Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PB Madness

So, as I read all the other blogs, I see this wordless Wednesday stuff... I'm way to new to this to not have words!  I'll settle somewhere in the middle and describe my latest adventure through pictures. Remember last blog when I told you I wasn't very happy that mom left me for work?  Well... I sure wasn't!  I decided to get up on the counter and steal her peanut butter and have myself a mid-day snack.

I brought my snack to the couch and opened the jar

Mom tricked me though, because there wasn't very much peanut butter left...

But don't you worry, I got every last lick! 

Man... I ate too much

Hm... the peanut butter jar is still on the couch with teeth marks in it.  Mom will know!  What am I going to do about this...
Better start practicing my "shocked" face... How's this?
"Woah, Mom! How'd that get there?!"

I wasn't sure if that was going to work, so I decided to put the jar on the coffee table... maybe she'd think she just left it there on accident.  But, I'll have my "shocked" face ready, just in case!

I think my plan worked.  Mom and dad kept looking at the jar and saying "are you serious?"  Got them with the shocked face.  They giggled a lot.  Then mom and I went for a walk with Jen and Piper.  I FINALLY had a date with JUST Piper & no Radar... it was great.  Isn't she a purdy thang?

Still workin' my magic on her...

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!!!!!!  Tonight is Bark at the Park and I get to go to a baseball game!  WAHOO!


  1. You certainly have a nice lady friend! How cool -- I love peanut butter too! Have fun at the park tonight, my friend!

  2. We are all peanut butter fiends over here. Daddy doesn't always remember that and he's known "forgetting" to put it away. Really, though, just between me and you, I think he just likes sharing his special treat with us, cause Mommy's so mean she always puts it away!! Mean Mommy.

    Have fun at the park!

  3. You are a sly devil! Need to remember to put back the container where it was ;)

    Learnin from the Corbin,

  4. Corbin,

    I LUVS peanut butters too, but mom keeps mine in the fridge and I haven't figured out how to gets that door opened yet.... :)

    Woofs and LIcks,
    Maggie Mae

    Pees Your sweetie Piper is so pretty! What's Bark in the Park...sounds fun!

  5. I LOVE peanut butter!!!! Just about my favorite thing in the world!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Peanut butter is yummy! My mom keeps it in the fridge just like Maggie Mae's mom - maybe you can teach us how to open the fridge?!

    Fred and Haylie

  7. Such a cute post. :) Hope you had fun at Bark in the Park! Will there be photos?

    Oh, and I tagged you in an award on my blog - hope you'll check it out!