Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday...

I guess it's Monday already!  Sorry I didn't get a chance to update Friday night after daycare.  Mom and I went on a walk with Jen, Piper and Radar so I was super tired after that AND daycare!  It was a busy day.  I spent the rest of the night on the couch, then moved and got in bed with mom and dad.

When mom picked me up at daycare, she told the guy my name and he said I was the "doofiest" dog he's ever met in his life.  He said that I kept him laughing and I was very goofy.  Mom said "Yep, that's my dog" and out I came super happy. 

Saturday morning mom and I had to go get some more dog food at the pet store, so I got to tag along.  We stopped to visit all of my favorite people at the Homeward Bound clinic!  Then on the way in, I passed a very stunning lady dog... she looked just like ME!  Even the lady in the store thought we were the same dog, silly lady... I was taller and had handsome features, not the pretty lady like features of the twin doggie girl!  So I was flirting with the worker girls when my twin doggie came back in the store!  This time we got to sniff each other out and say hello.  Mom was talking to her pawrents and said my name.  Her dad said "Is that Corbin from"  She said that was me!  Apparently, I was up for votins on a local blog site called and this guy recognized me!  I'm a famous pup around my area!  I wasn't THE FridayPuppy, though.  I got beat out by some other cute pups.  Next time I'm going to win though!  You'd all vote for me, right? 

One Super Cute Pup, comin' right up!

After the pet store, I came home to see that Dad took the firebird out and it was all packed up!  But mom said I couldn't go this time and that Miss Anne would be over to spend the night with me.  I was pretty bummed out because I love going to the lake!  But mom left me with lots of treats and a KONG stuffed with peanut butter and lots of yummy stuffs.  I guess it's okay that I sat this weekend out.  Plus, I was way tired from my busy Friday!  I don't know if I would have had the energy to swim.  So I spent the night hanging out with Anne and I surely won her over.  We got to snuggle and everything.  I love to snuggle.

So Sunday mom and dad came home and I made sure the house was decorated for them when they arrived!  I took the tissues that were on the counter and spread them all over the living room.  I think mom really liked it.  Too bad she didn't take a picture.  We hung out at the house for a little while and then mom took out my "Grandparent" bag!  This meant I was either going to see Grandma Lynda and Grandpa Dave or we were going to Grandpa Jack and Nancy's!  Either way, I was so excited!  Loaded up my bag with lots of toys and goodies and my water dish and off we went in the firebird!

They see me ridin'... they hatin'

I got to see Uncle Bobby's new car, but he would't let me ride in it.  Dad, Uncle Bobby and Grandpa Jack lined their cars together out front.  It was a nice lookin' lawn!  Especially when I was on it too!

Dad's '89 firebird, Grandpa Jack's '03 firebird & Uncle Bobby's '05 Corvette

One day I'll wiggle my way into all of them!  I got to hangout with everyone and of course, got lots of table scraps when mom wasn't lookin'.  I got to show off with all of my cool tricks, most importantly, high five!  But I got lots of treats for just smiling at everyone.  Grandpa Jack says I give out free goofy looks and always says I look like Scooby Doo. 

I think I just look HANDSOME. Scooby Doo or not!

After my awesome time at Grandpa Jacks, we went for ice cream!  YUM!  I sure do love ice cream!  Mom always makes sure to get me a cone, and I enjoy every lick!

Tastes so good when it hits your lips!

I even get a dog bone at the end of it!  Which I save for last and usually don't eat.  I don't like the cheap treats ;-)

On the way home, I try to learn how to drive... someday, dad will let me drive the firebird, so I have to prepare.  I'm only 1 years old, so I have some time to get the basic facts down.  Dad's pretty patient about my learnins.

Step 1: Look straight a head

Step 2: Paws on the pedals

Step 3: Front paws on the wheel.

I got this!!!  Stay tuned... next time, I'm heading out behind the wheel!  Gotta find me a pair of them sunglasses... that seem to be the only thing I'm missing!  Finally we arrived home and I was tuckered out. 

Can. Hardly. Keep. My. Eyes. Open.

I watched some of the Yankee game, and to bed I went!  Hope you all had a fun weekend too!  Friday is almost here!  Right?  I hope so...


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, especially the ice cream part!!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Corbin,
    What a grreat time you had! I still can't believes that we lives so close to each other. We must try and plan a real life get together. You would be my first bloggie furiend that I meets in real life!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. What a cutie... great pics! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following you back now!

  4. What gerat adventures you had this weekend!
    Good luck on that driving thing:)