Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Harness... some trouble... new furiend!

First walk with my new harness went really well!  I was a very good boy and my mom was surprised!  She had to remind me to heel a few times, but she's trying to stray away from my training collar so we can get ready for my Canine Good Citizens test, which doesn't allow that kind of collar. 
Don't I look handsome?
After our walk, Piper's mom invited us over so I could play with Piper in their back yard.  SO much fun!  I love playing with Piper, and their back yard is a little bigger than mine, so it's a lot of fun to run around like a crazy dog!  We played a lot of frisbee, which is my favorite.  Then Radar came out side and I wasn't too happy about that.  I got kind of defensive and mom yelled at me.  So I had to sit and not play.  Piper kept bringing the frisbee over to me and playing with it, knowing that I couldn't have it.  She's such a tease!  After that, Piper & Radar's mom and dad came over and hung out for a while.  I really enjoyed falling asleep on Jen.  I kept telling her I was a lap dog, but she just had to see for her self!  I slept right in her lap.
Piper, can you just bring that a little closer?
Sorry the pictures are a little blurry... mom's camera on her phone isn't workin too well lately.  I keep telling her she has to get it fixed, but she hasn't yet.  Silly mom.

Anyway, that was my first and second orders of business. So now on to the new furiend!  So, some of you that have been with me since the beginning might remember Jen, who helped Heather rescue me from the Humane Society in my first blog.  Well, she has a new nephew named Levi Mac!  He just started his own blog, so go over and say hello to him if you get a chance!  He's a very handsome dude, I must admit!

Welcome to Blogland, Levi!
Later dudes!


  1. Corbin, u get to eat Mummy's unfinished projects??!!Wow! sounds interesting. Maybe we should pitch in too...it will help her strike some more of them off her list!!
    u look very handsome sitting there.
    we are sure u will do very well at your canine good citizen test.
    Bud n Gin

  2. That is a very nice harness you have on Corbin! I have a harness too, but only wear it some of the time (mostly when I go running with Daddy). Sounds like you had a fun day of playing just like me :)

  3. Hellos Corbin, you looking awfully handsome today in your new harness.
    I thinks dis is a great idea dat you is going through dat canine good citizenship thingy. Me, on da otherhand, think dat training is highly overrated...hehehe. I wish you lots of luck(keep us posted).
    I will goes overs and meet your furiend.

    PEES: I asonished you gots in trubles

  4. Oh Corbin,

    Mom said to tells you that I can't make it to da Crossings tonight, but we will figure out a meet up for sure. I thinks she is gonna gets me one of dose harnesses too, so thank your mom for sending the info to us. :) Now I am gonna go over and meet your new furiend.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Good luck on training for your CGC. I love your new friend.

  6. Mr Corbin good luck buddy!! I remember the harness days!! I checked out your buddy and we are their follwers now :) You are lucky to have alot of pup friends close by!

  7. Good job with your new harness. We will go check out your friends blog
    Benny & Lily

  8. HI Corbin- you are one beautiful dude! You sit on the couch like my big brother but you are alot bigger then he is . He is just 29 lbs. How big are you? Do you have big muscles in your legs? Can we be friends? Waddaya think?
    Miss Maisy

  9. I love my harness, although Mom suspects I really don't need it anymore for remembering my walking manners. Good luck with your test!


  10. Hi Corbin! Nice to meets you! I hopes you wills a-proove of me for Maggie Mae! I sures am crazy bouts her! Thanks for stoppin by my blog!

    Boxer wiggles,

  11. Hi Corbin-
    You look very nice in your harness...going to say Hi to Levi Mac!


  12. Looking mighty good in that harness:)
    Good luck on your CGC!

  13. You're lookin' good--harness or not! We'll stop by and see Levi Mac!

  14. Hey Corbin,

    I like your new harness! When is your citizen test? I am sure you will pass with flying colors!!

    I will go introduce myself to your friend now!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. It sounds like you walk much better than Franklin or me. We're very good dogs, mostly, especially me. But put us on the end of the leash and we just have to pull, pull, pull. I don't think we'll ever get that Canine Good Citizen award. I bet you get it, though.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  16. I'm jealous. That harness looks better on you that it does on me!

    Corbin, you're one sharp lookin dude,

  17. Glad to hear you working on da Good Citizen Award! You will do great.

    My sissie, Jessie, who already went to da Rainbow Bridge was a Good Citizen and Therapy Pet. She used to Loooooove going to visit at da Nursing Home. My momma wishes that I could be a Good Citizen Dog, but I kinda shy around strangers, so I don't know if it woulds work.


    PeeS....I went over and introduced myselfs to Levi Mac! What a handsome guy with a winning smile. Thanks for da heads up

  18. You do look handsome in your new harness! Good luck with CGC!!! I wanted to get my CGC so bad but it just wasn't for me.

    I'll stop by Levi's blog to extend a warm welcome to blogging!!