandpa Dave!  Then mom had a slip up in the car and said "Almost to Grandma's!" 
Um, did you say GRANDMAS?!
Sure enough, we pulled into Grandma Lynda and Grampa Dave's house!  Oh, I was so excited!  I just love to go there.  Grandma Lynda wasn't home so I went in and said Hello to Uncle Harley and Aunt Maggie!  Then I saw Grandpaw Dave and gave him some lovin's too!  Mom and I stayed downstairs so she could crochet and I got to chew on my bone while we waited for Grandma Lynda to come home.  I was SO excited to see her.  I haven't seen her in a while and she always slips me extra treats when mom isn't looking!

It was a super fun day and I passed out as soon as we got home!  Mom had to peel me off the couch to get me to go to bed... then I layed directly in the middle, under the covers, and out cold.  Mom only had a sliver of the bed, but that's ok.  I think she knows my sleep is much more important anyway!

Dad came home Sunday afternoon and took me to Great Grandma Helen's house to see Uncle George and Grandma Laura.  It was my frist time there, so I was really excited!  Dad brought a yummy bone for me so I was pretty content.  I got to meet some cool people who love me- who wouldn't?

Tomorrow I'm meeting Emmett and Maggie Mae at the Crossings!  I'm SUPER excited for our walk and to finally meet the cutest boxer in town!

Later dudes!

Friday, August 27, 2010


DUDE!  Guys!  Ladies!  GUESS WHAT!  Emmett finally convinced Heather to allow him to have his own blog!  So, without futher adoooooo, HERE HE IS!  Emmett.

You HAVE to go over there and say hello to him.  It's my brotha from anotha motha!  I promise you you'll love him just as much as I do!  Ok, well, not sure anyone can love him as much as I do, but I'm sure you can come close! 

Reasons why Emmett is super cool:
1)  He looks a lot like me, so he's REALLY handsome!
2)  He LOVES to play!
3)  He had a dad in Albama, but something happened and he died while driving and his car went into a tree... Emmett was in the car with him and had to have lots of surgeries to fix his legs, but that's how he ended up in NY with Heather!
4)  We BOTH lived with Heather for 10 days!  It was a little crazy because we were both puppies and we were both restricted with our play time because we both had leg issues.
6)  Did I mention how similar we looked?  HANDSOME!
7)  He loves everyone he meets and will give anyone kisses!  I'm a little more stand offish and more interested in everything else that's going on around me than any specific person, so we make a good match.
9)  Sometimes I go over to his house for sleepovers... SO fun!
10) We both came from the same rescue, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY
11) I get crazy, uncontrolable wiggle butt when I see him and Heather (trust me, you would too!)
12) I peed on his mom once.
13) He's got some SERIOUS good looks
14) How can you say no to him?  He's a mushie face for the ladies!
15) I think I've made my point... but one more reason?  He's my BEST furiend!!!!!!!!!

So I hope you take a moment out of your busy day to go say hello!
We LOVE to play
I had to show him how I keep a watch on the neighborhood when the door is open.
And, of COURSE, we are some good lookin' STUDS!
Ladies... watch out!
Later dudes!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is that... Roo? Nope! It's ME! Just copying Roo!

That's right!  I think Roo is so good looking, I decided to copy him!  See me in my handsome new harness?  Roo and I are twins!  And if you don't know Roo... you should!
Sorry, can't look at the camera, Mom.  Don't you see Heather and Emmett?!
We met Heather and Emmett - who are 2 of my favorites! And we also met Tina and Floyd!  Tina is one of my favorites too, Floyd was new to me... so we walked for a while before we actually said "hello" -mostly because I get a little scared and defensive, shhh, don't tell the ladies! 

We ran into one of the puppies that mom, Heather and Tina helped find her furever home through the rescue, her name was Wii when she was up for adoption, but now her name is Abby.  Mom didn't get a picture of her, but she's absolutely beautiful!  I know my mom (Tina and Heather, too!) love running into former Homeward Bound dogs! They love to hear the happy endings.  We also ran into some new people that were walking their golden retriever - they were shocked to know that all three of us handsome boys were rescue dogs!  They loved us.  Hopefully their next dog will be a rescue.  We love changing peoples minds about adopting pets!

I walked really great with my new harness!  Mom only had to remind me to heel a few times.  I really do love walking at the Crossings.  SO many people and dogs and action!  Sometimes it's really hard for me to pay attention to mom.  Usually after our walk, mom and Heather let me and Emmett play in the pond, but mom said No this time.  She said I was too stinky last time!  Ugh, how rude.  There were a LOT of ducks that needed chasin's!  Oh well, next time!  Here are some pictures of me and my new harness!  And some pictures of my friends!

Since you already saw the back view, here's the side view!  Roo and I could rule the world with these cool harnesses!
And the front!  I love smiling, smiling is my favorite! (ps. that's a quote from one of mom's favorite movies, Elf!)
Meet Floyd!  He doesn't have a blog.... yet!
And, you remember Emmett!  This picture was from another walk at the Crossings, but mom didn't have a solo picture of Emmett this time!  Emmett is also blogless... but he's trying to convince his mom!
Um, Floyd... You're supposed to sit and smile...
EMMETT!! You're just supposed to LOOK at mom, not run towards her!
ps. this picture was right after I "high-fived" Floyd in the face... mom didn't get that one on camera!
Man, we are some good lookin' studs!!!  Can we have our treats now?
We were so good at the park.  We played a little bit... and all got along!  It was a long walk and we stopped for lots of water breaks.  I was in play mode and took off with Heather's water dish!!!  I thought I was pretty funny.  Mom didn't get a chance to yell at me because she was giggling too.  I'm a funny guy, what can I say?!  I was exhausted when I got home.  Dad cooked dinner, so I layed between mom and dad and fell asleep trying to beg for food.  Then I was out cold.
Hope my adventure was worth the suspense!!!  Next time I'm hopeful that I'll run into Miss. Maggie Mae there!!!  Maybe I'll teach her how to go in the water and that it's really fun!

Later dudes!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Mom hasn't uploaded the pictures from the park last night, so I'll entertain you tomorrow with my adventure!

Later dudes!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Harness... some trouble... new furiend!

First walk with my new harness went really well!  I was a very good boy and my mom was surprised!  She had to remind me to heel a few times, but she's trying to stray away from my training collar so we can get ready for my Canine Good Citizens test, which doesn't allow that kind of collar. 
Don't I look handsome?
After our walk, Piper's mom invited us over so I could play with Piper in their back yard.  SO much fun!  I love playing with Piper, and their back yard is a little bigger than mine, so it's a lot of fun to run around like a crazy dog!  We played a lot of frisbee, which is my favorite.  Then Radar came out side and I wasn't too happy about that.  I got kind of defensive and mom yelled at me.  So I had to sit and not play.  Piper kept bringing the frisbee over to me and playing with it, knowing that I couldn't have it.  She's such a tease!  After that, Piper & Radar's mom and dad came over and hung out for a while.  I really enjoyed falling asleep on Jen.  I kept telling her I was a lap dog, but she just had to see for her self!  I slept right in her lap.
Piper, can you just bring that a little closer?
Sorry the pictures are a little blurry... mom's camera on her phone isn't workin too well lately.  I keep telling her she has to get it fixed, but she hasn't yet.  Silly mom.

Anyway, that was my first and second orders of business. So now on to the new furiend!  So, some of you that have been with me since the beginning might remember Jen, who helped Heather rescue me from the Humane Society in my first blog.  Well, she has a new nephew named Levi Mac!  He just started his own blog, so go over and say hello to him if you get a chance!  He's a very handsome dude, I must admit!

Welcome to Blogland, Levi!
Later dudes!

Monday, August 23, 2010

She's HOME!

Dad told me mom would be home, so I waited all day for her.  She finally came home around 6:30.  For a while there I thought maybe dad was bluffing and she wasn't really coming home.  But I was super excited to see her when she finally pulled in the drive way!  We were all enjoying our time together quite nicely... then.... THEN... mom goes into the kitchen and goes into my "Corbin" spot - so I thought she was going to get me some treats.  Know what she did?  She had been gone a WHOLE WEEK and the first thing she does when she gets home is get out the nail file!  SHE FILED MY NAILS!  Oh, I screamed and cried and threw my Corbin fit until dad finally stepped in and took me away from her.  Ugh, the NERVE.

I was very disappointed in her.  I had waited all week for her to come home.  Needless to say, I was all ready to not talk to her for the rest of the night.  Then she goes into a petsmart bag... Hm, where'd she hid that when she came in?! 

Gee, Mom... what's that? That looks like a new toy...
I'm sorry I got angry mom.  I really want my new toy.  Did you get that for me beause I was so good for dad all week?  I was really a good boy.  And I really deserve that new toy.  Can I please have it?
Give it to me already, mom!  I told you I was a good boy!

Now, I"m going to hid under the coffee table so you can't take it back.

I refused to snuggle with mom last night, though. I stood my ground!  I stayed and watched tv with dad... but mom convinced me to snuggle this morning (didn't take much convincing! I LOVE SNUGGLING!).  I sure am glad she's back though!  She also bought me the new harness I told her to get because I saw it on Roo's page.  Thank goodness he warned me to be patient with mom, because it sure did take her a while to figure it out.  We couldn't go for a walk because it's been raining here... hopefully tonight we'll get to try it out!  Thanks, Roo!

Glad mom's home & glad I have a new toy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mom? That you?

Mom isn't home yet... but I wait for her every night, hoping she'll show up!  Dad took me to daycare yesterday, so that was fun. 

Heard my Uncle Harley stopped by!  And all that time I was worried about Yukon!  Uncle Harley is really an okay dude.  Aunt Maggie is awesome.  Here's a picture of her.
She's 15.5 years old!  Still thinks she's a puppy though! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Professor Pug Here

Good Evening, Bloggers.  Dr. Harley here.  I'm Corbin's Uncle.  They call me Professor Pug because one day, 5 years ago, Jenn took me to college with her for the day.  I learned so much that day, I was awarded my doctorate degree, and now I'm a doctor.  A doctor of what you say?  Well, a doctor of being a handsome pug, of course.  How dare you question my expertise! 

So, Jenn was visiting the house today, and she left her computer up.  I decided to log on and catch up on some of the happenings of the world, and what do I find?  A blog!  Now, I must admit, I wasn't quite sure what a blog was, so I googled the meaning and found out that it's a place where people gather and tell stories of their lives.  Well, that's just wonderful!  So I read through Corbin's blog and I was APPALLED to find he had not spoken of me.  Well.  I was not happy about this, so I decided to click on the "New Post" option, and here I am.  I was presented with a blank page so I could write to all of his friends so they were aware of Corbin's pugsome uncle. 

I taught the kid everything he knows.  Before he met me, he had NO idea how to properly beg for food.  I taught him how to do that.  He also knew nothing about how to leave messages on trees and posts.  That's one lesson we still work on, because he continues to just pee on the grass.  He has yet to realize the great writing utensil he has.  Stupid dog.  Now, as I'm sure you've figured out, Corbin is MUCH larger than I am.  However, I'll have you know, he's very afraid of me.  One lesson I have yet to teach him is how to be ruff and tuff.  I'm saving that lesson for last, when I'm finally ready to pass on my knowledge to him.  At this point in time, I'm still afraid he will take my knowledge and turn it against me.  Can't take that risk.

Well, I enjoyed reading about some of you, and was very excited to see that Corbin does, in fact, have some Pug friends.  Kutos to you Pugs.  You're very good looking.  However, I must cut this short.  Being a retired Professor, I forgot how tiring it is to type and read.  I enjoy spending my retired days hanging out with my sister, Maggie May, and sun bathing.  Now, I must catch some sleep.  Great meeting you all!  And make sure you remember that I'm the force behind the Corbin.  He'd be nothing without my guidence.  Don't let him forget it either!

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Harley

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stepping Stones to FAME!

DUDE!  Guess What!  I'm featured on another blog this week!  Check it out here: Dogs Without Blogs.  Even though it's called "Dogs Without Blogs" they still posted about me!  I'm just too cool to pass up, I guess!  Who could say no to me!?  Anyway, I just had to answer a few questions about myself, then I had to give the computer over to mom so she could answer some questions about me too!  Super easy, because, I'm not sure if you've realized this yet, but I LOVE to talk about ME!!!!  Anyway, check it out!  Hope you enjoy it!

I'm still waiting patiently at home for mom.  Staying out of trouble and enjoying some Dad time.  Mom left me her old computer for emergency posts like this one!  And so I can check up on my furiends while she's gone.  No sign yet of that Yukon dog stealing my blog!  Hopefully mom doesn't leave her computer unattended!

Later dudes!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Start of a long week...

Me & Kev on Easter
Monday always comes too soon.  It was a fun weekend though!  Friday night mom and dad went to the NY Giants training camp to watch practice with Kevin.  Kev is my moms cousin who I love!  I didn't get to go, but they had a fun time and Kev got Eli Manning's autograph!  Mom said the next time she goes, she'll have him sign something for me too, but it's best I don't go with them because there are a lot of people and I might get stepped on.  Saturday night I got to go to Piper & Radar's bbq!  It was a little scary at first because by the time I got there it was dark and everything looks scarier in the dark.  But we hung out by the fire and piper and I played for a long time.  Boy was I tired after that!  Then last night I got to go meet more of dads family at Grandpa Jacks house.  They loved me, who wouldn't?  And couldn't believe how well behaved I was for still being a pup.  Grandpa Jack gave me lots of cheerios too!  I loved them.  Weekends go by so quickly, I never have time to post!  Sorry about that... I'll work on it in the furture.

So, here's the big problem with today... Mom's leaving me for a whole week!  She's an inhome petsitter and goes and stays with other peoples pets while they're away.  This week she'll be 45 minutes north of home with a Bernenoodle named Yukon.  I haven't met him yet, but I don't like the fact that mom leaves me and goes to stay with him.  He better not find out about my blog while she's there!

I love flowers.
But, the good thing is, I have dad. And we'll get to spend a lot of time together and do some dude bonding while she's gone. We'll be able to play with sticks and eat flowers and drink beer and burp and fart and all that manly stuff that we still do when mom's home, but now we won't have to hear her say "Ew! Gross!" all the time and yell at me for eating her flowers.

But, I'll She'll still miss her me.  We had some great snuggle time this morning, so hopefully that will hold me her over until she gets home on Sunday.  She promised to stop and visit during the week, so I hope she does.  Maybe she'll bring Yukon so I can play a little bit with him! 

Until then, I'll wait for her to come home... and sit on dad to make sure he stays out of trouble!

Hopefully she leaves the computer so I can still update and Yukon doesn't steal my blog!  Tonight, dad and I will get to watch the Giants/Jets preseason game!  GO GMEN!!! WOOF WOOF!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bark @ the Park

Woah, 2 updates in 1 day!  But I just HAD to update you on Bark at the Park!  Last night, mom and dad took me to the Tricity Valleycats game, they're a local minor league baseball team.  There were so many other dogs there!  It was a lot of fun.  Most importantly, Heather and Emmett were there!

She saved me, and he's my brother from another motha

I always love seeing them!  Heather always brings me lots of treats and Emmett and I love catching up on all of our mischievous adventures.  I told him about my blog now, maybe he'll join in too!  Everyone always comments on how similar we look.  We were both blessed with the good looks.
Oops, not lookin' mom.

Ugh, now we're all blurry, mom!

Oh, well I guess this will do.  But I'm really just pouting because mom wouldn't let me jump onto the field to get the baseballs that those guys were throwing around!  We're a couple of handsome studs though!

Me & Mom walking             
We walked around the park and visited all of the booths and promoted the rescue I came from, Homeward Bound.  Everyone kept saying how handsome I am.  I love to hear that!  We also stopped by the local Humane Society... they were the ones who were going to kill me, so I had to stop by and let them know how happy and healthy I am now!  I met a lot of cute pups on our walk!  I kept looking for Maggie Mae but no one was as pretty as she is!  Though, there were LOTS of pretty boxers, so I often had to get an up close look at them.  We also met to BIG Great Danes... Emmett walked underneath one, without even ducking!  They were a really cool pair.  I'd sure like to get rumbling with them in a field some day!  The seemed like they'd really like to play!

                    Piper was there, too!                               And her brother, Radar     

We had a really fun time!  Lots of pup friendly stuff!  Even saw a poodle with her nails painted!  Weird...

I even got tired and tried to sit on moms lap!

All in all it was a super fun time had by all!  Too bad they only do it once a year!  I think dogs belong at ball parks all the time!  Someday, the world will understand!

Hope you guys get to experience a ball park soon!

Bloggin' business w/my best bloggin' buddies!

Woah!  I was given an award from Pup Fan!  Thanks to Ms. Bella & her mom!

First, thank the person who gave you the award. Thanks Pup Fan!  This is my first award and I'm SUPER excited about it!

Second, share seven things about yourself. (Well THIS should be easy!)
  1. I'm a handsome chocolate colored Rescue dog, Mom says I'm an American Mutt because we're not sure what I am... part American Staffordshire, part lab, part great dane, part bull dog, part chihuahua??  Hm, not sure about the last one, but I think I'm that size anyway!
  2. I LOVE treats, my kong, wubbas, nylabones, and cow hoofs, even though mom hates letting me have the last one.
  3. My favorite part of the day is early morning when I get to snuggle in bed with mom and dad before they have to get up for work... my second favorite is when they get home from work! That work thing really gets in the way of a lot of fun...
  4. I really enjoy going out on the boat!  I love swimming and floating and playing fetch in the water!  Oh, and definitely enjoy sun bathing!
  5.  Mom brushes my teeth every day and files my nails once a week. 
  6. I love new toys and dad often brings home new baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs and softballs... I usually destroy them pretty quickly, but they're fun while they last!
  7. My favorite seat in the house (aside from mom and dad's bed) is sitting on the couch in front of the window.  I love to watch all that goes on ouside and I'll go nuts if there's a bunny out there!
Finally, this time I get to recognize 15 blogs that I've recently discovered and think are fantastic:

 It was super hard to pick only 15, since I've made so many cool new friends!  I never knew there was a whole world out there who had so many great stories, just like me!  Thanks again for my award!!!